Out of the Dark

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The darkness parted for a moment and the pain flooded in, a pain, which reminded Mia of a memory, a memory of the pain that had started the darkness. Only this pain wasn’t in her shoulders, back, and chest. It was lower, between her legs and in her lower abdomen. She gasped loudly as another jolt ran through her body.

She felt a cool rag on her forehead and there was a buzz of voices that made no sense. Only the pain kept her focused and kept her from dropping back into the warm velvety darkness. Her body was in an awkward position; she was on her back with her knees high, and spreads wide. It was such an odd position for riding a motorcycle.

Her beautiful red motorcycle, the speed, the power, the vibration, and sound as she revved it up through the gears. The flow as it rolled through the curves, the exhilaration as it accelerated on exit. Her control was always precise, always on the ragged edge, always….

Another jolt of pain brought a picture of a truck pulling out of a side road, a truck that was getting too large to fast. Her feet and hands worked to downshift and to brake, to slow the bike as quickly as possible on the curve. She remembered the back wheel slipping and remembered over correcting.

The dark crept in to soothe and comfort her. Pain drove it back. A familiar voice was calling her name. Why was this pain drawing her out of the darkness when the other pain had forced her into it? This pain was tied to the cycle of life and not her precious motorcycle.

Mia’s eyes focused on the cool cloth bathing her face and the slender fingers with ruby red nails holding it. The red was the same color she had had her motorcycle painted. Those red fingernails had spent hours airbrushing the eagles on both sides of the fairing, her beautiful eagle in flight. Her….

Who had called her that? Mia’s eyes were following the arm as the next shot of pain hit. This one was worse than all the others combined. Mia tried to sit up or rather ball up around the pain. From between her feet she heard someone say, “Breath deeply but don’t push yet.”

Push casino oyna what, Mia wondered. A baby, her mind supplied. That made no sense at all; lesbians didn’t have babies. Well, they did but….

“Hang in there, baby, it’ll all be over soon,” the familiar voice by her head whispered.

Lisa! Lisa was here. Mia’s eyes flew open and she looked in the direction the voice had come from. Lisa’s big blue eyes and short spiky hair filled her vision. Mia’s heart beat faster and she took a deep sharp breath. Lisa, the love of her life was here. Mia tried to smile but the next contraction hit her hard. She shut her eyes and groaned loudly.

“She’s awake!” Lisa shouted loudly.

“How do you know that?” someone on Mia’s other side asked.

“She opened her eyes, looked at me, and smiled or tried to smile before the pain set in.”

“Keep talking to her.”

Mia was aware of all this on some level but a vision of someone on top of her in a dimly lit room was holding her attention. Her panties were around one ankle, the hospital gown was up around her neck, and the man was grunting and breathing fast as his hips banged solidly against her own. She could feel him moving inside her and a sharp burning sensation.

The contraction released her tense body for a moment and she screamed as the realization that a man was raping her flashed through her mind. Lisa was talking to her and the other voice was asking about the pain but Mia was lost in the dark again. It crashed over her with soothing oblivion.

Suddenly there was a maddening tickling scrap along the bottom of her left foot, followed by the same on her right foot. Mia yelled for whoever was tickling her foot to stop. She opened her eyes to see Lisa running her nails up and down the bottom of her left foot. Before she could yell again, another contraction hit.

Mia tried to double up but someone was holding her shoulders, only allowing her to rise so much and whispering, “Push, push hard. It’s time for the baby. You have to push.”

Lisa was back at her side, her face filled Mia’s canlı casino vision. “Come on, do as they say, there’s a beautiful baby girl waiting on you. Push, push hard.”

“No!” Mia yelled but she felt her stomach muscles tightening along with her hips and thighs. She did what came naturally and pushed. She felt a strange movement in her pelvic area and yelled as the pain rose to new heights. Her muscles tightened to what felt like the breaking point.

Then her body relaxed. The pain was still there but she did not seem to be controlling her body, it was as if it knew what to do and rested a moment. She knew it would push again and much harder the next time. The pain rose and her body tightened up. Her muscles were quivering and her body was shaking from the effort.

A scream tore from Mia’s throat and she added her waning energy to the push. Again, there was movement in her lower body and she opened her mouth to scream again. Suddenly the pressure and pain ended and she took a deep gasping gulp of air. She felt empty both mentally and physically.

There was a wail from a baby but it was fading fast. The darkness moved in and caressed her. Only this time, it was sleep and not the coma she had been in.


Mia woke slowly but kept her eyes closed as she tried to piece together the weird dream she’d been having. It was now a jumbled mess of motorcycles, darkness, babies, wrecks, and rape. That last word jerked her eyes open and she looked around for Lisa. The hospital room was empty.

She fumbled around on the bed looking for a button or something to call someone. Suddenly, she did not want to be alone in the dimly lit room. There was a flare of light as the door opened and Lisa walked in. Mia let out a sobbing breathe that she had not realized she was holding in.

Lisa hurried over to the bed and sat on the side as Mia sat up and hugged her with all her strength. Lisa made a soft grunting sound at the power of the hug and stroked her girlfriend’s back and hair. “You’re safe. You’re safe,” she chanted as she did.

Mia burst into tears kaçak casino and hung onto Lisa for dear life. After a long while, her sobbing was down to a soft whimpering. Lisa caressed her hair and kissed it as she let the pain and fear run it’s course.

Finally, Mia whispered, “I love you.”

“I love you,” Lisa whispered but kept on stroking Mia’s hair.

“I… I… I….” Mia stammered and then groaned. “I was in this dark safe place.”

“A coma,” Lisa said softly.

“I… I wrecked my motorcycle.”

“Yes, you did but I have it in the garage at home.”

Mia shivered. “I nearly lost you because of it.”

“No, someone’s stupidity caused the wreck.”

Then Mia gave a jerk and pulled back. “The baby?”

Lisa smiled and took Mia’s face in her hands. She kissed her softly and then grinned. “A beautiful healthy baby girl who looks just like you.”

Mia sniffled and then smiled shyly for the first time. “You were supposed to have the babies.”

Lisa chuckled. “That’s the way we had it planned.”

Then Mia’s face clouded up and she looked scared and mad at the same time. “I was raped,” she whispered.

“Yes, you were and they are looking for the people responsible. If you remember anything, we need to know. It will help believe me.”

Mia whimpered and shut her eyes. She shook her head hard. “I don’t want to remember.”

“I understand,” Lisa whispered and pulled Mia into her arms. “All that matters at the moment is you’re back.”

Mia shivered. “How long was I gone?”

“Almost a year.”

Mia gasped and then groaned. “A year?”

Lisa nodded and Mia hugged her hard. “I’m sorry,” Mia whispered a moment later. “I didn’t mean to be gone.”

“I know dearest, I know.”

Mia pulled back suddenly. “The baby, can I see the baby?”

Lisa smiled and nodded.


Three days later, the young family went home together for the first time in a year. Things would never be the same. Now there were three of them. Mia spent the next year in physical therapy to recover her strength. The motorcycle was fixed and sold.

The newest member may have come from an evil act but she was a pure joy for both the young women.

Life was not the same, it was better in so many ways.

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