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Dev had started in his usual manner: introductions, ask where she is from, if she is married, has kids, what she does, tell a bit about himself…and if she was relaxed and willing to talk, he would ask if she would like to take the conversation to a more quite, private place.

As the conversation progressed, Dev would slip dirty jokes, double entendres, innuendos into the conversation to see if her reaction was positive and receptive.

This is how he began with Layla as well.

She laughed and joined in on the jokes and such, so he tried to take it a bit further. He flirted and made a few bold sexual comments, however, he didn’t get the response he hoped. She wasn’t offended, but said she only talked to her husband like this.

This intrigued Dev; was it an attempt not to seem easy, or was she telling the truth? (The truth was something he had found to be scarce in the places he liked to go to find women.)

At the end of their first meeting, Dev knew he wanted to get to know Layla better. They exchanged contact information, and he left knowing he would arrange to meet her within the next day or so.

Dev had learnt that she had children, in their teens. He was surprised, as she didn’t look old enough, “How old are you?”

Laughing, “You’re not supposed to ask a woman her age, but that’s ok, I don’t mind. I’m 42.”

“Oh, really?? Wow, that’s great!”

“Great? Is it surprising I have lived so long?” she laughed.

He chuckled, “No no, nothing like that. Don’t take it the wrong way. I like older women.”

He gave a smooth smile, and she saw a twinkle in his eye.

Curious to know how much ‘older’ she is, she asked when his birthday is and discovered that she is actually nearly four and half years older.

Dev and Layla met several times over the next few weeks, and he soon realised she is unlike other women…especially his wife. Layla felt herself beginning to feel drawn to Dev, but she kept scolding herself; not only was Dev several years younger than she was, but they were both married….and she did love her husband.

Granted, things had been difficult and distant over the past year. They had spent little time together, and he made a lot of excuses about why; but she was trying, and hoping that things would sort themselves out.

So it didn’t help when this sexy, attractive younger man kept making it very clear that he was very interested in her, in many ways.

Dev found Layla to be “the whole package” — very sexy, very sexual, and open-minded…without compromising her self-respect, as well as kind, thoughtful caring, very intelligent, a lot of fun, and very funny. He admired her sexy, voluptuous, curvy figure – not fat, but a bit fuller, with all the curves in the right places.

A unique feature about Layla is that while she is voluptuous, she doesn’t have grotesquely large boobs like so many women do these days because either they are obese, or their boobs are silicon balls stuffed into their chest. He knew her boobs were no more than a C-cup, but it didn’t matter…they were sexy…and real.

Additionally, she has a nice round arse. The kind you could get a nice handful of during a sexy embrace, or great to give a sexy smack when you are driving your cock deep into her from behind.

If her hot, mature body were not enough to tent a man’s trousers, she has glossy black hair, the most amazing emerald green eyes that you can get lost in, and sexy kissable cupids-bow, rosebud, shaped lips.

It was now 6 weeks since they had first met, and Dev couldn’t get escort gaziantep bayan reklamları enough of Layla – watching her, looking at her, talking to her, listening to her…just being with her. She was the most beautiful, sexy women he had ever met; and her smile and laugh was like food to his soul.

Over the past few weeks, he had managed to entice her into a little bit of playful sexy talk, and made it clear that he was definitely attracted to her; even admitting that he fantasises about her when he masturbates, or fucks “her indoors”, as the saying goes in the U.K.

Although Layla had remained flattered but resistant to his advances up to that point, today, everything changed.

They had been discussing body language and that even a small action could have an impact. He used her habit of putting her finger in her mouth when she was thinking as an example, and told her that it aroused him.

She laughed, “Like this?” and playfully put the tip of her right forefinger between her teeth, and let her parted lips rest lightly on the fingertip.

“Aye, I am serious; you are making me really hard.”

Layla tossed her head back and laughed, in the sexy way she has. As usual, she took his words with a grain of salt; she knew his history of seeking women solely for his own gratification. She knew he would say and do anything to get her to give in.

She laughed, “I don’t believe you.”

He called her bluff, “Do you want to see how much you are arousing me? I really am very hard.”

She was curiosity, and she knew he was saying it for shock value, to see how she would react. So, she smiled and called his bluff in return, “Do you want to show me?”

“Yes, I do.”

Her smile grew wider; now it had become a game of “Chicken”. Would he actually show her? Was he bluffing? Nonetheless, if he did, she was going to do her best to play it cool.

Quick as a flash and in one smooth motion, Dev pulled out his cock. All plans of playing it cool went out the window as her eyes grew wide with surprise and her jaw dropped in awe.

She had ever seen a more beautiful, sexy, perfect, breathtaking cock!

It was a little longer average, she guessed about 5.5 inches, but certainly thicker than the average cock. This gorgeous specimen of manhood had a nice, purplish-brown bulbous mushroom-shape head with a thick ridge over his thick meaty shaft. The foreskin is a lovely coco brown, smooth and not overly ‘vein-y’.

Layla instantly felt her pussy spasm in delight. Her tongue danced wildly in her mouth, flicking rapidly about her teeth, and then gliding smoothly across her lips as she imagined what it would be like to suck his thick rod. She bit the side of her lower lip, and let a low, imperceptible moan.

Her pussy spasmed again, and her nipples became erect and hard, straining painfully against her bra.

Suddenly, her head was swimming with all images he created when he had told her he fantasised about them thrusting wildly together ‘doggy style’. She felt the walls of her pussy flexing, and she knew she could cum just watching this beautiful piece of manhood in front of her.

Layla wanted to hold it, feel the tightness of the soft, warm flesh stretched around this ramrod and feel how rock hard he was. She wanted it in her mouth, in her hands, in her pussy, anything just to have his marvellous cock touching her!

“See! I wasn’t kidding! You make me really hard!”

“Mm-hmm,” was all she could manage, her eyes still escort gaziantep resimleri glued to his cock.

As Dev watched her, and her reaction, his hand automatically gripped his shaft, and began working up and down. She felt everything inside her quiver and ache as she squirmed in her chair.

He watched her reaction to his private show, and knew she was his now. He had not expected this reaction, he thought she was going to scold him, tell him she was too old for him again, become embarrassed or angry.

He was quite pleased to see that she wanted him as much as he wanted her.

He began to pump faster, he wanted to come so much and he loved that she was watching him so intently. Suddenly, she reached out and grabbed him by the wrist.

“Oh no…this is it, she is going to make me stop…”

Layla pulled his hand away from his cock, looked him in the eyes, and to his surprise, she lowered her mouth on to him and created a firm vacuum suction. He was speechless, except to gasp as she wrapped her warm, wet, mouth around him.

For a few seconds she just sucked extremely hard to maintain the pressure, and then slowly began to fuck him with her mouth while she kept rhythm with the hand she had wrapped tightly around the base of his shaft since he was too thick to ‘Deep Throat’.

She pulled back to give just the head some attention, alternating between flicking her tongue rapidly across the tip and swirling it around the rim, interspersed with lightly sucking just the head. The more he moaned the faster and harder she did it, pumping with her hand all the while. Soon, she returned to the long, deep mouth fucking, using her tongue as a counter pressure against the underside of his shaft. The harder she sucked and pressed her tongue against him, pumping up and down on him, the more he moaned, gasped, and moved his hips with her.

Suddenly, he pushed her off him, “No! No! Stop! Stop!” he gasped. “I don’t want to cum yet.”

Dev wrapped his hand around the back of her neck and pulled her to him. They kissed wildly and passionately as they frantically tore and tugged at their own and each other’s clothes. As soon as they were naked, he pushed her backward on the couch.

He looked at her shaven pink pussy and creamy white thighs and his thick brown cock grew harder, which he found surprising it was even possible. Her pink pussy was glistening with her juices, wet and hot. His mouth began to water and he dropped to his knees next to the couch, he began to tease her with the tip of his tongue on her milky thigh.

As soon as his tongue touched her tender inner thigh, Layla flinched and gasped. As his tongue and kisses made their way up her thigh, she shuddered and felt her pussy clench. Soon, he approached her pink paradise and gently spread her soft fleshy lips.

As he ran his tongue firmly up her clit, she let a low moan and arched higher, giving him more access to all the depths and crevasses of her soaking wet pussy. He savoured every drop as he licked and flicked her clit, standing firm and erect for him.

Layla was moaning loudly now and slowly bucking against every stroke. The louder she moaned, the harder he became. Dev desperately wanted to ram his rock hard brown cock deep inside her wet, pink pussy, but she tasted so good too.

He prolonged her pleasure by alternating his technique; he would rapidly flick the tip of the clit until she was nearly going mad, and then he would stroke with a firm, flat tongue, and then escort gaziantep bayan sitesi suck and nibble her clit.

Layla was bucking frantically now, he knew she was close; suddenly she opened her eyes in slight panic when she realised he had stopped and was moving.

She saw Dev over her; he looked between them at him cock, she looked and realised what he wanted. She reached between them, and put his cock head against the mouth of her pussy. She moved her hand and looked into his eyes in anticipation.

“Oh baby! Yes!!!” she cried out as he thrust his thick, hard cock deep inside her.

His cock was so thick and such a nice tight fit that the slightest movement sent a wave of pleasure through her like electricity. She could feel her pussy clamp around him as he thrust himself into her; he felt the hot walls of her pussy tighten into a death grip around his cock, it sent a wave of electricity through him, too.

“Oh God baby! You feel so good! Your pussy is so tight and wet!”

He began caressing her warm, soft boobs with her erect, firm pink nipples. His cock spasmed, sending a thrill through her.

He began flicking his thumb across Layla’s nipple as he had done her clit. Suddenly, in a wild, animalistic frenzy she began pounding and grinding herself against him as hard as she could. Deep guttural moans poured out of Lalya, “Oh God! Oh God yes! Oh, fuck me! Fuck me baby!”

They fucked each other as they had never fucked anyone before. Their bodies made suction sounds against each other as they banged and pounded frantically. Dev could feel her pussy clamping around his cock in waves, he knew she was getting close. They could smell their combined juices and it turned them on even more. Layla’s creamy legs were wrapped around Dev’s coco brown arse, and she gripped it with her hands, ramming herself against him as hard as she could with every one of his thrusts.

Their tongues explored each other’s mouths, wrapping and rolling around each other in a frenzy of passion. He moved to exploring her ear with his tongue and kissing her neck. As he kissed and tasted her milky white skin, running the tip of his tongue up and down the side of her neck, suddenly he gave her a firm but gentle bite.

Layla’s body tensed and her pussy clamped tight, “Fuck yeah baby! I love it…bite me!”

He bit, sucked and licked her neck as she rammed her pussy against his pelvis, driving his cock fully into her tight pink velvet hole as his balls slapped against her.

Dev felt her pussy begin to milk his cock as she suddenly demanded, “Look at me baby!”

As their eyes locked, and their bodies buck and bang wildly, they panted and screamed. She bucked wildly against him, never breaking the gaze. The intensity sent him over the edge with her.

Suddenly Dev came so hard she could feel it, fuelling her fire even more. As he filled her with thick, hot cum, she instantly gripped him tighter with the walls of her slick, wet pussy and hit her climax.

Layla writhed and grinded against him as she felt every muscle in her legs, ass and stomach tighten with the force of her orgasm and she screamed in total ecstasy.

“Oh baby! Oh baby! Fuck! Fuck me! YES!!”

“Oh fuck baby, you are so hot! Your pussy is so fucking sexy and tight! I love your tight pink pussy!”

“I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum so fuckin’ hard!” she screamed.

“UH! UH! UH! YES! YES!! OH BABY!!! I’m cumming — cum cum cum baby!!”

As their climax subsided, they fell against each other. They silently clung to one another, sweating and panting, too sensitive and weak to move.

Their minds reeling in surprise and wonder at what had just occurred over the past afew moments and the intensity and connection they had suddenly found between them.

As they clung to each other – both of them still throbbing, hearts pounding — they kissed and knew nothing would be the same again, and they knew they didn’t want it to be.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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