Physical Therapy

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Chapter 1

“There’s a drive to deep left field, Harris on his horse, way back… Oh, he’s down on the warning track! It’s off the wall, that’ll go for a triple! And Harris is still down…”

The tears in my eyes were not so much for the considerable physical pain I was in, but more for the fear that it was all over. I had been sprinting back for a deep fly ball, and when I hit the warning track, my ankle gave way with a sickening sound, and I went down in a heap. I thought my career was over, before it really had begun. After college, I’d passed on a solid Engineering job to pursue my dreams of glory in the Major Leagues, and I was doing pretty well in Rookie ball in Everett, just 30 miles from my Mom’s house. I was the best outfielder on the team, but I kept my ego in check because I was the only “College Boy” there. College grads usually went straight to Class-A.

“Well, son, you’re in luck. You won’t be needing surgery,” the doctor said, peering at the X-ray. “But you’ll be out six to eight weeks, depending on how hard you work at the physical therapy. I can give you a list of Physical Therapists we’ve worked with, or you’re free to pick your own.”

My Mom’s a nurse, and she had her own recommendations. I ended up going with the daughter of someone she worked with. Mom took me over to Mrs. Salyer’s house, where I not only met Susan, the Physical Therapist, but also Joy, another daughter. Joy was about my age, petite with dark hair and dark eyes. She was absolutely beautiful, tiny and delicate, without seeming fragile. It didn’t take long to figure out she wasn’t the sharpest member of the family, but her naivete was endearing and her gullibility a favorite target for her sister’s wit.

Susan was a few years younger, blond haired and blue eyed, and had a larger, more muscular frame, including a rather impressive rack, if you’re into that sort of thing. Although I thought she was attractive, I could sense she compared herself to her sister, and found herself wanting. It was funny to see them side by side, they looked so different. Susan was dressed in jeans and a football jersey, which she filled out quite nicely I might add, while Joy was dressed in designer clothes. Susan was very sharp witted, and not just compared to her sister. When Joy made some totally illogical comment, her sister rolled her eyes.

“Stan, please believe me – we’re not blood related!” Susan smirked.


“She’s adopted,” Joy said, “and whenever I say something dumb, she makes sure everybody knows it!”

Susan and I exchanged grins at her unintentional double meaning.

Both girls were very attractive, but I was initially drawn to Susan’s big… brain. She could talk intelligently about anything, including baseball and science. But her Mom made sure I knew that Susan had a long-time boyfriend, whereas Joy was, at the moment, available. Now, I’m not too comfortable asking girls out, my mind always seems to desert me. But Mrs. Salyer’s comments made it seem rude for me not to ask, and hard for Joy to turn me down, so I asked her to dinner. I guess I bungled it though, because I ended up taking both daughters.

It was actually kind of good that both of them came, it took the pressure off me. I felt kind of strange, proud to be seen with these two girls that I thought were attractive, yet aware that to others one was very beautiful, and the other… some euphemism for overweight. That’s fine, but it bothered me that I cared a little bit what other people thought, seeing me with them. I didn’t think much of it at the time, though, I was just having a good time.

Joy was very animated, pulling me out of my shell, and Susan was just hilarious. Despite the natural competition between them, it was clear that they loved each other very much.

Chapter 2

Initially I was seeing Susan a lot more than Joy, an hour every day for physical therapy. I was going out with Joy just on the weekends. Even then, half the time Joy invited Susan along. Susan quickly became a good friend, but things were moving pretty slowly with Joy. We were good friends too, but we were supposed to be dating, and the romantic part was going very slowly.

“So, how’re things going with Joy?” Susan asked while manipulating my ankle.

“Oh, pretty good I guess. I really like her, and I think she likes me.”

“Oh, she likes you all right…” I sensed an unspoken “but”.


“I don’t know if I should say anything.”

“Well, you’ve got to now!”

“Yeah, I guess. I just think you should know that there’s an ex-boyfriend still lurking around.”

“What do you mean, lurking?”

“Oh, she never sees him, what I mean is, he’s still in her head, I think. She won’t admit it, though.”

“Maybe I can make her forget about him.”

“Maybe. I just don’t want you to get hurt. Either of you. You do seem to make her happy, though.”

“What about you? Does what’s-his-name make you happy?” What was that? It’s like I was jealous or something. I hope it didn’t sound like it felt.

“Yeah, casino siteleri or used to anyway. I don’t see him much when school’s in session.”

“Are things good when you do see him?”

“The answer to that varies according to my mood.”

“A woman’s prerogative.”

“Sometimes I think the relationship isn’t as important to him as it is to me. Then other times I think maybe it’s not that important to me, either.”

“Gaaah! Be careful, there!”

“What, I wasn’t even touching your ankle!”

“No, but when you move my leg like that, it kills my hip.”


“Just the left one, like right on the socket.”

Susan began pushing and probing, and soon it was clear that my shorts were getting in her way.

“Sorry, but you’re gonna have to lose the shorts.”


“What’s the matter? Most jock types can’t wait to show me what they’ve got. Like I’d be impressed that they can get an erection with a total stranger.”

“You’re not a stranger, though. You’re my girlfriend’s sister.”

“I’m your Physical Therapist. I’m sure you don’t have anything I haven’t seen before.”

“But… It’s a no-win deal for me. If I have an erection, I’m one of those ‘Jock Types’ you hate. And if I don’t… I… well, I wouldn’t want you to think you’re not attractive, because you are.”

“Yeah, right. Joy is the attractive one. I’m the fat one, remember?”

“Oh, don’t do that. Of course you’re attractive. I think you’re beautiful!”

“And I think you’re delusional. By any objective measure…”

“But that’s just it, you can’t measure it objectively. I think…” I think I’m getting myself in trouble here.

“Enough already, just can the chatter and strip, okay?”

It actually was a good time to do it. I didn’t have a raging hard-on, but I wasn’t all shriveled up, either. I pulled off my shorts and briefs as Susan looked on in a totally unprofessional manner. My penis was inflated to full size, but was still soft enough that it hung down between my legs. For some reason, I wanted to make a good first impression.

“Don’t worry,” she said eyeing my source of embarrassment, “your girlfriend will hear only good things from me!”

“You’re not going to tell her about this, are you?”

“Sure, why wouldn’t I?”

“Well, I don’t know, do you think she’d be upset? Besides, isn’t there some patient-therapist confidentiality thing?”

“Hmmm… I don’t suppose I have to mention it. I’m sure she’ll be seeing you in all your glory soon enough anyway.”

“I don’t know about that. We seem to be going pretty slowly.”

“And whose fault is that?”

“Uhhh… mine, I suppose.”

Chapter 3

Well, I wanted to move things along with Joy, but at that point in my life I was so unsure of myself, I didn’t know what to do. And even if I did know what to do, if I wasn’t positive, I couldn’t go through with it. Anyway, we’d been dating a few weeks, and I hadn’t kissed her. Sometimes I’d be sure she wanted me to, then she’d do something that made the doubts creep in. Then she changed all that by taking a little initiative.

“Hi Stan, are you free tonight?”

“I’m cheap, but not free,” I quipped.

“Ha, ha. Well, you’re free tonight, I’m treating.”

“You spoil me. Where to?”

“I thought we could take the ferry to the island. It’s a nice ride, we can get something to eat over there, then it’s a nice ride back.”

It was a very romantic date. How come I can never think of things like that? We parked the car, then walked around the beach while waiting for the ferry to arrive. I took her hand to help her climb over a big log, and neither of us were inclined to let go. When the ferry arrived, we walked on board, wandering around on deck for the one hour trip. Though it was spring, it was a little chilly in the evening with the wind.

“Brrr,” she said, holding my hand tightly.

“D’you want my jacket?”

She looked at me with a half smile.

“Stan, if a girl takes you on a romantic ferry ride, then when she says she’s cold, she wants your arms around her, not your coat!”

I smiled, happy to oblige her, and grateful that she spelled it out for me. She was much shorter than me, and I held her head against my chest. I was afraid she could hear my heart pounding at a dangerous rate, but she just ran her hands all over my back underneath my coat, snuggling up to me. Then she looked up into my eyes.

“And when she looks at you like this, it means…”

I cut her off with my lips on hers. Wow. This was the best ever. Suddenly it seemed too warm to be wearing a coat. I tried to keep an even keel, because I wasn’t very experienced. I’d thought I was in love a few times before, and it always turned out that I didn’t know what the hell I was talking about. So I tried not to get too excited, but it wasn’t working. I was falling hard, even as I told myself I was an idiot for doing so.

Joy pretty much carried the conversation over fish ‘n chips. I had a much easier time talking to Susan, canlı casino I guess because I didn’t feel any pressure. But I did all right, and we set up another date. More of our dates were alone now, although sometimes we still went out with Susan or Julio, my roommate from the team.

A few weeks later, Joy took the day off and invited me over to sunbathe with her. They didn’t have a pool or anything, we just put some towels on the grass in her backyard. Her Mom was at work, and Susan was at school. She was taking some business classes, hoping to eventually work for herself instead of being tied to a clinic.

Joy had on a tiny two piece bathing suit. It had to be tiny, she’s tiny. Not a lot of curves, but very, very beautiful. I had on some ratty old cutoffs. She laughed at my “ballplayer’s tan” – face, neck and arms tan, white everywhere else.

“I better get some lotion on you before you go from brown & white to brown & red!”

I wasn’t going to argue. She did a thorough job on my back, then rolled me over. She started to do my chest, but then leaned on top of me, kissing me while playfully running her hand through my chest hair. I sucked in my breath as she rubbed across one of my nipples. She hadn’t noticed my obvious erection yet, but someone else did. I heard a gasp and we looked up to see Susan in the doorway. She turned and disappeared, but not before we took in the strange look on her face.

“Oops, we got caught,” I said.

“I better see what’s up,” Joy said, going after her. I thought, man, I’ll show you what’s up! I haven’t oiled you up yet! Gaahhh! Oh well. I waited a few moments for my erection to wilt before following. Joy met me at the bottom of the stairs, pushing me towards the door.

“Don’t worry, it’s just some boy trouble. Why don’t you go now, and I’ll call you after a while.”

“I’ve got a doctor’s appointment, remember?”

“Oh, yeah, I’ll stop by your place after. Okay?” I went to hug her, but she just pushed me out the door.

Chapter 4

“I’m impressed! You must have worked very hard,” the doctor said. “It looks like you’re ready to go. Has it really only been 5 weeks?” Cool! I couldn’t wait to tell Susan. I hope she’s okay. I hope she dumps the jerk. The look on her face still haunted me. She was really hurting, because of a guy, and the last thing she needed to see when she got home was some horny guy all over her sister. With a big bulge in his shorts.

“I would like to check your range of motion again, though. Are you okay with that?”

The last time he did, it was far more painful than the initial injury. I guess he saw the look on my face.

“How about we give you something first?”

“Uhhh, yeah, that’d be good.”

So the nurse gave me a pill, I’m not sure what, and I closed my eyes and tried to think of other things.

The next thing I knew, I was back at Joy’s. Man, I should have had someone drive me, I didn’t even remember the trip. Joy was even more affectionate than usual, and I certainly wasn’t going to object. We were in the kitchen, kissing, and I felt her hand slide between us. As she began to stroke me for the first time ever, I took that as permission to touch her too. I squeezed her butt with one hand, while the other began to explore a tiny boob. She was still wearing her swimsuit, and I could easily feel her stiff nipple through the fabric.

“Geez, are you two at it again?” Susan’s voice boomed from right behind me. Joy and I pulled apart, and were basically at a loss for words. “I was going to drown my sorrows in gin, but I’ve got to work in the morning. How ’bout I borrow your boyfriend for a couple of hours instead?” Susan said, slipping an arm around me.

“Hey, I haven’t even had him yet, we keep getting interrupted!”

“Oh, sorry about that. You go ahead, I’ll wait my turn. Maybe I can give the virgin some pointers!”

I don’t know if she was talking about Joy or me.

As this exchange was going on, Susan was dragging her sister and me by the hand toward her bedroom.

“Stan, before you guys get to it, can I have a kiss?”

I looked at Joy, she sort of shrugged and said, “This is a one-time thing, okay?”

Susan smiled broadly, and threw her arms around me. I hope my face didn’t give me away, because I enjoyed that kiss waaaay too much. Also the way her breasts pressed against my chest, and rubbed against my arms. And the way she ground her crotch against mine. Geez! I was already hard as a rock, and I was about ready to erupt.

As she stepped away from me, she surreptitiously gave my package a squeeze.

“Okay, sis, you can take over now. I got him all warmed up for you.”

“Excuse me, I had him plenty hot before you horned in!”

So Joy tried to outdo her sister, kissing me a little too hard as her hands on my ass pulled me against her, my throbbing erection grinding against her flimsy bikini bottom. My hands found her boobs again, and suddenly I was left holding her top. Susan had yanked the ties open, and Joy stood there, topless, glaring kaçak casino at her.

“I’m just trying to help you guys out! C’mon, let him see you.” Susan pulled Joy’s hands away from her boobs.

“Oh, why would he wanna look at mine with your enormous hooters staring him in the face,” Joy said, looking jealously at her sister’s chest.

“Hey, size isn’t everything. Just ask your boyfriend.”

“Hey!” I said, and Joy laughed.

“That’s not what I meant, you’re hung like a horse!”

“And just how would you know that, little sister?!” Joy’s eyes darted from Susan’s to mine and back. Guilt was all over our faces.

“You’ve seen his… You’ve seen him naked! Why you…”

“Hey, hey, calm down. I’m his Physical Therapist, remember? He wasn’t even hard… and he was huge!”

“And you needed his pants off to work on his ankle? You are such a… Umm… Just how big are we talking?”


“Really?” Joy eyeballed me, then let her gaze drop to my crotch. “This I’ve got to see!”

She reached over and pulled my sweats and briefs down to mid-thigh. I’d never been so big. I swear, normally I reach to about my navel, but this time I felt like I could lean down and lick it.

“Holy crap!” Joy gasped.

“Told ya!” Susan agreed. “Can I touch it?”

“Me first!”

Joy took hold of me and began to stroke it up and down. Susan reached down and cupped my balls.

“Why don’t you give it a kiss. You know, give him…” Susan urged.

“I… I don’t know how… I don’t know what I’m doing…”

“Just try whatever, it’s going to feel good. Just keep your teeth out of the way.”

Joy engulfed me in her mouth, and started to suck. She bobbed up and down, a little too fast, and I tried to slow her down with my hands on her shoulders. I was having a hard time speaking.

“Can I lay down?” I finally managed to get out.

“Spread your legs,” Susan said. She started to lick my balls as Joy continued sucking.

“How’m I doing?” Joy pulled off to ask.

“Mmmm, good,” I smiled, pulling the ties on her bikini bottom.

“Hey!” she protested, and as she was speaking, Susan wolfed down my prod, far deeper than Joy was able to.

“Ohhhh! Ohhh! Oh my God!” I started to pulse, and Susan backed off just enough. Slow and deep. And her hands! All over the shaft, firmly but gently on my balls, as a finger found some magic spot between my anus and scrotum.

“Lemme try!” Joy had been taking notes. This time she did much better. I showed my appreciation with my fingers between her buns, where I found conclusive evidence of her excitement. Joy didn’t know when to back off, and when Susan retrieved some lubrication from between her sister’s legs and applied it to my asshole, I exploded in Joy’s mouth. Wow.

“Good job!” Susan gushed, “Don’t swallow yet, let us see!”

Joy pulled off with a slurp, then opened her mouth to show us her treasure. It started to drip down her front, so she quickly gulped it down.

“Ohhh, that was great! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” I continued my thanks with my lips on a stiffening nipple. The other nipple was stiffening too as Susan wiped off some stray glops of my come with her fingers. Joy took my hand and placed it on Susan’s nearest boob and squeezed.

“C’mon Stan, help me get her undressed!”

“Uhhh,” Susan stammered, “let’s turn off the lights…”

“No way! We… I’m sure Stan wants to see…” Joy looked to me.

“Hell yeah!” I said, hoping that’s what Joy wanted me to say. Besides, I meant it with all my… heart.

“I’m the one who should be embarrassed,” Joy said. “My tiny ones can’t compare to yours.”

“It’s not my boobs I’m worried about. It’s my tummy. And my fat ass!”

“Susan,” I said, “You’ve got a great ass! Trust me, I know what I’m talking about.”

“He’s right, you know,” Joy added. “He’s an expert in the subject!”

“Yeah,” Susan said, “That’s why the magazines are all filled with fat asses!”

“Well,” I said, “I’m not an expert at what sells magazines, but I am an expert in what I like. And I love your big ass. And,” I said, turning to Joy, “I love your… little one!”

“Besides,” Joy said, unbuttoning Susan’s shirt, “once we get your bra off, who’s gonna notice anything but that magnificent rack?”

I tried not to stare, I wanted to make sure I was giving Joy enough attention, but man! Once Susan’s bra came off, all I wanted to do was grab those beautiful full breasts and squeeze them against my face. The clothes quickly came off, and we were all naked. Okay, Joy wasn’t quite right. When Susan bent over to take off her panties, I forgot all about her tits. All I wanted to do was bury my face in her fat ass. I mean, Joy is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen, but naked, I’d like a little more meat on her bones, ya know what I mean?

We spontaneously fell into a sort of three-way hug. I kissed Joy. I kissed Susan. I fondled Joy’s breast. I fondled Susan’s breast. One cupped my balls while the other stroked my penis. We collapsed back onto the bed. Susan dangled her boobs in my face, and I squeezed and suckled them.

“Hey, I thought you were gonna wait your turn?”

“Oh, sorry. Go on, Stan. My boobs will still be here when you’re done with her.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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