Opportunity Knocks Ch. 02

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David and Madeline waited until the Flints had left the office; they gathered all of the recordings including the DVD from the web camera and walked slowly to their car. They hardly spoke to each other until they were halfway to their house. Madeline opened the conversation by asking her husband how did he feel now that they had indulged their sexual fantasies with the Flints. David surprised her by saying how much he had enjoyed it and that he looked forward to more. He went on to say that he was really turned on when John had taken Amy’s virginity, the sight of her father’s long tool plowing into the teenagers shaven vagina had given him the hardest erection that he had ever experienced. Talking about it had caused his penis to stiffen, once more tenting his trousers, this was not lost by Madeline who reached forward and freed it from its cloth prison and began to move her hand slowly up and down.

“Take your top off and give some of the truck drivers a thrill and tell me what turned you on the most.”

David gasped, as his wife’s ministrations once more roused his libido his tool once more rock hard and his body thrilling him deep into his inner being. Maddy, inhibitions completely gone, did as he suggested and slipped her skirt off, letting it lie around her ankles on the car floor. Continuing to caress her husband, she maneuvered her body until her back was resting against the car seat’s back support and opened her thighs so that any driver capable of seeing into the car would see not only her masturbating David but also her panty covered vagina, she then unbuttoned her blouse and started to caress her bra-less breast, glad that she had not bothered to replace the garment after the session in the office.

David was concentrating on keeping the open top car in the correct lane and Maddy had her eyes shut as she played with her breasts with one hand and fisted her husband’s hard prick with the other, so that neither of them was aware of the pick up truck overtaking them.

The pick up truck passenger was high enough to see into the car and as Maddy’s ministrations came into view, told the driver to slow down so that they just kept abreast of the car, the darkened windows of the pick up made it impossible for David to see, when he glanced up to see what was keeping level with them and who it was that was having a long hard look at the sensual activities. The thought of someone looking at his wife, pulling him off and at her bare breasts soon had him nearing a climax. He called out to his wife that he was coming and as the sticky life giving liquid jetted out of the end of his prick he saw the pick up accelerate away.

In the passenger seat of the pick up, Judy was completely stunned, her friend Bill had noticed the couple in the car as they had passed the pick up, he eagerly told Judy about the bare breasted woman playing with her driver’s prick and commented that she was probably a hooker. On looking at the car Judy recognized it and asked her friend to speed up so that she could see what was going on. She had thought that her father was playing around but was absolutely floored when she recognized the woman as being her mother. She was also staggered to see that her Mom was showing her breasts and panty covered vagina for any passing motorist to ogle at, she then looked at her father and was shocked at the size of his penis. Judy had played around with boys for a few years that had included giving oral sex to two of her boyfriends; her father’s prick looked to be about twice as thick as theirs though and a bit longer. She never thought of her parents having a sex life yet, here they were exhibiting themselves, indulging in acts that could get them arrested, she looked over at her friend, glad to see that Bill had not recognized them or the car, just then he had to accelerate as other vehicles were tailing behind him. They sped off to Bill’s home with Bill laughing about the couple in the car and Judy trying hard to put the images from her mind, how could she look her parents in their eyes again she thought..

A couple of hours later Judy pulled up outside of her home after picking up her car , she was glad that her friend had decided not to visit with her as her mother’s car was parked in the driveway. Slowly she opened the door to the house and quietly crept along the hall to the stairs, on the stairs she saw the evidence of her parent’s lust for one another and clothes had been discarded haphazardly, obviously in their rush to satisfy the lust that their actions in the car had roused. On the floor, amongst the discarded clothing Judy spotted a compact disc, she picked it up and curious as to its contents, hurried to her room and computer, on the way she passed her parents room and noticed that the door was ajar, she peeked in and saw her Mom and Dad lying naked in each others arms in a tangle of sheets, they seemed to be sleeping even though it was only early evening. Judy moved into her room and began trying to find out what was on the c.d. fixbet eventually she found a programme to run the disc and sat there initially bemused, then shocked at the scenes captured on the disc.

Judy realised that her parents had blackmailed the Flints into the sexual behavior displayed, her first reaction was one of disgust but the more she watched the more she felt her body become excited and roused by the intense action brought to life on her computer screen. The recording was not the same quality of the tapes that she had seen with her boyfriend but was good enough in both visual and sound for her to see all of the sexual practices carried out by the family. She replayed the disc from the beginning, watching with increasing arousal as the daughter lost her virginity to the father the glimpse of her mother busy fingering herself added to the feeling growing within her young body, a feeling that demanded satisfaction, her breasts tingled and she was aware of her nipples hardening under the effect. Tentatively she began caressing her breasts nipping the hard nubs of flesh that were pushing out the material of the lace satin top with one hand, the other hand stealing under the hem of her short skirt, gliding up her thighs to her silk covered mound, the silken thong was wet with her secretions and the lips of her vagina swelling with the rush of blood that the mental and physical stimulation had effected on her.

Avidly watching the depravity of the Flint family she quickly cast off the clothes hindering access to her pleasure centers; her fingers skillfully began their well practiced assault on her breasts and vagina. She had started touching herself a number of years ago when her friends had shown her how to do it at a summer camp. She had found that the exciting sensations derived from teasing and pulling her nipples led her further into self gratification and when those same fingers delving between the folds of her labia, caused her body to tremble in anticipation, especially after she discovered what fantastic sensations rubbing that rigid piece hidden at the top of her slit caused, as the hot impulses gathered in her belly and burst out spreading the warmth all through her body. She loved also the taste of her juices after she had spent so copiously, eagerly licking her fingers clean. It was this that had led her into a mutual masturbating session with Gillian that in turn led to them experimenting in satisfying one another, Gillian was her first and only lover even though she had fondled her boyfriend’s penis when watching his porno tapes, but she had not allowed him the same privileges with her body.

The combination of the images on the monitor and the actions of her fingers soon brought her body up to that wonderful peak when as she squeezed her clitoris hard between a finger and thumb and simultaneously pinched a nipple hard with her other hand her body shook with the most wonderful orgasm that she had ever experienced.

Judy slowly relaxed still watching the Flints; she could understand her father’s annoyance with Mr. Flint over the theft of the money and even his desire to pleasure himself with the two women but why was her mother involved, what made her agree to such a disgusting and degrading plan? Judy determined that she would ask her mother as soon as she had the opportunity to be alone with her. She showered and after drying off slipped into her nightdress, before she put on her robe she looked at herself in the mirror. She saw that the dark blue satin nightdress was just a little bit too small and clung to her like a second skin, it was her first “grown up” one bought when she was fifteen.

The V neck made up of lace triangle that tied at the back of her neck, barely managed to contain her now eighteen years old thirty six B cup breasts and the lace hemline, once level with her knees came to mid thigh, she realised that it would have to be replaced very soon. Her thoughts were disturbed by a knock on the door and she heard her mother asking if she was in the room.

“Come in Mom. I want to talk to you.”

Madeline walked into the room and Judy was a little taken aback to see that her mother was wearing only a sheer white lacy peignoir that hid no part of her body from view, she was further surprised to see that her mother ‘s pubic area was clean shaven.

“What do you want sweet?” Madeline queried.

“Well it’s a bit awkward, you see I found this c.d. on the floor amongst your clothes. When I played it I saw that you and Dad were forcing a family to indulge in sex and even made them commit incest, what made you do such a terrible thing?”

Madeline paused and looked at her daughter; saw her barely concealed body beneath the nightgown and realised to her horror that she was looking at Judy as a woman, a beautiful woman with lovely breasts, each one firm and their nipples were pink and tipping up like urchins noses that you see in Dickensian Xmas cards. Her eyes drifted down the young woman’s fixbet giriş body; subconsciously she was already refusing to acknowledge the blood link, the slim, rounded, tanned thighs openly displayed by the too small garment, acted like a magnet drawing her gaze to their juncture. Madeline knew then that her recent experiences had turned her into a wanton slut; she wanted to make love to this girl sitting so vulnerable on her bed, asking questions that could only pave the way for either unbridled lust or a family break up.

She moved to the bed, sat down beside Judy and took her hand; she had decided to be equally as forthright as her daughter and proceeded to tell of her experiences on the internet and how it had totally changed her outlook on sex and how it had made her want to experiment and actually do the things that she discussed with her internet friends. She explained how miserable she and David had been over the past few years and that the frustration had only increased her despondency. Madeline then told her daughter how, when David had mentioned the problem of John and that he didn’t know what to do, she had shown David her secret life and how he had not only accepted her new persona but had enjoyed having sex with her on the internet. She went on to explain that it had been her idea to see if John and his family would become their sexual playthings as David did not want to bring the police into it.

Judy looked at her Mother in bewilderment; the vivid descriptions, coupled with the images being played on her monitor had raised strange feelings in her body, she was conscious of her nipples hardening and a warm feeling spreading in her belly. Unbidden the acts of her Mother and Father behaving so lewdly in the car flashed into her mind, her Mother’s words now made sense of that seemingly bizarre action. Shaking her head to dispel the image of her father’s penis being caressed by her Mother she asked.

“Why did you make the Flint’s commit incest, it is so depraved?”

Madeline had been preparing for this very question and moving from the bed she dropped to her knees in front of her daughter and took hold of the young girl’s hands. She explained in detail the reasoning behind the actions that she and David had carried out and that by making the Flints have sex with one another was the only way that would prevent them from making the situation public. She also pointed out that the Flints had been given the choice and had opted for the scenario requested. She replayed the disc, pointing out how willingly the Flints had carried out the instructions and how much enjoyment that they had experienced. Madeline then asked he daughter;

“Tell me Judy, would you be willing to let your father and I make love to you, in order to save one of us going to prison and the remaining family become penniless beggars on the street?”

Judy became confused, what would she do to help her family, how far would she go? The disc was repeating itself once more and she was aware that all of the Flints were enjoying having sex with each other, she was also aware that the scenes were once again arousing her. She thought of what her mother had said and realised that she could not answer, the question was too hypothetical, a hundred questions raced through her mind, gradually she started to realise that yes she would have sex with her parents to prevent either of them from suffering.

She barely realised that her mother’s hands had released their grip of her own until they were lightly stroking her thighs just below the hemline of her skimpy nightdress. The feathery touch sent a tingling sensation through her, beginning at the contact area and rushing deep into her body, almost involuntarily she parted her legs, allowing those delightful feelings to be fed as her mother’s fingers gradually moved higher, under her nightdress. Madeline leaned towards her, inviting a kiss from the beautiful girl, Judy hesitated a second then acquiesced to her mother’s silent request and offered her lips and mouth; as their mouths met Judy shuddered as her body reacted to both the physical and mental stimuli, the combination overwhelming any sense of propriety she may have felt. She was French kissing her mother; their tongues intertwining in that dance, known so well by lovers the world over. She was aware of her mother’s hands moving up her thighs under her nightdress, past her waist and onto her breasts. Madeline used her nails to lightly scrape around the base of the engorged nipples and to drag them up to the tips, pulling and stretching the highly sensitive nubs of ridged flesh.

The touch sent flashes of pleasure through Judy’s body,

“This is wrong.” She thought. “I shouldn’t be getting pleasure from my Mom caressing me but it is sooo nice, I just don’t want her to stop.”

Madeline could see that her ministrations were affecting her daughter, broke contact with her lips and whispered;

“Take your nightie off darling,”

Her own robe had parted allowing her hard tipped breasts to brush across her daughter’s thighs, she noticed that the touch caused shivers to course through Judy’s body and as Judy’s arms rose up taking the satin garment with them; her breasts were bared to her mother’s gaze, Maddy immediately leant forward and took the rigid left nipple into her mouth. Her own breasts now equally as naked brushed against Judy’s skin, sending thrilling messages through her own body, causing her vagina to moisten with sensual lust. Unerringly her fingers sped to her daughter’s pussy, now dripping with the secretions caused by Maddy’s ministrations.

Judy gasped as she felt her mother’s fingers penetrate her body; she shuddered as they expertly caressed the hardened nub of flesh, normally sheathed by its protective sheath but now erect and so sensitive to every touch that her mother had barely touched it when Judy experienced a surge of sheer pleasure, burst through her young body. She screamed out her joy;

“YES oh YES”

And succumbed to the waves of lust that wracked her body, shuddering and shaking with an intensity never experienced before.

Maddy gave no respite and transferred her mouth from the engorged nipple, it had been teasing, directly onto her daughter’s cunny, her lips, tongue and teeth began to work, licking, nibbling and sucking, arousing her daughter even further until the girl cried out;

“Enough oh stop, stop, it’s killing me, oh, Mom please stop.”

Her hands entwined in her mother’s hair and that had been eagerly pulling her mother’s head into her pussy now running with her love juices, weakly attempted to push the older woman away.

Reluctantly Madeline moved away and stood up, her body was aflame with sheer unadulterated lust; she craved satisfaction and began to furiously run her fingers along her wet slit, the musky smell emanating from her vagina reached Judy who opened her eyes and saw her mother’s pussy in front of her face, trancelike, she moved forward and ran her tongue along the hot slit. Madeline moaned in pleasure and pulled her daughter’s head into her groin.

“That’s it Baby suck me, lick me, make me cum, oh yes use your teeth, bite my clit.”

They moved in unison whilst continuing with the physical and verbal action until Madeline was on her back on the bed, her thighs at the edge and Judy on her knees with her head buried in between her Mother’s thighs. So engrossed was she in pleasuring her mother that she was not aware of her father entering her room.

David had wakened on hearing his daughter’s cries of passion and seeing that his bed was empty realised that it was his wife who had caused them, he went to the door of Judy’s room and had stood there slowly rubbing his prick. When he saw Judy respond to her mother and end up on her knees, all paternal feelings fled from his head, he only knew that he was going to fuck this beautiful girl and fuck her hard.

He stepped forward and seeing a jar of cold cream on the dressing table, at the side of the room, opened it and scooped out a handful, hardly pausing in his stride he smeared the cream over his rigid penis, and then moved to his daughter.

The first thing that made Judy aware of his presence was his hands reaching around her body, cupping her breasts, Madeline however had seen her husband’s intentions and closed her thighs even tighter around her daughter’s head. She hardly recognized her own voice as she groaned out;

“That’s it Dave, fuck her, stick that prick right into her hole, stretch that young cunt of hers until she begs for more.”

David positioned his penis at the opening to his daughter’s womb and slowly thrust forward the cold cream greatly helping his penetration, he soon realised that he was breaking in a virgin and that thought blew what little control that he had, with one hard long thrust he tore his girl’s maidenhead and buried himself so deep into her that his pelvic bones ground out against her bottom.

Judy’s muffled cries could be heard but David continued to plough in and out of her, Madeline had maneuvered her fingers so that they were busy teasing, pinching and caressing her young girl’s clitoris, gradually the fingers began to have their effect and Judy’s cries firstly fell silent then changed to little sounds of pleasure. Her body too began to respond to the thrusting of her father’s cock, as she relaxed, Madeline looked into her husband’s lust crazed eyes and told him to lift Judy up, as he did so Maddy slid down until her mouth was able to work its magic on Judy’s ravaged vagina. Together the mother and father brought their daughter higher and higher on the plain of sexual pleasure, her body was thrusting hard in response to the sensations that the tongue and penis were rousing within her. She climaxed just as her father’s prick convulsed with the spasm of his first jet of sperm shooting into her body, she felt it throb again and yet a third time as cum jetted from its tip deep inside her. When her father’s softening penis slid from her gaping cunt, she felt her mother eagerly lapping up the mixture of her cum, her virgin blood and her father’s sperm that was slowly oozing from her.

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