Our New Neighbors Ch. 8

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Kitty wanted Teri to feel loved and desired so she held her close to let Teri know that if she behaved, she would get much love from Kitty in return. I have come to realize that Kitty has an understanding of human nature as well as what their needs are. Teri was evidently bitter because she wasn’t shown love, as well as supervision. It appeared that Teri thought that the world was against her and that she would behave in a manner to let them know that they (world) could go fuck themselves.

“Hi ladies, I’m back and guess what, Teri decided to come back and join us. I guess that she was a little tired, but now feels a lot better. So where were we?”

Kim spoke up and answered Kitty’s question. “aunt Kitty, we just continued to talk about, you know, masturbation. I didn’t want to lie to them and told them what you said about me and Nicole was true, that we do get strong sexual urges and that you taught us how to masturbate to receive the most sexual gratification.” Kim was now, much to her pleasure I believe, just one of the girls and was able to cope with life and not worry about any daily responsibilities, in fact, I think she just liked being like a sister to Nicole rather than a mother. She has now become aware of the fact that Kitty has taken over the responsibilities of taken care of her and Nicole as long as her husband Don is gone. Kitty would tell her and Nicole what to do as well as what not to do.

“Very good Kim, I’m proud of you. I have taught Kim and Nicole to be very honest about their sexuality.” Kitty said, “Also, that many ladies/ girls that I know deny the fact that they masturbate. Would they deny that they pee? Of course not, it’s a basic function. When we are born we become sexual beings. From the time that a baby is born it has sexual awareness, even though they don’t know why it feels good to touch themselves in the area of their genitals. So now ladies, the question is not if you do masturbate, the question is how often and how?”

“Nicole spoke up and said, “Aunt Kitty, I never told anyone this, but I’ve used candles, hair brush handles and any object that I could find that looked like my Dad’s penis, or should I say cock. I would spy on him and my real mom having sex, as well as when he had sex with Kim, who is now my real mom. It would get me very aroused after watching them moan and hearing them say that they wanted more and more, especially Kim, she just wanted his cock all the time. After watching them, I just had to masturbate or I’d get real frustrated.” Hearing Nicole her step daughter, say this had turned Kim’s face as red as a beet from embarrasment.

“Well ladies, you heard Nicole tell us the truth about her sexuality, who wants to be the next one?” Kitty continued, “I started to masturbate when I was eleven and I don’t think that a day goes by that I don’t get myself off at least a few times. It doesn’t bother me even if my brother is in the room and watching me, in fact it gets me hotter knowing someone is watching me.”

Teri was sitting right next to Kitty and just fidgeting with her hair and looking at Kitty, mentally bonding with her, when Kitty turned to her and asked, “what about you, sweet heart, how often do you masturbate and do you feel ashamed that you do?”

Teri looked at Kitty and stammered in an attempt to cover up her denial, but knowing that Kitty is really interested in her as well as knowing that Kitty caught her masturbating. . After a few seconds of everyone looking at her to see what her response would be, thinking that it would be some sarcastic comment, Teri said, “you know, like sometimes, but not all the time. I feel ashamed when I do it and feel like I’m not worth anything, you know. But I do get the urge a lot.”

Kitty grabbed Teri and gave her a big hug and stroked Teri’s hair and said, “Teri, I’m proud of you for being so honest. First of all, there is nothing to be ashamed of, jut say to yourself, everyone masturbates, I don’t care how old you are or who you are. Do you know that in the archives that they have found crude dildos that nuns used to masturbate. If you’re human, you masturbate unless you’re a very sickly person. What do you think that a wife does when her lover is off to war or is too sick to have sex, she masturbates. So never feel guilty about doing it. I know a woman that is in her late eighties and still masturbates every day, and she is as healthy as any of us, almost. When I vacationed every summer, at a relatives ranch, I saw stud horses swing their long cocks against the side of their stalls to get relief. Remember, humans and most animals masturbate. I’ve gone to the zoo as a youngster just to watch the monkeys masturbate. Have I made my point ladies? Again, it is nothing to be ashamed of.”

Tina and Julie were just sitting there, very quietly, I guess that if they didn’t say anything that no one would be the wiser. It looked like Kitty wasn’t about to make an issue out of it and then told everyone that before they go casino oyna back into the house, she would like them to all come over to her Jacuzzi and get completely relaxed before they go in for the evening.

“Follow me ladies,” as Kitty lead the way to our back yard. It was unbelievable, Teri wouldn’t leave Kitty’s side as they went to the Jacuzzi. The girls all commented on the size of our Jacuzzi, and then Kitty made an announcement.

“Ladies, please take off your suits here and get under this warm shower before you get into the Jacuzzi.” Nicole and Kim immediately took theirs off, Kitty was next, immediately after she saw Teri taking hers off. Then Kitty looked at Julie and Tina and said, “girls, this isn’t an option, take off your suits.” Again, Kitty’s voice of authority, had Tina and Julie hurriedly stripping and getting under the shower and into the Jacuzzi.

Kitty and I had a signal set up, she would put her hand on her head when she wanted me to turn on the high pressure pulsating jets, and do the same thing when she wanted me to turn them off.

Teri was the first to notice, and then Tina and Julie, they noticed that Kitty, Kim and Nicole were all hairless around their pussy. Kitty picked up on their glances to her, as well as to Kim and Nicole’s pubic area and smiled. “What do you think girls, doesn’t it look neat the way we shave our cunt hair. It feels a lot better when you’re being eaten, right Kim, Nicole?”

Kim and Nicole both agreed and Nicole said, “oh god yeah, I mean like it feels great to masturbate, it’s soo smooth, or to eat someone’s pussy as well as to be eaten, I mean like it’s real cool. We didn’t know any better until aunt Kitty shaved us and now, if aunt Kitty doesn’t have the time, mom and I will shave each other.” Teri, Tina and Julie were in awe of Nicole’s admission. Let’s face it, how many mothers and daughters shave one another.

They were all settled in the Jacuzzi and things were back to normal. They were all relaxed as they quietly talked. Kitty raised her hand to her head slightly and I immediately turned on the power pulsating jets, I could see the sudden change of expression on all of their faces. Sandy looked at me and asked what happened and I told her. She quickly said that she wanted to join them and have some fun. I cum once and suddenly I’m no more fun, bullshit, I’m going to bring her Kitty’s sybian machine, that will take care of her insatiable ass. The sybian machine is something that women straddle like a pony. It has many attachments and can give women enough sexual gratification to last them for a long time. Sandy sat on it once I set it up and I gave her the controls. If her man had any brains, he would have invested in one of these a long time ago and Sandy wouldn’t be out looking for sex. But only to a point, it doesn’t replace a worm, loving body.

I was keeping an eye out for Kitty’s signal for me to stop the jets. I, as well as Kitty, could easily see that the pulsating jets were taking its toll on the girls. Kitty leaned over and said to Teri, “you can cum now, sweetheart, if you feel like it.” Teri grabbed Kitty’s arm and then I saw Teri’s body shudder. Then Kitty put up her hand and I turned off the special jets. Evidently Kitty let Teri cum as a reward for being obedient. Kitty had now made another loyal and obedient slut slave from a girl that was, not too long ago, a sarcastic bitch. Teri would now do anything Kitty asked of her.

The other girls hadn’t yet reached the point that Teri had, (from Teri’s previous attempt to cum,) but the others weren’t as lucky and they all made little mewing sounds of disappointment. Then Julie spoke up and said, very coyly, “gee, those jets really felt good, they were very relaxing, I wonder why they stopped working.” Real relaxing? C’mon Julie, I thought to myself, you were about to cum.

Kitty did it about three times, (have me stop the pulsating jets and then start them,) and I could see the anxiety in the girls, more so in Julie and Tina. Teri, for the time being, was just relaxing from her orgasm, but I knew that very soon, she would be ready for another one. Kitty said to the girls, “I’m sorry ladies, but it seems as though there is something wrong with our power jets so lets get out and go over to the house.” As the girls started to pick up their bikini’s, Kitty said, just leave them where they are, I’ll take care of them later. Besides, when we get into the house, we’ll all stay naked, we’re all girls so let’s just relax without any clothes. Kim andNicole always stay naked in their home, even when my brother, Bob, comes over.”

Going to the house, Kim came up to Kitty and said, “Kitty, I’m getting real horny, do you think that I can cum soon. In fact I know that Nicole is feeling the same way, so maybe I can take her to my bedroom while you talk to the girls. I know that it won’t take us long. We can get into the sixty-nine.” and Kim giggled as she said this, like a little girl that said something canlı casino naughty.

They all went into the house when Julie spoke up and said that she was a little uncomfortable sitting around in the nude with other people around. Again Kitty spoke to Julie in a rather firm tone, “Julie, are you ashamed of your body.” Kitty got up and stood in front of Julie, told Julie to stand next her, Julie was getting the message that what Kitty asks, you do. Then Kitty asked the others, “ladies, do you think that Julie has an ugly body? Look at her nice perky tits with beautiful nipples, as well as a beautiful ass. Julie, I can find only one thing about the way you look and that I don’t care for. Please sit down and don’t try to be a prude.” Kitty rubbed Julie’s nipples when she was telling the other girls and they responded almost immediately, Kitty has that touch. I know that Julie had to be wondering what Kitty found wrong about how she looked but Kitty just let her wonder about it.

Kitty saw Kim waiting for permission to go to her room and have sex with Nicole, but Kitty wasn’t quite ready. Then Kitty said, as they all sat in the family room in front of the TV, “Teri said she saw the beginning of a pretty hot video and I think we should all watch it and see if it’s worth watching. “Teri, would you turn it on for us, sweetheart.” Teri beamed as she got up quickly and started the tape.

It was now, just Tina and Julie that Kitty had to break. These two were warm and friendly but they did seem to resist Kitty’s domineering ways. One thing I knew about Kitty, she knew how to change a females thinking about sex, in a hurry, as well as turning them into submissive sex sluts.

The video came on where Teri had quickly stopped it and ran to the bathroom to masturbate. The sales lady was sucking on the mothers breasts that were over-flowing with her milk. The mothers protests were ignored by the sales woman and she kept sucking away. The poor mother was beyond help. She was sexually frustrated prior to the intrusion by the sales lady, but this, (the sales lady sucking on her sensitive nipples,) was driving the poor mother into a state of sexual desperation so that her body would no longer allow her to protest, even if she wanted to protest, she couldn’t.

The sales lady stood up and quickly stripped off her clothing, while the mother just stared at her as her mind was now completely being controlled by her over stimulated libido. The sales lady put on the panties and bra and modeled it for the now, very frustrated mother. Then she walked around the room and pointed out the fact that the panties were sexy as well as crotch-less and that if hubby got horny looking at her, he wouldn’t even have to rip off her panties to give her a quick fuck. The mother just stared and sighed. Now the sales lady put on the sexy bra and told the mother that the reason that this model is so appealing to men is, if you have a blouse or a dress on, the nipple is always very prominent and men go crazy when the see a woman with her nipple protruding.

I could now see all of the girls squirming around as they sat and watched this erotic lesbian porno. Kim was sitting next to Nicole and she was almost a basket case, she was having trouble keeping her hands off of her body or touching Nicole. I had two cameras in that area, one behind them looking at the TV, and one in front of them, so when I zoomed in my camera in front of them, I noticed that those that weren’t covering their crotches, were glistening with their pre-cum juices. All of their nipples looked like they were in a state of arousal. Then I went back and concentrated on the movie. I did however, split the screen so I could pick up the action on the screen as well as the girls.

The sales lady said that she wanted the mother to just try the panties on, but the mother in her state, told the sales lady that she would take them, just to get the sales lady out the door so she could get herself off. The sales lady took the panties she had on and told the mother that she insisted that she try on the panties. In frustration, the mother and told her all right, but that she had chores to take care of before the baby woke up so she told the sales to please be quick.

The sales lady took off the panties and told the mother to lift her butt up so she could push the panties all the way up. The sales lady looked at the woman’s pussy and then looked up to the mother’s face. Then she pulled the panties back down and the mother asked her what was wrong. The sales lady told her that she was all wet down there and had to clean it up before she could put the panties on her. Before the mother could say another word, the sales girl had her head buried in the mother’s crotch and was licking away.

The mother acted as if she had been struck by a bolt of lightning, her butt came up from the couch and she was now thrusting her soaking cunt into the face of the sales lady and just screaming as she was humping kaçak casino away. It took less than a couple of minutes to cum as she thrashed around uncontrollably. Other than her fingers, it looked as if the mother hadn’t had anyone touch her pussy for a very long time, other than the O.B. that delivered her baby.

The girls all stared as if in a trance, but one thing I was sure of, these girls all had dripping nectar leaking out of their inflamed cunts.Then Kitty said, “why don’t we take a little break and just talk a little to get to know one another just a little better. Does anyone have any objections, or should we just keep watching the movie?”

Then Julie meekly spoke out, already she was cautious of how she spoke to Kitty, “well, why don’t we just watch this movie and be done with it before we do anything else. Another thing Kitty, I think that with the lights on, it’s hard to see the movie, there seems to be some kind of a glare and I have to squint to see it.”

Then Kitty asked if the others thought that they should continue and the three guests were all in favor of continuing. Knowing Kitty as well as I do, the suggestion of them stopping the movie was only a ploy to see which, if any, of these girls were turned off and which of them had lesbian tendencies. She new that Teri certainly was a good subject, in fact as the movie was going, Teri sitting next to Kitty, was using almost any reason that she could think of to rub her breast against Kitty’s arm. At this point, I realized that Teri was Kitty’s for the asking, Teri was in love with Kitty, for sure. Tina and Julie were moving their sweet butts around like a couple of girls that had to pee, and of course, Kim and Nicole were hardly hiding the fact that they were touching one another in a very explicit, sexual way, but they were unaware that they were or that the others were watching them.

Kitty had Nicole turn off the lights and now the room was in total darkness with the exception of the light from the TV. My low light cameras showed them up, just as if they had the lights on, so turning off the lights didn’t phase the quality of my picture, as well as recording, at all.

The lights were no sooner off and the video on, when I could make out, very clearly, every movement that the girls were making. Kitty, pretending to be deeply involved in the movie was looking around to see who was doing what, not moving her head too much, but just making side glances. Now, with the lights out, none of them were sitting timidly, especially Julie and Tina that were making sure that their crotches were covered by their hands before, were now sitting next to one another with their hands not covering their pussy, but with legs spread wide, and they had their hands on each others cunt and massaging one another’s clits.

Kitty was taking this all in, unbeknown to the others that were completely concentrating on the movie. She saw Kim and Nicole playing with each as they were watching the movie. Then I saw Kitty take Teri’s hand and put it on Kitty’s cunt as she gave Teri a little kiss, then started to play with Teri’s breast, rubbing and twisting Teri’s nipples between her thumb and forefinger. This was most definitely turning into a lesbian orgy. ***************************8 The movie ended with the mother and sales lady, eating each other out and between the two women, they must of had at least a dozen orgasms. The sales lady not only sold the mother a hundred dollars of lingerie, but also sold her a couple of dildos and a vibrator. As the sales lady was leaving, the mother asked when she would be in the neighborhood next. The sales lady said that she could come over as often as the mother wanted to see her and willing to buy a hundred dollars worth of merchandise. The mother responded by telling the sales lady, “would next week about this time work for you?” The sales lady nodded with a big grin and said, “I’ll see you next week, bye.”

About ten minutes before the movie had ended, Julie asked if Kitty could turn up the volume, because she was having a hard time hearing the movie. Kitty agreed to Julie’s request and as soon as she increased the volume, knowing very well that Julie and Tina didn’t want to be heard as they made sounds of sexual pleasure as they came. Kitty turned to Teri and whispered in her ear, “honey, look at Julie and Tina, but don’t be obvious, don’t they look sexy?” Of course, at this point, Teri was pretty much on the way to a good climax herself, but Kitty had other plans. She pulled Teri’s hand away from her wet pussy and told Teri to be just a little more patient and then Kitty would let her have as many cums as she would like.

When the lights came back on, Julie and Tina were sitting as they had just before Kitty had the lights turned off. Side by side, looking sweet and innocent. Kitty looked at the girls and asked, “well ladies, what did you think of this sexy movie?” Kitty then looked over at Kim and Nicole and they thought it was great but wished it was just a little longer. Kitty could see the frustration on their faces. Then she turned to Julie and Tina asked, “so what did you girls think of it? I know Teri was getting all wet so I knew she liked it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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