Our First Meeting

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It is mid may, late in the afternoon. It is a gloomy day the dark clouds block out the sun, holding back the brightness and hope for the day. All through the day the darkness hung in the air like a wet towel. Rain had just finished, for now, and was preparing for its next downpour. There I am walking along, listening to my music, as I daydream to myself.

I arrive at a small cafe, it is a nice hole-in-a-wall place, great for first meetings. I reach into my pocket and grab my phone and turn my music off. A rather husky gentlemen dressed in a business green polo shirt and khaki pants rushes out the door before I get inside. As I step inside I notice the quiet young woman behind the counter ready to make drinks, smiles and greets me. She has a thin physique, a slender stator, long legs and rather tiny hands.

There are a few people already in the cafe quietly typing on their devices or staring off into space thinking of what they should do next. A young man in a t-shirt and jeans with glasses on is on a laptop tapping away working on his essay.

A middle age couple are talking to eachother about how their lives have changed since he has started going to college again. They are not yelling or even talking loudly, as it seems everything is turning out for the better.

A girl in her 20’s has her smartphone in hand, a cord attached to the bottom of it also attached to the wall. She is wearing a light pink colored button down shirt, with blue-jean shorts.

I walk up to the counter to purchase a drink. “Hi my name is Brittany, welcome to ‘The Coffee Pot.’ How can I help you?” Asks the young lady.

Her awkward smile leaves a confused feeling inside me.

The menu has unusual names for drinks; London fog, New York mist, Arizona sunrise, California sunset. I take a minute making my selection, I select the California sunset. It takes a minute for the young lady to make it, she seems distracted, maybe new to the job.

I lazily watch as she stumbles getting everything together, as I am half watching the door for my date to arrive. The young barista notices my distracted attention and is immediately downhearted.

I see Sarah for the first time as she approaches the small cafe. Her beauty takes me by surprise, even though I was expecting to see her I was still unprepared for the delight that is now before me. I can’t stop ogling her from the other side of the cafe window, as she approaches the front door.

She steps inside.

The beautifully colored, strapless, dress she’s wearing contrasts the dullness of the day, as it hugs the wonderful curves of her body. The dress barely holds her D cup breasts up as she had not put a bra on for her date that day. Her dress is short and looks revealing as it covers her ass. It barely goes down far enough to cover her, as it is barely holding her tits up.

She walks into the cafe, shy and hesitant anadolu yakası escort she stops three steps in. I notice she is nervous and get up and go to her. She stands waiting in anticipation, hands in front of her holding her purse. I approach her, when she sees me a big smile brightens up her face.

I feel the scowl from Brittany behind me, I can feel her eyes burning the back of my head. The feeling is unfamiliar as I do not get this type of attention most of the time.

“Hey Sarah,” I say.

She replies, “hey.”

We hug and kiss, then I lead her to the table I was at and we start a conversation.

“How are you?” I ask.

“I’m good, you?”

Her beautiful complexion draws my attention to her from anywhere else it might be. Her eyes sharp and bashful, her lips full and kissable, her figure short and delightful.

“I’m good,” I reply.

“You have beautiful eyes,” I say.

I lean forward, over the table, to try and get a better look at her eyes, She leans forward too. As we peer closer into each others eyes, I push forward and press my lips onto hers.

Her lips are soft and her kiss is perfect, I don’t want to stop. So I spread my lips apart opening my mouth inserting my tongue into her mouth. She does the same and our tongues meet and dance inside our mouths, inbetween kisses.

We both lean back into our seats and I look around the cafe as one person is watching us. Brittany’s expression is almost one of hatred and great pain mixed in one. Her face lit up in disgust as her eyes fix on Sarah.

We leave the cafe together with my arm around her waist. The set of eyes following us out can only belong to one person, Brittany.

We walk the short distance to where she is parked. As we walk my hand travels from around her waist to the top of her shapely curves. I then find the bottom of her dress and my hand goes under it, and outlines the curves of her body.

A gray SUV passes on the street as we walk past several parked cars I am hesitant we may stop at because they are either damaged greatly, faded or both. We finally approach and beside a dark blue two door car. It would look new if it weren’t for the pollen at the bottom of the body surrounding the car like a halo. My hands leaves her butt as she swings her purse around and starts to search for her keys. My hand goes back on top of her dress, onto her waist.

My hand travels around her body as she turns towards me, looking in her purse. I place my hands on hers and she looks up at me. I look into her eyes, her beautiful blue-green eyes, and smile. She smiles back, shy, happy and hopeful.

Standing at her car, we kiss for a couple minutes and my left hand starts to wander and finds the right side her perfect D cup breasts. I push the top of her dress down as I surround her tit in my grasp. With one hand ataşehir escort moved to her ass, one hand on her breast, and my lips pressed against hers we catch glances from a few passerby’s.

People walking by start to linger around and watch the two of us. Neither one of us notice or care in the slightest, as they start to surround the car, staring at us, watching us.

We stop to catch our breath, and she suggests the back seat of her car. I agree and she opens the door to the car. As she bends over getting into the back seat, her dress rides up showing me her bare ass.

As she attempts to climb into the car her 34 inch hips outlines the door opening. I get a perfect view of her pussy and I grab her hips, stopping her movement. Leaving her pussy in full view, for anyone to see, as I undo my belt and bring my dick out. As she looks back to see what I am doing, I thrust my dick into her making her moan.

As I thrust into her harder and faster, I am then struck with the knowledge that I don’t have any condoms. I suddenly stop and pull out and she swings her head around, whipping her hair across my face.

“Why did you stop? What’s wrong?” She asks.

“I, I don’t have any condoms,” I confess.

“Oh, just fuck me,” she says, “give it to me, cum in me, fill me.”

She says half moaning in passion,

being engrossed with the intense desire of our love making. She sticks her ass out into the air towards me, wanting me to take her.

I thrust my dick into her again, her pussy is soaked. The thought of getting her pregnant is a major turn on for me and I cum in just minutes. As I am cumming, I feel her pussy tighten as her own orgasm rolls over her.

I collapse onto her, her ass makes for an excellent cushion, before noticing people surrounding the car.

She has also collapsed onto the seat, turning her head to the side says, “we should get going.”

“I agree,” I say, eyeing the crowd as they begin to disperse. I pull my still hard dick from her and pull my pants up. I pull Sarah’s dress down to cover her ass before I get out of the car and into the driver seat. Sarah has not moved from her collapsed position, and state of bliss, laid out on the back seat.

I turn to her and say, “Keys.”

From her almost drunken state, she moves only her arm as she grabs her purse and flings it to me. I catch her purse and shuffle through it to find her keys.

Her purse has a maraud of nic-nacs including her wallet, tampons, coins, makeup, her phone, and various other things. I find the keyring and pick the car key out of everything and put it into the ignition to start the car.

I pull the car away and onto the street, I quickly find the highway and we are off. While going down the interstate, she gets up and sticks her head between the two front seats. She lowers her hand to my crotch and ümraniye escort rubs my hard cock.

“Mmm, someone is still ready to go.” she comments while stocking me.

“I’ve never been a one hit wonder”

“Take the next exit, please. I want to get into the front seat.”

“Sure thing, babe.”

She giggles at me calling her ‘babe’ and settles into the back seat again.

I take the next exit and pull into the nearest gas station. She pops out of the car just before I do.

“Is there a problem?” She asks.

“The car needs gas.”

My statement is very plain and to the point, she doesn’t know how to react. She circles the car before getting into the passenger side in the front. I pump the gas and grab the receipt from the machine.

Getting back onto the highway is always more complicated than getting off of it. But after a moment we are off again.

“I wanted to wait until we were back on the highway.”

“Wait for what?” I ask.

“This,” she says as her hand finds my hard cock again, and releases it from my pants.

“And this,” she bends over taking my dick into her mouth.

She has great talent sucking my dick, I have to stop myself from cumming several times. Her mouth feels just as good as having my cock in her pussy.

She goes slowly at first and when she realizes it slows down again. Taking too much of my attention off the road would not be good.

After almost half an hour I exit the highway again. She pulls her mouth from my dick and replaces it in my pants. Three minutes later I am driving up to a small house that is part of a row of houses that are almost identical and I park the car.

All the lawns are uniformly cut and all the walkways are dressed the same with bushes and stones. If it weren’t for the addresses being both on the curb and the houses themselves, it would be impossible to find the right one.

With the keys in my hand we walk up to the house together and I unlock the door. She enters first and I am right behind her. After we get in I lock the bottom lock and close the door behind me. I then grab her by the waist with one hand and unzip her dress with the other.

As we approach her couch I open the back of her dress before pulling it off of her. Naked and hesitant, she stands there not know what to do next. I bend her over the back of the couch before pulling my dick from my pants. I slap my dick across her ass and against her pussy, causing her to moan and offer more of herself to me.

Teasing her as stop and walk around the couch to sit down. I take my pants off before sitting letting her know that I am not done with her yet.

She quickly follows me and kneels down at my feet between my legs, ready to take me into her mouth once again. But I pull her up by her arms, back to her feet. She stands there for a moment with a confused look on her face, until I pull my shirt off.

She then comes to me, sitting on my lap, grabbing my dick and guiding it into her pussy. We take our time as the thrill of being watched and/or getting caught is not heightening our senses. I fondle her breasts as she slowly rides my dick.

We kiss intimately as we realize: we belong together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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