Overseer of the Harem Ch. 05

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Bagoas and his body servant and protege Hamid, as told in the previous chapter, accompanied their master Governor Glaoui of Ouarzazate to Casablanca. Bagoas was a powerful person, the Overseer of the Governor’s harem, and he and his servant had made the journey because the Governor intended to display his wealth and position by adding to his harem. They had received lodging in the eunuch quarters of the Palace of a friend of the Governor, and been entertained by their host Magari, Overseer of this harem, with a visit to his slave girls. The harem included a girl who intrigued Bagoas, a pale skinned red headed girl that Magari said came from a northern country named Ire-land, and had been captured and sold into slavery by Barbary pirates. Magari described to Bagoas the narrow alley where the pirates sometimes took their captives in the slave market.

The next day Bagoas was up early, and obtained permission from his master to visit the market and find a few girls that might suit their harem. Calling to Hamid, the Overseer strode out of their guest quarters and soon found the busy slave market. They passed quickly through many stalls offering men servants, women for house and kitchen work, and a long lane offering fine eunuchs of every description. Recognizing Bagoas as one of them they called out, begging to be bought into a fine household, but Bagoas ignored them and whispered to Hamid to do the same.

They came to the market for harem girls. It swirled with noise, dust, and colors of the hangings of the stalls and the scant clothes worn by the girls. Here also Bagoas was recognized as a powerful eunuch, who probably could influence his master. Hence each stall tried to attract his attention, bringing out their prettiest girls. Bagoas stopped at a stall offering black skinned Abyssinian girls, and the seller directed his three prettiest girls to open their robes for Bagoas. He nodded politely, and scrutinized the girls displaying round black breasts tipped with darker nipples, and dark curled hair on their pubic mound over their dark pussy lips. A group of idle young men gathered around, for they habituated the market just to enjoy these free shows. The seller was disappointed when Bagoas moved on. He stopped briefly at stalls displaying Berber girls, and also the Egyptian girls, from the lighter girls of the delta to the darker Nubian girls from the southern reaches of the Nile. Each of them displayed their naked charms, but neither Bagoas nor Hamid appreciated them in any way except professionally.

Soon they came to an open space where a musician played on a flute and another on a drum, and several merchants had their dancing girls performing. They were all dancing totally nude, and the hangers-on were enjoying the show. Seeing Bagoas, several of the merchants rushed him to a place in the front and began extolling their girls. One pointed to a Berber girl who was belly dancing. Her large pointed tits swayed as she danced, and her belly, rounded as the Moors preferred, rotated swiftly, her hips following. Her dark pussy hair flashed, and as she bent over backwards and thrust her belly upward the lips of her pussy spread a bit to show the pink inside.

Another merchant pointed to a Spanish girl, with long black hair, who had a thin gauzy scarf as her only adornment. She pulled the scarf under her tits and pushed them up and together, then let them fall as she turned her back and pulled the scarf across her butt as she shook it. Then turning again she brought the cloth between her legs and rubbed it back and forth over her shaved pussy then pulled it up to show that her lips had swollen and her pussy dripped from the rubbing.

Bagoas motioned to Hamid, who was watching the show with fascination, although not reacting in his crotch like the idle men enjoying it. They moved on in the direction Magari had told them to take. They found a narrow alley, and two armed men of evil appearance lounged at the entrance. Seeing a powerful eunuch such as Bagoas, they stepped back to let him enter and even gave a slight bow as he did. As Hamid passed they glared at him, but since he was following Bagoas he passed them by.

Inside the alley, there were many girls, most of them chained. Hamid saw a string of naked Spanish girls, each with a leather collar around their neck and chains connecting the collars. He noted with interest that although they all had black hair and flashing black eyes, and dark black hair on their unshaven pussies, each of them displayed a different set of tits. This variety fascinated him. A bit further on a group of Abyssinian were confined by neck stocks, their arms held up so their dark boobs showed to advantage, and their legs spread by wooden ankle stocks so their dark slits covered with black hair were easily seen. A bit further on, a tall beautiful Nubian girl was chained by her wrists and ankles in a spread eagle position. She writhed against her bonds as Bagoas watched. Her boobs moved istanbul escort up and down with her panting chest, and her exposed cunt, covered with dark hair, twisted with her hips as she struggled. Seeing Bagoas watching her, the merchant approached and said, “A girl full of fire, master. With proper discipline she will learn her place. An experienced overseer such as yourself will know how to train her.”

Bagoas said, “Unchain her, I want to examine her back.”

The merchant removed the chains on one wrist and one ankle from their hooks, so the girl, while still chained, could be jerked around to show her back. As Bagoas suspected, her back, her ass, and the backs of her legs all showed the marks of a recent whipping. Bagoas turned away, and the merchant’s assistants grabbed the girl’s wrist and ankles to fasten her chains again. The girl fought against them until the merchant wielded his whip on her ass several times, causing her to scream and cry. The assistants pulled the chains even tighter than they had been, straining her leg so far out that her pussy was pulled open by the stretch, showing the pink inside the dark lips. Bagoas walked quickly away from the scene. He said to Hamid, “Such treatment is not needed. There are other ways to break the will of a fiery girl. Fortunately our Governor is not one who enjoys seeing his harem girls thus treated.”

They walked the length of the alley, surveying numerous girls displayed totally nude, posing in various more or less attractive postures. Hamid had never seen so many kinds and shapes of boobs. There were round ones, pointed ones, tits so large they sagged, tiny round tits with pretty little nipples, boobs that pointed out and up and in, all wiggling or bouncing in his head. There were butts also, large ones, tight ones, round ones, butts swaying, butts clenched, butts pulled open to show the inner hole. Pussies also amazed his sight. He saw shaved pussies, pussies covered in dark hair, pussies with hair trimmed into camel’s paths, triangles, and rounded mounds. They were large, small, tight, open, and of all colors. Dark lips, brown lips, light colored lips, but when they were spread open they were all pink inside. He felt that his education as a harem eunuch was advancing by leaps and bounds.

Not finding what he was looking for, Bagoas drew one of the idling men to the side. Hamid saw coins clink, and the man pointed to a staircase not far away. Bagoas nodded to Hamid and they climbed the stairs. There were again evil looking guards whetting their daggers at the door, but seeing Bagoas they also discerned that here was a eunuch of power, probably a Harem Master, and hastened to move aside so he and his body servant could enter.

There was a slightly raised platform at the end of the room, and reclining on pillows Bagoas finally saw what he sought. Four of the light skinned Northern girls, dressed in diaphanous fabrics that hid none of their charms, were on display. Bagoas strode up to the platform, and a couple of obsequious merchants rushed to his side. He beheld girls such as he had never seen before. All of them had skin much lighter than he was used to seeing even on Egyptian Delta slaves.

The merchant motioned one to come forward. She glided up from the pillows and gracefully dropped her robe so she stood totally naked. Her white skin contrasted strongly with her dark hair, long black eyelashes, and flashing black eyes. She had tits that were not large, but attractively shaped and topped with a large dark pink areola and a pointed nipple. Her stomach was acceptably rounded and below it her pubic mound swelled, covered with black hair that matched that on her head. Below it the lips of her pussy contrasted in their light color. At a gesture from the merchant she obediently spread her legs so Bagoas could examine it. The merchant said, “She was captured aboard a ship from the land next to Spain, called France, my lord.”

Bagoas nodded, and the merchant motioned the second girl forward. As she stood before him nude, Bagoas saw that her skin was even lighter than the first. Her hair was the color of autumn wheat, and her eyes were light brown. She was of that plump sort of figure that many men adored. Her large round breasts sagged just slightly, and the rosy areolas and large nipples would have men anxious to get their hands on them, Bagoas knew. Her rotund belly would suit the Moorish tastes. Bagoas visualized her trained as a belly dancer with that asset. The merchant motioned for her to turn around, and Bagoas beheld a truly magnificent ass that would hold and caress a man’s cock in its depths. She bent over and displayed a pink pussy with large lips, and faintly covered with light hair. The merchant said, “The German merchants like to take their servant girls on their vessels. This one was taken from a rich prize ship along with much gold.”

The third girl then came forward and dropped avcılar escort her gown. Bagoas was stunned to see a girl of a kind he had never seen before. She was tall and statuesque, overtopping many of the men in the room. Her hair was almost white, and she had stunning eyes which flashed blue. Her breasts were things for a man to adore, large, round, and white, with pink nipples which pointed skyward. Her belly was slightly rounded, and below it her pubic mound swelled and displayed only the lightest fuzz of hair which matched the color of that on her head. The merchant tapped her thighs and she spread her legs, showing pussy lips of the same white skin, tightly closed so the interior of her cunt did not show. Bagoas nodded his head slowly in appreciation. “The countries of the far north produce these white girls,” said the merchant, “and sometimes the pirates raid into their territory.”

Then the fourth girl stood up. Bagoas recognized her as being of the same blood from Ire-land as the girl he had seen in Magari’s harem. His interest was immediately aroused. This small girl, seeing them watching her, made a strange gesture with her hand, touching first her forehead, then her stomach, and then each shoulder in turn. She tried to wrap her covering cloth around herself. Snarling, “She has just arrived. I will teach her,” the merchant grabbed the cloth and ripped it from her. She gave a little gasp, and tried to cover her breasts with one arm and her crotch with the other. Two of the dirty men in the room grabbed her arms, and spread them out while putting a knee in her back to force her forward. In this position she was fully displayed. As she struggled, Bagoas saw that she had the red hair he was looking for, but cut short. Her eyes were blue and her cheeks were rosy but her skin was otherwise very pale. Held as she was, her small round tits protruded forward and their pink nipples stood out. She was thin and had a very small waist and a flat belly. Bagoas examined her pubic mound with care. Thin wisps of red hair curled around on it, partly concealing and partly revealing its white skin. Below it, the skin of her thighs was also a milky white, and the pale pink lips of her pussy contrasted a bit.

Bagoas said, “I would examine her.”

The merchant bowed and said, “Of course, my Lord. Allah the beneficent, the generous, has given us this girl of wonder and may Allah will that she please your master.” Bagoas had long ago ceased to believe that Allah had anything to do with the slave trade, but he simply nodded.

The merchant brought a pot of scented lotion and Bagoas perfumed both his hands with it. He approached the girl, who regarded him with fearful eyes. “Release her,” he said to the pirates holding her arms. The girl faced him boldly, but fear still showed in her eyes. Bagoas said, “I will not harm you, girl. You must learn your fate and submit to it,” but saw that she understood little Arabic. First he opened her mouth and looked at her teeth, then carefully examined both eyes. Gently, he touched her small breasts. She recoiled slightly but he persisted, rolling his hands over the tits and then gently stroking the small rosy nipples. He then ran his hand down and felt the muscles of her stomach, then reached out toward her waist. She shrank back, but Bagoas was wise in the ways of girls new to slavery. Insistently he used his hands to turn her around.

Her little ass was white and rounded. The cheeks pressed together tightly as she still stood there in fear. Bagoas approached, and gently pushed her head down so she bent forward and her butt stuck out toward him. He put his hand on one cheek and she flinched slightly. The slowly but firmly he pressed his fingers into the crack, spreading her cheeks so her nether hole was displayed. The girl shuddered but remained obedient. Bagoas then raised her up and turned her around again. Taking more lotion on his hands he rubbed her flat stomach, and let his hand glide down onto her pubic mound. She turned her head away, but submitted to his gentle rubbing. Bagoas wonderingly fingered the soft red hair on her mound, then let his hand slide down onto her thighs. As he pulled them apart, she resisted for a moment and tried to pull away. Bagoas held firmly to her thigh, and she relaxed slightly and let him part her legs. His fingers probed into her slit, lubricated by the lotion. Unsatisfied, he withdrew them and said, “Lie down, girl.” motioning toward the dirty carpet. Trembling, she lay on her back and, knowing what he wanted, spread her legs. Now her pussy with its light red hair was displayed to all in the room. Many of the pirates watched with interest, amazed at the gentle ways of this eunuch with a slave girl. Bagoas gently inserted his fingers deep into her cunt, and then withdrawing them spread her pussy lips wide so its pure pink inside was visible.

Bagoas turned from the girl, who rolled over on the pillows groping for the light cloth which şirinevler escort was her only covering. Drawing it about her she returned to her place, bringing her knees up to her chest to cover her little tits, and wrapping her arms around her knees. She continued to tremble lightly, and again made the strange four way gesture with her eyes closed.

Bagoas spoke to the merchant. “My master will examine your wares. Bring the plump one and the red haired one to this palace.” He described the palace they were visiting and the way there.

The merchant was delighted and kept repeating, “Praises to Allah the generous, friend of the merchant.”

Bagoas simply said, “Be there without fail. And in Allah’s name, man, clean yourself up before you enter my master’s presence!” Then he and Hamid stalked out of the dirty room.

They passed back through the slave market, and Bagoas stopped at two other booths. At one he ordered a light skinned Egyptian girl brought for his master’s examination, and at another a Berber girl. But from Bagoas’ cursory examination, hardly even probing their pussies, Hamid did not believe that his master truly favored them.

The next morning, Bagoas led Hamid into the Governor’s temporary quarters. He pointed to a small stool in the corner and Hamid sat down quietly, trying to be as unobtrusive as possible. Soon the Governor’s Chief Scribe entered. He was thin and squinted at the papers before him. Bagoas knew this man was the holder of the accounts and advised the Governor on financial matters.

Then one of the slaves announced, “The merchants you requested are here with their merchandise, Bagoas.” He opened the door and the merchants entered. One led the Egyptian girl by a cuff on her wrist, and one led the Berber girl by a light chain around her waist. Both were draped in a light filmy cloth. Next came the piratical merchant holding the plump German girl by the arm as she came willingly into the room. She also wore only a filmy wrap. Last was another pirate, even more villainous looking if that were possible. He held a chain which looped round the neck of the little Irish girl, whose hands were bound behind her. He jerked on the chain, even though she gave no resistance. She was dressed differently than the rest, having a green cloth wrapped over her small round tits and a green loincloth between her legs. They lined the four girls up against the wall.

Bagoas nodded at the servant and he left the room to summon the Governor. Soon Bagoas’ master entered and took his seat in a carved chair. He looked over the four girls arrayed before him. Then he nodded at his Scribe, who intoned, “In the name of Allah the magnificent, the merciful, my lord the Governor of Ouarzazate has summoned you here so he may examine your wares. If the price is right he may buy.” All the merchants bowed deeply to the Governor, and all the girls except the bound Irish slave pressed their hands together and bowed also. The villain accompanying the red haired girl jerked the chain around her neck and pushed her head down forcing her to pay obeisance too.

“Bagoas, Overseer of my Harem, you have inspected the wares in the slave market and chosen these girls for my consideration?” asked the Governor.

“My Lord, I have. I think each of them will suit you well for a harem slave and each of them will well please your needs and your guests. Having fine girls such as this will increase your reputation among your peers and show your wealth and power. Some of them are untrained but I will undertake that duty when needed,” replied the Overseer.

“It is well,” said the master. “Show them to me.”

Bagoas nodded to the first merchant and he brought the Egyptian girl forward. She dropped the light cloth which wrapped her and stood naked before the Governor. She bowed deeply, making her tits swing forward and down. Then she stood straight before him, placed her hands on her hips and spread her thighs a bit. The Governor looked at her firm boobs tipped with dark nipples, at her flat belly, and at her shaven pussy whose dark lips were visible between her legs. The merchant started to speak, but the Governor waved him and his girl back to the wall.

The second merchant brought the dark Berber girl forward, and she dropped her wrap and bowed. Then she stood up and raised her hands over her head, posing prettily with her large firm dark boobs pulled upward and the nipples pointing to the ceiling. She swayed her hips and opened her legs, showing dark pussy lips below the black triangle of hair on her mound. Clearly she realized the advantage she might get belonging to so powerful a man and wanted to show off well for him. The Governor looked her over, and then waved her and her merchant back to the wall also.

Bagoas motioned to the third merchant. He came forward with the plump German girl. He removed her filmy wrapping and she bowed, her large breasts swinging forward as she did like two juicy melons. The Governor regarded them both closely and then said, “Bagoas, I must ask two questions. First, could this man not have bathed before he came? He truly stinks to Heaven.” Bagoas jerked his head at the pirate, and the man slunk back into the corner. leaving his girl standing alone. “And secondly, Bagoas, whence came this strange white girl? She does attract my curiosity.”

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