Open Doors Ch. 01

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Rachel woke to the enjoyable feel of a warm wet mouth wrapping around her breast. She sighed softly and shifted to give him a better angle. The reward given for her accommodation was a swirling tongue around the nipple. Warm hands cupped each of her breasts and gently toyed with them as he continued to suckle her.

A second pair of hands drifted over her ass squeezing the flesh with a demanding impatience. He lifted her leg propping her calf on the hip of her first lover and when her legs were spread enough to grant access he slowly pushed his hard cock into her ready pussy. It was a delicious way to wake. Yes, one man indulging in languid wet kisses and hungry suction on her ample breasts as another thrust deep inside her was definitely better than an alarm clock.

She could open her eyes, but she chose not to. It didn’t matter. The way he was stroking into her she thought it might be Marcus, but he felt long which suggested Keith or maybe David. The mouth eagerly teasing her tits reminded her of Sean and when she reached out and trailed her way down his body to wrap a hand around the hardening cock she was fairly certain she was correct. Dismissing the importance of the question she relaxed into the moment. She could find out later because right now she was experiencing far too much pleasure from her pair of lovers to be concerned with exactly which two they were.

The tempo of the thrusts from behind had quickened and she moaned her appreciation. Her oral lover heard the desire in the sound and she moaned again when he slid his hand between her legs. Strong sure fingers pressed against her clit providing the friction she craved. The hands holding her hips tightened as the movement from behind grew more frenzied. His fingers pressed into her flesh as he held her immobile and pounded toward his reward. She slid her leg higher hooking it behind the back of their companion. The new angle let him slide further inside her and they both groaned with enjoyment.

He moved closer, lifting slightly so that his hot breath washed over her shoulder. His thrusts were now deep and quick and he charged toward his goal intent only on his own release. Her body was flush with the heat they were creating and she felt every touch they gave with a heightened intensity.

The man behind her grunted as he climaxed and she smiled. It was definitely David, she had heard him make that sound twice earlier in their evening. She felt his hot juice filling her and he pumped himself into her until he had given her every drop. Then still without a word he kissed her shoulder and withdrew.

The moment he left her she helped guide the dick she held to her entrance. Still sucking at her tits in slow abandon he shifted his hips and slid inside. His thrusts were slow and she moved with him. When his lips found hers she kissed him. When he dropped to suckle her breasts she moaned and caressed him. Their timing was perfect and the slow lazy fuck sent them both over the edge for a perfect start to their day. As she lay sated and once again sleepy Rachel let her mind drift back to how this had begun. It had been a surprising and amazing night and she wanted to relive every detail.


Rachel wondered why she had agreed to this. Judging by what she knew of fraternities, and the guys who belonged to them, this evening would not be worth her time. Walking up the steps she laughed at herself. She knew damn well why she agreed, because Sean McCabe was gorgeous. Tall, blonde, tan and fit he was the epitome of the ideal college man and when he had actually spoken to her after their History class to ask for help all she could do was stammer an agreement. So, here she was, reporting for their tutoring session. A sigh escaped her as she realized she was likely in for a wasted evening, he wasn’t likely to learn much and she would only leave flustered and aroused by a man who was only interested in how she could help improve his grade. Reminding herself that she was here to help him study she knocked and waited.

Sean answered her knock and she felt her cheeks warm as he smiled. “Hi, Rach, thanks for meeting me here. I just got back from lacrosse practice and you really didn’t want to study with me if I didn’t grab a shower first.”

“No problem,” she managed to say. He stepped back to allow her to enter and she nearly swooned as she passed and smelled his clean fresh scent.

“We should probably go upstairs,” Sean suggested nodding toward the loud common room where several guys were watching a ball game and drinking.

“I’m surprised you want to study if there is a game on,” she said as she followed him up the stairs.

Sean turned and smiled and her knees quivered. “There’s always a game on,” he answered lightly.

That seemed logical in a house full of men and she gave him points for ignoring the temptation in favor of schoolwork. He led her to a bedroom halfway down the hall and waved her to the small sofa sitting opposite the door. “Not the library, but it works,” he said Betturkey as she took a seat.

“This is your room?” Rachel asked looking curiously around the large bedroom. Two beds indicated he shared the space but she thought the more orderly of the two must be his.

“Yeah, me and Marcus; you know him, right?” he asked pointing to a large promotional picture of the school’s football team.

Of course she knew Marcus Jones; the whole campus knew the star running back. It occurred to her that she was sitting in the bedroom of the two most gorgeous males she could imagine. Too bad she was only here to study. Scolding herself for such thoughts she pulled out her textbook and opened it to the notes she had prepared. Sean followed her lead and for the next thirty minutes they focused on helping him prepare for the upcoming exam.

Rachel listened to the sound for several moments before she realized what it was. Lifting her eyes from the book in her lap she looked across the hall and into the opposite bedroom where the low groans were emanating. Her cheeks flushed as she realized what she was seeing and her breath caught. The room looked much like Sean’s but the furniture placement left the occupant’s bed in plain sight and she had an unobstructed view of a couple engaged in a good hearty screw.

Sean heard her reaction and looked up. “Oh,” he said with a chuckle. “Sorry about that.”

“What are they doing?” Sean’s face wore an amused expression and she blushed. “I know what they are doing,” she corrected. “Why don’t they close the door?”

“House rules,” he explained. “We have an open door policy.”

“A what?”

“We are brothers, we share,” he answered with a shrug. “If a brother has a willing woman he’s required to leave his door open and share her.”

“So the open door is an invitation?”

“Exactly,” he answered happy that she understood.

“Does that…” her eyes couldn’t seem to leave the scene across the hall, “Does it happen a lot?”

“Often,” he admitted. “I can close my door,” he offered.


The refusal surprised them both. Rachel’s eyes widened as she realized she had voiced her secret desire. This was definitely not her normal behavior. Sean nodded without saying more and sat back. There was silence from them but across the hall the noises were growing louder. When she had first looked up the couple had been engaged doggy-style but they had now shifted so that he lay on his back as his partner straddled him. The angle at which they lay gave Rachel a tantalizing view of her tits as they bounced with her movement. She found it surprisingly erotic. With a shock she realized she recognized the girl. It was Cindy Hoffman, a member of the honors college and a frequent study partner. The way she was riding the body beneath her it was obvious this was also something she frequently scheduled.

The view was momentarily blocked as another fraternity brother entered the room but Rachel’s complaint died quickly as the new participant began to strip. Idly she wondered if the selection criteria for this fraternity included appearance because she had yet to meet a member who was less than gorgeous. She watched mesmerized as the beautiful naked male walked to the bed. His cock was at half-mast with his anticipation and his hand gripped it at the base as he thrust it toward his brother’s woman. Cindy didn’t hesitate and leaned forward to eagerly pull him into her mouth.

“She appears quite enthusiastic,” Rachel noted. “I think she has done this before.”

Sean nodded without taking his eyes off his tutor. “She’s a good fuck,” he agreed.

That comment finally succeeded in redirecting her attention and Rachel looked at him. “You’ve fucked her?” she asked hesitantly. He nodded and glanced at the action in the other room. “If you enjoy her you should go,” she offered. The idea of seeing his perfect body joining those already naked and sweating excited her and she tried not to wiggle as she felt a tightness between her legs.

“I’d rather stay here with you,” he answered. Her eyes widened in surprise and he reached out to gently brush a strand of hair from her cheek. “I’m enjoying watching you as you watch.”

A new blush tinted her cheeks and Rachel glanced guiltily at the trio across the way before looking down at her hands. “I shouldn’t,” she objected lightly.

“Why? They want you to or they wouldn’t leave the door open. And you are enjoying it, aren’t you?”

Rachel nodded unable to deny the way the scene was arousing her. “This isn’t like me. I don’t, I couldn’t…”

“Why not?”

She shook her head. “I’m not exactly the type.”

“You are beautiful.” He inched closer to her on the couch and wrapped his arm around her. “You know that, right?” he asked as he leaned forward. “You are truly very beautiful.”

A silent shake of her head was the only denial she could make. Her thoughts were scattered by his nearness and her body was reacting to both the Betturkey Giriş titillating trio on display and his attention. His hand caressed her bare arm and she shivered. She lifted her head to say something, anything that would jumpstart her brain. The words went unsaid as she found his slightly parted lips nearing. They were wet and red and she licked her own in anticipation just before they touched hers.

The kiss was gentle as if he were asking permission but as she responded he deepened it. That excited her as well and she sucked firmly at his bottom lip as their mouths parted encouraging him to come right back for another kiss. When they finally parted both were breathless. “I’m going to close the door,” Sean said starting to rise.

Rachel looked across the hall excited by the fact that a forth had joined the group. The newest participant was stroking himself as he watched the others fucking the girl from both ends. It was plain to see that everyone in that room was enjoying themselves, but none more so than Cindy. A sudden compulsion seized her and Rachel shook her head. She wanted that. She was ready to leave behind this mundane shell and be more. “Leave it open,” she ordered.

Sean’s eyebrow lifted. “Are you sure?”

To answer his question Rachel simply leaned forward and captured his lips with hers. Her hand cupped behind his head and she pulled him with her as she leaned back onto the couch. Sean didn’t need more encouragement and he followed. His kisses were masterful and she quickly abandoned any doubt she had as he stoked the fire flaring inside her. Their tangled lips parted only long enough for them to pull their shirts over their heads and when he removed first her pants and then his she refused to stop kissing.

Finally Sean insisted on moving forward. He pulled away and looked at her taking in every inch of her as she reclined on the sofa. His blue eyes sparkled with excitement as they traveled over her breasts, round and firm and spilling from the top of the black bra she still wore. “So beautiful,” he breathed as he trailed his hand over her. Her nipples were hard and prominent beneath the silk of her bra. She hissed as he pinched one and arched into his touch hoping for more. He nodded promising to return and let his hand continue downward.

She felt a warmth of her own excitement as his eyes moved over her stomach, slim but not as toned as it should be, the soft flesh making her appear luscious rather than flabby. His hand slid over her and she felt her smooth tanned skin tingle with desire.

He dropped to his knees and knelt in front of her his intent clear and she felt her panties grow wetter than they already were. The black silk was the only barrier between he and his goal and he hooked his fingers over the waistband. His eyes lifted to hers and she smiled to show she was certain. His lips were still red and swollen from the way she had kissed him and the smile he returned looked eager. Slowly, his eyes still locked with hers he pulled off the black silk.

Rachel spread her legs as he settled between them. The first few passes of his tongue were tentative as if he were testing her taste and the way she responded. He needn’t have worried, she had a delicious taste that he found addictive and he was soon craving it. He increased his effort his tongue sliding between her moist pussy lips and diving into her wet core. He moaned his approval and slurped hungrily as his hand wrapped around his own cock to provide slow strokes.

Rachel’s head had dropped back as the pleasure washed through her and her eyes closed. Reaching behind her she released the clasp on her bra and tossing it aside cupped her hands around her own breasts. Concentrating on the intensity of the pleasure of Sean’s mouth and her own hands she completely forgot about the open door and the agreement she had made. When she heard footsteps it all came back to her and a new kind of excitement began to course through her. Her legs widened in invitation and she held Sean’s head increasing the pressure of his mouth against her throbbing clit as she opened her eyes.

A frat boy was standing two feet from the couch his eyes locked on her face as he stripped his clothing. It was Marcus, she easily recognized him and she felt a surge of heat in her core as she took in his naked form. He was gorgeous, a thick muscled, ebony Adonis wearing a slight smile of anticipation. “We’re going to fill you up, girl,” he said in greeting as he stepped forward.

His cock was already hard and she sucked him into her mouth eager to taste him. He groaned as she let him slide deep and his large hand cupped the back of her head helping to set the rhythm he wanted. “I don’t know where you found her, my brother,” he said aloud, “But she is a fantastic cocksucker.” Hearing his praise pleased her and Rachel doubled her effort.

She was not inexperienced, but her previous sexual exploits were mundane, a quick trade of oral followed by an even quicker pounding that rarely went at her preferred pace. Those unremarkable encounters were shared with a steady boyfriend in the first few years of college. After they broke up she had allowed a couple of others to fuck her, but again she had chosen poorly and their technique had been lacking. But these two were talented and her body was aching from the way they pleased her. The sensation of Marcus in her mouth, the taste and feel of him as he glided over her tongue, coupled with the very talented skill Sean was demonstrating between her legs was overwhelming and she welcomed the orgasm that claimed her.

The way her core pulsed and gushed around his tongue seemed to excite Sean and as she relaxed in the downward fall he lifted himself. He didn’t hesitate and with one quick move thrust his dick into her still quivering pussy.

She cried out in approval as he forced his way inside and Marcus cheered him on. “Fuck that pussy, Sean,” he championed.

Sean grinned down at her as he watched his friend’s dick disappear between her wet lips. “Rachel, Marcus; Marcus, Rachel,” he introduced them.

Marcus’ head was tipped to the ceiling as he fucked her face. “It is so good to meet you, Rachel,” he breathed. She moaned her response to show just how thrilled she was to meet him as well and the vibrations around his cock sent new pleasure through him. “Fuck!” he gasped. The thrust from his hips quickened and without warning he shot his load. Thick, creamy cum coated her tongue and Rachel swallowed enjoying the taste.

“Tastes good, don’t it?” the jock asked as he stepped back.

Rachel wiped her fingers over her mouth and smiled. “Delicious,” she agreed.

Sean was still thrusting his own hips and she whimpered in disappointment when he pulled out. “Over,” he instructed to quickly assure her they weren’t done. He took a seat on the couch and pulled her into his lap. She straddled his hips and sank down letting his slick cock glide effortlessly into her waiting body.

Marcus had politely waited for them to change positions. Stepping close he bent and kissed Rachel holding her head firmly his large hand covering most of her skull. “Ride him good, Baby,” he said as he released her. He turned for the door and called over his shoulder. “Fill that pussy boys and I’ll be back. I’m headed across the hall to clean up after Cindy.”

It was only then that Rachel realized another naked frat boy was waiting his turn. Her curiosity about him waned as Sean’s thrusts stroked at just the right angle. Her eyes closed as she focused on the way he filled her. Leaning forward she moved in time to his rhythm and offered him her tits. Sean’s hand left her hip where he had been guiding their moves and wrapped around her right breast. His lips closed around the nipple and he sucked hard.

Two hands began to travel over her back and down around her ass the touch tender but demanding. She turned her head smiling at the blonde wearing glasses and a smile. “Hi,” she purred. “I’m Rachel.”

“I’m David,” he answered. Bending forward he kissed her and his erection pressed against her ass. The way she was moving over Sean meant she was also grinding against him and she wiggled her hips. David seemed to take the hint and he was smiling as he pushed her forward. The angle brought her closer to Sean and he squeezed her tits together alternating his kisses and suction between the stiff nipples.

David kissed his way down her back pausing occasionally to scrape his teeth against her skin. By the time he sank to his knees she was tingling with excitement. His kisses drifted over her ass and his hands spread her cheeks. Timing his movement to Sean’s he licked his way down her crack and swirled his tongue over her puckered anus.

“Yes!” Rachel called her back arching in response and her hips grinding against Sean.

“Fuck yeah,” Sean growled speaking around his mouth full of breast. “Rim her good, Davie, she loves it.”

Dave proceeded to do just that. Rachel had discovered that she liked anal stimulation by accident and had been disappointed when her last boyfriend had refused to indulge her. Dave had no reservations about it. He swirled and lathed his tongue against her ass relaxing the muscles while making happy sounds. After a few moments he stopped and lifted up to whisper in her ear. “Don’t worry, I’m going to be in that ass in just a few minutes.”

He climbed to his feet and she heard him rummaging in a drawer near Sean’s bed. He returned and she felt his hand glide over her ass until he could press one lube covered finger against her now waiting asshole. The feel of him sliding into her pushed her into orgasm and she screamed. The pleasure was intense and she bucked over Sean driving him into her as far and as fast as she could. Her abandon did him in and he followed his body arching up as he shot long streams of his seed deep inside her. He continued to suck her tits and Dave finger fucked her ass as she enjoyed the last moments of her release.

When she sagged against Sean he spent several moments kissing her. He was growing limp inside her and when her hips began to grind in response to Dave’s hand he pulled out. “I’ll be back,” he said giving her another kiss.

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