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Pure fantasy. My thanks to my editor, Wicked Inside

I stepped off the elevator into the hotel lobby, still not sure where I was going. Due to airline schedules, I had an afternoon and evening to kill in Austin. The evening was no problem, since I was walking distance from Fifth Street, but even Fifth Street is a bit dead during daylight.

I noticed a woman sitting on one of the overstuffed chairs in the lobby. I stopped and studied her. At least as old as I am; dressed to kill, but not like a hooker; and sitting up attentively as if expecting someone. What the heck, I thought, why not practice my approach, even if it looked like a mission impossible.

At this point, I should mention that I have never been a lady-killer. I try, but success seems more like a random event at her discretion than anything I do or don’t do. Clueless wouldn’t be a bad description. After a motivational seminar, my latest approach was to simply expect that she would say yes, come to my place, and screw my brains out, and act accordingly. It had not yet happened, and would never happen again, but I get ahead of myself.

I dropped into an overstuffed chair next to her and said “Hello! You look like someone I’ve been waiting all my life to meet!” I know, cool, right?

She gave me a surprised look which dissolved into amusement, and shifted in her chair to lean toward me. She took an exaggerated look at a bejeweled watch on her wrist. “In which case, you’re two minutes late!” she announced, still smiling.

“I’ll just have to work that much harder to make it up to you.” I replied, leaning toward her and doing everything in my power to hide my surprise and appear cool and collected.

“I’ll hold you to that!” she said with a smirk.

There was suddenly dead space, and I wracked my brain for something to talk about and keep the conversation going. I’d never gotten this far this quickly before. I don’t remember what I finally came up with, but she gave me a brief confused look, then a shrug, then stood up, unconsciously smoothing the front of her short skirt.

“No need to waste time on small talk,” she said quietly, “let’s just go on up to your room.”

Internally, I worked desperately to suppress the shock that statement generated, and to smoothly stand up and offer her my arm, as opposed to bolting. We strode rather briskly across the lobby to the elevators. I was too busy staying cool to question what was happening. Her entire attitude seemed to exude anticipation. The elevator was empty, so once the elevator doors closed, to check and see if what I thought was happening was real, I pulled back gently on her arm. She turned smoothly and her lips met mine. She brushed my lips provocatively as we passed the second floor, and by the time the elevator slowed for the eighth floor, the kiss was deep, passionate, and mutual. It was also a full-body kiss. Her breasts pressed against my chest, and her pubic bone rubbed back and forth against my rising manhood. From that kiss, I assumed for the moment that she was not a professional.

As we turned back to the doors before they opened, her hand brushed the front of my pants and gave my cock a quick squeeze. She did a Mae West imitation: “Are you just happy to see me, or is that a Shillelagh in your pants?”

“Madame, I have never in my life been Irish!” I replied formally, trying to be humorous.

My head was spinning, and I took several deep breaths as we walked down the hall. I, of course, took three tries to get the card-key to work the door. As she walked in, I hurriedly hung the “Privacy” tag and then locked and latched everything I could find on the inside of the door. When I looked back at her, she seemed to have a brief look of disappointment, but when she met my eyes, she smiled and headed for the far side of the bed. I moved, as smoothly as possible in my very excited state, to the near side, and we folded the heavy spread in half, half again, then slid it off onto the floor at the foot. Next, the top sheet and light blanket were folded back, creating a King Size playground for what was coming.

She looked at me with her head tilted. “So, should I just go get comfortable, or would you like a strip tease, or do you prefer to unwrap your gifts yourself?” she asked teasingly. I didn’t trust myself to speak, so I just started around the bed toward her, keeping my eyes locked on hers. She met me halfway, and we embraced and kissed again. My hands explored her body, making note of all the clothing fasteners, and then I went to work Before the first kiss broke, I had opened her button-down-the-back blouse (who designs this stuff?), and her rear clasp bra. My hands explored the soft skin of her back. I nuzzled into the crook of her neck, inhaling her perfume, a complex mix of natural and man-made aromas.

For her part, she had my shirt out and pushed up my back. She stepped back a moment to pull it over my head, and then I pulled her blouse and bra down her arms, creating a tangled kadıköy escort mass of clothing I tossed onto a nearby chair.

I had a moment of panic. “Do we need protection?” I asked. I think I have a couple condoms somewhere in my suitcase.

“Naw, I’m well protected, and I definitely prefer bareback.”

I reached out and pulled her back to me. Her breasts were larger than average, and probably needed that bra most of the time. Now they were pressed against my chest, and the shock of skin-on-skin contact sent a shudder through my system. I pressed another deep kiss as I stroked her sides and the outside of her breasts. She shifted her hips and started working her hands between us, going after my belt. I shifted to help her, then found her arms in my way as I tried to get at the side zipper of her skirt. But we sorted it out.

By the time we broke that kiss, she had my slacks loose and I had her skirt loose. With one hand, she was pushing my pants down while the other reached into my boxers for my now raging manhood. I hadn’t been this hard in years; it almost hurt! In the meantime, I was pushing her skirt down as I palmed her very nice, firm ass.

As my slacks and her skirt hit the floor, she turned slightly to open some space between us and look down at her prize. She growled deep in her throat and looked back up at me with a very lustful look. “Nice, beautiful cock!” she growled.

I had filled one hand with a breast, rolling her nipple between my thumb and the side of my hand. She growled some more. I squeezed off some Kegels, making my cock jump in her hand, and she growled some more. When I pulled her back for another kiss, I caught her eyes and she was already lost in her own lust. She kissed hard.

When the kiss broke, she pushed me back onto the bed, kicked her skirt aside, bent down and made very quick work of my shoes, slacks, and socks. I was naked, and she was in black sheer panties and black thigh-high nylons. I have no idea when she lost her black heels. She took my manhood, stroking with one hand then the other, moving it around, bent over to study it closely. When she next looked up there was passion and fire in her eyes.

“I want to explore each other properly, but later.” she said, breathlessly, as she straddled me with her knees and walked up the bed to my waist. “But right now….”

I started to sit up. She pushed me back down. “If you don’t let me get those panties off you, I’ll have to rip them off!” I declared. She grinned lecherously, and wiggled her eyebrows.

I slid the backs of my fingers up the inside of her thighs and into the panties. The crotch was wet. I gripped and tugged, and the material gave way, ripping all the way to the elastic band at the top. In a single, well practiced move, she impaled herself on my shaft, letting out a short grunt as her pubic bone hit mine.

She held totally still, her full weight pressing her down on my pubic bone. We both were breathing in short, sharp, breaths. My brain felt like it was on fire, my gut convulsed on its own, and my hips tried to push me further and further into her. I could feel my shaft pulsing. Her eyes were closed, her jaw slack.

Somewhere between two seconds and an eternity later, my body demanded that I move. I started thrusting with strength I didn’t know I had, throwing her into the air enough to get some movement around my shaft. Her eyes were open again, blazing with desire as she rode her bucking bronco.

“Yes-s-s-s-s!” she hissed “Oh God Yes-s-s-s-s!” She didn’t need to use dirty language, the look on her face was so filled with desire and lust as to be obscene all by itself, and I was responding in kind, I’m sure.

Some of my muscles started complaining loudly. I reached up and grabbed her shoulders and pulled her down to me. She quickly straightened out her legs so I could roll us over. As I finished the roll, I ended up with my legs outside and hooked around hers. Holding her legs almost together had the effect of lengthening the vaginal canal and allowing much longer strokes. I came completely out of her and back in every thrust. I intertwined my fingers with hers and held her hands on the bed above her head. My body pressed against her from breasts to thighs. I held her trapped and completely in my control. My thrusts were partly my hips, partly alternately pushing with my legs and arms so that my whole body moved against her, pulling her skin up and down with each thrust. My upward thrusts were stopped only by our two pubic bones meeting.

“Oh!… God!… Oh!… Yes!… Yes!” she cried out and tried to twist or arch her body with each thrust. Her fingers were digging into my hands, but I didn’t even notice. As unusual as the position was, it satisfied my need to feel my cock and my whole body moving against and in her. I felt powerful enough to keep going forever.

Her vocalizations were quickly becoming more and üsküdar escort more frantic. She seemed to be having mini-orgasms, in the sense that she would convulsively contract her muscles everywhere. I modulated my attack to her responses, but kept relentlessly pushing her.

Suddenly, she forced her hands free and started pushing at the outside of my legs. I shifted to take my weight on my elbows, and shifted each leg in turn to a more conventional position between hers.

She immediately wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. Her whole body arched to bring her pussy up to meet me, and I shifted to lifting and dropping my hips in the vertical thrust required by her new position. “OhGodYes!” she screamed. “OhGod-Don’tStop-Don’tStop-Don’tStop!” She lifted her head, pressing forehead to my shoulder. I dropped my head to her shoulder, and I think we were both watching as my glistening cock rapidly pumped in and out of her beautiful body. I watched her body tensing more and more with each thrust. She wasn’t moving, her taught muscles holding her vagina in perfect alignment with my thrusting penis.

Suddenly her belly spasmed and she threw her head and shoulders back on the bed, throwing her arms out wide where she gripped handfuls of bedding.

“GodYesOhGodYesFuckMeFuckMeFuckMe-e-e-e….” The last trailed off as she went into full orgasm. As hard as I was thrusting, I could still feel her vagina trying to grab and hold my cock. I was so fascinated watching her body and face as she fought to claim all the ecstasy she could that I lost track of my own response. I was simply helping her to climb as high as possible up that peak.

When she finally crested, she collapsed. Well, her legs were still around me and still holding her pussy up and I was still thrusting. Her eyes were just flickering open when I realized that I was way past the point of inevitability. A lustful roar quickly formed deep in my chest and burst forth as I slammed down into her and held perfectly still as my first ejaculation burned its way through my body and cock and burst forth inside her. The sudden heat deep in her belly sent her over the top again. I held myself deep inside her twisting body as the second and third convulsions raced through my body and before I again resumed a frantic thrusting as it was now my turn to grab as much ecstasy as I could take. I was flying!

When at last I was spent, and the orgasmic amnesia started to wear off, I opened an eye to see her grinning at me with half-lidded eyes. Her legs had slid down mine and were now splayed on the bed. I let my shoulders slip to one side, pressing a thigh against her to hold me inside, and lying against her as I caught my breath. She stroked my hair and said quietly “Wow! I sure love your enthusiasm!” I just felt good all over, but hadn’t recovered the power of speech yet.

A moment later I consciously shook-off the post-orgasmic lethargy. I did not want to fall asleep! I leaned forward and started to take one of her nipples into my mouth, but she stopped me. “Whoa! Give me a minute to recover! I’m still way too sensitive!” So I just snuggled, my free hand gently massaging her belly. In a moment, she said “I’m sorry, but I’ve got to break.” I leaned forward and gave her a quick kiss, then very slowly pulled out of her. She whimpered slightly as I finally popped out, and then she rolled off the bed and headed for the bathroom.

While she was out, I forced myself out of bed and tucked the sheet back in where she had completely ripped it out. I piled the pillows and had just laid back against them when she returned. She still had on the black nylons, but was twirling the shredded black panties in the air. “Well, I won’t need these any more!” she laughed.

“Can I have them?” I asked.

“Your wife won’t mind?” She asked teasingly, tossing the panties onto the dresser.

“Oh, I’m sure of that!” I replied. I didn’t bother to mention that I wasn’t married. It obviously made no difference to her.

She started crawling up the bed sensuously, like a cat in heat, slowly wagging it’s tail. She nibbled on inner thighs in passing and then sucked my still limp cock into her mouth. After a delightful moment or two, she released my cock and continued to kiss and lick her way up my body, finally circling one suddenly attentive nipple with the tip of her tongue.

She sat up, resting on my thighs, head cocked, and asked “Ready to go exploring?” Was I ever!

The next hour or so was pure bliss. We caressed, licked, kissed, and whatever, every part of each other’s bodies. I learned how she liked her large breasts stimulated, where to lick around her clit for the best response. She found a sensitive spot behind my balls I didn’t even know about. My erection came back and stayed.

We moved and responded to each other surprisingly smoothly, with none of the awkwardness that seemed to infiltrate most of my sexual encounters. I was tuzla escort enthusiastic and curious, she was open and encouraging. We laughed, sighed a lot, moaned occasionally, and generally enjoyed just playing. Somewhere along the way, I rolled her nylons off her legs. I liked her better completely nude.

Eventually, the playing involved more and more brief bits of intercourse. I knew it was time to go back to work when I looked up into eyes that were large, deep, pools of raw lust. We still kept it playful. There were all sorts of positions I had seen described but never tried. We would go for a minute or two in one position, then shift smoothly, with only a touch or two for suggestion, to another. Some I suggested, some she did. A few times she stopped me as I started to change position, grabbing an arm or leg and saying something like “Not Yet!” or “I like this one. Don’t stop!”. She would have a minor (compared to what had transpired earlier) orgasm within a few moments and then we would change. I noticed that her level of arousal kept increasing with each mini-orgasm and not going back down, at least not much. She was slowly climbing a happy mountain.

We were trying a sort of “X” position, twisted ninety degrees, my torso sort of between her legs and hers between mine, when she suddenly grabbed my wrist in a vise-like grip and pulled me against her. Penetration was all the way to the belly-button in this position. She started vigorously grinding her clit against my pubic bone, swirling my sword inside her sheath. She started vocalizing again, incoherently this time, and was completely out of control. I watched, fascinated, as wave after wave of convulsions washed over her. It took her a long time to finish and start coming down. I had been so fascinated watching her that my own response was still under control.

She let go of my wrist, and propped herself up as she tried to catch her breath. Our eyes met, and we both grinned at each other. “OK,” she said, when she finally got her breath back “your turn. I want you to cum in me, and I want to watch your face when you do; how would you like it?” From the look in her eyes, she clearly wanted to do for me, and I decided to completely surrender to her request.

We broke, and I scooted up the bed to rest my shoulders on the pile of pillows. She scrambled playfully after me, and quickly impaled herself on my cock, straddling my hips, upright. She settled down deeply with a sort of shimmy motion, taking me deep inside her. I reached out, and pulled her toward me till her hands were on either side of my head. With light touches on her hips I started her lifting and dropping the length of my shaft. I knew I already had a silly grin on my face. I brought my hands up intending to play with her nipples while she moved her body up and down my cock, but before I could achieve that thought my nervous system was overwhelmed by the wonderful sensations she was giving me.

My eyes closed, or rolled into the back of my head, I’m not sure which. My hands waved randomly in air till accidentally touching and then anchoring to her body. My whole existence, attention, consciousness condensed around the sensations coming from my cock. I was floating in a sea of sensation. I was lost in space and time and completely at her mercy.

Slowly, the sensations started swirling, like a slowly forming tornado, causing my body to twitch and twist and thrust. The swirling got stronger and stronger, engulfing me and disorienting me as it dragged me down into the vortex. Suddenly the vortex collapsed on itself and then exploded forth, repeatedly, in brilliant streams of fire. In the far distance, I could hear my own incoherent voice and feel my own gasping breath.

Slowly, the warmth flowed back around my torn body. I found I could breath again, though my throat was dry and scratchy. The scattered pieces of my consciousness slowly reassembled themselves. Eventually, I could feel the different parts of my body, and I realized she had lain down on me with her arms against my side, enclosing me as I recovered. I stirred and she sat up, and when I opened my eyes she was smiling happily at me.

I was drained. She flopped against the pile of pillows, my fading weapon falling wetly onto my belly, and I turned to lay with my head in her lap. She gently stroked my hair while I continued to recover strength and balance. I was totally at peace.

After a few moments I started a stretch, and needed a trip to the bathroom and something to drink.

“You seemed to enjoy that!” she said happily, obviously satisfied with herself.

“Mmm-hmmm.” I replied, favoring her with a big grin. I sat up to get out of bed.

“I’m so glad you and John set this up. It’s wonderful!” she continued.

I froze, then made my first major mistake of the day. I looked at her, and she could easily read in my face that I had no idea what she was talking about, and she realized the whole afternoon was some sort of farcical mix-up.

She leaned forward a bit. “You and John didn’t set this up?” I reluctantly and barely shook my head ‘no’. She leaned forward some more. “Do you even know John?” I shook my head again.

Her eyes were growing bigger. There was panic edging into her voice. “So you’re not part of a wife swapping agreement?” she asked, redundantly.

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