Online Adventures Vol. 04: Kristin

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Greetings readers!

Four years ago (shortly after my 30th birthday), I got out of a (too) long relationship with my ex girlfriend Amanda. I had spent the better part of my twenties with her. There were plenty of good times, but as the years went on, our sex life became less and less eventful. Sadly, it wasn’t particularly eventful to begin with. When we ultimately broke up, it took a few weeks for me to get my head (and the whirlpool of emotions spinning around therein) back on track. With Amanda in the rearview, I had realized that I had YEARS of good sex to catch up on. In particular, I realized that it wasn’t just sex I was looking for but some reasonably light kink, intrigue, adventure– something different from the vanilla I’d been living with for nearly a decade.

I had discovered the personals section of a popular online classifieds while selling a guitar Amanda had bought me a few birthdays back. Out with the old, I figured. For anyone who’s ever browsed this section of the classifieds, you know there is quite a range of listings. Some with photos, some that get right to it, some a little less aggressive. I had never been on an online date but as I had been in the market for a little excitement and intrigue, Online personals seemed like a good place to start. As a New Yorker, there was no shortage of listings.

In the three years which followed my breakup from Amanda, I met approximately 15 different women of various backgrounds and ages (ranging from 27-58). I discovered a lot about myself during these encounters, particularly that I have a seemingly bottomless appetite for BBW.

What follows are true accounts of my favorite encounters with some of these women. Names and certain details have been changed, but the plot of each of these stories is accurate or VERY close. I hope you all have as much fun reading these accounts as I had writing them.


Volume 4: Kristin

“BBW in Search of Smoking Buddy For Good Times!”

Kristin was the first girl I had invited to my place. She was insanely cool and super sexy.

Her posting listed her as a 30 year old grad student, dark skinned, Mediterranean BBW. That all sounded good to me, and the fact that she was looking for a smoking buddy, would do nicely. My prior three adventures in online dating had warmed me up considerably to the fun I could have with the right partners, and while my buddy Kimmy liked to smoke, Kristin’s post advertised smoking as a focal point in the relationship so I had a feeling this might be a bit more smokey.

Kristin and I exchanged a few basic emails and brought our conversation to text pretty quickly. She found me VERY handsome and I loved her photos. After a bit of banter about yadda yadda, we got right to the dirt– something which put me very much at ease since we didn’t have to dance around the pleasantries. We were both searching for some fun, dirty, fantasy-grade playtime.

From her photos, Kristin was a bit shorter than ideal for me, but that wasn’t a problem. She had very long, straight, dark hair that went down almost to her ass. She wore glasses in most of her photos and had a lovely smile. She had chubby everything and HUGE breasts, which in conversation she had told me were size F-cup. Clearly VERY proud of her body, she sent me a whole photo set of her modeling skimpy bikinis in her bathroom mirror.

“Like my curves, baby?” She’d ask after sending.

Did I like them? Was she serious? For a guy who loves seeing a big girl in something skimpy, I was pretty much in heaven. My favorite photo of her featured her in a super skimpy, hot pink string bikini, smiling right at the camera she held in the mirror to take the selfie. The bikini held in pretty much nothing, barely covering her enormous areolas. Her bottoms were swallowed whole in her thighs. I drifted off to thoughts of perhaps meeting her at a pool or the beach, like you might see in porn… this tan BBW Goddess with her F-cup titties and massive thighs. We’d flirt and head back somewhere private. And while that exact scenario wasn’t happening, a rendezvous at my place would have to be sufficient. “Bikini optional” I told her, flirtatiously.

“Oh, you don’t want me prancing around your apartment in my bikini?” she said, coyly, calling me out.

“Babe” I replied, trying to think of a way to one-up her. “All I meant was you don’t get to wear a g string if I don’t!” I shot back at her.

“Ooh baby!” She replied. “I love when a man is confident enough to be comfy like that with me.”

We chatted for almost two weeks like this, before finding an ideal time to get together. We’d chat several times a day, on our phones, sending filthy texts, and some photos. If there were ever two people who wanted each other more than Kristin and I by the end of two weeks of this, I’d be curious what that even looked like. We chatted about real stuff too. Kristin was recently out of a long, unfortunate relationship– something she and I immediately bonded over. We had both promised the other we would make halkalı escort each other forget about our exes. We also seemed to have a lot in common. Kristin was highly educated, loved to travel and shared my love for vinyl records. An evening of red wine, vinyl records and a big, dank blunt was very much on the agenda for when we finally found the time to get it on.

As for the dirty stuff… Kristin and I seemed to both be VERY orally fixated. We LOVED to 69. We were both VERY into facesitting. We clearly had quite the appetite for one another.

“You’ll have to tell me what positions you like for that.” She said. “I love getting a cute face soaked with my juicy juice.” She said. “Do you like to drink juicy juice?” She asked playfully. I assumed she was talking about her squirt.

“I won’t miss a drop.” I responded back to her. “Keep me well fed and you’ll be a very happy woman” I went on, practically drooling at the thought of both of us with a mouthful of each other’s parts.

“Keep ME well fed and you’ll be a very happy man.” she shot back.

Our conversations were filthy and built lots of delicious tension– tension I knew would be explosive when we eventually got together.

Among the many things I was excited about, was Kristin’s large clit.

“Oh it’s big, baby.” she told me. “You can see big clits in porn, but in real life you’ll likely never see one as big as mine.”

THIS, very much got my attention.

“You can, like actually suck on it, like a dick, baby. And if you’re as oral as you claim to be… you’ll be in big clit heaven. I’d love to say more, but I wouldn’t wanna ruin the surprise.” she teased.

If you’ve read my other entries, you know I’m VERY oral and LOVE sucking on a nice fat pussy. A pussy with lips I could really indulge in… but a big fat clit… this would be something new. And I couldn’t wait. So much so, that I began searching big clit porn on the internet. This became my new indulgence until I would get to suck on, and otherwise worship Kristin’s.

Most of the big clit porn I watched were just women showing off their clit, playing with it a bunch. These meaty clits were mouthwatering. My favorite video, one that kept me coming back and back featured this GORGEOUS Brazilian blonde BBW with the most beautifully meaty pussy, and the fattest, juiciest clit I think I’d ever seen. After squatting and playing with her clit closeup for the camera, this lucky dude who’s been sitting on the sofa, butt naked, watching her play with herself, crawls over to her and lies down on the floor facing up as she squats above him, lowering her giant clit to his waiting mouth. He reaches up and grabs her giant tits as she goes on to fuck his mouth with her swollen clit. Her orgasm builds and just as she is about to climax, lifts her pussy just inches from his mouth and squirts all over his face.

Of course, I had to link Kristin to this video… and eagerly await her reaction.

“Mine’s bigger.” she said teasingly, accompanied by some emoji smileys. “And don’t you worry…” she went on. “I can put on a WAY better big clit show than that bitch. Especially since you’ll be the director, so to speak… You just tell me what positions and poses you wanna see and we’ll make it happen!”

I’ll start making a list” I joked.

“Now you’re talkin! “She replied. “Let’s both make lists of everything we wanna do together. Like a checklist! But instead of chores it’s kinky shit we wanna do. Whaddaya think?” She asked.

I was falling in love with this chick! This type of kink was SO up my alley.

Over the course of two weeks, we compiled quite the list, starting with our decision to dress nicely, meet at a restaurant, have an expensive meal with expensive alcohol and tease each other mercilessly throughout. If all went well, we’d be back at my apartment a few blocks away shortly thereafter.

We had a few other fun things planned for each other too…

We both had agreed not to touch ourselves for three days leading up to our encounter.

“I want us to be ravenous for each other. And when we cum, I want us to explode all over each other” she had said. And I couldn’t help but agree, though it would be torturous to not touch my cock, seeing as how I was so insanely hot for her.

Kristin had also requested that I completely shave my pubic hair and my balls. I was used to keeping it very short, but shaving completely bald would be a new thing for me. In return, Kristin happily agreed to trim herself down to a nice pornstar landing strip with some nice fluff– not too shaven. She also claimed to have a g string which made her pink bikini bottoms look big on her.

“You’ll definitely be able to see my fat clit, poking out” She said. “If seeing a big bitch in a skimpy bikini is your thing… boy have you come to the right place.” She went on.

Kristin’s confidence drove me wild. In my experiences, most bigger girls tended not to like wearing tiny taksim escort lingerie, but that Kristin was down to wear a skimpy g-string for me– was super hot.

Memorial Day Weekend finally came and all day at work I could barely concentrate. I was super excited about getting together with Kristin, but I also hadn’t jerked off since Wednesday. My cock was ready to explode.

The day passed slowly, but soon enough I found myself showering up and performing my usual pre-hookup rituals– cleaning everywhere and putting on a little show for myself in the mirror. Shaving took some time though. I had never completely shaved my parts smooth, but I had agreed to and wasn’t going to back out. I took my time, making absolutely sure not to cut myself at all. It took almost half an hour but I did a job that I knew Kristin would approve of. When I was all done, I was so smooth and my cock and balls looked bigger than ever. I felt VERY porn star and it felt great.

I arrived at the pub ten minutes early and was very pleasantly surprised to see that Kristin was there waiting for me. She smiled.

“Hey there…” She said, smiling and leaning in for a kiss.

I leaned in. Our lips met and we kissed. No tongue, but our lips definitely locked for a moment.

“Hey.” I replied nervously.

“You are even more adorable in person.” She said, giggling at me. “Shall we go in?”

“After you!”

She walked in as I held the door for her, keeping in mind the romantic aspect of this. All our mental foreplay had led in the direction of a little romance adding A LOT of heat. And it sure did.

The host sat us and for the first time, we both had an opportunity to take a good look at each other. Kristin was sexy as hell. Big, lusty eyes, her makeup bangin, her gigantic breasts sitting, heavy in the top of her blue sundress. Her teeth were perfect. Her smile was perfect. In person, she reminded me of a more exotic version of Alex from Modern Family

We kept the chatter very casual, as we flirted. She knew I was looking at her tits intermittently throughout dinner. What she didn’t know was how often my mind would wander back to the filth we were planning on for dessert. Or maybe she did.

Countless one liners and legs rubbing under the table had us ready to go. We could see it in each other’s eyes. We were ready to be naked together.

With the check paid, an awkward silence and smile ensued.

“Shall we?” I asked timidly.

“Let’s.” She replied, blowing me a kiss which made my cock tingle.

We held hands leaving the restaurant. It felt good to hold her hand, knowing what was to come. I couldn’t believe I was gonna get to play with her massive titties, suck on her big clit, drink her ‘juicy juice’.

Holding hands, we walked at a reasonable pace a few blocks before stopping to make out furiously.

“Let’s go.” She looked me squarely in the eyes. “Now.” She meant it.

A few more blocks had us at the front door to my building. In the elevator, we once again grabbed each other and went at it. Kristin’s tongue was deep in my mouth and mine in hers, both my hands squeezing both her tits. They felt incredible. I reached down and squeezed her ass. Our breathing increased. We were animals.

We both let out this little sigh of disappointment when the elevator binged as we reached my floor, as our frenzied make out would have to be put on hold for the 30 seconds it would take to get from the elevator into my apartment.

“Wowee…” she said looking at me as we stepped from the elevator into the hallway.

“Ummmmm….. Yeah.” was all I could muster, my brain racing. This was already up there with the hottest encounters I had ever had and we had hardly done anything. We entered my apartment, closing and locking the door behind us. We got right back to it.

After 30 or so seconds, we broke the kiss as Kristin reached into her handbag and pulled out a vanilla dutchmaster cigar and a pretty nice sized bag of some wonderfully smelling weed.

“Why don’t you start rolling this up? And point me to your bathroom, baby?” She asked sweetly. I pointed down the hall and she sauntered away, giving her ass a noticeable shake in the process.

With Kristin in the bathroom, my mind was once again racing. I went to my record player and tossed on Miles Davis “Kind of Blue” and pulled a bottle of red wine off the top of my fridge. I poured us two glasses and sat down on my sofa, placing the two glasses on the coffee table, next to the weed I was breaking up to roll. I’m not the world’s best blunt roller, but I was able to put this one together pretty quickly. The water began running in the bathroom, the food opened and I could tell she was on her way out.

“Perfect tim–…” I began to say, being cut off by the sight in front of me. Kristin emerged from the bathroom in the skimpiest leopard print bikini I had ever seen. Either it was just a bit too small for her, or this was the kind of bikini you saw in porn, worn by şişli escort women who weren’t trying to cover anything, but rather just look like a freaky bitch.

Clearly, Kristin was the latter. She had even touched up her lipstick and makeup for me. And there she was… standing before me, this tan BBW Goddess, her massive titties practically begging to burst out of that top– a top which barely covered her equally massive areolas and thick nipples. She looked so fucking hot, and I’d swear I could smell her wet pussy from several feet away.

“Figured I’d get comfortable.” She said before I had a chance to clear my mind of the million dirty things I couldn’t wait to do with this big titty Goddess standing almost naked in my living room. “Here, let me give you the tour.” She said chuckling, sexily. She put her arms in the air and began shaking her ass and hips a little to the music, as she started twirling for me, giving me my first view of her ENORMOUS ass and the string running up her crack.

“Goddamn, you are sexy Kristin.” I said, trying to give the most predatory look with my eyes that I could. I wanted to see her clit, but I knew that was coming soon. Without another word, Kristin sashed over to where I was sitting on the couch. She sat down next to me, putting one of her large thighs over mine, in a half straddle. She picked up her glass of wine, prompting me to pick mine up as well.

“Cheers!” we said, clinking glasses and taking large gulps of what was inside. Kristin’s face was inches from mine. Her pussy was smushed on my leg, and her giant tits were EVERYWHERE, but still somewhat covered by her tiny bikini top. We shifted just a bit to get a bit more comfy and I was able to get my arm around her just enough to grab a HANDFUL of titty, which I promptly began to squeeze and knead.

I looked her in the eye “Stick out your tongue.”

“With pleasure, baby.” She replied, sticking her tongue out nice and long and rigid. I stuck my tongue out and gently touched our tips together, triggering one of those “i’m so fucking horny” whimpers from both of us. The kind you might hear during some sexy foreplay. I slid my tongue up and down the length of her tongue, tasting the red wine, mixed with her delicious saliva.

My hands were squeezing her tits. Our gentle tongue licking turned into the sloppiest french kissing fest I’d probably ever be lucky enough to be a part of. Our tongues licked each other’s.

We paused for a moment, pretty much thinking the same two things: First, are we gonna smoke this blunt? And second, why the fuck was I still fully dressed?

“Let me get a bit more comfy too then.” I said, standing up, stripping down to my boxer shorts.

“Why stop there, baby?” She asked with a smile. “I wanna look at some big dick.” She went on.

“Well since you asked so nicely, baby.” I said, dropping my boxers to the floor.

Immediately, my swollen cock bounced into view. But as always, my low hanging balls (see earlier chapters) stole the moment.

“Baby, baby, baby…” She cooed. “You are fucking scrumptious!! Look at those balls!!! And that dick!! My, my… Where the fuck have you been all my life baby? You’ve been hiding those balls and perfect dick from me this whole damn time?” She asked, almost sounding serious!

Standing there naked before her with her kind words, my already mostly hard cock hardened and stood straight out at almost full capacity. Kristin licked her lips.

“Well…” I began to reply. “If there were some way I could make it up to you, I certainly would.” I said flirtatiously.

“Uhhhhhhhh… yeah you will.” She answered back immediately, giving me that same predatory look I had shot her before. “Now let’s smoke this motherfuckin blunt before we get distracted again!” She went on. “But first let me take this off, seeing as how it’s only become a nuisance at this point.”

Kristin took off her top and her honeydew sized tits swung free. She raised her arms above her head and gave me another shake and twirl so I could really see them swing. I’ll tell you this, for giant big girl boobies, they definitely hung nicely.

“You like my big fucking titties, baby?” She asked in this super innocent tone. “You wanna lick my sexy areolas and suck on my big nipples?”

“Get over here and smoke this blunt with me and then we’ll both lick and suck EVERYTHING. Sound good?” I shot back.

Kristin got back into more or less the same position we were in before, except now we were both naked, except for her wet g string at this point. She took a firm grasp of my cock, her thumb resting in a good spot to gently massage my sack.

I knew Kristin planned to keep her g-string for a bit because she wanted to make a big deal of revealing her clit to me. This was something I found VERY hot.

With Kristin’s hand on my now throbbing cock, I lit the blunt and was immediately impressed with how dank Kristin’s weed was and it was clear we were not going to need to smoke the whole thing. We took turns hitting the blunt, blowing shotties into each other’s mouth and kissing intermittently. It was hot.

When our kissing became more passionate, I realized it was time to put the blunt down and really get to business. I placed it in the ashtray on my coffee table, almost half left and we got right back to it. All the while, her hand never left my cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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