“Oops, Sorry,” Dean Flashes Wife #2

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Dean manipulates his wife for her to unknowingly flash his friends her naked body.

In the way she turned to look at Dean when giving him that come hither look, obviously Kim couldn’t believe her husband allowed her to go to bed alone and horny again. How could he stay downstairs to watch television when she was a little drunk and a lot horny? Definitely she’d give him more of a show than what he was watching on TV. How could he not know the hot sex that she’d give him? How could he not care how good she’d make him feel? Obviously, she’ll be masturbating herself tonight to an orgasm with her finger, her purple bunny vibrator, and her hard, black dildo again and in the way she does nearly every night without having him there in her bed.

Yet, truth be told, she was tired of her toys and tired of masturbating herself to an orgasm. She needed a man to make love to her. She needed a hard cock in her hand, in her mouth, and in her pussy. Her husband would rather drink with his friends than to have sex with her. Her husband would rather go golfing, bowling, or to a baseball, football, hockey, and a basketball game than to stay home and have sex with her. No doubt her husband is tired of her, which is why he needs her to flash other men for the sexual excitement. No doubt, her husband is tired of being married. No doubt, her husband wishes he was single.

After her duty as the good wife and flashing his friends her panty and bra all night, she was horny. In the way that she thought of her husband giving her hot sex, when he didn’t, thinking of something so wickedly and sexually depraved, she now thought of his friends giving her hot sex. She’d never have sex with his friends but she didn’t mind having a sexual fantasy about them while she masturbated herself with her finger and with her toys. Now that she was alone and getting ready for bed, she looked forward to the slowly building heat and the rush of the sexual release that her comforting orgasm would bring her.

Now totally turned on, she was thinking more about flashing her husband’s three horny friends her naked body than she was thinking about having sex with her husband. Knowing full well that’s what her husband wants, if his friends were still here, she’d walk downstairs naked. Shocking the shit out of her husband and his friends, if his friends were still here, she’d not only give them a sexy striptease show but also she’d give them all hot sex. Her prelude to the swinging lifestyle, she was tired of being sexually horny. She was tired of being sexually frustrated. When all her husband thinks about his sex, sex, sex, she was tired of going to bed alone and without him giving her sex. A poor excuse for a cock, she was tired of masturbating herself with her vibrator and dildo.

* * * * *

If she ever was to flash his friends her naked body, once she flashed his friends her tits and/or once she flashed his friends her naked body, she could only imagine what they’d try to do to her next. With him always wanting to flash her to his friends, she voiced her concerns to her husband while hoping to make him jealous. If she was to imagine anything, she’d imagined one of his friends forcing his way in the bathroom while she was sitting on the toilet seat peeing. When she confessed her fears to her husband of that happening if she continued teasing his friends by flashing his friends, instead of making him angry that she’d think that his friend would dare do that to her, she made him sexually excited. He was so aroused by the thoughts of his friends forcing her to suck them that he filled in the dirty details for her having sex with his friends with his professed pillow talk.

“God, he’s such a pervert,” she said out loud for no one to hear.

Dean confessed his sexual fantasy of one of his friends unzipping himself, pulling out his cock, and forcing her to suck him as she was sitting there on the toilet while relieving herself and while he was watching. Not really understanding how one equated with the other, her sucking his friends while she urinated, it was just another one of his sick, sexual fantasies. Obviously, she wouldn’t have to be peeing to satisfy his sexual fantasy, so long as she sucked his friends while sitting on the toilet or perhaps, not even sitting on the toilet. So long as she had sex with his friends, it really wouldn’t matter where she did the dirty deed, so long as he was there to watch her.

“Eww, Dean, I’d never do that. I’d never suck any of your friends while still married to you,” she said, “especially while sitting on the toilet peeing. How embarrassing is that?”

Only, now that he confessed his sexual fantasy to her, unable to take it back, his perversely perverted thoughts for her to have sex with his friends was out there in the open. Obviously he wanted her to have sex with his friends. At the very least, he wanted her to suck his friends. Now if something like that ever happened, his friends barging in on her in the bathroom when she was so indisposed while sitting on the toilet, it wouldn’t surprise her in Escort kolej the least if it was her husband who put his friends up to that atrocious behavior. Bad enough that he always wanted her flashing men, which included his three horny friends, she was appalled by the idea that he wanted her to have sex with them too. Only, now that she was horny and facing the prospect of going to bed alone and masturbating herself again, aroused with the thoughts of having sex with his friends, a twinge of sexual excitement took hold of her.

Yet, instead of comforting her and telling her that it was just a sexual fantasy and that his friends having their wicked, sexual way with her would never happen, continuing the fantasy to reality, he told her that he’d like to watch her suck his friends. Truth be told, right now she wouldn’t mind having a hard cock in her hand, in her mouth, and/or in her pussy. Right now, she’d have sex with just about anyone, including his friends, rather than to have sex again with her finger, vibrator, and dildo.

He told her that he’d love to see his three friends lined up one behind the other while all waiting for their turn for her to suck them as she vulnerably sat there on the toilet with her blouse and bra up and her tits exposed. He told her that he’d love to watch them feel and fondle her big tits while playing with her nipples as she stroked them and sucked them before they ejaculated in her sexy mouth. An imagined sexual fantasy she wouldn’t mind masturbating herself to, if his friends were still here now, she’d allow Bob, Mike, and Jim to play with her big tits as they fingered her nipples, while she sucked their cocks. Instead, by making her husband feel like the pervert that he obviously is, she’s already closed the door on that ever happening with her outrage.

“Dean! What the Hell is wrong with you? I’m your wife. I took a vow of faithfulness when we married that I keep sacred. I’d never have sex with any man while married to you,” she said.

It was then that she imagined killing him. She could poison him or she could just divorce him. Obviously for her to have such dreadfully, deadly thoughts, she wasn’t happy being his masturbation toy. She wasn’t happy having to masturbate herself when most nights he didn’t touch her.

How could he be so in lust with her when flashing her and then not have sex with her? Obviously, with him being a masturbation machine, the reason why he wasn’t having sex with her was because he was too busy having sex with himself. Obviously, every time he flashes her panties, bra, and tits, he masturbates over all the thoughts of all of the men who have seen so much of her beautiful body. Obviously, unfortunately, and sadly, he’d rather masturbate himself than to have sex with her. How dare he sexually reject her in that way?

Only definitely and without a shadow of a doubt, just as Dean knew that she’d never willingly agree to have sex with any of his friends, he knew that she’d say no to flashing her naked body to his friends also. It was a standoff and they were at an impasse that only she could bridge. It was up to her to make the next move but what?

It was one thing to tease them while showing them her panties, the tops of her breasts, her cleavage, and her bra, but it was quite another thing for her to show his friends her naked body. More modest than slutty, she hated flashing his friends her underwear but her husband was relentless and persuasive in promising to buy her new, sexy panties and bras if she flashed the ones she was wearing. Always promising to buy her this or give her that, the more she willingly flashed herself to unsuspecting men, the more he’d buy her and if she was a whore for anything, she was a whore for new clothes, sexy lingerie, and shoes.

Seemingly having no choice in his flashing scenarios, his female sexual pawn to do whatever he pleased, if she didn’t go along with his perversely perverted desire for her to flash herself to men, pressuring her until she relented, she’d never hear the end of it. Until he got his way, until she submitted to his will and flashed his friends, he’d be a bastard about her being too modest and too shy. Then, when she did finally agree to allow him to flash her, obviously by the look he had on his face, he thought she was a whore. A no win situation, damn if she didn’t flash and damn if she did flash, he was the problem and not her.

“You have a beautiful body, why not show it?” He looked at her as if he didn’t understand why she didn’t flaunt herself by parading around the house and outside the house naked. “With you every man’s sexual fantasy and with me lucky to have someone who looks like you, every man deserves to see you naked.”

Lucky that he hasn’t asked her to do that so far, obviously, she was just happy that he didn’t coerce her and force her to flash his friends her naked body. Something she imagined him demanding, she was thrilled that he didn’t force her to suck his friends. Something she imagined him watching while masturbating himself, sihhiye escort she was happy that he didn’t command her to gangbang his three friends. Only, unbeknownst to him, rather it all be his idea, if he did demand her to suck his friends, she would and if he did demand that she gangbang his friends she’d do that too. She was gratefully thankful that he didn’t have his wicked way in forcing her to participate in the swinging lifestyle. Only, right now, in the horny and sexually frustrated way she felt, she’d be the biggest whore in the swinging lifestyle and would suck and fuck any man.

Her way of no doubt justifying her flashing her sexy underwear to preserve her modesty, she figured that they’d see more of her if she was wearing her bikini anyway. With that reconciliation in mind with her having professed how she felt to her husband, she really didn’t mind flashing his friends her sexy underwear. So long as her body was off limits to his friends touching her, feeling her, and groping her, she admitted to her husband that it was harmless, sexy fun showing his friends her panties, bra, and cleavage. She wondered if he’d be different had they had children but with her unable to conceive, it was just the two of them. Only, figuring the show was over when his friends left, she didn’t know that her husband had invited his friends out back on the deck to watch her strip naked. Naked, naked, naked, she was unaware that the real show was now just beginning.

If only she knew what her husband had in store for her. If only she knew her husband had been plying her with drinks all night and making her drinks double so that she wouldn’t notice his friends staring at her through the back deck door and wouldn’t notice the drape partially opened, she’d be pissed. Something she’d never knowingly do on her own, strip naked in front of his degenerate friends, Dean obviously knew that getting his wife drunk and positioning his friends outside their bedroom was the only way that he could flash her naked body to them. For sure, if Kim knew that his friends were out there waiting for her naked, striptease show, she’d be so embarrassed and she’d really be upset. Only with her being so horny and sexually frustrated, what Dean didn’t know was that if she knew his friends were out there now, she’d invite them in her bedroom for her to suck and fuck them.

After exposing her naked body to his friends, with one thing leading to another, next Dean will be asking her, coercing her, and forcing her to have sex with his friends before participating in the swinging lifestyle. For sure, in the steadfast way she felt about not flashing her naked body and not having sex with the world, she’d divorce his ass before doing anything against her will. It’s one thing for him to flash men her underwear and even her tits when trying on bras but whatever else she sexually did with anyone had to be her decision and not his decision. Only feeling different about everything now, she was horny. She was sexually frustrated. She’d willingly do any sexual thing that her husband asked her to do.

* * * * *

With her husband sitting to the side of the sliding glass door but still able to watch his wife through the deck door, he had a complete view of her through her full length, bedroom mirror that was perfectly angled to the deck door. Not making a sound or a move to cause her to see their reflection in her mirror, his three friends crouched low in their chairs and huddled by the deck door as if they were horny, young men spying on women from behind a curtain. As if they had never seen a woman in her bra before, the four men leered at Kim mindlessly unbuttoning her blouse one painfully slow button at a time.

There was no argument that she didn’t have a wicked hot body, she did have a wicked hot body. There was no argument that she wasn’t beautiful, she was extraordinarily beautiful. Not only did she have a wicked hot body and was extraordinarily beautiful but also she had fabulous breasts. Where Dean more cherished her ass, she more cherished her breasts. She was most proud of her breasts. She had the kind of breasts that a plastic surgeon would pay her to make a mold of her perfect tits. As did her husband and all the men who had the pleasure of seeing them, she loved her natural, C cup breasts.

As if she was a stripper on stage instead of an unknowing stripper in her own bedroom entertaining her husband and his three, drunken friends, she continued slowly unbuttoning each button of her blouse. Feeling liberated exposing herself, she hasn’t felt this sexually excited since her Honeymoon ten, long years ago. Exposing her long line of cleavage, she exposed the tops of her meaty breasts that didn’t quite fit in her too small bra. In between a C and a D cup, with a D cup bra too big and a C cup bra too small, she was more comfortable squeezing into a C cup bra. As if she was a woman from the 17th century wearing a tight corset, she liked how the tops of her tits looked when squeezed up and together like that. Nonetheless sincan escort bayan her bra size requirements and her personal brassiere preferences, she flayed open her blouse to expose her bra to the four men while they stared at all that they were seeing and all that Kim was showing.

With her blouse unbuttoned and her bra, the tops of her meaty breasts, and her oh, so long line of cleavage on full display, she unbuttoned her cuffs before removing her blouse. Even with them confined in her too tight bra, as if daring the four men watching her to touch and feel them, the tops of her big breasts jiggled with her every movement. Wishing his friends hadn’t left, after having flashed her panties and bra all night, she wondered what the men were thinking about after seeing her sexy underwear. Knowing her husband in the way she knew him, no doubt, Dean wondered what she was thinking about after flashing the men her underwear all night. Obvious to her, Dean was no doubt thinking that she was embarrassed that she flashed his three friends her sexy underwear. Or more like Dean to think that she was sexually aroused than she was modestly embarrassed, maybe he was thinking she was sexually excited showing so much of her underwear clad body to Bob, Jim, and Michael?

Nevertheless her embarrassment or her sexual excitement, if they were all here now watching her strip herself naked, she wondered if they’d try to do more than just looking, staring, and watching her undress. She wondered if Dean would allow his friends back in the house to have sex with her. Nah, he’d never do that without her expressed permission. At the very least, she wondered if they’d have pillow talk tomorrow morning about her flashing his friends tonight.

She wondered if his friends and her husband was as sexually excited with her showing his friends her panties and bra as she was knowing his friends had seen her panties and bra. She only wished that his friends could watch her strip naked now. If they were here, she’d give them such a sexy show. With her being so horny and so sexually frustrated, she only wished she could have sex with his friends right here and right now. She wished she had agreed to participate in the swinging lifestyle. If she had she wouldn’t be as horny or as sexually frustrated as she is now. Yet, knowing that she could never broach that subject and cross that forbidden line of infidelity, it was enough for her to masturbate herself over the thoughts of flashing her underwear clad body to his friends.

* * * * *

Aroused after flashing his friends her underwear all night, unable to sleep tonight if she went to bed horny, something she routinely did, she needed to masturbate herself before her husband came up to bed drunk and fell asleep without so much as even touching her. In the way they were looking at her, staring at her, and leering at her, it was obvious by the stiff bulges in their pants that all three of his friends had erections. It was obvious to her that all three men wanted her. No doubt making him so very happy, if she had stripped herself naked and got down on her knees right there in her living room, she could have sucked and fucked his friends while her husband watched.

Yet, sucking and fucking his friends was something she’d never willingly do. Going against everything morally good about her, it was enough that she agreed to flash them her panty and bra. Yet, in the way she sexually felt flashing them, it was obvious by the erect impressions her nipples made in her blouse and bra downstairs that she was sexually aroused too. Dean was turning her into his slut and his whore of a wife. It won’t be long and she’ll be just as perversely perverted and sexual depraved as he is.

She’s already told her husband in her sexual frustration that if she was married to any of his friends, to Bob, to Jim, or to Michael, no doubt, they’d never fall asleep before giving her hot sex. Not taking that as a hint, he still allowed her to go up to bed alone sexually unsatisfied while he watched television downstairs. Instead of giving her hot sex, he’s watching sports replays on television. Instead of giving her what she needs and what she wants, a hard cock and an orgasm, he’d rather just flash her body to other men.

“He’s such a dope sometimes,” she said aloud for no one to hear. “Another man would never allow me to go to bed horny. Another man would never allow me to masturbate myself when he could do that with his finger and with his tongue. Another man would rather that he gave me an orgasm that having me give myself one. Another man would never prefer to flash his wife than to have sex with his wife.”

* * * * *

Obviously with Dean thinking more about his three friends having their wicked way with her in a gangbang, than he was thinking about having sex with her in bed tonight, she was feeling even hornier now. Wishing she had it in her, she wished she could relent and give his friends hot sex. She’d make her husband so happy and she wouldn’t have to masturbate as much as she does. Only, too late, she had her chance to walk downstairs naked to suck and fuck the three of them while her husband watched and she blew it. No doubt his reason for him inviting his friends over tonight was for them to have sex with her. Now with his friends already gone, she was alone with her bad self.

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