Orange County: The Personal Trainer

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Newport Beach, Orange County, California

The clanking of plate racks and the grunts of people straining to lift their respective weights mixed with the sounds of the pulsating techno music that pumped into the gym. Countless others were there, trying to attain that perfect, sculpted body But the one who already had that body was there to simply keep up the good work, as well as perhaps find some extra…cardio. Jon’s dark eyes would glance around the gym, scanning the many scantily clad women in their short shorts and spandex tops, a smirk crossing his lips as he pictured a few of them bent over in front of him. But he would shake his head, a hand coming to rake through those sweat dampened strands of hair before he returned to his workout, laying down on the bench to grip the weight bar, lifting it with a grunt before he continued his bench presses, muscles flexing hard as he pushed the weight up off of his chest. Dressed in a simple grey muscle shirt and a pair of dark gym shorts, his already defined muscles were quite the eye candy to the women.

Veronica was one of those women. She had never seen a more enticing male specimen and blushed in shame at the prolonged sensation of desire which invaded her body. She knew that if she stared long, that people would begin to notice and that the guy would notice and it would be awkward. She did not like to be obvious. Discretion and subtlety was her style. She was an actress, and super model, well, at least she fancied herself to be just that. She had come to California from Canada and become a citizen. Her luck began when a fashion photographer discovered her serving drinks at a lounge bar in Hollywood. It was more than typical. Soon, she began to model and then took acting lessons. Now, here at this gym, a second home to her, she felt alive and empowered. It was for this reason that she felt deeply embarrassed. She wished to keep an air of mystery and even modesty rather than pure lust. She looked away, casting her eyes down and continued her work out.

The weights clanked down again as he settled the bar back on the resting position, huffing as he grunted and pulled himself to sit on the edge of the bench for a moment, getting his breath back before he stood and reached a hand down to grab the bottom of his shirt, pulling it up to wipe the sweat from his brown. Whether intentional or not, that hard six pack of abs was shown, brown skin exposed to those wandering eyes. He smirked wider now, already feeling the eyes of many lock onto his form and he couldn’t help but chuckle beneath his shirt. He always loved the idea of having all these women under his control, seemingly able to snap his fingers to have them drop down and suck him off. It was quite the life he had, and soon eyes would travel over to the one who had been staring at him the most, and his eyes would glisten a bit as he smiled to her, waving a bit before he moved to the next station, grabbing the dumbbells in his hands to begin his curls; biceps bulging with each pull up on those weights. Veronica blushed. Had her lustful glance, directed toward the hunk been so obvious and transparent? She knew that this sort of thing probably happened all the time. It was almost a cliche. It was risible.. Other women had stared at him in much the same way. An invisible sexuality filled the air and how could it not, being a gym, an enclosure where semi-nude bodies in their prime sweated and strained to the beat of a music almost intentionally provocative. She had seen her share of handsome male bodies, and female bodies, for that matter, each strong, healthy and totally desirable, but this muscular stranger was producing the effect that he had power over her, as if he had picked her out of all the women to be the one most perfect to satisfy him. Veronica did not know what to feel. She wanted him, God knows she wanted him but there was also the matter that she did not know who he was nor anything about him, which involved risk..

Jon would drop the weights back to where they were, the clank echoing above the music and other metallic clanks. He would huff once again, chest rising and falling a bit quicker now as he stretched his arms out, eyes once again returning to the woman he had apparently chosen for his next bit of work out. He kept that charming grin on his face as he made his way over to her slowly, a finger soon moving out to trail across her hip as he came up beside her, his eyes soon locking onto her own, that grin of his having a hint of mischief in it. He let his finger trail away from her hip, letting it slide across her stomach before he rested his hands on his own hips, sweat trickling down those bare, muscled arms of his. That lustful tone would soon ring out to her, and many of the other women were quite filled with disappointment to see him speaking with the woman.

“Mmm…so, you seen something you like yet?”

“I think you’ve got me confused for someone else,” Veronica said, her words deliberately curt. Although her tone was that of annoyance, her eyes, like magnets, locked with his, possessing the same sexual vibe, only she tried hard to fight it, to resist. “I’m very istanbul escort sorry,” she said a minute later when she saw that he was still standing there grinning, “I’m just a bit stressed. I came here to work out to release my tensions”.”

“Aren’t we all? But I’ve got the best solution to help…release…those tensions.” He said with a sensual voice, hand moving back to her hips to now grip it lightly, pulling her body next to his own, that smirk still planted firmly on his lips as he stared down to her, knowing all too well that sexual vibe that lay in her eyes. He was an expert at this, and breaking down her already cracking defense was all too easy for him. “C’mon…I won’t bite you or anything.” He would soon lean in, letting his last words escape as a lustful whisper into her ear, his hot breath teasing the skin on her ear. “Well…unless you want me to, that is…”

“I don’t want you to bite me,” she said, “and all of a sudden it’s too hot in here for me.”

She smiled faintly, nervously. She looked around her, her eyes moving to and fro, as if surveying everyone and ensuring no one was watching them. She felt her legs begin to quiver and her blood begin to race. What should I do, she thought. Never before had such an opportunity arisen. She looked at him squarely in the eye.

“I’m done. If you would be a gentleman and escort me out of here…to my car…maybe we can get some much needed fresh air and talk.”

“Mmm…sounds like a plan, fresh air sounds good…” He whispered into her ear, his body feeling her legs quiver.

Tennis shoes thumped softly on the pavement as he stepped outside, eyes glancing down to her with that sneaky smile of his as he took a deep breath, taking in that cool fresh air.

“So…where to, babe?”

“Where to?” she repeated, as if she was confused or did not understand English. She was pensive for a brief moment. Where to? Toward wherever this powerful yearning, like a fuel, was driving her, toward the first experience she’d ever have with pure carnal abandon in the spur of the moment with a man she had just met. Still, she thought she’d be coy and discreet and not give him the pleasure of thinking she wanted him in the least.

“I think we can chat about my services as a fitness trainer which you must surely interest you. I’m working as a fitness trainer when I’m not auditioning or modeling. I think we could dicuss this in a public place, like – a restaurant. And that would be such a relief because I’m …hungry”.

“Oh I’m pretty sure I don’t need a fitness trainer, I think I’m pretty much set in that department.” No shit he didn’t need a fitness trainer, what with that nearly perfect body of his. Muscles in all the right places, skin tanned so perfectly as well. But he would simply chuckle down to her as his hands returned to her waist and this time he went further, giving there round asscheeks a firm squeeze, enough to lift her off her feet a little bit. Perhaps she hadn’t taken the bait just yet, but then again, if she hadn’t taken the bait, he doubted she would have even followed him out here, let alone let him grope her ass so teasingly. But he made sure his message was clear, and he let that lust filled gaze stare back into her own.

“Could you get your hands off my behind, please” she said, moving aside. “I suppose you are used to getting your way. What is your name by the way? I’m Veronica. Ever seen me in a soap or tv show or magazine?”.

Jon sighed, releasing his hold on her cheeks. He shook his head and ran a hand through his hair once again, scratching the top of his head before his arms dropped to his side for a moment, only to fold loosly over his chest as he listened to her. Who did she think she was? The way she was staring at him, he imagined they would barely make it to the exit without ending up ass naked in one of the locker rooms. He would simply sigh again, eyes closing for a moment.

“I’m Johnny Perez, fitness trainer as well.”

Veronica felt sheepish. He was also a trainer, she should have guessed.

“I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of you either,”she said, “if you assumed I’m supposed to know you as well. That was my first visit to the gym. I’m not a local.of Orange County, and I’m not from California, really. I suppose you’ve declined my proposition to take in a restaurant?”..

.”Uh, no…didn’t expect you to know me. Couldn’t care less if you did or didn’t, actually.”

Okay, now he was getting a bit frustrated, now somewhat regretting that he didn’t take up the hot blonde doing squats. But apparently there was no turning back now, so he kept his arms folded over his chest, weight shifting slightly from one foot to the other as he raised his brow slightly.

“Why in the world would we go to a restaurant?”

Jon didn’t do the whole ‘dinner and romance’ thing, so that confused look on his face was more than enough to give a no as an answer.”

“Oh, I see,” Veronica said, and she felt totally in control. Egomaniac, she thought. Sure, she was the same, but in all fairness, it was up to her whether she avcılar escort went to bed with him or not. She had no idea why she found it exhilarating, titillating and amusing. It was as if their banter and bickering was part of what most would deem to be foreplay. “I see,” she continued, “you’re not used to quality.” There. That was perfect. He couldn’t have missed the sly implication regarding his preferred type of girls.

“Well, I suppose,” he said, “we can always eat at my place. Hope you don’t mind we take my car.”

He pressed the button to unlock his doors, letting her climb in before he followed, cranking the engine, the roar of the engine echoing slightly in the parking lot before he pulled out onto the street. They drove out of Newport Beach, the beach city vanishing behind them and went to another part of the coast, Laguna Beach before he pulled into the driveway in front is his apartment. The engine was cut off, and he hopped out of his car, eyes glancing behind him to make sure she was close behind before he headed up to his door, keys jingling before he unlocked the front door and pushed it open, letting her step inside first. She looked around, her eyes darting here and there in rapid movements, as if expecting some other woman to be there inside. For all she knew he could be married or in a relationship and it would be shameful to be seen entering the house with him. Her eyes took in her eyes took in the maleness of the place – large posters of Harley motorcycles and semi-nude female models. She was of course searching to see if he had a poster or even calendar with her photo, but he did not. His abode was furnished with Playboy bunny signs, leather sofas, dark woods, ash trays. She did not hesitate to sit down on the leather couch and she looked up at him.

“Nice place. Is there …anything I should know about you? Something you need to tell me?” she said to him, trying to suggest, as if in psychic waves, whether he was taking a big risk .

He tapped the door shut with his foot before he followed close behind her, tossing his keys onto the coffee table before he peeled his sweat drenched shirt off his body, letting the cool air hit his brawny chest, sighing softly at the feel of the air. He followed her over to the couch, leaning against the arm of the sofa, arms hanging at his side while he just looked down to her with those dark eyes of his, seemingly always filled with all sorts of naughty thoughts. His shoulders would shrug before he took a seat on the arm, scratching his thigh for a bit.

“Nope…nothing I can think of. Why, something you wanna hear?”

She giggled. “No.” She was quiet and pensive for a moment, basking in the pleasant sunlight that streamed through the Venetian blinds that were not drawn.

“I’d like a drink,” she said to him, “what are your tastes in alcohol?”

“Pretty much whatever you want, I’ve got a full bar.”

He nodded over to the corner behind the couch to the liquor cabinet, stocked to the brim with everything from absinthe to whiskey. He had quite the broad tastes in the matter, and so did all the women he brought home, so he figured it best to just get anything and everything and keep it stocked.

It was not possible, Veronica thought to herself, that he could read her mind. Perhaps he could read her body, and it was a body that was sensual and lithe, already becoming excited over the thought of his hands caressing her, undressing her, his lips over hers in a passionate kiss. Her mind, however, was a whirlwind of emotion. So if she gave in to him, she’d just be another knotch on his belt, another girl in the parade of his conquests. But if she did not, she’d miss out on sex she’d always heard was good- the purely carnal and intense, just for the heck of it. She wanted more than just sex and she figured he probably thought she did want more. She sighed.

“I don’t think I want a drink after all” she said. Perhaps he did not expect her to say that, she thought.

He could indeed read her body, and he was reading that she was aching to be naked on that nice leather couch, letting the material rub against her skin while he pounded into any orifice he chose, perhaps even all of them if he felt he had the energy. But her words were what threw him off. First she wanted this, then she wanted that, so on and so forth. The backtracking was beginning to wear on his mind, so he simply rubbed his chin and nodded to her, shrugging his shoulders lightly to her once again, body situated to get up to the bar, but he let himself relax once she changed her mind.

“Well…alright, no drinks then,” Jon said, grinning.

Their eyes locked again, and once more, the invisible sexual energy, like electricity between two conductors, filled the void. She was now carefully surveying him as if to memorize him, to keep an image of him in her mind. His ethnicity was most certainly Hispanic, for his skin was darkly bronzed and brown. But there was, at the same time, an American “white boy” kinda vibe about him. His hair was long, and jet-black, hair he evidently went to great lengths to maintain, to şirinevler escort the point it was shinier than even her own hair and smooth, very Indian-like, falling over his broad shoulders.

“I have many personal trainers as friends or at least acquaintances around many parts of Southern California,” Veronica said to him, “and I’ve never heard of you. Are you not training anymore?”

“That’s correct,” he said, “I quit some years ago. It was not for me. Some have better luck with it and can live off it in grand style. Not me. I’ve long been a commodities trader, I’m in high finance, recently made a Hedge Fund Manager. You know I make 7 figures. Over a million a year in Fashion Island. I should be able to clear 5 million in the next twelve months.”

Veronica’s eyes fell over a photo of him on a Harley, shirtless, wearing tight faded blue jeans, his eyes shielded from the hot sun in dark sunglasses.

“But you drive a Harley, work out with the rest of us and seduce women like me,” she said.

“We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to,” he said, “but I know…you want to. Don’t you?”

She did not reply, but her legs were quivering again. She got up and paced the floor and then sat down again. Jon was amused.

“I….don’t bother getting me something to eat as planned,” she said, “I’ve lost my appetite”

The silence seemed to make Jon aroused, and she was silent for a good few seconds.

“I am beginning to think it was a mistake coming here,” she said flatly, “I should have continued to work out for at least another fifteen minutes. Time goes by so fast, don’t you find? May I use your bathroom?”

Another shrug would follow as he stood, stretching his body out with a small groan.

“Fine with me.” She must have been crazy to think she was in control here. There was a difference in agitation and her controlling him. But once he heard her speak, he just shrugged again like it was nothing at the moment. Not giving up, but more a reverse psychology. “Yeah, sure…whatever. Bathroom’s down the hall on the right, and don’t break anything.” It sure was easy to be Jon, knowing that if one girl slipped through the cracks, it apparently wasn’t worth it and there was already two more to replace the one, so he wasn’t heartbroken at all by her words. But then again, there was something about her, something he could not quite put his finger on. She carried with her a magic aura, a superior quality of being that other girls in his life did not possess. She was pretty, there was no question. Perhaps even beautiful, provided she could dress up in more alluring wear than sportswear. She was a model, she had said, and he believed her. But she had a veryreal, very down-to-earth and yet distant, mysterious nature that intrigued him. Her hair was blonde, her eyes blue-green, her figure perfect with the right curvature. Her ass was the hottest he’d ever seen. Now, he wanted her, and felt he could possess her, dominate her, for it had been, for a long time, a secret fantasy of his, to wield heavily masculine power over a particularly submissive woman. He wanted her more than he had ever wanted any woman.

After a few minutes, she returned.

“I had to freshen up, I felt a bit dirty. I suddenly felt so dirty,” she said, emphasizing her words. “I.. guess..the exertions of the gym also were part of it. I’m a bit…I tend to…sweat…a lot.”

She sighed, tired. She lay back on the couch, as if she lived in this place she’d only stepped into minutes ago. After a while, she couldn’t stand it. “Listen, Jon. I know what you’re thinking. I really am …well …inexperienced, though not a virgin. I know you must get all the girls and while that’s not ok with me because I don’t especially like to feel like cattle, I want to ask you if you intend to call me again and if you want to continue seeing me?”

He simply watched as she made herself more than comfortable on his couch, brow still raised as he listed to her speak. He smiled down to her and moved in front of her on the couch, hands reaching down to pull her up enough to allow him to press his lips roughly against her own, tongue slipping out of his mouth and into her own, hands gripping her hips to keep her next to his body. Hopefully, that would end her talking and get her back into a wild sensual state, the state he knew she was fully capable of. Veronica produced a cry and tore herself from his kiss. Her breath began to get heavy and her heart beat wildly.

“I – I -you didn’t answer my question, Jon” she managed to say, her hands on his shoulders, pushing against them…

“Uh, yeah, whatever.” He said as he pressed his lips right back against her own, hands moving to grab a hold of her wrists and pin her down on the couch, not wanting her to resist him like that again. He was soon on top of her on the couch, body resting between her legs as his lips worked to get her even more heated, as well as keep her yakking to a minimum. She was battling against herself. Part of her wanted to escape him, to fight him off, but part of him wanted to give in to the tide of overwhelming pleasure her body was feeling. She was responsive, and kissed him in return, though her kisses were lighter and her body began to writhe under him, as if she were caught in something and trying to get out. God did he know how to kiss. Why did they always know how to kiss, the bad boys. She wanted to hate herself for this was giving him too much amusement.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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