Paying for Pleasure Ch. 03

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Big Tits

Although the names are the same, this is a completely different fantasy than earlier submissions with other titles. All participants in the sex are over eighteen. And, again, since this is a fantasy world of my creation, there are no STD’s or unwanted pregnancies in my world. This is a fantasy, don’t try it at home.


I quickened my pace wanting to intervene. Just as I got to them, Tracey turned on her heel and stormed back into her house. Kim’s anger was apparent as she stormed home as well. I tried to talk to her but she wasn’t having any of it. She ignored me.

In the house, my daughter stood in the entryway, foot tapping and hands on her hips.

“How could you, Daddy? Two dozen roses?”

I didn’t know what to say. Did my daughter know her best friend was giving me blowjobs as interest payments for a $500 loan I had made her? Or was it just the roses themselves?

I didn’t know. That being the case, I said the most intelligent thing possible under the circumstances.

“I have to go to the bathroom, honey, excuse me.”

I slipped past my daughter, throwing myself up the stairs. I made a beeline for the bathroom making sure to lock the door behind me. My phone was buzzing to indicate an incoming text before I even had my pants down and had assumed the position.

It might seem odd to you that the bathroom was my choice for privacy but it was the only room in the house with a lock on the door. Not even my bedroom had a lock as it was never needed before. I’m not sure whether Kim would have restrained herself from barging into my room. She wouldn’t interrupt here.

Checking my cell phone for the text, I was not surprised to see it was from Tracey up the street. The girl was smart, I’ll give you that, she jumped to the heart of the matter before the three of us.

“Kim only knows about the roses.”

“She doesn’t know about the blow jobs?”


“Why does she think I sent you the flowers?”

“I told her.”

“WTF? Why, Tracey?”

“It just sort of came out.”

I was, of course, livid. Why did that little cunt tell my daughter about the flowers? Why? Why couldn’t she have kept her fucking trap shut? This was not my usual thought patterns when it came to women or anybody, for that matter, but, as I said, anger was ruling my thoughts at this point. Bad me.

I spent a few moments calming myself down before texting Tracey again.

“Why does she think I gave you the roses?”

“She thinks you want to go out with me.”

I was such a dunce at times.

“Go where?”

“Rick, are you being serious right now? Kim thinks we want to go out like boyfriend and girlfriend.”

“Sheesh! Why would she think that?”

“Kim knows I like older guys and sees us flirting all the time.”

There was a pounding on the bathroom door.

“Daddy, what are you doing in there? Are you talking to Tracey?”

“Umm, Kim, I am doing what I usually do in here. And, no, I am not talking to Tracey. You know I don’t talk to people when I’m on the throne.”

It wasn’t quite a lie. I wasn’t talking to Tracey. I was texting her. I know, I know, semantics. Bad me.

“You’d better not be talking to Tracey!” said my daughter. “I want to talk to you. So hurry up.”

Trying to put up a fight, “Kim, I will be out as soon as I am done. Now leave me be.”

My daughter said nothing more. I heard her walking away.

Back to Tracey, “What did you tell her?”

“I told her the first bunch was to help me deal with breaking up with that asshole. The second was for you to ask me out.”

“What did Kim say to that?”

“That’s when we started yelling at each other on the street.”

“Okay, so let’s just tell her we talked about it and decided not to go any further.”

“No, Rick, I want us to go out,” texted Tracey.

Fuck! I knew this whole thing was going to blow up in my face. Both my daughter and her best friend were going to be pissed off with me one way or the other. And, on top of that, I might lose the best blow jobs of my life.

I finished up in the bathroom, making a quiet exit, hoping to get to the possible sanctuary of my bedroom. No such luck as my daughter was sitting on the edge of my bed. Wasn’t her foot ever going to stop its angry tapping?

Hoping to further postpone any confrontation, I began to get undressed. I swear it must have taken me five minutes per button on my shirt. And, my pants even longer. Still that tapping foot.

Down to my boxers now, I grabbed my pajama pants and went to the other side of the bed behind my daughter. Warning her not to look, I lost the boxers and put on my pajamas. I could still feel the bed shaking a little from that damn tapping foot.

Not wanting to be too close to my daughter and that damn tapping, I climbed onto the bed from that side. Leaning back against the headboard, I gave my daughter a questioning look. She turned to better face me with one leg folded underneath her and the other, the friggin tapping foot, still on the floor.

I Pendik Escort sat quietly awaiting Kim to start the conversation. It didn’t take long.

“Daddy, how could you?”

I wasn’t about to walk right into the verbal trap that women have practiced over the centuries leading men to their doom.

“How could I do what, Kim?” I asked.

“Daddy! You know!” she exclaimed.

“Kim, I am not about to play guessing games with you. If you don’t want to talk about it, I’d like to go to sleep now.” My fingers were crossed.

To no avail.

“Why are you hitting on my best friend?”

Might as well go for broke.

“Tracey is a beautiful woman and she likes older men, so I thought I’d ask her out. I don’t know why you’re so upset about it, Kim.” A little indignation could go a long ways.

Not far enough, apparently.

“She’s my best friend!”

“I think that’s irrelevant, Kim. Tracey is a big girl and able to make her own decisions.”

“I know, but-“

I interrupted my daughter. “Did you get to interview the last guy and get a vote as to whether she should date him or not?”

“Well, no, Daddy.”

“Then why should you get a say in who she sees now?”

Kim pulled herself over to sit with me, leaning against the headboard. I felt like I was finally making some headway. My daughter seemed to be struggling with something further to say.

“Daddy, what is it that attracts you to Tracey? She is kind of…um…uh…homely.”

I fought the chuckle that was trying to escape and lost the battle. I started to laugh. In return, my daughter laughed along with me. Shortly, we were both laughing our asses off. Kim turned to face me and I put an arm around her. By this time, I was laughing so hard, so uproariously, that tears were running down my cheeks.

Gradually, we began to calm down. My daughter didn’t move from her position beside me with my arm wrapped around her. She wiped her eyes as well ending up with her arm laying across my belly.

“That was so funny,” I said. “But, that’s a horrible thing to say about your best friend.”

“It’s true though,” protested my daughter.

“Tracey may have missed the paintbrush when they were handing out facial beauty but she is extremely sexy.”

“What makes her so sexy?” asked my daughter.

I didn’t know where she was going with this since it was obvious, just looking at the girl what made her sexy. I hoped I could give my daughter enough details to embarrass her into giving up this line of questioning.

“Tracey has a great figure and likes to give blowjobs. What’s not to like?”

Kim lay beside me, not responding. Maybe I had won. My daughter wiped her eyes again.

Replacing her arm on my stomach, I noticed she had moved it a little lower and was really embracing my waistline at this point.

“What is it about her figure that turns you on?”

Shit! Was this not ever going to end! I decided to grow for broke hoping to stymie this line of questioning.

“Tracey has a great ass, firm and muscular. Her tits are so big and stand so proudly. Finally, Tracey’s mouth and lips are very inviting. They make you want to kiss her.”

“They make you want to get a blowjob from her too.”

“Kim! That’s enough! I think you need to go to your own room now. I’m tired.”

“Okay, Daddy,” said my daughter as she climbed over me to reach the side of the bed. She seemed to slide her tits across my chest inspiring a chubby.

My daughter walked towards the bedroom door with a definite swing to her hips.

“Daddy?” she started, “all of our friends say Tracey and I could be identical twins from the neck down…does that mean you find me sexy too?”

I threw a pillow across the room at my daughter standing in the doorway.

“Enough! Get out,” I exclaimed in my firmest daddy voice.

Finally, Saturday morning arrived to find me and the two girls sitting on the back deck with cups of coffee in our hands. Kim and Tracey were in very similar clothing. Tube tops, short shorts, and 3 inch heeled sandals. There was no doubting that these two girls were tantalizingly hot.

The girl’s had the stereo on in the house and the outdoor speakers activated. We were listening to some hip hop and R&B. One tune inspired the girls to swing and sway in their seats as they virtually screamed out the lyrics. Neither girl would ever have a career as a singer.

The next tune led to the girls getting to their feet and performing a bump and grind routine. This grabbed my attention, no doubt about it. With both girls facing me, they were making their boobs bounce. So very sexy. Turning around, my daughter and my “girlfriend” wriggled their asses at me. Them being inspired to dance inspired my chubby.

The song ended, with both girls noticing my hard on trying to escape my shorts. They whispered at each other, giggled, and ran into the house leaving a very confused daddy outside. A confused daddy thinking about his daughter and friend performing like strippers. Bad me.

Returning my attention Kurtköy Escort to my laptop, I went back to reading the online versions of my favourite newspapers. When we installed the outdoor speakers, we also ran the intercom through the system. Some time after they left, Kim’s voice came through the intercom asking me to come inside.

Upon entering, I saw that my daughter and friend had changed clothes. They were both wearing bikinis that I recognized as my daughter’s. The bikinis did not consist of a lot of material. The tops were small triangles hiding only a little more than their nipples. The bottoms were nothing more than strips of material hugging the girls’ pussies.

I really didn’t know what to do, how to react, how to stop checking out the two sexy, young, and nearly naked bodies in front of me. My daughter and friend decided my next course of action for me. They cuddled up to me, pressing their tits against my arms, kissed me on the cheeks, and led me to the couch. The young girls giggled as the pushed me down on the couch.

The tunes started again with a click of the remote. Not the radio this time, a disc of their choice began playing. My daughter and friend launched into a very provocative and erotic dance routine.

Taking turns, they danced towards me, one at a time, shaking their breasts in my face. Both girls were almost carbon copies of each other in terms of their bodies and figures. Tracey was the first to wriggle her boobs in front of my face, almost close enough to bump my nose with her hard nipples. Tracey had great boobs but I had already seen and felt them.

My daughter was a whole different matter. With the same C cup tits, firm nipples pointing straight out, and virtually no sag to either set, Kim had my full attention when she brought her boobs close to my face as well. My chubby instantaneously changed to a full hard on leaking pre-cum.

Tune after tune, the duo danced for me. First their boobs were in my face, then, spinning around, butts grazed my face, and finally pussies were shoved almost into my mouth. By this time, I was simply fascinated by the various body parts presented to my face, not caring who was who.

Seeing how they were affecting me, my daughter and friend upped their game. Tracey was the first to straddle me and begin my first lap dance of the day. No morality laws here, Tracey fed me her still covered tits while grinding her pussy against my rock hard cock.

Making way for my daughter, Tracey climbed off my lap. Kim climbed on. We heard a loud voice call out, “Oh shit!” The woman standing in the doorway was an extreme shock to me.

I knew her to have just turned 60 earlier in the year. Once a looker, her face showed her age with some wrinkles and crow’s feet lines around her eyes and mouth. She still retained her figure from younger days although, I am sure, many of her body parts were restrained by her undergarments. The dress she was wearing was figure hugging and probably too short for a woman her age. However, in her three inch heels she was still an attention grabber.

My grandmother was still a good looking woman.

“What the hell is going on here?” she demanded. Both girls were frozen in place, mouths open in shock. I grabbed the remote from beside me and put a stop to the tunes. It must have been the music and my fascination with the two bodies in front of me that prevented any of us hearing her car pull into the driveway.

“Granny! What are you doing here?” I exclaimed.

“I came to ask for a favour,” she said, “what are you three doing?”

There was no quick answer from me. How to explain why my near naked daughter was riding my lap just escaped me. Kim was still looking over her shoulder at Granny with her mouth hanging open. Tracey was the first to speak up.

“I was teaching Kim how to give a lap dance, we haven’t met, I am Kim’s friend and Rick’s girlfriend,” she said in one long jumble of words.

“Rick! You’re dating a girl your daughter’s age. How could you?”

Once again, Tracey was the first to respond. I absolutely knew she wasn’t going to get us out of this hot water.

“I borrowed money from Rick and was cut back on my hours at work so I couldn’t pay him back and gave him blow jobs as interest payments.”

Nope, deeper water. Both my daughter and my grandmother were looking at me with blazing eyes and slack jaws. I tried my words to get out of this hole.

After considerable thought, I came up with the most logical response I could formulate.

“What are you doing here, Granny?”

Maybe it wasn’t very smart but it was definitely the best I could come up with at the time. And, it seemed to work.

“I wanted to see you and Kim,” said my grandmother. “I just wasn’t expecting to see so much of Kim.”

Tracey took this opportunity to sit beside me on the chair. My daughter re-adjusted herself so she was sitting sort of on her side beside me with a leg still resting across my lap. My grandmother stared at my daughter for a moment as the position she was in served to highlight her pussy rather Maltepe Escort than conceal it.

“You young girls have some very sexy moves on the dance floor these days. I love dancing,” said my grandmother.

Finally, I thought while breathing a sigh of relief, we had been diverted from the original topic of discussion. Tracey, though, seemed to be focused on keeping us in the heat.

“We can teach you,” said Tracey.

Granny’s eyes lit up as she responded with, “You will? When?”

Tracey answered saying, “There’s no better time than now. You come sit here, Granny,” she said as she vacated the seat beside me. My grandmother took her seat sitting right up against me.

“Come on, Kim, let’s dance,” Tracey ordered my daughter.

Finding the remote, the tunes started anew, and the girls started dancing again. They were swinging and swaying, bumping and grinding on each other. These two young girls were amazingly sexy. Tracey danced up to my grandmother, grabbed her by the hand, and pulled her to her feet.

Now, the three of them were dancing. Granny was emulating their moves, even Kim and Tracy’s sexy moves, getting right into the groove. They danced for two or three tunes. The three of them, including Granny, looked very sexy showing off their moves and sexy bodies. While they danced, I did my best to hide my prick. It was threatening to poke its way through my pants.

The tunes came to a halt allowing Granny to throw herself back on the couch right against me. As she caught her breath, Granny put her one arm behind me on the top of the backrest, turned herself so she was sitting sort of side on to me putting her other arm around my waist.

When I was younger, much younger, Granny had been the fodder for many of my masturbatory fantasies. My cock seemed to be remembering those fantasies, as it had reached the biggest hardon I could remember in years.

All of us sitting or standing in silence, Tracey was the first to break it. Of course! Fuck!

“Granny, have you ever performed a lap dance?” Seeing her shake her head no, Tracey offered to have Kim and her teach the older woman beside me.

The music started again allowing Tracey to pick up where they had left off. Swaying back and forth in time with the music, she eventually worked herself close to me again. Leaning over, Tracey supported herself with one hand on Granny’s shoulder and the other on mine.

She shook her tits in front of both of our faces, grazing us with her nipples. Granny seemed to be mesmerized by the erotic nature of the dance. Pushing back, Tracey motioned to Kim, urging my daughter forward.

Repeating each other’s motions they danced forward and back, shaking their tits and grazing our mouths. After I don’t know how many rotations, Tracy, perched on my lap, grabbed the back of both of our heads, forcing our lips right up to her breasts. My natural reaction was to kiss her nipple. To my amazement, so did Granny.

Once again the girls switched off and it was Kim pushing her breasts into the mouths of her father and grandmother. The music came to an end leaving my daughter sitting on my lap. My hard on was pushed tight against her pussy.

“You seemed to have liked it, Granny”, said my daughter.

“Do you want to try it, Granny?” asked Tracey.

Granny hemmed and hawed for a few minutes with both young girls encouraging her to give it a go. Finally, my grandmother conceded, allowing the girls to pull her to her feet. Tracey curled up around me with her interesting parts rubbing against me. I put my arm around her, low down, and caressed her ass.

Kim turned the music on and leaned against the wall. Granny began her swinging and swaying gradually moving closer and closer to. She tried to straddle me too but her dress was tight to allow her to spread her legs far enough. Granny tugged on it to no avail.

Tracey told her she couldn’t perform a lap dance with her dress on. There was some hesitation on Granny’s part but she surrendered complete control when the girls aimed her at the stairs to the bedroom level.

I wasn’t moving. Not an inch. I didn’t know where this was going but I was more than willing to find out. Waiting for the next steps in this dance, I squeezed my cock pretty much as tightly as I could. A lovely pain assailed me. I continued squeezing until the women folk returned.

Apparently, all three girls had changed their outfits. My daughter was the first down the stairs. She was wearing a red and black bustier with tiny panties and thigh highs. Her shoes were 4 inch stilettoes. Yummy. I didn’t even know my daughter owned such an outfit.

Tracey was next. Since they were the same size, she must have been wearing some of my daughter’s lingerie. A virtually see through lace and satin bra, matching panties, red thigh highs, and another pair of my daughter’s stilettoes.

Next was my grandmother. Holy fuck! Oh my fucking gawd! Although I had pictured Granny naked when I was younger, I never in a million years would have anticipated seeing her dressed like this. OMG!

Like my daughter, Granny was wearing a bustier and body suit combination but, unlike my daughter, it was all white and had cutouts to display her nipples. No panties, the body suit clasped between her legs. Finishing off her ensemble were white thigh highs and white stilettoes.

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