Oxygen Games Ch. 09

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[Recap: While trying to get his wife pregnant, Aidan has come up with a game to spice up their love life. It appears to be harmless enough, so Rosa reluctantly agrees. The previous round was bondage, with Aidan tying up Rosa in the gym and pushing her to her limit. Is it time for a reset?]


Rosa gradually surfaces, wrapped in white cotton sheets, throwing off the ragged traces of a dream. She stretches, but her body is stiff. Memories of the night before start to bubble to the surface. She rolls over, her arm trailing out over Aidan’s side of the bed, but it’s empty. She’s alone.

There’s music playing somewhere, a top-twenties tune on the radio. She swings her legs out of bed and sits up with an effort. She’s completely naked and can smell a particular scent on her skin. It’s the odour of sex, dried on overnight because Aidan had put her straight to bed. She remembers his arms around her, holding her, comforting her, and then a deep blackness.

Steeling herself, Rosa stands up, ready for the protests of her strained muscles after being suspended and hogtied, but feels surprisingly okay. She’s sore between her legs and stiff in her belly, like she’s done too many sit-ups, but otherwise she just feels like yesterday was a heavy training day. Gingerly, she makes her way into the bathroom and turns on the shower, letting it run for a while until it heats up. She steps into the warm water, letting it flow over her naked skin, rivulets forming between her pert breasts, directing the water down over her trim, flat stomach and between her legs. Gradually, the reminders of the previous evening wash away.

Afterwards, dressed casually in cotton shorts and a baggy t-shirt, she follows the sound of music into the kitchen. Aidan is there, tidying up his breakfast dishes, already dressed in his exercise shorts and sweat top. It’s Saturday, so it’s his day to head into the gym while she has the day off at home.

“You’re early,” she says from the doorway.

She’s leaning against the wood, dark hair wrapped up in a towel, her long, toned legs bare. Aidan turns around, clearly surprised to see her. She watches her husband’s eyes travel down her body.

“Sorry, I was letting you sleep in,” he says, then grimaces, turning off the radio. “Did the music wake you up?”

“Nah, I was awake anyway. I needed a shower. You going into work already?”

“Yeah. I need to clean the scene before anyone else arrives.”

Rosa grabs some muesli from the cupboard and makes herself some breakfast.

“There’s coffee if you want it.”

She shakes her head. “I might just get the food down and go back to bed.”

Aidan picks up the car keys but doesn’t leave. Instead, he goes up to his wife, sliding his arms around her waist and holding her close.

“You okay?” he asks.

“Yeah, just exhausted.”

She feels his arms around her, and it invokes the memory of him buried inside her as she dangled, helpless, wrapped in the rope yesterday evening. She shivers.

“You sure you’re okay?”

Rosa looks up at her husband, sees the concern on his face. He’s just Aidan now, not her tormentor from before. The bet is over, but the memory still lingers. Rosa takes a deep breath.

“You did things to me last night that I didn’t agree to.”

Aidan stiffens, suddenly defensive.

“Rosa, you could have stopped it any time, but you didn’t.”

Rosa can hear the tone in his voice, but she doesn’t back down. “You went too far,” she says.

“Like you did with the cock cage, or forcing me to wear the lingerie, you mean?”

Neither of them speaks for a long moment, motionless.

“You’re going to be late,” Rosa chides.

“I guess.”

Aidan detaches himself from her arms and heads towards the door. Before he can leave, she calls out.

“What about the video?”

Aidan stops. “Videos,” he says.


“Videos, plural. I took a few, at different points.”

“I want to see.”

“Sure, I’ll show you them tonight. They’re still on my phone.”

Rosa puts her bowl down on the kitchen table. “No. I want to see,” she repeats, firmly.

Aidan’s shoulders slump and he disappears into the lounge. A moment later, he’s back with the laptop in hand. She watches him tap a few buttons on his phone and then he hands the laptop to her.

“There. I gotta go. Ring me?”

“Sure,” she replies, her eyes on the screen. She only looks up when she hears the front door close and the apartment is plunged into towering silence.

Aidan kaçak iddaa gets to the gym only five minutes before the rest of the team is due to arrive. He moves fast, retrieving the chair from where he’s left it in front of the weight machine, coiling the electrical cord. Despite having put down the sheet, some of Rosa’s moisture had seeped through and there is a stain on the matting. Aidan gets a mop and is still cleaning the patch when Jaden comes through the door. He greets Aidan with a nod. Aidan looks around: nothing out of place. No sign of what he’d put Rosa through the previous evening.

He and Jaden exchange pleasantries, but Aidan’s not feeling it. His mind is still on his wife, drifting back to what they had done yesterday. He feels guilty, pushing her like that, forcing her to cum over and over, feeling his cock in his pants, rock-hard and aching to slip inside her. He had wanted payback, to prove to her that he was able to make her beg the same way that she’d caged and denied him until he’d begged, humiliating him for her own pleasure. When he’d taken the tape off her mouth and she’d meekly asked to suck him as instructed, he had almost ejaculated straight away. Too far. Way too far. But he hadn’t been able to stop.

Aidan looks up, distracted by a voice. Jaden is calling to him from the reception desk: his seven thirty personal session has arrived. With an effort, Aidan pushes the thoughts to the back of his mind, trying to bury them for now. It was the wrong thing to do, but he has to get through the day.

Cassidy greets him warmly, and he remembers that she’s asked for an early Saturday slot. She’s standing by the desk in a light pink exercise bra and matching full-length tights, with a yoga mat slung over one shoulder. She hasn’t covered up with a jacket, she doesn’t need to go and change from her street clothes; Cass has walked in the front door from the car park in skin-tight lycra that shows off every curve of her sculpted body, the body that Aidan has been working on with her ever since she first came to him with the idea. She has been growing her shoulder-length styled-blonde hair out and has it tied back in a ponytail that reaches down between her shoulder blades. The bra lifts and shapes her ample breasts, compressing them into a display of soft cleavage. Even though she’s nearly a decade older than him, he feels a faint stirring as he looks at her. There’s something more about her now, more self-assured, a lot less fragile that the woman who confessed to him that her husband was cheating.

He beckons her to follow him. Cass smiles, showing perfect white teeth. He notices her left hand clutched around the yoga mat’s strap: something’s missing.

“Like the new outfit?” she asks, playfully.

“It’s new?”

“Like you don’t know. You’ve seen every outfit I have by now.”

They reach the machines. Aidan averts his eyes from the little dark spot on the mat that’s still drying.

“It’s definitely a step up on what you usually wear.”

“No point hiding what you’ve done to me.”

Cass is standing close to him, a full head shorter, but grinning playfully. He allows his gaze to travel down her gorgeous, toned body.

“You did it. It’s your hard work. I just give you advice.”

His eyes come back up to hers. Aidan can tell she likes it when he looks at her. She likes putting herself on display for him, flaunting her transformation from late-thirties home-maker and mother-of-two, into an effortlessly desirable siren.

“Maybe we should put you on the socials,” Aidan suggests.

“A before and after?”

Aidan laughs, as he reaches out to her shoulders to spin her around in front of him. Cass doesn’t object; they have an easy camaraderie, touching her body feels natural.

“You’d probably double our subscriptions. You look amazing.”

When Cass turns to face him again, there is a faint flush to her cheeks. Her hand is still gasping the yoga mat strap, and he looks down.

“No ring,” he notes, watching her expression closely.

Her smiles flickers for a moment and then comes back full-beam.

“Less and less point.”

“Tell me one thing. Do you think you’ve won the body contest?”

It’s Cass’s turn to laugh.

“Oh, hands down. His little tart is no match for this. Not now.”

She holds his gaze a moment longer than necessary, her smile fading.

“Better get to it then,” she says, “Need to maintain.”

After the session, they’re wrapping up and Cass is about to head to the kaçak bahis showers to strip off her sweaty exercise clothes. Aidan has been able to put his own concerns aside for an hour, but he’s felt Cass watching him. It doesn’t surprise him when she stops, hand on his arm, and suggests something.

“Aidan, do you want to take a break now? Maybe go next door and get a coffee? You look like you have something on your mind.”

Aidan hesitates, but she smiles warmly, reassuringly. He should brush her off politely, but he can sense that she’s not hitting on him, she’s genuinely concerned. He feels guilty again that it’s that obvious.

“Sure. Ten minutes?”

Cass pats him on the arm.

“Five to ten. I’ll be quick in the shower.”

She turns and Aidan watches her walk away, her trim body elegant in the tightness of the lycra. He feels a heaviness in his manhood, and questions it. Cass is sexy, smart, easy to talk to, and there was no history weighing down their conversations, no storm cloud over her head. She’d ditched the wedding ring and he’s got no doubt that the body sculpting is part of her moving on with the next stage of her life. Aidan plays with his own wedding ring. Just friends. Don’t be a fuck-up. Rosa needs him to not fuck up.

He’s on the reception desk a few minutes later when Cass emerges from the changing rooms. Aidan calls out to Jaden to watch the place for ten minutes while he goes and gets a coffee and the younger man nods. What he thinks about Aidan taking Cass for coffee is not up for discussion.

They go next door, to a little place crammed between the gym and a furniture and outdoors store in the strip mall. Aidan orders a long black for himself; Cass will have a skim latte. She’s dressed now in jeans and a casual blouse, but he can see that the jeans are new and a size smaller, tight enough to show off her amazing legs and the enticing, rounded curve of her bottom. She’s wearing flats, exposing her bare ankles and golden skin. He can’t tell if it’s a real tan or an expensive fake treatment, but either way it makes her glow. She’s wearing a white blouse to emphasise it, contrasting the tint of her bare arms. She has no make-up on and her hair is still damp from the shower, tied back in a long ponytail.

They find a small table and she sips her coffee slowly, watching him over the rim of her cup.

“So,” Aidan begins, “We just worked you out. Is it my turn?”

“Depends,” Cass replies, putting her cup down carefully in front of her. She’s watching him now, earnest, listening.

“How does this work?”

“However you want. When I’m talking to clients, they all have different ways of getting it out. We can just talk for a while and see where you want to go.”

“You think I’ve got stuff to get out?”

Cass clasps her hands together. “Yes,” she says, “I think you have a lot you need to unload. If it’s not to me, then I can maybe recommend colleagues. It might be easier to talk to a stranger.”

Aidan shakes his head. “No, I don’t want to. I trust you. If Rosa sees me going to a counsellor it’s, uh, I think it’s just going to make it worse.”

“Maybe you both need to go.”

Aidan blinks. Cass has nailed it, just like that. Her statement cuts straight through the fog and the bullshit. Maybe this was all fucking them both up. Without making a definitive decision to do so, he begins to talk to the pretty, blonde woman across the table, opening up in a way that he never thought he would. By the end, his hands are balled into fists, his knuckles white, finding that he’s struggling to hold back tears.

The storm eventually passes and when he looks up at Cass, he can see she’s crying.

Rosa finishes her breakfast slowly, mooching around the apartment. Her thoughts are torn between what Aidan did to her last night and the impending appointment at the fertility clinic. She is ready to be harvested now, counting down the hours to Monday morning and the extraction procedure. Everything suddenly seems way beyond her control.

She has things to do, but every time she sees the laptop, the temptation’s there. She’s playing back what happened in her head, remembering the tightness of the ropes around her, the feeling of being bound and powerless as Aidan extracts climax after climax from her helpless body. Videos, he’d said. Evidence of what he made her experience, past the point that she was aware enough to remember it clearly anymore herself. She imagined what they would show: a naked, writhing form, hogtied and suspended in illegal bahis the gym as the wand vibrator pushed her to orgasm over and over again.

By mid-morning, Rosa’s resolve crumbles. She carries the laptop back to the bedroom. By the door, there’s a jumbled mass of white. She recognises the sheet from the gym floor, the one he’d wrapped her in to take her home. The carryall is next to it. On a whim, Rosa crouches down and unzips it, fumbling around inside for a moment until she finds what she’s looking for: the wand vibrator.

Carefully, Rosa plugs it in and teases her shorts and panties down her legs and lies on the bed, naked from the waist down, with the laptop open next to her. She hesitates and then hits play. A moment later she turns the vibrator on and presses the throbbing rubber ball against her clit, her eyes locked on the screen.

Aidan took three videos, but she only remembers the first, the one where she was hogtied and spinning slowly, still wearing her white string bikini. The next one is a longer one from his point of view as he licks and teases her helplessly-splayed opening, bringing her to the very edge of climax and then denying her. The final one shows her straining and wriggling as she attempts to lift her body up off the wand vibrator, her eyes screwed closed, her chest heaving, gagged and silenced by the black tape over her mouth. Rosa watches herself orgasm and then attempt to pull her crotch up and away from the device only to become exhausted with holding the position, and slump back down onto the merciless toy.

She watches, mesmerised, seeing the bound woman on screen quiver and moan through the black gag, and feels her own climax building as she presses the wand vibrator’s rubber ball more firmly against her clit. The video shows a close-up of the woman’s face, eyes closed, beads of sweat dripping down her face, then moves around to show a close-up of her crotch, hovering above the vibrating rubber ball. He zooms in and she can see pulsing movement between the splayed-open lips as the woman’s pussy contracts rhythmically in post-orgasmic pleasure.

Hypnotised by the view, Rosa can’t look away and she feels her own climax begin to build. In the video, the woman’s thighs clench and quiver, strained by the effort of holding herself up off the vibrator. Then they relax and she sinks down until the vibrating rubber ball is once again pressed against her clit. Rosa watches the vagina, her vagina, as it begins to clench again. The woman’s opening ejaculates a spurt of liquid and her body writhes as her next orgasm takes her.

As she watches the woman on the screen contort in the grips of her climax, Rosa’s body flexes powerfully and she cums. Panting, she withdraws the vibrator and switches it off. She stares up at the ceiling, letting the moments tick by, then gets up but she only makes it as far as the open carryall. Something surfaces from deep inside her, and she struggles with it, trying not to give it oxygen, trying to deny how it makes her feel. In the back of her mind, she begins to wonder if Aidan’s managed to brainwash her, reprogrammed her body somehow with this experience, but even as she contemplates the question, she’s rummaging through the carryall to find the roll of black tape.

Rosa sits down on the edge of the bed, staring at the roll, then peels off a strip and winds it carefully around her wrists until she can’t separate her hands, using her teeth to cut it. There is a loose flap still dangling from the roll, tempting her. Rosa grips the end with her bound fingers and uses her teeth to cut a short strip. She bends forward so that she can smooth the tape over her mouth, dropping the roll to the floor with a thud.

Dumbly, she surveys what she’s done, raises her bound hands to stroke the smooth tape sealing her lips together and lies back down on the bed. She picks up the vibrator wand and her thumb flicks the power button back on. Even the sound of it is enough, now that she has the strange, chemical smell of the tape in her nostrils: she feels herself begin to lubricate.

Rosa presses play on the videos and applies the vibrating rubber head to her clit. Laying on her bed, bound and helpless once again, Rosa feels her next orgasm begin to build slowly as she watches the woman on the video succumb to her body’s darkest urges.

[Next chapter: A trip to the fertility clinic has Aidan drained.

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