Papa’s Baby Ch. 01-02

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Chapter 1

Emma had waited for this conversation with her mother for as long as she could remember, she could not say how she knew that it would take place, yet it was as clear to her as the knowledge that day followed night. This clarity and foreknowledge did nothing however to prepare her for the strength of her own excitement when she returned to her room that evening. It was as if she had been born again, into a new world which she had wished to inhabit for so long. A world where her deepest desires would be fulfilled to the utmost.

Of course, some of this foreknowledge was not so mystically achieved. The fact that her dear father had returned home looking so vigorous after such a long voyage, and that her mother’s delicate condition had become the more acute in his absence meant that this time would come sooner rather than later. No doubt her mother was the more likely to broach the question too when she had seen how much 18-year-old Emma had matured since her father had departed last. Her husband had remarked upon it more than once to her, and Emma herself had occasion to blush in front of him when he had praised her womanly figure. Behind her blushes though, Emma was more than excited at her father’s gaze resting upon her prominent bosom.

It was perhaps appropriate that her mother had spoken to her as she came to say goodnight,

“You’re such a good girl Emma dear” she had begun, rather gravely.

“What is it mama…is something wrong?”

“Why no Emma…it is just your father and I have been talking” she comforted her daughter, brushing her hair and stroking her cheek.

“Father says you’re so grown up now…”

“He told me too…it is so good to have him back isn’t it mama” she smiled.

A little tear formed in her mother’s eye.

“Of course my love…but I am so disappointed for him”

The tears began to run down her cheek. Emma comforted her so carefully.

“There…Oh mama…but why?”

There was no consoling her for several minutes, she was clearly very upset. Eventually she could speak again.

“I…I promised him a son when he returned…we both wanted it so much…and now I cannot.”

“Oh poor mama…poor papa” she sighed, overcome with feelings for both her parents, she comforted her mother as best she could.

“There’s no use getting upset about it I know…” she sobbed, drying her eyes and hugging her daughter.

“Oh mama…if only there was something I could do…I would so love to have a baby”

Her mother misunderstood.

“Oh I know my love…but I cannot…there is nothing to be done”

“No mama…I mean that I would love to have a baby for us”

“You shall have them soon enough darling…when you’re married…and you know your father would die of shame if you were to go with a man before you are wed”

“I know mama…but I want to for both of you”

Emma could hardly suppress a knowing smile as her mother rose and left her to her thoughts.

She knew how much her mother had wanted another child, and now to find out that her father had been so insistent about it made her all the more sure that she would soon be able to manoeuvre both of them into the arrangement she craved.

Some days past and Emma was disappointed that her father was working so long out in the field… she intended to encourage the attention that appeared to have waned for her. That evening she placed the lamp by the window and ran the sink as they did when her father was away. In normal circumstances she would have drawn the curtain, but now she left it open as she removed her blouse and shift. Her heart thumped as she began washing her breasts, knowing that even though she could not see him, her father’s eyes would be upon her, upon her breasts, wanting her. She wondered how much he would be aroused when he came inside. She continued far longer than was really necessary, ever more sensuously soaping them, and squeezing her thick, excited teats.

Jack had seen her immediately, wondering what was happening until he had realised she was washing. He could hardly believe that he was about see her gorgeous breasts, and stood entranced as she bathed so openly before him, not surprised that his penis had erected so strongly. At first he believed she had just forgotten to draw the curtain, aware that this would be a once only opportunity, until he realised that she was not just washing, that this was a display intended specifically to excite him…and that thought aroused him beyond measure.

Emma heard them that night when they thought she was asleep, he was coaxing her mother, clearly frustrated at her lack of enthusiasm.

“Jack…no! , she will hear!” she hissed.

“Sarah! …Please..I’m dying” he groaned

“Shh then…let me do it for you”

Soon his sighing became uncontrolled, Emma dared to peep through the thick curtain which separated their bedrooms. It was so dark, but she could make out her mother’s hand moving up and down in her fathers lap. His breathing was so heavy, and then suddenly he grunted twice, kartal escort three times and she soothed. “There..there my love” cradling his head upon her bosom.

Emma knew she had made him do that…made him so aroused…

They began talking quietly, just as Emma was beginning to doze off.

“She said she wanted to have a baby for us”

“How could she think of such a thing?”

“She must love us very much to think it my dear”

“So long as she doesn’t go doing something about it with one of those louts from the village”

“I’m sure she wont…”

“Well…you’d better speak to her and make sure she doesn’t”

Jack was already aroused again at the thought of it. He began to see what was in her mind, she didn’t want any of the village boys… why else would she have displayed herself to him so openly, if it were not that she wanted her own father?

Her mother waited until he was out in the fields again next evening before drawing Emma to one side.

“You’re not sweet on any of those boys in the village are you Emma dear?”

“Ugh no mama!” she responded categorically

“Only papa was concerned…after I told him what you had said yesterday”

“Mama!…you didn’t!”

“Of course I did love…he’s only thinking of your future”

Emma looked angrily at her mother..

“I said I wanted a baby for US…Our baby…don’t you see?” She stormed out, tears streaming down her face.

It took a few minutes before her mother came to her, the realisation dawning on her at last.

“Emma…It couldn’t be…however much we wanted it. Don’t you see it would be so wrong”

“Wrong for who mama?…For you and papa to have the child you have longed for , for me to have a child, for the child so loved by us all? Who?”


“No-one need know mama…don’t you see?”

Emma sobbed again, drawing on all her mothers’ sympathy, and the dawning in her mind that her daughter had thought it all out, and that it WAS possible.

“Oh my sweet girl…” they hugged, and she wanted to think of all the reasons why it should not be so, yet she could not do so convincingly.

“But what would your father say…you know what it would mean?”

“Yes mama…of course I do…do you not think we could persuade him, if it would mean having a son?”

“Oh I don’t know my love…he would think we were mad to suggest such an outrage…”

“I imagine he would find it a pleasant enough task” Emma dared to smirk a little “Would he not?”

“Oh indeed …as would any man I daresay with a beauty such as you…but his own daughter? … it will need all our powers of persuasion”

They hugged again, her mother’s heart filled with excitement at this new hope for a child. Emma’s heart beat quickly too, but for her, the excitement was the thought of her father penetrating her with his penis.

There was a distinct air of expectancy following his return, Emma retiring to bed uncommonly early to allow her mother time to discuss matters with him. She could not help but draw up the loose shift and tease herself as she heard them talking, wantonly aware that the musky odour of her sex would be unmistakeable when he came to kiss her goodnight.

“Did you speak with her about those village boys…I won’t have it you know” he chided her mother.

“She said she wanted to have our baby…not a baby with one of those louts…a baby for us”

“What do you mean?”

“She wants you to give her a baby for all of us”

There was a palpable hush as he took in the full significance of her words.

“But…that would be incest…we couldn’t ” he gaped, with apparent outrage

“No-one need know my love…think of it…she could be confined here, and everyone would think it our child…Oh Jack…please…at least consider it”

All was silent again, whilst Jack tried to act as if he were not as excited about the idea as she was.

“But what if she is seen”

“If the worst comes to the worst, people will just think she’s been with one of the village boys wont they, and we can live through that…but it will never come to it Jack…You, Emma and I are too clever for them aren’t we”

“And what of you my love…shall you not be jealous of her?”

“She is our own Jack…How could I be jealous of my own dear girl…she love us so …I’m so proud of her”

“I am too my love…but are you sure she…”

“She is determined Jack…”

There was silence between them, whilst Jack mused upon this amazing turn of events. His wife smiled upon him, knowing that she had won him over.

“There now…go kiss her goodnight…you can go out in the field early tomorrow, whilst I tell her your decision…and whilst I prepare her for you my love”

He was already fiercely erect and was thankful that she appeared to be asleep as he drew back the curtain and went in to her. The strong and familiar aroma caused his penis to jerk uncontrollably. He could hardly believe that he would have it within her the next day. She kartal otele gelen escort feigned sleep convincingly enough for him to dare to draw back the cover…she must have been dreaming about him he thought, he could see her nipples erect, and pressing the cloth of her loose shift. He lifted the cover a little further, realising that her shift was up around her waist. With one knee raised he could clearly see her delightfully pouting slit.

Tomorrow…just tomorrow, and he would be within her!

Chapter 2

Her father was already in the fields when Emma rose next morning. Her mother was uncommonly cheerful and beamed at her as soon as she entered the small kitchen. Emma knew immediately that she had been successful in her persuasion.

“Oh mama!”

“Oh Emma love!” they hugged and kissed like naughty sisters eager for their Christmas presents.

Emma could hardly believe that her parents had been so quickly and easily deceived…

Before they got carried away with this initial flush of excitement, her mother began to fuss over the preparations to be made.

“I have told him to come back early…so that he can have a bath before supper. You shall help me to bathe him.”

“Oh Mama!”

“You must bathe too, this morning I think…I have some perfumed oils your Uncle gave to me”

Jack’s mind was not upon his work that morning. Try as he might, he could not put thoughts of his daughter out of his mind. His nagging doubt was that despite her apparent enthusiasm, Sarah would change her mind once the reality came closer. Yet these doubts did nothing to dampen the excitement within his loins…he had never felt such anticipation.

Emma lay back in the bathtub and thought of him. It was unusual for her mother to be there, but she had been most insistent that she needed to supervise her bathing. She carefully soaped her daughter…

“Emma love…you have such a perfect figure” she smiled, soaping over her bosom. “Does he look at you here?”

“Oh yes mama!…he makes me blush sometimes”

“I believe men cannot help it my love…”

Her teats stood up proudly at the thought of him looking at her through the window. She wondered whether to tell her…

“Especially when I wear the new blouse you made Mama…”

“It shows your figure perfectly” smiled her mother in satisfaction. Indeed, the drawstring on that particular bodice could be tied as loosely as required …

“Though I think you tie it so loosely on purpose” she smiled slyly at her daughter.

This time Emma blushed, her little strategy found out. Though it was clear that her mama did not disapprove… how content she was to think so.

“We must tie it very loosely today” her mama smiled slyly to her.

Her mother’s hand moved down over her belly and began to soap gently over her delightfully curving mount. Emma could not help but raise her hips to press against the soothing hand.

“You’re excited for him already?”

“Oh yes mama…I can’t tell you…”

“Hush my sweet…lie back…”

She did as she was told, and the soothing fingers became more insistent in their rubbing…so cleverly finding the perfect spot to awaken her desires the more.

“You shall have him there soon my love…”

“Oh Mama! Shall I truly?”

She bent to kiss her daughter…in such exquisite intimacy as she brought her to the very brink of ecstasy. How excited she was to kiss her daughter so, just as she would kiss her husband when he poured his seed into their darling Emma.

“Oh yes my love…he wants you so badly…I don’t know what you did the other evening, but he was more excited than I have ever known.

Emma blushed again… “I’m so sorry mama…I didn’t mean to … I washed at the sink… and I forgot to draw the curtains”

Her mother smiled knowingly … “Mmm you forgot did you?….I don’t suppose you wanted to show him your lovely bosom” Emma’s expression changed as her mother’s fingers found her button even more insistently, making her squirm with delight… “and make him do all that mess on my clean nighty!”

“I couldn’t help myself mama…I want him so…Ahh ahh ” her eyes closing as she approached the point of ecstasy

“And you shall have him my sweet…” her own loins burning at the thought of their wickedness, unable to stop her unguarded words as she slipped her fingers deep within her daughter’s soaking vagina and watched her eyelids flutter as she reached her orgasm…

“Yes my love…you shall have your father’s wicked penis in you…pouring his seed into your womb”

“Oh Mama!…Ahh Ahh yes…Oh mama” she shuddered again.

“Mama…how I love you so” she sighed as her passion eventually eased.

Her mother beamed contentedly at her child, and was surprised that there seemed no awkwardness after such a revelation. She poured them some wine as Emma dried herself, and soon they were both feeling as naughty as before, eagerly looking out to see if Papa was returning.

In kartal eve gelen escort truth it took all his willpower to stay in the fields so long that day. His desire was all but unbearable as his mind returned again and again to the prospect of the approaching evening.

“Jack…what are you doing back so early?” quizzed her mother, in a tone which was as stern as she could muster under the circumstances.

“Since I went out so early…I have returned so early” he stated categorically, as Emma flung her arms about his neck.

“Don’t scold him Mama! Papa…has worked as hard today as any other I’m sure” she smiled, kissing him on the lips with more enthusiasm than would be quite proper. Likewise, he responded more warmly than a father ought to, and dared to probe his tongue a little between her pearly teeth. He was rewarded by a distinct pressing of her loins against his, before she turned her head to her mother.

“Shall I fill the bath mama, so papa can bathe before supper?”

“Why yes…then we shall have more time this evening”

It was only as she broke from him that he was able to study her attire. In truth they had spent the best part of the afternoon, fiddling and perfecting her garments to provide the perfect mixture of innocence and enticement. The bodice her mother had made was indeed tied exceedingly loosely, and they had decided moreover, that there was no need of a shift beneath it. He could not but find his eyes drawn to the most distinct protrusions of her nipples through such thin material, and to the tantalising valley between her lovely bosoms. He had not seen her wearing that particular skirt for many years…and it seemed very short.

He kissed his wife, tenderly as Emma took off to see to his bath. No words were necessary to show him that she was very excited at the evening’s prospect. She had only to push her own loins against his to let him know, and to find that he was in an ample condition. Their kiss lingered, and his hand slipped to her bottom, pulling her hard against his fierce erection. This time his playfulness was not scolded. She ground her mount hard against him.

“She wants you Jack…she wants you inside her” she whispered

“And what do you want?” he growled in response

“Oh darling…I want to see your cock in her” she whispered back, shocking herself at her own wickedness.

She poured them all some wine as the bath was eagerly prepared. Emma smiling invitingly as she caught her father staring at her bosom as she bent to lift the pitcher.

“Come then papa, you must undress” she smiled as the bath was filled.

“Mama said I could wash you while she makes the supper”

It had been quite clear to him of course from the moment a bath had been suggested, that he would strip in front of Emma, unlike their normal routine of his bathing after she had gone to bed. The fact that she was to bathe him as well, caused an even more gross extension of his manhood. Sarah turned from the stove to smile slyly at him as Emma began to remove his grubby shirt.

“Papa…such a mess your shirt has got into!” Her proximity made them both even more excited. Her voice fluttered noticeably as she gazed at his strong shoulders and chest.

“You can’t wear it again this evening…you will have to put your nightshirt on for supper” she tried to scold, but even as her voice faltered at this, she undid his rudely stretched breeches, and gaped as his huge penis jutted towards her. It stood as rigid as one of the fence posts, its huge column stretching up beyond his navel. She could not take her eyes from it, tracing her gaze longingly down to the thick root and the great sack beneath…a rush of desire immediately filling her loins at the thought of his ejecting the glorious essence stored there…ejecting it into her womb.

Sarah looked on with a strange feeling of detachment. Here she was encouraging her husband to display himself so rudely in front of their daughter, and yet she felt only excitement that it would lead to their coupling…their incest.

“Your breeches are filthy too papa…you will need a very good wash” she smiled, regaining a little of her composure as she exchanged a glance with her mother.

He stood there but a moment, somewhat proudly as they both gazed down at him, his great baton waving lewdly as he began to step into the bath. The water was not deep enough to preserve any modesty and the bulbous tip of his shaft stuck up well out of the water.

Emma smiled, and took to her task slowly and deliberately, soaping his broad back and shoulders, reaching down to stroke over his muscular bottom, and allowing him to kiss her again.

For the most part Emma’s eyes fixed to her task, but she could not help their excited gaze from returning to his unruly loins… sending a shiver of desire through her.

It wasn’t long before she had finished his back, and proceeded onto his chest, and belly. She marvelled at the perfection of his muscles, from long hours in the fields no doubt, and as her hands moved lower, she could was perfectly aware of the delightful view she was presenting to him too.

Sarah sang happily as she prepared the supper, occasionally glancing around to view them, a feeling of anticipation rich as she caught them exchanging the inviting looks and tender, exciting touches of lovers.

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