One Possibility Pt. 03

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She was sitting on his cock, her bare smooth pussy wet with lube, precum, and her pussy sperm slipped around and the friction against his smooth and bare pubis heated her up down there. She maneuvered her legs into the Amazon position, and used her strong arms to mount him. In this position it appeared to her, as she stared at where their crotches met, that she was the man and he the woman. She fucked him and he opened himself to her.

He’d taken the vibrator and used it, wet with her pussy sperm, and he fucked himself in the mouth and moaned. He was fucking his own mouth and holding his legs open and he stared, as did she, at the place where their crotches met. He was getting fucked. She owned his cock now, and he felt her deep inside his pussy.

“My cock is yours my queen,” he said. “I love this, I can feel you inside me. Do you feel it too?”

“Yes, my God, it feels like I have a cock, it looks like I’m fucking you,” she said. He could hear the genuine excitement in her voice.

She was fascinated by what she was seeing and how it made her feel. She felt like a man, yet she could see and feel her breasts, their weight and fullness swinging and swaying with each thrust. She felt her light sundress hanging off her body and she imagined she must look like a complete slut. She let this feeling overwhelm her and she experimented with her movements. elvankent escort She was constrained between his legs, she felt the effort and endurance one needs to maintain the top missionary position and she suddenly felt compassion for every man who’d ever fucked her this way. The top position was not so easy to maintain for long stretches.

“Scoot down, so your legs hang over the end of the bed,” she commanded. She was determined to make use of his obedience. She spun around on his cock, never letting it slip out of her. In this position it was as if she were sitting in some sexualized version of an ergonomic office chair, her spine upright, her hands gripping his feet like the armrests of the chair.

He watched as she turned around and sat down on his cock. He opened his legs and held them open for her to position her impossibly luscious ass onto his cock. She grabbed his feet on either side of her and used them as leverage and stability and she began bouncing up and down. He felt her fingers and hands rub and diddle his smooth balls and asshole. He handed her the vibrator and she used it for her pleasure. This position was much more advantageous to her, and it exposed him fully. Wide-open asshole for all to see.

He let his whole body receive her. He opened his legs. He thrust up to meet her. He felt emek escort her slap his balls. He pleaded yes, yes, yes, harder, faster, harder, and she met his pleas with urgency wanting to bring him close, but not over the limit.

She was having a good time testing his threshold. Each slap was harder and more precisely placed slapping him harder and faster. She was thrilled when, because of an unexpectedly direct hit, he would thrust up into her pussy with vigor and suddenness that she would feel his cock piercing her seemingly deeper than she’d felt before. She marveled at his response, he was relishing in the pain. She looked down between her legs, his cock completely disappearing inside her, his balls up tight beneath her pussy, pressed up against her asshole, all of it smooth, slippery, and clean. They looked new to her, completely new.

“Spread your legs wider, open them up and hold them in the air. We’re going to give those abs of yours a workout. Sissies need to be in better shape than you.”

He opened himself wide and held the V-shaped pose. She pushed the lubricated tip of the vibrator just past his ring, when she’d realized his asshole put up no resistance, she slowly plunged her cock all the way up his asshole. He fucked her back and moaned aloud she thought the neighbors would hear.

“Tell me sissy,” she eryaman escort said. “Tell me how you feel.”

“Lovely,” is all he said.

“Use your words bitch,” she sounded annoyed. She was annoyed, she’d begun liking is audiblizing his feelings. It turned her on to hear him voicing his devotion.

“I’m totally filled up, I want more, I need more,” he moaned.

She pushed her cock all the way into the base, then watched in amazement as his asshole sucked it in past its ring and disappeared. He shuddered and she felt his stomach muscles contract and then watched the cock’s base appear briefly until he sucked it back inside.

“Fuck yourself, my little sissy gurl,” she repeated. She was enthralled by the obvious practice he’d undergone to accomplish this feat. She watched as the cock appeared and disappeared according to his flexing stomach muscles.

She slapped his balls as hard as she thought possible and he jerked up into her and the cock spat out like a rocket onto the carpet.

Somehow this infuriated her. She began wailing on his balls. He began bucking up into her. She wailed harder, she wanted to punish him. She felt vile toward him suddenly.

“You’re so pathetic,” she spat. “And you love it. This is actually arousing you. Better than my warm wet pussy, you like this. I own your balls you fuckin’ queer cock-loving slut.”

Smash. He thrusts upward violently. Smash, again. Smash again and again and again until every unrelenting smash doesn’t have an end. She mercilessly pounds his balls over and over to keep him thrusting.

“I’m going to cum if you don’t stop,” he said calmly.

She stopped.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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