Penelope’s Fall

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Penelope’s Fall

She couldn’t understand the attraction. Wasn’t she more grownup than this? Thirty-five years old, divorced, successfully employed in a job she liked. But here she was, dancing with a college student and hugging him!

“Eric, what are you doing, holding me close with a hand on my behind?”

“My mother taught me to treat women with respect.” They were in a dark corner and the fingers of the impudent hand massaged her, causing all sorts of problems with her female parts.

She leaned up and kissed him quickly. “I suppose she told you I was divorced and it was ok to hit on me?” She allowed her body to press closer to him.

“She said you needed a man in your life and why didn’t I see if I fit in.” With her hands around his neck, both of his hands were keeping them tight. She could feel his stiff cock against her mound. Her brain said this kind of contact could lead to trouble. Her body said she had not been on a dance floor in the arms of a handsome young man in years.

He whispered in her ear, “I love the way you dance. I’m getting…”

She interrupted, “Yes, I noticed. Very rude behavior.”

“I learned it from my parents. She sasses him and finds herself over his shoulder, going upstairs.”

“I hope they close the door.”

“They gave up after my girlfriends started sleeping over and there were moans from both ends of the hall.”

His feet were taking them towards the front door of the restaurant. Very quickly, it seemed, he was helping her into her coat and they were walking hand in hand to his car. He opened her door and gave her a hand in. She realized there was a seduction plan in progress and wondered whether she was going to allow herself to end up naked on her back in his bed.

“I hope you have a comfortable bed, after getting me out here in the country with no transport options to take me back.”

“I have detailed instructions about your care and comfort.”

He brought her hand to his lips, kissing gently. She closed her eyes and saw an image of her naked self welcoming his impressive cock between her thighs. No, she thought, you mustn’t. She had only come to this village for a writing seminar. It was entirely an accidental meeting in the drug store, where she needed to find a replacement for her missing toothbrush. He had recognized her and introduced himself. Big and brawny, the handsome son of a college classmate. And then asked politely if he could take her to dinner.

Now he was nibbling on her fingertips, his eyes fixed on the narrow roadway. He wore a very discreet cologne and she was moist between her legs.

“I don’t do sleepovers. But you aren’t giving me any choice, are you?”

“Well, the sheep barn is a bit smelly. At the seminar, they would think you were going too far with novelist enthusiasm.”

“You are a very bad boy. Tell me again what it is that you do.”

Her hand seemed to be permanently captured by his. Something made her lean over and apply a wet kiss to his cheek. Things were very damp between her legs.

“My day job is creating detailed technical manuals for a line of instruments. Very complicated lab instruments that require my engineering knowledge to produce. I am considered a freak because I enjoy the work instead of hating kadıköy escort it like most engineers.”

She realized, with a gush, that her inhibitions had disappeared and she was going to sleep with this sexy son of her college friend.

He went on, “I minored in English, which is also considered odd for an engineer. I also write trashy novels in my spare moments.”

“You are left handed, aren’t you? That explains all the strange behavior.”

The low slung car turned into a narrow track leading up a hill into a grove of trees. An attractive cottage sat quietly in the late twilight.

“This is a family retreat?”

“Yes, although only Catherine and I use it. The others find their recreation in the City or across the Channel.”

Inside, it was dim and cool. “If you start some water for tea, I will revive the fire. The kettle is right there.” He pointed across the room to the kitchen counter.

After the fireplace was going, he retrieved her bag from the car without asking. Also without asking, he came up behind and gently kissed the back of her neck, raising terrible goosebumps. He had the dress off in moments, with hands caressing here and there.

“Attacked in the kitchen?” she asked.

“You have a lovely trim body. These muscles must come from a gym somewhere.” His hands passed fleetingly across muscle to settle on her breasts. She relaxed backward into his arms. “The tea needs attention.”

He was in no hurry to let her go. Standing there in the almost dark, she decided the wine had gone to her head and destroyed all the good girl impulses. How much trouble would she be in if her underwear disappeared and she maneuvered him underneath her on the lovely sofa?

He separated them. “Yes. Very hot tea with some brandy and dessert in front of the fire.”

She moved to find a fleece in the bag. He said, preemptively, “No, take a seat and use the cashmere blanket.”

The sofa had down cushions, into which she sank with a noise that was almost a moan. A plate of little cakes with frosting magically appeared on the table in front of her. He brought a tray with tea fixings and the brandy bottle. Then quickly undressed to his drawers and gathered her in his lap with the cashmere over them. She couldn’t remember being treated this well, seduction or no.

The first cake was divine, so it was a minute or two before she inquired, “Your mother trained you to favor women in such a romantic manner?”

“Penny, I am carried away by this marvelous evening. Catherine has nothing to do with my efforts to brighten your day. You seem to work very hard. Can I convince you to relax and go with the flow, as they say?”

She reached up to run fingers through his hair and bring their lips together for a long, warm kiss. A surprisingly husky voice told him, “You already have.”

She closed her eyes and realized the warmth of his lap and the blazing fire was sending her asleep. She tried to resist, mumbling, “Oh dear, I must stay awake so we can…”

He chuckled under his breath and whispered very softly, “Sleep now, loving later.”

In the dark, with only red embers showing in the fireplace, she was awake. They were side by üsküdar escort side on the magnificent sofa. Her bra was gone and his warm hand cradled her breast. She needed to find the bathroom, but did not want to wake him. She made a careful move to get out from under, but it didn’t work. His breathing changed and the grip of the hand tightened. He twitched and his hard shaft rubbed in the space between her cheeks.

“No bathroom trips without permission.”

She turned into him for a kiss. “There is serious pressure. I can’t mess this sofa.”

He rose with her in his arms and would not let her down, finding his way in the dark to the bath with a tiny light shining.

She sat to drain and wasn’t surprised at the hard thing in her face as he stood there. Her fingers pushed the briefs down and licked the very large helmet of his cock. Her low and sultry voice asked, “Do I need permission to suck this?”

He lifted her straight up and reversed their positions. She laughed as his hose blasted away, female style, into the bowl. He had her naked front pressed tightly to his, and peppered her face with kisses.

“I’d rather fuck.”

She shuddered and pulled herself even tighter to him. “It’s too big. Will never fit.”

“I have a tube of stuff. Guaranteed to work.”

They weren’t going back to the sofa, heading instead down the hall to a spacious bedroom and a very large bed. She knew instinctively, even in the dark, that Catherine had redone two original rooms to create this boudoir.

He pulled back the covers and lay her down, legs spread across the edge. A brief fumble in a drawer and he was making good on the promise of something to lube her insides with, applying it between her lips and also to himself.

If she expected foreplay, there was none. He stepped forward, guiding the massive tool where it wished to go.

“Ohhh, evil man. What are you doing? Take that awful thing away.”

She tried to think of the last time she had an encounter with a cock, but her brain was not working. The smooth disruption to her female opening had taken every thought away. He made a noise of inquiry as his scrotum banged against her bottom.

“Yes. More.” She felt herself juicing on him and moaned, “Eric, keep on. Don’t stop.”

It was over too quickly. The orgasm overwhelmed her and drove him to completion. As they caught their breath, he turned to give her the superior position. She made a happy noise and clenched him in little volleys of after foolishness.

“You’ve stolen the poor girl’s virtue.”

He pulled up the covers and rubbed along her spine. “Yes. Beastly. Impregnated in the Master’s bed. What will the family say when her belly swells?”

Her tongue fought with his and she wiggled, still snared by a thick shaft. A thought came to her and she giggled. His fingers kneaded her ass. “What?”

“This is just a rehearsal for one of your trashy novels. You have debauched the innocent maid, but it has to have a good ending, not a bad one.”

Too late, she realized she had given him an opening for romancing her. His mind was no doubt racing as he diverted her with gentle upthrusts. It wouldn’t do for the village maid to live happily ever after with the Lord of the tuzla escort Manor.

He kept kissing her distractedly, but the hard cock wanted more. In a flash, she found herself on hands and knees, the awful weapon buried again. It felt incredible, striking sparks with every impatient thrust. She cursed him, “Big fucker, what are you doing?”

He explored every possible direction, forcing moans and a final wail, “Ahhh.”

This time, she pushed him down and sat on his chest. Early light filled the room. “We have destroyed the bed, Lord and Master.”

He smiled up at her. “Do you want to hear the good ending?”

She thought herself a true slut as she leaned forward to bring a nipple to his mouth. “Yes, I definitely want the good ending after you finish with my boob.”

He rolled her to his side, laughing. “This is an awful nice sleepover. I think we must stay together for now.”

“I am not your livein mistress. Tell me the happy ending.”

She was in his arms again, headed to the shower, feeling silly and pampered.

He waited for the water to warm, saying, “She was terribly smart, which had been successfully hidden from friends and family. When he wasn’t around, she spent hours dusting in the library, reading omnivorously. There was a collection of naughty books in a hidden corner, which advanced her knowledge of the evils men could get up to. A plan grew in her mind, and the seduction of the Lord was simple. She gave him her mouth and her pussy and he was grateful. She decided to reserve her backdoor for a special occasion, which was a fine idea, because the housekeeper in London fell ill and the maid was quick to offer assistance, suggesting that the Lord might experience special delights if he appointed her to the position.

“He objected, saying she was not qualified. She smiled, and right there in his study began disrobing. She was down to her chemise when terror of their being discovered gripped him and he gave in. By a miracle of good fortune, she was not pregnant, traveled with him the next day, and within the month was fully in charge of housekeeping in his elegant townhouse.”

Naomi made another mistake when she allowed the young new lover to shampoo her messy pile of marvelously thick brown hair. Even with a dryer, it would take time to restore. Time that she needed to spend at the seminar.

He had the fire going, and sat her naked body across his knees so that he could work a towel through the damp curls. He told her the obvious, “You are going to be late to the seminar. Very late. In fact, you might need to call and explain a spot of stomach flu.”

She was about to complain when his fingers tweaked and then pinched the nipple he had recently sucked to pink stiffness. His voice was too tempting to consider refusing.

“You are having a good time. I am adding to your store of life experiences. I will fix a hearty breakfast and we will go for a daylong hike, during which you can assist my design of several new novels. We may wish to act out a few of the scenes.”

She abandoned all pretence of self-control and sagged against him. “Yes, master. That sounds like a perfect idea.”

On her feet, she faced him, every delectable part on display. Leaning forward, she kissed his forehead and mumbled, “You have really done it, Eric. I’ve never felt like this with a man before.”

He rose and pulled them together. “I am not sure which of us is feeling more loving, but perhaps we can extend the moment for another day?”

Pounding on his shoulder, she exclaimed, “Seducer!” and turned to fix the coffee.

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