Pervert? Ch. 02

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A hurricane approached and we busied ourselves making preparations. We were under mandatory evacuation, not so much because our homes were in danger but because our little subdivision had only one road in and out and that road flooded easily. In case of a crisis there would be no way for emergency crews to reach us.

My girlfriend Maria and my sister would be staying with Maria’s mother. Sis had already seduced Maria’s mother and she and Maria expected the first mother/daughter tryst that night. Mom had seduced Maria’s mother a few weeks before and still spent time together in bed.

Mom would be staying with her brother, Uncle Ray, and his latest girlfriend. Mom did not trust any of his girlfriends with their secret but the newest one had enjoyed Mom’s pussy more than once. They expected to enjoy a threesome that night although Mom would not fuck her brother in front of witnesses.

I would be with my mother’s sister, Aunt Dee.

Dee was the youngest of the siblings, ten years younger than Uncle Ray and four years younger than Mom. She had been married to her husband Robert ten years and had no children, apparently by choice. Like Mom and Sis she was small, athletic, beautiful. She had bigger tits. Unlike Mom she defined the term extrovert.

She was very artistic and her art graced children’s books, racy novels, corporate logos and t-shirts. In fact the shirt I wore to her home had her design on it.

Aunt Dee greeted me with her usual lung squeezing hug, hard mouth kiss, and grope of the ass. She then added something new. As we separated her hand lowered to my crotch and she squeezed my dick over my gym shorts. Apparently my escapades with her sister and her niece had reached her ears and she looked forward to her turn.

As I lugged my stuff in I said hello to her husband Robert.

He was a very nice guy, as reserved as his wife was extroverted. I knew he knew about the incestuous relationships in the family and accepted them. I was sure it had crossed his mind that before the night was over I would likely be fucking his wife.

When I first met him I suspected he was gay but knowing Aunt Dee that seemed implausible. Over time I accepted that as improbable as it seemed it was likely true.

Robert was the chief city engineer and was part of the area emergency response team. He was the one that first told us about the problem with flooding and we were ready long before the call to evacuate came. He shook my hand saying how relieved he was that his wife would not be alone during the storm. We sat and talked while Aunt Dee put his “stranded at work” kit together.

Robert was perhaps three inches shorter than me. He had a slight but athletic build. I had once decided that he was not handsome but was in fact beautiful, in a masculine way. I was certain that whatever gender he preferred he would not have any problems getting laid.

While we talked I did notice him glancing at my loose shorts. I as usual wore no underwear and the shorts were loose enough that from his chair he could see up one of the short’s legs. Aunt Dee had briefly awakened my dick with her greeting and it was still semi-erect. His gaze stopped my cock’s downward motion and it remained half-hard. I was sure he could see at least its head.

Aunt Dee’s return snapped him out of his reverie and soon he was at the door on his way to the city emergency bunker. Aunt Dee kissed him deeply, bringing his free hand to her ass. When the kiss broke I walked out with him. He again offered me his hand to shake but on impulse I hugged him. He melted into my arms and kissed my neck.

Suddenly realizing what he had just done he jumped away from me and got into the car. Before he could back away I leaned into the window kissed his cheek and smiled. He was beaming at me as he backed away.

Aunt Dee had watched our interplay and turned to go into the house ahead of me. She was barely past the front door when she began to strip off her clothes. By the time I made it to her bedroom she was nude on the bed, legs apart, her arms reaching for me. I was quickly naked and climbed onto the foot of her bed and over her body. Her hand grasped my dick and pointed it at her glistening pussy. This was going to be pure and simple sex.

My cock slipped into her pussy effortlessly. She was so wet I concluded that I was getting sloppy seconds. Somehow this turned me on greatly and our fuck started in high gear. I stroked hard and deep from the beginning, feeling fluids coat my dick with every stroke.

Aunt Dee was a talker. She allowed all her stream of consciousness thoughts to come out of her mouth.

“It’s about time you fucked me you motherfucker. And you are a true motherfucker aren’t you? Drive it deep into me, faster. Do you like my cunt around your dick? Can you feel my husbands cum in my pussy? Oh, ooh!”

Her pussy was so lubricated that I was not getting much friction out of my repeated penetrations. My angle in and out of her cunt did give her clit the needed action and soon she climaxed with escort kartal a deafening groan. I slowed to a stop and enjoyed her pussy contractions on my dick, then thought of a place nearby where my cock could get some friction.

Her juices and Robert’s cum had poured down her crack bathing her ass. I pulled out of her cunt and slid my dick downward between her ass cheeks. Aunt Dee immediately knew what I wanted and raised her legs until they were on my shoulders. Almost as soon as she settled into position the head of my dick found and penetrated her ass. We both moaned as I held it there for a while.

I felt my cock slowly slipping deeper into her ass. We moaned again. I started a slow stroke into a nicely tight ass as she worked her clit with her hand. She resumed talking to me.

“You like my ass don’t you? You always have. Your cock feels so good! It fills me up better than Robert’s. I love your cock.

So good. So good.

Fuck me harder now. Long and deep, ass fucker, long and deep. You need to fuck your mother in the ass sometime, she likes it too. Harder now, faster you pervert, fuck my ass.”

As I did what she wanted I wondered just how much my mother confided in her. I concluded that Mom must have told her sister every single event under the roof of our home. That thought sent me headlong to my cum. My sperm flew out of my dick looking for an egg they would not find.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m cumming,” announced Aunt Dee as my cum flooded into her ass. I allowed her legs to come off my shoulders as I leaned over to kiss her lips and my cock slipped out of her ass. She briefly tried to stuff it back in before allowing me to slide over to her side. I continued to kiss her while I caressed her tits. Somewhere along the way in our cuddling we fell asleep.

When I awoke Aunt Dee was still in a deep sleep. I found my way into her bathroom and took a long shower. Without bothering to get dressed I went into the kitchen to fix supper. Aunt Dee was a notoriously bad cook and the family guessed that if it weren’t for Robert’s cooking she would probably starve.

When I got to her house the sun was shining but now in the late afternoon you could tell something wicked this way came.

As soon as I had dinner in the oven I walked to their back yard to check on items that needed putting away. I should have guessed Robert would have had all safety bases covered. Their screened-in porch was barren and there was nothing but a superbly maintained lawn on the back yard.

While walking around the yard naked I thought I saw movement between the fence boards. The idea that someone was watching me made my dick twitch. The wind had picked up but I still heard a soft moan on the other side of the fence. That made my dick rise some more and I walked slowly around the yard looking for things that I knew weren’t there, giving my voyeur as good a look as they could get through the fence.

I heard a hiss then a louder moan. Whoever it was had cum.

It came time to start on the dinner vegetables so I reluctantly ended my exhibitionism and returned to the house. I had become fully hard by the episode.

Aunt Dee was in the shower as I resumed preparing supper. It was ready by the time she joined me at the kitchen table and we sat for dinner naked. We ate while filling some blanks in each other’s lives.

“Your mother said you will be marrying Maria. Is that right? I like Maria.”

“I have not really thought about it, have not asked her to marry me or anything. Now that you bring it up I guess I have to think about it. I wonder what made Mom say that?”

“She thinks you two have been in love with each other for at least two years. You were too distracted by other things to notice.

Can you think of your life in the future without her being in it?”

I was stunned by the question and by the obvious answer that screamed into my head. “No.”

“Then you need to do something about it don’t you?”

“Yes, I think you are right.”

My stream of consciousness Aunt Dee said, “As you guessed Robert is gay. He has not had any men since we married but I know he wants to taste cock again. I fuck him in the ass with my strapon often but I know he wants a hard, hot, live cock in there. I know I prefer that myself, (nudge, nudge, wink, wink). I was happy to see from the way you two related that he will at last have somebody to help him.”

I thought about making protestations about my masculinity and so on but settled with giving her a smile and a nod. I was curious anyway.

Aunt Dee took my hand in hers and gave me an appreciative smile. We ate in silence for a while and that allowed us to hear the wind pick up in intensity outside.

The ringing of her phone jolted us out of our reveries. Aunt Dee answered it and I knew from their conversation it was Robert. He asked to talk to me. Puzzled, I took the receiver from her and said hi.

“The storm has turned. The eye is going to go right over us and it is now a category two. I want you to uğur mumcu escort pay attention to the wind direction and keep Dee and yourself at the opposite end of the house. Remember wind direction will change with the storms passage.

When the eye comes and sits over you it will appear the storm is over. Remember it isn’t and that it will eventually go from calm to the strongest eye wall winds in under a minute. Power outages have started, get ready for that. I will call Ray and tell him. Your mother can call your sister. How is Dee doing?”

“She is fine. She had a nap and we are now eating supper. Let me give the phone back to her.”

Before I handed Aunt Dee the phone I added, “Uncle Robert, I am proud of you and what you do.”

I left them to talk in private and put our dinner in the still warm oven. I opened a bottle of wine and placed two more bottles on the counter next to one of the dome battery lights. I checked the windows, the flashlights, and the garage. The garage doors were moving with the wind outside.

The hurricane had arrived.

When I returned to the kitchen Aunt Dee was sipping her wine. She put down the glass and stood with her arms out to me. We hugged, not the usual exuberant hug we normally shared but a gentler more loving embrace. Her kiss, while still promising sex, had a lot of love behind it.

I broke the embrace before my dick made me forget dinner and retrieved our plates from the oven. Again we ate in silence for a while and listened to the storm. We finished dinner and after putting away the dishes we took a wine bottle and our glasses to the living room and settled on the couch.

I had questions and I knew Aunt Dee would answer bluntly. They were not the usual questions a nephew asks his aunt. I debated with myself on whether I wanted to hear the answers or not but ended up just plunging ahead.

“Have you fucked Dad?” I asked.

“Yes, but very few times. He is either gone to some dark corner of the world or too busy fucking your mother to give me a chance. I have joined your parents for threesomes a few times. Your mom has joined Robert and me in bed but he can’t bring himself to fuck her. He kisses her and plays with her tits but that is it. It hurt your mom’s feelings at first but soon realized that Robert was being Robert. He loves your mom.”

“Do you know if Dad has fucked my sister?”

“No he hasn’t, not yet. I have it on good authority it will happen within hours of his return.”

“Have you fucked my sister?”

“Not yet. I did not know she liked women too until your mother told me about Maria.”

“Except for Mom I don’t think Sis fucked women until Maria” I ventured. “As far as I know Maria and Mom are the only women she has had. I will put in a good word for you if you keep doing that. With Maria too if you wish.”

What Aunt Dee was doing was gently stroking my dick.

“Yes, please. I would love to have Maria if it doesn’t bother you. Your sister has already told me we will make love at our next opportunity so you don’t need to bother there.

Some family we are. Everybody fucking everybody” she said. “And you are the biggest pervert of all. Not only are you fucking your mother, your sister, and your poor defenseless aunt, you are going to be fucking your uncle in the ass before long.

Pervert” she said as she sucked my dick deep into her mouth.

I played with her tits as she sucked me. We were well into the pre-fuck mood when we heard a loud crash. Something large and moving at some speed had just crashed into the side of the house.

Thanking my lucky stars that Aunt Dee had not been startled into biting my dick off I went first to the bedroom and then to the garage looking for damage. I found none but thought I could hear something grating against the brick on the outside of the garage. I went back into the living room to report my findings to Aunt Dee and just then the power went out.

As I groped my way to where I had placed the nearest flashlight my hand closed around a fine tit.

“Watch where you put your hands mister,” she said as she reached for my now deflated dick.

“Sorry” I said as I lowered my hand to her pussy.

“That’s better. Well, there nothing else to do now except go to bed and fuck.”

“I have to check wind direction for Uncle Robert. He wants me to keep you on the opposite side of the house from it.”

The wind was coming from the south side of the house; the main bedroom was on the opposite side so we returned to her bed. We cuddled together on our sides facing each other; she had her head on my shoulder as we kissed. My free hand caressed a tit. She draped a leg over my hip and placed the head of my somewhat resurrected dick at her pussy lips. With a slight push on my part the head slid in.

We just held that position, enjoying and taking comfort in our closeness. Once in a while one of us would move enough to enjoy full penetration but if there is such a thing as penetration without fucking we çavuşoğlu escort were doing it. The storm had our full attention.

We heard the scraping noise on the side of the house. I decided I needed to check it out when the eye was over us.

The noise from the storm was now a full-blown roar, filling all the spaces in and out of the house. Aunt Dee held me tighter, she trembled a bit. I kissed her again, my dick at her pussy forgotten. Holding each other was all we could do.

The noise suddenly began to abate; soon there was an eerie silence outside. The eye had arrived. I quickly put on shorts and sneakers and went outside. Double-checking the ground for downed power lines I went around the garage to see what hit us. It was a six-foot section of privacy fence, mostly in one piece. As I struggled with it to get it into the garage I heard a woman say, “So that’s what it was.”

I looked over and saw a lady probably in her mid forties wearing a long t-shirt. I had just crammed the section of the fence into the garage when I heard her say, “Oh shit, Oh fuck.”

She was limping badly. I picked her up and carried her into Aunt Dee’s house and sat her down in a kitchen chair where the largest flashlight was. Aunt Dee immediately inspected her foot and found a deep gash to the side of her heel. She had walked out of her house barefoot.

I went back out to close the garage door then proceeded next door to make sure the ladies house was secure. There was no one else there.

She was burning candles, which is a bad idea so I blew them all out, closed her door and returned to my own shelter. I paused long enough to notice stars above. I was a beautiful evening. Too bad it would last only another twenty minutes or so.

In the kitchen Aunt Dee was gently dabbing hydrogen peroxide into the ladies cut.

I said’ “You have to jab hard into the cut. Did you check to see if there was anything still in there?”

The look in her face told me she had not. I pulled a kitchen chair to me and grabbed the woman’s foot and lifted it to my lap. I had Aunt Dee shine the big flashlight at her heel. I looked and felt around the wound and found that it was a clean cut. There was a lot of blood but the wound was not all that deep. Aunt Dee handed me the hydrogen peroxide and the cotton balls. Using a generous amount of antiseptic I jabbed it into her wound.

The woman winced and moaned. I told Aunt Dee to tell her not to be such a pussy. Aunt Dee put the flashlight on the table and walked behind the ladies chair and while massaging her shoulders told her not to be such a pussy.

Aunt Dee had never bothered dressing. Her bare breasts were touching the back of the woman’s neck and shoulders. Soon her hands were also massaging the sides and upper slopes of her neighbor’s tits.

I asked Aunt Dee to bring me a big bandage or several band-aids. After she left the room I told the woman, “by the way, that is a tasty looking pussy.”

When I previously lifted the woman’s leg to inspect her cut her t-shirt had tumbled to her upper thighs. She was naked except for the t-shirt and her pussy was completely exposed to me. When Aunt Dee placed the flashlight on the table she aimed it more at the pussy than at the foot. She had winked at me. We figured the woman must have known she was exposed but still made no move towards modesty. She was offering herself to us.

My remark about her pussy made her blush slightly and her hands went to move the hem of her shirt. When she was done tugging it here and there her pussy was just as exposed as before.

The flashlight shone on droplets of moisture on her pussy.

My dick had begun to rise when I realized this was the person watching me earlier as I inspected the yard naked.

I reached down and pulled one leg of my shorts to the side and released my dick. I heard the same little moan I had heard on the other side of the fence earlier. I moved her foot until her toes touched my dick and held it there. Aunt Dee reappeared with a bandage that would fit perfectly. The scene she returned to did not face her and it occurred to me she may have been watching and listening from the shadows.

She said to me, “Sweetie you are going to get blood on your shorts, you better take them off.”

I half stood but found it impossible to lower my shorts while holding the woman’s foot. Aunt Dee knelt by me and pulled them off. Before she stood she gave my dick a kiss. We heard the lady gasp but we went on as if nothing interesting had happened.

I pulled my chair closer to the woman and placed her leg back on my thigh, her toes were again in contact with my dick. I applied the bandage to her heel and smoothed it out. Her foot was now pressing rhythmically on my dick. Aunt Dee took the woman’s shirt off and massaged her tits. The woman moaned.

That was when the storm returned.

If the lady had any thoughts about returning to her house they vanished, she was stuck with us for the duration.

She did not seem to mind at all.

I rose and picked her up, carrying her to the bed. Aunt Dee lay next to her and immediately took one of her nipples into her mouth. I cleared the kitchen and returned to the room. I had two pussies that wanted my dick. The woman looked at me then at Aunt Dee.

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