Passion in the Exit Row

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He had boarded the flight, but was feeling unsettled. It had been a long trip, but he had been so busy and tired with all the work he had to do, that he hadn’t gotten himself off in days. He sat in his exit row seat, and thought about maybe finding some time to himself in the bathroom when the plane took off. As they taxied to the runway, the flight attendants took their take-off positions, and he couldn’t help but notice the flight attendant sitting facing him was a gorgeous young woman, showing some beautiful cleavage.

She noticed him too, a handsome business-type in a very nice suit. Normally she didn’t notice customers, she saw so many each week. But there was just something about him — he looked kind but with a smoldering sexuality that wasn’t far from the surface. Still, she’d been getting in trouble at work a lot and needed to be on good behavior.

He could tell as the plane took off that she wanted to make the eye contact he was trying to initiate. He knew he had to try to talk to her, but the plane was in the air and she was up doing her work. He had 10 hours. He knew he would find his chance somehow.

At dinnertime when she served him his meal, he locked eyes with her and gave her a knowing smile. She could feel a jolt of electricity run down her body, and she could feel herself getting anadolu yakası escort wet and wondering what it would be like to have him inside her. But she couldn’t let it show, so she shyly looked away. Somehow, though, he could read her mind.

He waited until she came to take his meal away. He had red wine left in his glass, and as he handed her his tray, he tipped the tray so the wine would spill on his suit, making it look like it was her fault. She couldn’t shyly get away from him now.

She blushed strongly, apologized again and again, and got flustered. He just calmly said to her, “I guess we’ll have to go to the back and clean it up.”

They walked to the back of the plane, her getting more nervous and excited the whole way. Because the crew was cleaning up the meal, they were back there alone.

She gave him some napkins to clean up the stain, but he pushed them back at her and said, “You spilled it. I think you should wipe it off.”

She was still too excited and nervous to look him in the eye, so she looked at his chest to avoid eye contact. But even then, she couldn’t help but notice that he had just the kind of build she liked, and she got wetter and wetter. She went from dabbing his shirt to massaging his chest ataşehir escort with sensual motions through the napkin.

He could feel himself getting hard. Because he was taller than her, he could see down her top and see what beautiful, firm breasts she had. He whispered to her, “Most of the wine fell in my lap.”

She instantly pulled her hand away and turned around. She was so excited she could barely stand it, but she had to be good. He couldn’t wait another second, though. He felt like he was going to explode he wanted to fuck her so bad. He grabbed her shoulders and pulled her up to him so that she could feel his hard cock on her tight ass. His mouth was right next to her ear, and he whispered, “I know you want to let go. Do it.”

Right then, she heard the other crew members getting close to the back of the plane, so she impulsively grabbed him by the tie and practically dragged him into the toilet. He spun her around and they began to make out furiously, tongues darting around each other, him grabbing her by the ass and her stroking his cock through his pants, feeling how big and hard she was making him.

She finally spoke, and said “We don’t have much time, I have to get back.”

He said, “Then I’ll make sure you get what you need. Quickly.”

At ümraniye escort that he pulled down her skirt and told her to take off her blouse. He pulled down his pants and held his bulging cock in his hands for her to see. “This is what I’m going to put in you until you come,” he said.

She was so overwhelmed she couldn’t move, but she didn’t have to, because he was taking control. He sat down on the seat, and with his strong hands around her waist, brought her hips down to her so that he was sliding into her hot, wet pussy from behind. He lifted her hips up and down, up and down, while she tried not to scream with pleasure. He saw she was having trouble keeping quiet, so he pulled off his tie and stuffed it in her mouth. Then he continued to pound her, with her moaning into the tie, until she came, and collapsed back onto him breathing hard.

He was ready to let her get back to work, but when she regained her composure she said to him, “No. I have to see you come. I want to see the come erupting from that big, hard cock. I need it!”. Hearing that, he gently pushed her to her knees, and guided her mouth to his big cock. She knew what to do, and gently licked and stroked it, finally sucking the head while stroking the shaft. His days of built up sexual frustration erupted all at once, and he came into her mouth with a force he had rarely felt. But she was ready, and swallowed every last drop. She couldn’t have a mess on her work clothes, after all.

Finally, they dressed. He gave her a kiss, and sent her on her way with his business card. This was something they were going to need to do again, and again, and again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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