Passions Of Sin Erupt In Mother Ch. 03

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I tried to think what my next move will be to prevent this family from falling apart. But it seemed that my cravings for my son were strong and undeniably irresistible for me to reject.

I felt like this was an addiction to me and the only way out of it is to come forward and say the truth. But say the truth to whom? Who am I kidding? I am not going to tell a single soul about this relationship that has made me feel like I am 20 years old and as if my life is starting over? How could I be thinking like that when I have a daughter that is not even 18 and is still going to need me for many things?

When I got up from Phil’s bed I headed towards Sarah’s bedroom and opened the door slowly and say that she was fast a sleep still and was not going to get up yet. So I thought I had some time to go on the treadmill in the basement and “run my thoughts” till they are not there any more.

But that didn’t happen because my brain was still focused on my actions and my family with priority to Phil.

That day went by very slow and funny as I couldn’t do much with Sarah in the house. She kept asking me about her father but I couldn’t tell her for sure because he was full of surprises on his schedule.

“Why don’t you call your father and ask him sweetheart? Tell him that we all miss him” I lied!

“OK mom, I will call him now”

She called him and had a long chat with him but I didn’t really understand what they talked about except a few words from my daughter that was anxious to see him. Then she came to inform me of his intentions to come home this weekend were vague and that he would be gone probably for the following week too. Sarah didn’t look that happy and she was in a bad mood after the phone call ended.

“Come on Sarah, don’t be so sad”

“Mom, I miss dad and I haven’t seen him for while and I do really want to”

“Don’t worry, he will figure out something to get him home as fast as he possibly can.”

“Can I go to him for the weekend to see him?”

Her idea was blooming in my mind and honestly never thought of it until she mentioned it. I began to think in a very wrong way just to get rid of Sarah so I can have all the time with Phil that I wanted for the weekend at least.

I began to imagine myself and Phil all alone in the house fucking all the time. Even though I know that my thoughts were wrong and selfish but I couldn’t get them out of my mind.

“Do you really want to go and stay with him for the weekend if it is possible? You know that he will be very busy and you will be probably in a hotel room for most of the time?”

“I can be with him when he is working, I won’t be in his way”

“Let me give him a call and see what he has to say about it”

My daughter was so happy and she was jumping up and down even though I warned her that maybe her father would not agree to this idea.

“John darling hi, how are you?”

“I am fine Sandra but I am really tired and exhausted from all this work. I have been trying to get done as soon as possible so that I can come back home to you guys. I miss you sweetheart.”

“Listen John we miss you here to but your daughter is driving me crazy with your absence and she wants to come to you for the weekend. I told that it probably won’t be a good idea because you are very busy.”

“You know what Sandra? I wouldn’t mind her coming here to stay with me for the weekend. We work half day on Saturday and Sunday is more like a prep day for Monday. So she would do me really good to come here even for only the weekend. We will still have plenty of time to have fun after work.”

“So what time will it be good for her to arrive at the airport on Friday?”

“Send her with a flight that would be here about 7PM. That way I will have plenty of time to get to the airport on time to pick her up”

Sarah was screaming out loud of excitement and she was so happy that I wouldn’t be able to relax her until she is on the plane to see her father. So until Friday comes she is going to mom this… mom that… Oh my God, I can’t even begin to think that she will not leave any time at all to enjoy Phil. But the weekend will make up for it since the entire house will be only for my and Phil.

The following days I couldn’t find any time for me and Phil, even at night as Sarah came to sleep with me for the days that remained till Friday and except two short moments with Phil that I had to give him a kiss and some foreplay that were always interrupted by my daughter.

That Friday morning she was up and ready for me to take her to the airport even though I needed a few more hours to pass since she would be leaving in the afternoon. I really was so anxious to take her to the airport and get back home with Phil and spend as much time as possible with him.

On the way back from the airport, I was hoping to see him home because he was doing some late classes to fill in the time he was going to take off for the weekend. We had it all planned like two gaziantep minyon escort conniving crooks. I was feeling guilty about it but at the same time I was so much caught in the idea of a passionate weekend with no fear of getting caught.

I got home but Phil was not back yet. I thought I should get ready for him like a wife that waits for her husband to come back from work and show him the affection and love that he deserved. I got in the shower and washed myself quickly and shaved my legs.

I was thinking of shaving my pubic hair but the words of Phil not to do such thing stopped me. I did though trim it around my labia as I always do. I walked naked back to my room and grabbed my sexy red underwear that I bought this week to give him a treat. I was planning this so carefully and I knew that he was going to love it.

So I wore the red panties and bra and over them I put a clear red nightgown. I wanted to put some garters on too but I thought that maybe I should wait for another time. Next were the red high heels that I hadn’t put on for a long time that I couldn’t ever remember.

Once I was ready, I lied under my sheets and pretended to be sleeping the minute I heard the door close behind Phil. He went straight to his room and then I heard the shower. I wanted to go and join him and do what I missed all this week with Sarah around. But that would spoil my treat for him. So I managed to maintain my self control and wait for him to finish his shower.

Then I heard the shower go off and a few minutes later he was coming towards my bedroom and my heart was pounding to see his reaction. I had the lights off and when his hand reached for the switch…

“Phil, don’t turn on the lights yet. Come and lie on the bed, I have a surprise for you”

“What kind of surprise mom…I can’t wait to be inside you…I am aching.”

His words aroused me even more than I was. He lied on the bed and I turned on the music with a soft tune that I love and was going to dance to, for him. I could see his hand rubbing his cock over the towel he had around his waist.

The lights were not too bright but enough to see every detail on my body through the nightgown that was see-through. I began to dance moving my hips together and pointing my but cheeks out. I was caressing my breasts at the same time.

I think he never pictured myself doing this before to anyone and his mouth was wide open. His eyes were staring on my body all the time and I could see his erection pushing through his towel. I danced slowly to the bed and got on it continuing my dance without a pause.

Now I was standing over him and his eyes were glued on my pussy. I could feel my panties getting wet from my arousal and like this I was pretty sure that they would look like a peed on myself if I didn’t get them off soon. But I wasn’t going to do that yet. My next move was to take off my nightgown slowly and show him some more of me. His cock was pulsing so fast…

“Phil…you like what you see?”

“Mom, if you don’t stop…I will cum without even touching you”

“So…you want me to stop?”

“Noooo…I want to put him inside you… but I am afraid that I don’t think I will last too long”

“You poor thing… haven’t even seen anything yet”

I slowly move my hand over my breasts and down to my stomach and then in my panties to my soaked pussy. My labia were ready to take his cock any time and I fingered myself a couple of times and while looking at him I was feeling that my climax was going to come soon too.

“You like mommy playing with her pussy?”

“I love it mom…but I would love to have my cock inside you too”

“Patients…” I told him while I was trying to bring myself close to my orgasm so that I can cum with him at the same time…it is very rewarding to cum with the person you are having sex with then one at a time…all the energy from both is so intense.

Then I turned around and asked him to help my take of my bra while I continued masturbating myself…I could feel the anxiety and excitement in his hands that couldn’t release the hook on the back of my bra.

When he managed to do so, I turned and slowly revealed my aureoles but not my nipples teasing him as much as I could. I know the minute he would enter my “Love Tunnel” he would fill me with his young cum. So I had to be ready to meet him in this “explosion that was about to come”.

I started coming close to my orgasm and I was close to the point where I would not be able to stop and I dropped my bra down quickly and then I pulled his towel open to see that his cock was pulsing and grown so much and there was no time to do anything more.

I can’t believe how fast I was aroused doing this strip-tease to my son. I wasn’t able to control myself any longer and I took of my panties in a “flash” and grabbed his cock hard so that he wouldn’t cum without being inside me. My climax would peak nizip escort at the thought of his sperm blowing in my vagina.

“You ready for mommy’s pussy…baby”

“Mom…I am cumming now…”

I took him all the way and began fucking him while he grabbed my breasts and looked at me in the eyes half closed-half opened…

“Mo…m…I can’t …hold…myself…I…”

I lowered my lips on Phil’s and kissed him briefly and looked at his powerless eyes…

“I know Phil and you know what, mommy is cumming this moment so shoot me all your seed in me right now”

“Oh…mom…I am cumming …now…inside you…oh fuck…aaaah”

His orgasm was so intense and I could feel him shooting inside harder ever time that we made love and my orgasm was meeting his.

“Oh Phil…what are…you…doing to meee” So I grabbed his face and looked at him in the eyes and whispered with passion and a tone of submission…

“Mommy is cumming too…like never before in her entire life…I love you Phil…”

The minute I said that he grabbed my ass and began to fuck me like a hammer drill so fast that I was exploding into mini orgasms with every 2-3 thrusts and I could feel a river inside me running down…trembling like someone that came out of the waters of a frozen lake.

He kept fucking me so hard while I was coming and at some point I began to lose consciousness as all my blood was rushing on my genitals in this dance of orgasms that I was having.

“Oh my God Phil…I am going to CUM AGAIN…”and then I let go of a waterfall of cum on his pubic area…I know it was not pee because there was no odor and it was something in between clear and dull but not as thick as Phil’s sperm.

“Oh…mom…that is so hot…did you pee on me?”

“No…Baby…that was female cum…does it smell like pee?”

“You are right…I made you cum? Means that I found your G-Spot?”

“I believe you have darling…and you are the only one that has done that to me.”

He kept fucking me slowly while our orgasm was subsiding and I lied on him with my breasts firmly on his chest and moved my pussy on his cock slowly synchronizing his movement.

This kind of mating with a man was unknown to me. I loved John always and I still do but there is no comparison with these emotions that I am “living”.

“Mom…you are amazing and what you do to me is driving me crazy too and I never imagined that you were such a sensual and sexual woman. Don’t get me wrong, I always thought you were the most beautiful woman in the world but I never pictured you like this. If we ever have to stop I don’t think I will be able to find another woman to please me as you do. To show me so much sex and love at the same time.”

“Phil…me? The most beautiful woman?”

I kissed so passionately and literally sucked his tongue and lips and I could feel his cock pulsing and moving again in my pussy.

“Phil…your cock is moving inside me again…are you going to fuck me again so soon?”

“I would fuck you every second of the day if I could mom…I can’t think of anything else since we made love for the first time. All I want is to fuck and cum inside you.”

“You like filling me with your cum darling? What do you really feel, when you do that?” I asked him.

“I don’t know how to explain it mom…I feel like if I don’t do it I will die! Like it is the most important thing in my life to do, like I haven’t had any water for days and suddenly they give me a bucket full and I just drink it like there will be no tomorrow.”

His explanation was more than enough to understand how serious he feels at this point. I wish I could see the future to come if I continued this relationship even secretly. I know what I was thinking was not through logic but emotions of the moment.

“Phil…I am so worried about this relationship. Where are we going to get if we continue? There is no future for us and you know that! Let’s be realistic and face the truth.”

He broke into tears and held me tight, and in a few seconds his cock softened and was out of my pussy. This really gotten into him and triggered his emotions negatively.

“Phil…please don’t cry…I love you more than anyone in this world…you are the most important part of my life and after what has happened between us I am even more attached to you…I want you and I can’t stop this feeling but I am just stating the facts because we have to figure out what we are going to do and how we are going to handle this situation.” These words calmed him a bit and he smiled slightly.

“Mom…please don’t tell me that you won’t make love to me again…don’t tell me that you will stop what is going on between us…I don’t think I can take that.”

“Phil…I don’t want to stop either and you know that already…Come on, don’t you see what you do to me? But we have to discuss now that we will have these 3 days to ourselves. When your father nurdağı escort returns we will not have that much free time anymore and our moments alone like this will be vary rare…”

“Rare is better than nothing…that is all I needed to hear from you mom…I don’t care how often but when there is a chance I will not lose it for any reason. If I have 1 minute with you I will use it as best as possible. I will make it feel like and hour…”

How could I not get moved within hearing these words from him? I kissed like I never kissed anyone before showing him all my feelings and my tears now were running, mixing with his and our wet bodies from our sex and sweat.

My pussy even though after all these orgasms and full of semen of my son were still inside me, I felt my blood rushing in my vaginal walls.

“Phil…you know what I want you to do? I want you inside me again…I want you to fuck me again…you fuck me so good. Can you do that for mommy?”

My words were so arousing for him, I figured from our encounters so far that my dirty talk makes him a sex machine and this was the only way I could get his mind off the worries that I gave him.

He turned me on my back and spread my legs wide open. He sucked on my nipples and started rubbing his cock on my labia. It was moving at getting hard really fast. I know he would be ready pretty soon.

“Mom, I am going to fuck you so good…I will fuck you until you cum again and again…until you beg me to stop”

“Please fuck me know baby…please my pussy wants your cock…wants your cum…fuck me…fuck me”

I reached down and grabbed his cock and guided it in my pussy…

“Oh…yessssss…fuck me Phil…fuck me…please fuck me…show me how much you love me.”

He didn’t say a word and just began fucking me hard and slow. In hard and out slow again and again. Every time he would go in you could hear a loud slap from his body hitting on mine. Every thrust was like a shockwave and my clitoris was feeling this slam.

He looked at me in the eyes and kept his pace steady and strong with a very slight gradual increase. He was bringing me to a climax again so soon and I couldn’t wait for it to come. I wanted him so bad in me that I couldn’t think of anything else but his cock inside me.

“Oh…Yes…Fuck me baby…yes…yes…Oh…I am …going… to cum…soon…baby…make mommy cum like before…”

“You like the way I fuck you mom? You want me to continue like this? You want me to stop?”

“Don’t … you … ever … stop … fucking me”

His pace was getting faster and stronger and had my feet on the bed and my knees were opened wide giving him access to the deepest spots of my pussy. I was about to explode and he was still looking confident over me and sure that he was going to fuck my “brains” out. He was indeed doing that as he did before.

“Oh Phil…I am cumming…cumming on your cock…Ahhhhhhhhhh yes. Oh” I begun shouting out loud and trembling from my climax and he just kept fucking me like a machine. He was amazing and in dreams I wouldn’t even imagine a fuck like this.

My pussy was so sensitive at this point that I was shaking and shivering from chills that his cock was giving me. He held my hands from my wrists and kept fuck me and the only thing I could do is move my hips with him. I was lost and my mind was not clear anymore…I couldn’t think anymore.

“Phil…I am…Cum”

I couldn’t cross another word… I just blew in another orgasm…bursting in orgasm after orgasm…I was speechless and lost in another world that there was nothing but orgasms…

“Ah…Oh…Ahhh” was coming out of my mouth only. I looked at my strong boy over my fucking me so good and wished that it would never end.

Then after a countless number that was not really important because it felt like a long single orgasm, I was loosing my consciousness once again. I was exhausted and he didn’t even show a sign of exhaustion.

“Phil…I want you to cum inside me now…please…I can’t take it anymore…I am going to faint before you even cum…please cum inside me now. I want you to fill me with your sperm…Show mommy how much you want to have a baby with her as you told her a few days ago”

I don’t know why I said that but it surely got him going because lost his balance and shot his sperm deep inside me.

“Oh…Mom…Fuck…take my cum…my sperm…I want a kid with you”

While he began to cum in me he raised my legs and after many thrusts he stopped with his cock all the way inside me as if he was trying to get his sperm to enter my cervix with the angle that he gave my body. I don’t know why I was taking this risk with Phil and unprotected sex.

If I really got pregnant we would have a great problem. But did I really care or did I really want this? Was I trying to get pregnant? I mean I didn’t even start the pill yet when I should have. It was like I was asking for trouble or was the desire to have a child with the greatest love of my life. I didn’t know what to think about and his lips joined mine and began kissing me.

“Mom,you want me to get you pregnant? Did you mean what you said to me?”

“Phil,I say always, what I feel and mean…but you know the consequences for something like could be disastrous…”

To Be Continued…

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