One Sunny Afternoon

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It was one of those glorious summer days, so rare in England that not one minute of it could be wasted.

The sort where women seem intent on driving men crazy by wearing clothes that seem to accentuate, rather than hide, their nudity. Pert breasts straining at light cotton, the gentle stride of their legs wrapping the fabric around their thighs.

Their false fragrances slightly overlaid by their natural, slight tang of sweat, just the faintest hint of musk.

Their skin glazed by perspiration and their languid sultry movements speaking of the bedroom and the pleasures that might be obtained there.

The air was heavy with the drone of bees going about their business stockpiling food for when the blossoms would be no more than a distant memory and broken occasionally by the sounds of muted passion from an open bedroom window or a tightly enclosed garden.

Dogs lay in the shade of hedges, panting breathlessly and cats basked in the sun, stretched out like collars.

Through this air of expectant fecundity I wandered aimlessly, watching and dreaming until no longer able to stand the temptations on every hand, but unwilling to return indoors, I struck off the main street and took to the back roads where temptations would be fewer.

I strode slowly over pavements that were almost too hot to walk on, dodging from the shade of one tree to another and pausing in the shade.

Ahead I spotted a slightly familiar figure, a woman I knew to say hello to but not much more than that.

She was kneeling on the pavement rebuilding a section of garden wall that had been demolished by a careless motorist.

Not doing a brilliant job of brick laying, but laying bricks wasn’t on my mind at that moment so instead I sat on the wall to chat to her.

We talked of this and that, nothing in particular and sometimes we said nothing as she worked and I watched, watched her body dressed in short shorts and a thin top with nothing on under it.

I could see that she had nothing under it because every time she leant forward I could see right down the front of it, could see her firm breasts, naked and unrestrained.

Eventually she rocked back on her heels and after staring at me for what seemed like minutes, suggested that we go inside for something cool to drink and as she led the way into the house she said, I thought almost regretfully, that her husband was in. I hadn’t been expecting more than a drink so this didn’t perturb me at all.

In the kitchen she prepared long cool drinks for us anadolu yakası escort both and then came and stood beside me as we drank. We continued our aimless chat with the difference that because she was standing close by me I kept smelling her scent and I could feel the warmth of her body on my bare arm.

She would glance at my bulge as if by accident and running her tongue over her lips, look away again, while I would cast surreptitious glances at her breasts.

She took my glass, unasked, and refilled it, but after returning it to me rather than stand next to me again she moved to the other side of the kitchen.

Slightly disappointed at first I realised that rather than having to cast furtive glances side ways at her, I could now look directly.

Indeed she must have had the same thought for I realised she was no longer pretending not to stare at my bulge and instead staring at it so openly that I couldn’t imagine that she was looking at anything else.

Ennobled by her frank gaze I returned the frankness, first gazing at her face, her eyes, her mouth and imagined kissing that mouth and running my tongue over, round and in it, tasting the salt on her skin and feeling her eyelashes caressing my face.

Letting my eyes slip down to her breasts I imagine taking her top in my hands and lifting it over her head to reveal her full breasts and casting it aside to feel those heavy globes and rub my face on them – running her nipples between my fingers and feeling them get even larger and harder than they appeared in reality.

I could see from her face and her body movements that she was doing much the same to me as I was to her. As I watched her she put down her glass and reached behind to brace herself on the work top and slowly she pushed her hips forward at the same time parting her legs a little. Her mouth hung partly open and her eyes hung partly closed. Little mewing sounds kept escaping from her which prompted my loins to start an involuntary slow pumping action. At the same time she thrust her lower body at me in time with my pushes.

Inadvertently my hand fell to my penis, just a quick stroke, but then I noticed she mirrored my movement and dropped her hand to her mound. Wondering whether this was accidental or not I raised my hand and touched my nipple.

She raised her hand and touched her nipple!

Inflamed now I imagined her standing there naked, without top and without shorts, her hot wet place quivering for me as I imagined ataşehir escort removing my trousers, striding across the room and plunging into her.

She must have felt the same thing as I watched a rosy glow spread across her face and down her neck, heard her breathing change and watched her hips moving more franticly now as her head lolled back and her hand rested on her mound just as her husband entered the kitchen!

He appeared not to notice his wife’s discomposure, instead started to bring out food and implements throwing over his shoulder a quick invitation to me to stay for a meal, which I accepted with a nod of my head, not trusting myself to speak.

She (for that was her name) went upstairs to shower and change and I stayed in the kitchen helping Tony to prepare a simple meal, mostly salad as I recall.

I gradually regained the power of speech, well at least the power of speech in a voice not heavily laden with lust and as we chatted I became more confident that he wasn’t aware of what had been very close to happening in his kitchen.

She came back down to join us, I nearly burst a gasket, plain white wraparound cotton dresses have always been my weakness and in my already weakened state, my imagination working overtime, it was all I could do to smile politely and not fall upon her and take her on the spot, husband or no husband.

We had a pleasant few hours eating and chatting and getting through at least a couple of bottles of white wine left us all relaxed and happy.

Tony suggested that I go through into the other room and relax for a bit with a glass of wine while he and She tidied up after the meal.

I sat relaxed and dozing, remembering the days events with a light heart. I wondered what She’s body would really look like and decided that as I’d already seen most of it I had a pretty accurate picture, those shorts were tight enough to not hide much.

I day dreamed about how I would feel with my cock inside her vagina then thought about her mouth and anus. I wondered if she would be quiet or noisy, would she cry out as she was being done or would she take it quietly – I hoped not but doubted whether I’d ever know.

I sat there dreaming pleasant dreams but then was aware that I was no longer alone in the room. I opened my eyes to see Tony there carrying She in his arms. When he saw me looking he smiled and holding She only by the legs, let her torso drop and with that the bottom of her dress fell down over her head revealing ümraniye escort all that I had imagined to my gaze.

As I watched, speechless, he bent forward and gathering her dress pulled it off over her head leaving her still upside down and now totally naked.

With a few short steps he moved into the middle of the room and placing her down on the floor facing me he said that somebody thought the two of us had some unfinished business and with that turned and left the room.

I sat there gazing at her, her feet were pointing toward me giving me an uninterrupted view of her most secret place. As I sat there drinking her in she slowly started to close her legs and bite her bottom lip, I decided time for action at which point I stood up and quickly unfastening my trousers dropped them round my ankles.

The effect on She was immediate, the pensive look fell from her face, her legs opened again and her pelvis rose up off the floor offering itself to me.

In one fluid movement I knelt and then stretched myself out over her, entering her divine place without any hesitation or resistance until I had no more to give her.

She pulled at my shirt removing it and half the buttons. I felt her breasts pushing into my chest. She bit my neck and I slapped her arse, hard. She tried to claw my back and I drove my finger up her arse which brought out this delicious scream from her, but no resistance to my violation.

We didn’t make love, we were two animals – two angry animals – copulating.

As I drove into her, first my entry was greeted with gasps but as we drove on she changed to guttural grunts and then screams.

I lifted myself up on my arms, pinning her shoulders to the ground and pounded away at her unrelentingly.

Watching her face was out of this world, a raw carnal being, wanting to be fucked and getting fucked beyond her wildest dreams.

She was taking everything I had seen that day, every woman, every secret cry of passion and the more I gave her the more I had to give her.

She closed her eyes tightly, screwing up her face, the screams turned into low moans. I felt her vagina tightening around my penis and then she was coming, coming in great waves, pulling me and holding me inside her with her legs wrapped around me, head rolling from side to side but still I kept pumping at her until I felt myself slipping past the point of no return and then from the top of my head to the tips of my toes I emptied myself into her, not quickly but in torrents I feel my come coursing through my body and streaming out into her grasping vagina and forcing itself back past my still engorged penis to coat my balls and our thighs.

Sated, we both feel into a dreamless sleep.

[later she showed me the carpet burns to her shoulders and the base of her spine, but that’s another story for another day]

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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