Paris TX Ch. 04

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Disclaimer: The following story is a work of erotic fiction. If you are offended by graphic descriptions of sexual activities or it is illegal in your country of residence, please stop reading now. All characters are over 18 and are of legal age. Any resemblance between the characters and any actual persons (living or dead) is entirely coincidental. Please do not copy or redistribute this story without the author’s permission.

This is the fourth story of a series that starts with Paris TX ch1, Cat’s Brother. It can be read as a stand-alone but it is better to be read as a whole.
Ch 4, Andy’s Sister

My name is Cat. I just recently turned 18. My parents divorced when I was just a few months old. My father had gotten my mother pregnant in high school and could not take the responsibility that having a child means. One day he just disappeared. I never heard from him, but some relatives told my mother that he lives up north and works at a Pizza Hut or something like that. A total looser.

I don’t really care what happened to my father. When I was seven my mother remarried and that is my family. My stepfather is really my daddy, and my stepbrother is more than a brother to me. My brother’s name is Andy, short for Andre’, pronounced like in French. He and I were born just a few months apart and he also recently turned 18. His mother also left when he was just a baby to go to Paris France. We live in Paris Texas, where Andy was born. I guess his mother felt like moving to France even before he was born or faith has a very strange sense of humor.

Andy is a total stud. If he wasn’t my brother I am sure that I would be all over him. Well, actually, now I am all over him as well as under him. He is tall, 6.1 or 6.2, definitively taller than my 5.10. He has a slim and toned body. He plays baseball so much that his shoulders are like, super wide. More than one of my friends would love to date him. Still, he is a little shy and doesn’t date much. Last year he went out with this girl who’s a total bitch. Her name is Ann. She is really hot, with an incredible body that all guys want, but she has the personality of an evil queen. She was in one of my classes last semester. I remember she even invited me to her 18th birthday, just three days after Andy’s 18 birthday.

This story begun a hot summer night a few months ago. Andy was out playing baseball. My parents were asleep and I could not sleep so I decided to surf the net for a while. After visiting a couple of chat rooms I “met” with Kara, a chat girlfriend from Florida. Kara is a college student in her early twenties with a wild streak. She often tells me stories of her sexual adventures on campus at Miami. That’s where I’ll go to college next year. A couple of times I thought she also mentioned that there were other girls in her adventures. I don’t know how much of it is true and how much is just chat room fantasy. Anyway, just before signing off she sent me a link to download a video just saying: “watch it and next time tell me if you enjoyed it, especially the second part ;).”

It was a homemade video of a couple having sex. I thought it was absolutely hot. The guy was big and full of muscles. He had a cool tattoo of a devil in the small of his back just above his ass. I was hypnotized watching the tattoo move up and down as the guy was pounding in on the girl. Then the camera zoomed-in on the face of the girl as she was orgasming and I recognized her. It was Kara. Shit, she had made a video of herself fucking!! She is a very beautiful girl with fire red hair and emerald green eyes. She has small sized breasts, much smaller than mine, but overall she has an amazing body and she tells me she is very popular in her school. Sometime I wished I was as popular and wild as she is, but I never imagined she would go this far.

After Kara recovered from her orgasm the guy stood up and moved to the camera. I was stunned looking at his cock dripping cum all shiny-wet with Kara’s juices. I became horny as hell.

Kara said that the best part was yet to come. The guy switched places with the camera operator and a beautiful blonde girl walked in the scene, she was completely naked. She must have been 21 or 22 at the most. She had huge, obviously fake, kartal escort breasts with small hard nipples and a very sexy round ass. What really impressed me was that her pussy was completely shaved, I mean bold!! I had heard that some other girls shaved, but I had never seen a bald pussy before. None of my girlfriends ever told me they did anything like this. This was definitively giving me ideas.

Well, she went to Kara and they kissed! I mean they kissed like lovers! Then Kara started sucking on the blonde girl’s nipples. She really got into it. This was the sexiest experience of my life. I could not believe that my internet girlfriend Kara had sent me a video of herself being fucked by a guy and then a girl.

Soon after Kara started going down on the girl and the camera zoomed in on her mouth sucking the girl’s clit. I could not take it any longer. I realized that my left hand was already under my shirt teasing my nipples. When did it get there? I had to masturbate, like now!! My right hand went straight to my pussy. No teasing this time!! I was so wet I think I was dripping. I started to frig myself like crazy watching Kara licking the bold pussy. Her face was all shiny with pussy juice. I should have been disgusted; instead it was making me incredibly horny. I was just a few seconds away from the best orgasm of my life…. And then I heard a gasp behind me.

My brother was in the doorway. It was quite dark but I could just make out that he was staring at me with his mouth open. He was buck-naked and he had a HUGE hard on. I don’t have that much experience with guys, but in the twilight my brother’s dick looked impressive.

We stared at each other for an eternity. I didn’t say a word. I even forgot I had my hands on my tits and my pussy. Just as suddenly as he had appeared he ran away. All he left was a towel on the ground.

I didn’t know whether to be embarrassed or excited. My face was burning hot. My whole body was burning hot. I shut off my computer, picked up the towel he had left, went to bed and masturbated to two orgasms holding the towel while thinking of my brother’s cock. I started picturing it dripping cum like the dick of the guy in the video. I imagined it all shiny with my juices after having fucked me silly. I pictured in my mind everything I would have done while sucking it. I was in heat.

The following morning was a classic case of post orgasmic depression. I was ashamed of myself. I mean, my brother had caught me red handed masturbating to a lesbo video and then I had to masturbate all night thinking of his cock, I mean penis. Shit, he is my brother, he doesn’t have a cock, he has a penis. Well, no, what I had seen was a big, hard cock and I wanted to see it again. He is just my stepbrother after all!!

At the family table for breakfast I felt extremely nervous and embarrassed but I couldn’t keep my eyes off him. I kept imagining him naked like the night before. I whish I had left a light on. I had barely seen him. I wanted to be sure of what I saw. I wanted to see him again. How could I see him again. I had to spy on him. Oh my good, I wanted to be a peeping Tom, or in my case a peeping Jane. Well yes, I wanted to see him naked again no matter what. I had to find a way.

Convincing myself that I wanted to see my brother naked again was easier than doing it. We went to school together, we were home at the same times, how could I do anything without him knowing about it. Also, what could I do?

That’s when I thought about the wireless webcam dad had given me for Christmas. I had used it just a couple of times to video-chat with Kara. It was really tiny and I bet Andy would never see it if I hid it in his room. He has such a mess there that he can barely see the floor. How could I put it in his room without him knowing?! He is always home when I am.

Andy gave me the chance to put the cam in his room himself. On Wednesdays we have practice. I am on the soccer team and he is second base of the baseball team. Usually after practice we come home to do our homework. Well, this particular Wednesday Andy told me that he was going to visit his friend Mike and he was not going to be home before seven. That gave me two hours and I only needed five minutes. kartal otele gelen escort

As soon as I got home I run to my room, grabbed the cam and flew into Andy’s room. I just had to decide where to put it. On top of his door he had a shelf with his collection of toy cars. That was perfect. It allowed me to see his desk, his bed and most of his room. Just what I wanted.

I got on a chair to reach all the way to the top of the shelf and I put the cam inside a classic Cadillac. It was a big car and the cam was much smaller than its window. As I was putting the car back in its place a VW Bug started to roll and fell to the ground. It made quite a crash. Shit, I was lucky nobody’s home. I put the VW back in place and left. I was horny thinking of what I was doing so I went to my parent’s Jacuzzi and I masturbated while soaking in the warm water.

I started to wait.

I was connecting all the time to see if Andy was up to something. I really wanted to see him naked again but most of the time he was just sitting in front of his computer probably doing homework. Other times he was reading or playing videogames. One night I thought I saw something. He was in bed and I thought he was masturbating. I just couldn’t see enough. It was dark. I needed a cam that had night vision!

Finally it happened again.

After taking a shower Andy sat in front of his computer. He had only his underwear on. I was already horny that day and seeing him nearly naked had an effect on me. I was watching his beautiful back with his rippling muscles and his wide shoulders. I started to imagine how his muscles would have moved and flexed while fucking me. As I was daydreaming I begun to tease my titties and I half closed my eyes. As I looked back at the screen I had no doubt of what I was seeing. My brother was jacking off in front of his computer. My hand just flew to my pussy and I started frigging myself like crazy. I really couldn’t see my brother’s cock but seeing him jerking off like that was the next best thing. He came quickly and so did I.

I started to relax and I thought better to leave the computer off for a while and go take a shower.

From that day I started to see my brother masturbating more and more often. After a while I would see him jacking off every day at the same time, always watching his computer screen. Every time I would masturbate with him. I still could not see his cock, but I wanted to see at least what was making him so horny. I had to get to his computer, but how?! The problem was the same as when I wanted to put the cam in his room, and as faith would have it, the solution was also the same. Andy told me that again he was going to Mike’s after practice on a Wednesday.

Once again I ran to his room as soon as I was left home alone. I sat in front of his computer and I started to search for porn. I found some interesting links to pictures of naked girls, very nice pictures I must say. Also I found a couple of short videos of the kind you get as a teaser inviting you to subscribe to some porn site. They were all quite hot, but I didn’t think that those were the reason my brother was masturbating in front of his computer every day. They were just too short. Then I saw the link to a webcam program. Andy doesn’t have a webcam.

I clicked on the webcam link and I saw Andy. Was this a recording? No, it wasn’t Andy’s room; shit, it was MY room. The image was live and Andy was sitting in front of my computer. When did he get home and why did he have a cam showing my ro…. Then it dawned on me. He had done the same thing I had done. He was spying on me!!!

Was he watching me right now? If he was he had discovered what I had discovered. How could I know? I looked behind myself, straight at the cam. He would see me looking straight at him and he would react if he were watching me. He did react. We were spying on each other at the same time and we had both discovered it.

I started shaking of excitement. My pussy was starting to ooze. I had never been so horny in my life. My brother wanted me. As in a daze I stood up. Slowly I walked behind Andy’s desk. I turned the monitor around so I could look into the cam and the monitor kartal eve gelen escort at the same time. He did the same! I started to slowly touch myself; first my arm, then my titties, ahhhhh. That was an incredibly sexy moment. I felt my skin cover with goosebumps. I started to move my hand to my pussy and I stopped.

I was not going to be the only one doing this.

Andy understood. I could see he had a huge hardon under his shorts. His cock was begging for release. He started to tease his balls. He was touching all around his balls and then he moved to his cock. I could make out the outline of his dick inside his shorts. It was amazing. I felt like ripping my panties off right then and there. I started to touch my pussy. I ran my middle finger along my slit. Then he started to lower his shorts. That was it. I had to see it for real, not just on the computer. I ran to my room. I ran to Andy.

Andy was naked. His cock was just as beautiful and big as I had seen that night. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from it. I think I actually walked to it because suddenly I was in front of Andy and he was taking my t-shirt off. I was so happy to be naked in front of him. He looked at my body with such hunger in his eyes that I shivered and smiled.

I was not in control of my movements any longer. My body was acting of its own accord. I fell to my knees and with the tip of my tongue I lightly touched the tip of my brother’s dick. He came and drenched my face in cum. I was covered with his cum. I laughed of happiness. I had made my brother so horny that by just barely touching him he had cum. I had made my brother cum.

I licked as much of his jizz from my face as I could. He tasted like roasted nuts, the best roasted nuts I had ever tried. I was happy. I leaned in and I took him in my mouth.

I was not sure what to expect or what to do. I had taken a boy in my mouth once before, but it was all rather quick and I did not feel to be an expert. Andy was instantly hard again. I started sucking on it like a lollipop, moving my tongue along its underside and slightly bobbing my head. I had heard about deep throating so I tried to take more of it but I could only go so far before the gag reflex stopped me. After a while he tensed, growled like a lion, and exploded in my mouth. I didn’t even have to think about it. I just swallowed all I could. Some dribbled out of the corners of my mouth and I immediately licked it in. It was heaven.

I had to have him in me. I physically felt the need for my brother’s cock. Still, I mustered all my self-control and I whispered: “We cannot fuck. I am a virgin and I am not on the pill. I love you and trust you but I don’t want to get pregnant.” I felt physically ill when I said this. My need was all powering. I felt emptiness in my cunt. If he had not heard me, or ignored what I had just told him, I would have let him fuck me right then and there.

I heard him say that not to worry that he loved me and then he started to kiss me passionately. He must have tasted himself in my mouth. I could still taste him in my mouth. We fell on the bed. He started to lick my breasts. He teased one nipple with his mouth and then took the other nipple and started to suck hard. I almost came and I almost fainted. I don’t have words to describe the pleasure I felt in that moment. I wanted to tell Andy how I felt but I could only get grunts and moans out of my mouth. Yet that was nothing compared to what I felt when he put his mouth over my pussy. I still had my panties on but the second I felt the heat from his mouth on my pussy I came and came and came.

He laughed, happy of my reaction, and said: “I am sure you will also last longer the second time.” He then took my soaked panties off and gave me the most amazing cunt lick. No boy had ever done this to me. Where had he learned to do this? He played with my pussy and my clit in every possible way. He licked along the slit, entered inside of me with his hardened tongue, and finally sucked on my clit giving me mind-boggling pleasure. When he sucked hard on my clit I finally came for the second time of the night. I came so violently that my voice was not strong enough to scream out all the pleasure I was feeling.

I had cum for the second time of the afternoon but still I felt an uncontrollable urge to have my brother inside of me. Again I was feeling physically ill for having an empty pussy. I knew I had to stop somehow. So I mustered every bit of energy and self constraint in me to say: “tomorrow…. condoms…. buy them!”

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