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In the midst’s of her college dorm room, Bethany lay on her back, her legs spread, and raised and looked up at the ceiling. Above her, James pushed himself into her again and again. Each stroke brought a short gasp from her. Her thin, long legs arched as he pulled his manhood into her wet sex again. Her stomach quivered as his sweaty chest rubbed against her. Bethany stared at the ceiling, her vision turning a hazy red and thought.

She thought about herself.

In her mind’s eye, Bethany was not the one laying in bed; she was the one kneeling on it. She was not the one, whose eyes were half closed, whose ragged gasps of air were punctuated by the swift move of her lover’s hips. Instead it was her ravaging a younger girl’s womanhood. In her mind, she felt her chest pressed against that girl’s smooth chest. And in her mind, she smelled her own fragrant scent , mingling with her own masculine fragrance.

And as he spent himself into her, she thought of the feeling of her sex twitching as she spent herself into another girl.

Her lover collapsed next to her. She turned over to nuzzle her head on his chest, thinking.

Her groin stirred Her mind wandered. Her legs twitched. Bethany saw it again in her mind.

She saw a girl beneath her, her legs splayed, her eyes wide. She saw her ragged breaths as her own hands pressed the girls wrists to the bed. She saw the girl struggle, squirming against her grasp. She saw her legs quiver in anticipation as she waited. She saw that girl, thin, weak, helpless, look up at her biting her lips as Bethany moved her own rigid phallus into her opening.

And most of all, she saw the look of resentful submission play out on the girls face as she entered her. Again and again.

Bethany’s finger worked along her own sex as she played. Her hands stroked her swollen clit. Her breasts heaved against her lover’s chest.

Bethany came then. Her back arched, her limbs tensed, her breasts heaved. In her mind, she saw the girl’s mouth open in silent agony, in silent submission as her own man hood quivered and spewed its warm seed into the waiting sex. Always, in her mind, she was the man.

But that was only in her mind.

Bethany relaxed and curled up next to her lever. She pulled the covers over their nude forms, and sighed. For now, she was that girl she so desperately wanted to despoil. For now she was the one whose body lay open. For now lovers spent their seed into her. And for now, she was the one held at mercy to the passions that rose in her.

In a month, that changed.

A month later, eight colleges students sat on the floor. As casino oyna Bethany met their gazes she nodded, smiling. There was Dan, who had a crush on her since they had met. Sarah, Dan’s current girlfriend. Next to her was Jake, her first boyfriend in college, Diana her roommate. Jake and Morgan sat next to her. Friends she had known since she had come to college. Across form her sat the one person here she did not know.


She was a friend of Sarah’s. With long brown hair , pulled behind her back, and matching brown eyes that sparkled, she pulled her hands through her hair, biting a lip. Tonight, Bethany was with friends. Suzzy, on the hand, was not. The anticipation was normal. Bethany smiled at her, as she moved her thing hands through her hair again, before resting them on her short brown dress. She smiled back to Bethany. Bethany stared. Then she basked. Suzzy’s smile warmed her heart. It was meek. It was inviting. It was given freely. And most of all, it was intimated.

Their eyes were locked. Bethany broke it, and turned to the rest of them. “Let’s play,” she commanded.

They obeyed. Even Suzzy.

The air grew warm with their passions. It was a simple game, but a simple kiss in a college common-room could turn into a bit of heavy petting. The room was small, and there were eight of them there. And they played hard. Each spin a pair kissed. And on each spin, Bethany watched Suzzy. The girl interested her. She reminded Bethany of herself.

Bethany’s first kiss went to Dan. It was a quick affair. She kissed his lips gently, he held her hand delicately. They lingered for a moment, she felt his breath on her face, as his hand gently squeezed her own. Then they broke it and sat back down. Dan’s girlfriend was here. Sarah stared at Bethany afterward, amused. The two of them had taken a class together, and they knew each other with passing frequency. Sarah knew enough to know that Dan would take the chance to do far more then kiss Bethany. And Sarah didn’t want that happening. Not on her watch. Her next kiss, as she spun the bottle went to Jake.

Bethany knew Jake. She had slept with him. They knew how to kiss. And so they kissed.

In front of all the others, she held her arms around his waist weekly. His own grasp dug her into his warm phallus. She felt him shudder as her tongue entered his mouth, and felt the powerful force of his tongue respond back. Bethany smiled at him as they parted. She breathed in a deep breath and looked around the room. He was up next.

Dan got Morgan. They made short work of it. Bethany doubted briefly if their mouths actually touched.

And canlı casino bottle spun round and round. People kissed, hands groped, and Bethany watched Suzzy. She had only been chosen once. Dan’s spin had landed on her, and he kissed her gently, his hands roaming over her back. Suzzy was blushing as she sat down, and tucked her legs under herself as she spun again.

The bottle spun again and again. Bethany stared into Suzzy’s eyes. To her credit, Suzzy stared back. There was something that, something that she saw. Some sense of wanting, of desire, some sense of herself in that gaze.

The bottle spun slowly. It elegantly wandered all the way around the crowd. They all had played this before, but Suzzy was new. She was a new treasure to be had. As the bottle passed next to Dan, Bethany heard him hold his breath. As it passed by Morgan, she heard him cough. It ended her spin between her and Morgan. Bethany broke Suzzy’s gaze briefly to glare at Morgan.

Morgan nodded at him, and sat back to watch.

Suzzy stood up, her soft feet making no sound on the hard wood floor. Bethany watched amused, as Suzzy came close to her. Bethany reached out a single hand, and touched Suzzy’s cheek. Suzzy placed a hand on Bethany’s side. Bethany moved her hand forward, and kissed her.

They stood like that for a minute. Their lips pressed together. Bethany’s hand on Suzzy’s head. Bethany felt heself rise. She moved her other hand to Suzzy’s waist, and pushed it towards her. She kissed her savegly and darted her tongue into Suzzy’s mouth. Her mouth parted. Bethany tasted the warm orifice, as she swung her tongue around. Bethany tasted her warm scene. She felt Suzzy’s toungd yield to her. At once she knew what it was that had drawn them together.

As Bethany parted the kiss and looked into Suzzy’s eyes. She nodded to herself. Suzzy was the girl of her fantasies. She watched Suzzy bite her lip. She felt Suzzy’s hand tremble against her body. Her groin tingled. It stirred. They parted. Bethany sat down and spun the bottle again.

Each time the bottle was spun. Each time a kiss was made, Bethany looked into Suzzy’s eyes. And Bethany saw her tremble under her gaze.

The others noticed it too. She saw Dan look at her, his eyes were wide. She saw Sarah take in a deep breath when Bethany glanced at her. She saw Diana nod slowly. Tonight was her night. And tonight, she needed their shared room.

By early morning the game had broken up. Kisses had been made, the room was stuffy and warm, and the pairs of people wanted to head to bed.

Bethany watched as each pair went. She saw Dan and Sarah stumble out the door. kaçak casino She watched as Diana gently walked by her, perched on Morgan’s eyes. She felt the rest of the leave her. Everyone besides Suzzy.

She was Suzzy with interest. The girl was near trembling. She stood up and held out her hand. Her mind left her. She was not a girl here. She was a man. And this was a woman. She was going to take her. Suzzy grasped her hand with her own. Bethany leaned forward and kissed her lips deeply. Suzzy took a step back, and yielded to her touch. As their hips moved together, and Bethany’s hand migrated up Suzzy’s legs, she felt a stirring in her own body. She felt a heat, and she felt a passion.

The two of them stumbled, kissing over each other through the door of Bethany’s room. Bethany broke the kiss long enough to push Suzzy onto the bed and looked at her. She took in a deep breath, and watched Suzzy squirm under her gaze.

The power was intoxicating. She paused there, watching Suzzy’s breasts rise in ragged bgasps of air. She saw her spread legs twitch in anticipation. She saw Suzzy’s eyes closed, her head leaning back. Her body was open. It was inviting. Bethany took it.

With her hands, she explored Suzzy’s thighs. She roughly pressed against the soft skin. Bethany then pulled up Suzzy’s skirt and tore off her panties.

She grinned, and stared into Suzzy’s wide eyes. As sthe thrust the first two fingers into Suzzy’s exposed sex her grin widened. Suzzy moaned. Bethany thrust them in harder.

As she felt Suzzy’s body tighten under the assault, she pushed another finger into her sex. And then another. Suzzy moaned harder, and twisted her legs away. Bethany kept up her pace, twisting her own fingers inside her tight sex. With a large gasp, Suzzy came. Bethany stopped and gazed at her.

Suzzy smiled back.

Slowly, Bethany placed her fingers wet with Suzzy’s swollen sex near her mouth, and felt her tongue lick off the liquid. Suzzy’s eyes grew wide as Bethany straddled her face. As she pressed her own sex into her mouth, and felt her tongue begin to work on her body, her vision grew hazy.

In minutes, Bethany came as well. They lay there for a while, neither of them speaking. Both of them dressed. Bethany raised her head and looked at the girl. She spoke silently, remembering the words that her first boyfriend had told her: “Suzzy, I want to make a proper woman out of you.”

She watched as Suzzy bit her lip. And slowly nodded.

Not tonight. Bethany knew. Not tomorrow. But soon. Soon she would have her fantasy of riding a girl until the morning. She would see Suzzy’s body respond to her every touch, she would feel her mouth give way to her own. She would see no lay there, waiting for a guy to touch her. Instead. Soon. She would be on top. And Suzzy will submit to her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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