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Aria Skye

We’d packed the kids off for a few days, I’d taken some time off work, and Hazel had come to stay, leaving her kids with her parents. It was July, and it was very hot. We spent the first evening just chatting, and decided to go off for a picnic the next day. The following morning I got up first and made cups of tea. I took Sarah hers, and then knocked and went in to the spare room where Hazel was sleeping. She was lying on her back, smiling good morning at me. She was sleeping under a single sheet, which she had pulled up under her armpits, and her bare arms and shoulders looked lightly tanned in the half light through the curtains. The sheet was cream-coloured, and thin, and I looked at the shape of her breasts. Her nipples poked up through the material, and I could see very faintly the dark rings around these peaks. Further down, her legs were straight out and slightly parted, and the sheet clung around her thighs. I could see she was naked, as there was no tell-tale knicker mark around her flat waist I took all this in as I crossed the room. I put her tea down on the floor next to the futon, and she sat up, holding the sheet across her chest. She crossed her legs and leaned forward, showing her smooth, bare back, all the way to the top of her buttocks.

I left the room mentally removing the sheet, and went into the bathroom to shave and have a shower. Sarah came in with me, and showered while I shaved. When she got out I looked openly at her gorgeous body, and allowed my penis to grow half erect. Sarah jiggled her breasts at me. “Cheeky!” she grinned. I reached out slowly with both hands, and she pushed her chest forward, letting me touch her nipples, hard and knurled from the shower, with my fingers. I teased and stroked them, and my prick grew harder. She smiled, shivered and pulled away. “We haven’t got time for that now. You’ll have to wait ’til later. “Well, tonight I suppose,” I protested. “That’s ages.”

“Tough titties!”‚ Sarah giggled, and walked out of the bathroom, trailing her towel behind her, and wiggling her titties at me a last time. She left the door open, and as I stepped across to push it shut, preceded by my prick, Hazel appeared on the landing holding her empty tea mug. I’m not sure who was the more surprised, but Hazel’s eyes were quick to drop to my prick. Although my hand was on the door, I managed to feign sufficient surprise not to push it shut for some moments, and Hazel had time to look back up at me and down again – perhaps feigning her own surprise. In the end, actually after only a few seconds, common decency prevailed and I shut the door.

“You should be more careful,” Hazel called after me, ironically but rather lamely. I was pretty sure she’d enjoyed the view as much as I’d enjoyed her seeing me, and her words served only to cover the embarrassment, I fancied. I thought what a shame it was, if we’d both been so keen, that we’d somehow had to shut the door.

“Is Matt bothering you?” called Sarah.

“No, just showing off. Mind you, you’re the same, you tart, wandering around with nothing on. You nearly had my eye out with those nipples”

“I nearly had your eye out, too,” I interjected. “Anyway, it’s compulsory to walk about naked in this house. What are you doing in that T-shirt?”

“Well, I’ll take it off then,” called Hazel. “Are you coming out for a look?”

I cautiously opened the door, keeping myself hidden, and not daring to believe it possible. It wasn’t, she was joking. But Sarah, still standing at the other end of the landing, jeered and pointed at me.

“Slapper. You’d love that, wouldn’t you?” I raised my eyebrows and grinned, and Hazel grinned too. She turned and went downstairs.

When I got downstairs Hazel was washing up the previous night’s dishes. I sat down and watched her, chatting too. She was wearing only a white T-shirt which came down over her bottom. She clearly still had no knickers on. I looked at the profile of her right breast as she washed up, and the shape of her back and bottom, and her slim waist and belly. Again I imagined her naked, standing there letting me look at her. Occasionally she would stretch for something and the T-shirt would rise slightly, revealing part of her buttock. I longed to lie down on the floor behind her and peer up between her legs, but suspected she might notice.

By the time she’d finished Sarah had come down, dressed now, and we made toast for breakfast. I continued to admire Hazel’s breasts moving beneath her T-shirt, the nipples brushing across the cloth. I gazed at her legs from the corners of my eyes as she sat next to me to eat, at the softness of her inner thighs pressed together on the chair. At one point she went to the fridge and in getting up she moved one leg off the chair a little before the other came round. She was quick , but not so quick that I didn’t see, a brief flash of pubic hair as she rose to her feet. I nearly came on the spot. When she came back she was flushed, and I think she knew what she’d done. I was going to die of lust if this carried on.

After breakfast Hazel went upstairs to get washed eryaman escort and ready to go out, while Sarah and I prepared downstairs. I seized an opportunity to go upstairs to look for a bag and some other things we’d need, and mounted the stairs swiftly and quietly. I’d just heard Hazel go from the bathroom to the bedroom, and maybe she’d left the door open…

She had, and my stomach turned over as I silently approached, praying the floorboards wouldn’t creak. I got to her door, and peered through the crack by the door jamb into the room. I had a perfect view of Hazel, standing on the futon in the middle of the bedroom, completely naked. My knees began to tremble as I took in her breasts, slightly larger than Sarah’s, strong and firm, with dark nipples also hard from her shower. Her belly was beautifully flat, and her hips slim, giving her the figure of a younger woman. She had a modest triangle of medium-brown pubic hair, and through it I could make out the lips of her cunt. I tried not to pant too loudly as I watched. She was holding a bottle of body lotion, and I stood looking for a minute or so as she rubbed it all over herself – into her beautiful breasts, her fingers working it into her nipples, and into her thighs, parting her legs to reach better, and showing me the whole length of her cunt. How I wanted to go in and fuck her! I groped my penis through my shorts, but what I was seeing was too exciting for me to concentrate on masturbation. She even rubbed some into her cunt‚ itself, her fingers pressing into the soft flesh and pushing it out on either side of them as if she were masturbating too.

Suddenly, I heard Sarah at the foot of the stairs behind me. I had to move, in case she came up. I decided to take the bold option. The bag we needed was in the spare bedroom with Hazel, so I knocked, and called out.

“Are you decent?” I waited a split second, and put my head round the door, to see Hazel covering herself inefficiently with her hands.

“Oh, sorry,” I mumbled, but carried on looking as her hands wandered around her chest looking for nipples to cover. “I’m looking for a bag we need.”

“Well come in then!” she blurted out. “You might as well, now.” She was stooped slightly forward, three-quarters facing me, and smiling an embarrassed smile. After a few moments she managed to get three fingers over each nipple, but left her cunt uncovered.

I walked into the room, still looking at her. She looked back at me, in the eyes, and I felt strangely as if I were the one with something to be embarrassed about. A smile played on the corner of her pursed lips as I walked over to the wardrobe. She took her hands away from her breasts, and placed them on her hips, and smiled openly.

“We’re quits now. Are you getting a good look?”

“Err, yes, lovely, thank you.” I fumbled in the wardrobe and got the bag out. When I turned back to Hazel she was still standing squarely and proudly, looking at me and smiling. She looked fabulous, and I just stared. She let me stare, and we stood like that for a good couple of minutes. She moved herself slightly to one side, then the other, giving me different angles. She was loving showing herself off to me, and I kept shaking my head slightly and sighing

“God, thank you. Thank you, this is fantastic. You are so gorgeous. God, thank you”

Eventually it had to end, as we heard Sarah coming up the stairs, but as I moved to leave the room Hazel put out her hands and took mine, and drew me towards her. She leaned forward and kissed me on the lips, and as she finished the kiss, she opened her lips and her tongue flicked across my upper lip, and she closed her mouth on it lightly, leaving my mouth wet with her saliva.

The afternoon was very warm, and the picnic was perfect. We were beneath some small trees, with enough shade for comfort. We ate and drank well, and stretched out on the blankets we’d brought to enjoy the quiet. We couldn’t even hear a car, it was genuinely silent, apart from the odd sheep or bird. We lay without speaking for a while. Sarah broke the silence.

“It’s no good, it’s just too hot. Would either of you mind if I took my kit off?” She looked round at me. “Well, I know you wouldn’t. Is that OK, Hazel? I know you don’t like nudity!”

Without waiting for an answer, Sarah began to undo the buttons of her blouse.

“Actually, I rather enjoy being naked,” said Hazel. “I’ve been naked in the open air several times before

Sarah was peeling off her blouse. “Oh, yes. Go on.” She stood up, undid her skirt and dropped it to the ground. She reached down to her sides and pulled at the tight elasticated top she was wearing instead of a bra, and peeled it over her head, and finally slid out of her knickers, to stand before us naked. Her breasts stood out, and she looked pleased with herself. She looked around

“Hope there’s no farmers watching,” said Hazel.

“I don’t care if there are,” said Sarah. “You were going to tell us about your nudey capers.”

Hazel was pensive for a moment. “OK, but we all have to be naked. Is that all right?”

Fine sincan escort by me,” stated Sarah, and I nodded. In a minute, Hazel and I had stripped off and I was again gazing at her breasts. We sat facing inwards, though a few feet apart, and I could look at both of these beautiful women, and allow them to look back at me. Sarah’s legs strayed apart for a few seconds as she shifted position unnecessarily, giving me a marvellous glimpse of her cunt. She looked up at me coyly afterwards, making it clear this had been deliberate. Hazel was sitting cross-legged, but I couldn’t see much between her legs. I contented myself with looking at her lovely bosoms. Both women seemed happy for me to look at them, and I was delighted at the little smiles Sarah was giving me as she caught my eye whenever I looked away from Hazel’s breasts. She was enjoying me enjoying her friend. My prick felt warm and comfortable, but not in imminent danger of becoming erect, and I proudly offered it to view. Hazel and Sarah both looked openly at me.

“When I was at university,” began Hazel, “I used to sneak into this enormous back garden behind my house and sunbathe. It was a filthy great garden at the back of a filthy great house behind ours, and there were loads of bushes and lovely lawn. It was really secluded too. I got used to it, especially in the week when there seemed to be no-one around, and I took to using my Walkman.

“One day I was doing this, lying there face down in my bikini bottoms, humming away to some music, when suddenly a shadow fell across me. It really made me jump, and I looked up to see this guy standing over me, my age, in shorts and t-shirt, feet bare.

“Who the hell are you?” he asked. I explained, feeling rather uncomfortable being topless and having to twist my head up to see him. He said he lived at the house, and he thought it was pretty cheeky of me to use their garden, and I had to agree with him.

“I don’t know what to do,” he said. I said he could throw me out, but I hoped he wasn’t going to make any trouble. He said he wasn’t, and actually when he thought about it he didn’t really mind my being there. I asked if this was anything to do with my being a young woman in half a bikini, and he laughed and said it was. I suddenly had a wicked idea that made my tummy jump, and I said, “How about you letting me stay here, and staying with me, and I’ll… I’ll sit up.” His eyes went round like saucers. “What, really?” he said. I smiled and nodded, and slowly pushed myself up on my hands, and slid my legs beneath me so that I was sitting up. He stared at my naked breasts, and it felt marvellous. He was so grateful, and he was good-looking too.

“I suddenly felt really bold, and I stood up, and very slowly, teasingly, slid my bikini bottoms down my legs, gradually revealing my pubes. He stared open-mouthed, and I felt even better – really powerful.

“When I’d got the bottoms off, I sat down again with my legs out in front of me, and slowly spread them apart, until I was sitting with them wide apart – well, like this.”

Hazel sat back and stretched out her legs, and drew them apart for Sarah and I to see. We both looked at her cunt as she showed it to us, even Sarah. This was brilliant – Hazel’s thighs were straining, they were so far apart, and her cunt was in full view like a centre spread. The lips of her cunt were pulled apart, too, showing the inner lips, and the folds where her inner lips joined at the top of her pussy to cover her clitoris. She sat for a moment allowing us to look before continuing. I felt my penis growing hard, and made no effort to cover myself. Both girls realised quickly, and stared and smiled.

“God, that’s big,” exclaimed Hazel. Then she carried on with her story.

“Well, he was looking at me like you are now, and he was obviously excited. But I wanted to carry on showing myself off. I put one hand between my legs…” Hazel acted this out for Sarah and I. Sarah was staring in fascination at Hazel’s cunt, and this was turning me on enormously – to see Sarah so interested in another woman’s cunt. “…and I pulled my cunt lips further apart, so that he could see my clitoris.” As we now could. “And then I just couldn’t help myself, I began to rub my clitoris with one finger. I was so turned on, my head was swimming, and I just couldn’t stop myself. It was fantastic, I was actually wanking myself off right in front of this bloke, fingering myself, and feeling all the juices welling up.” Hazel was acting this out, too, and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, or hearing. Hazel’s forefinger rubbed across her clitoris a few times, and then dipped down to the rest of her cunt, now wet with juices. Her finger traced the line of her inner cunt lips, pushing between them and covering itself in wetness. She moved it back up to her clitoris and circled it, making it wet with her juice. She rubbed it harder, and breathed heavily, and then moved her hand down again, and all her fingers wanked firmly at her wet cunt building up a rhythm.

Sarah and I watched, but I couldn’t wait batıkent escort any longer. I moved forward and ran my hand along Hazel’s thigh to her cunt. I touched the outer lips lightly as she carried on wanking, and then pushed gently into her wet folds with my fingertips, interrupting her rhythm and making her gasp.

Then something remarkable happened. Sarah moved forward too, and watched what I was doing for a moment. Then she put a hand on my cock, and grasped it firmly, and began to wank me. And then, to my amazement, and Hazel’s, to judge from her rolling eyes, her gasps and heaving breasts, Sarah brought her other hand to join mine at Hazel’s cunt. I immediately deferred, and she quickly moved her fingers into my place, slipping them inside Hazel half an inch or so, and sliding them up and down, and drawing them out moist and sticky. Then she moved her fingers up to Hazel’s clitoris and rubbed it firmly, round and round, and Hazel moaned loudly. Soon Sarah was pumping vigorously at my cock and wanking her friend furiously, while Hazel moaned and called out to God.

“What happened next, Hazel?” said Sarah, coolly.

“What? Oh, God. Oh… Well, I wanked…oh‚ God… and kept going until I came. I came so hard I thought I was going to faint. I think I might this time, too…oh, God. And then I made him undress…uhh, uhh, ooh, yes, that’s good… and I wanked him. I got him to touch my breasts…” By this time I had found similar work for my idle hands. I was massaging Hazel’s firm tits, and squeezing and pinching her nipples, while I continued to watch Sarah masturbating her and me together. “And he touched my cunt, put his fingers in me and wanked me a bit, and I wanked him, his cock close to my cunt. I got him to sit between my legs, and wanked him against me, rubbing his cock on my cunt, sliding it up and down my wetness, and slipping the head of it between the lips, and rubbing it against my clitoris. He came on me fairly quickly, loads of spunk all over my cunt, and I carried on rubbing his cock against me, smearing the spunk over myself and over my clit, until I came again too.”

Now Hazel was panting, mouth open, and clearly close to coming. The sight of her, and of Sarah’s fingers now buried inside her right up to the knuckle, was bringing me close to climax too. I watched Sarah frig two fingers in and out of Hazel’s wet cunt, and Hazel began to buck and heave, screwing up her face and moaning loudly.

“Oh, God, I’m coming, I’m coming,” she called out. “Oh yes, Sarah, finger me, wank me Sarah, fuck me with your fingers, wank me, wank me, wank me…” Hazel’s voice turned to a grunt as she cried out in rhythm with her grinding hips and Sarah’s fingers, fucking in and out of her wide-open, glistening cunt. She came like this for a full minute, before her hips bucked more gently and more slowly, and her gasps became lighter, until she again rested her bum on the ground and sighed deeply. Sarah slowly withdrew her fingers from where they had been buried in her.

Now Sarah turned her attention to me. She gripped my prick again, and pulled me forwards by it. I realised that she wanted me to get between Hazel’s legs, and I shuffled forward as Hazel lifted her thighs for me to slip mine underneath. Now my prick was resting against Hazel’s wet, pink cunt, twitching slightly against her matted pubic hairs. Sarah took it up again, and began to wank me in earnest. Hazel brought her hand in too, and my cock thrilled as her fingertips first made contact with it. She took a hold above Sarah’s hand, and joined in the wanking, making sure I was rubbed firmly against her cunt at every stroke.

Sarah let go of my prick, and getting on to her hands and knees, slipped one hand between her own legs and started to masturbate. She leant forward on her other hand, bringing her head closer to my prick, until at last she could open her mouth and take the head inside, guided by Hazel’s hand. She sucked hard, and gave a muffled moan as she stimulated herself. Hazel continued to wank me, in and out of Sarah’s mouth, Sarah sticking her tongue out for Hazel to rub my cock against. Hazel began to rub me against her clitoris and wet cunt again, and Sarah watched closely, panting. When my cock was shining with her juice, Hazel lifted it to Sarah, who put out her tongue and licked at it, deliberately taking Hazel’s juices from it. I gasped, and so did Hazel. Sarah took my prick greedily into her mouth, and sucked hard again. When Hazel moved me back down to her cunt, Sarah followed, licking the top of my prick while Hazel wanked herself with it.

And then the next fantastic thing happened. As Hazel wanked me against her cunt, pushing the first inch or so of my cock inside herself, and working it up and down, Sarah lent further forward still, and lightly kissed Hazel’s exposed clitoris. Then her tongue snaked out, and gave it a single, gentle lick. I almost came on the spot with excitement, to see my honey licking her girlfriend’s cunt. This was the stuff of my wildest fantasies. What an angel! It was now Sarah’s turn to moan loudly, as the hand thrusting between her legs became more vigorous. She began to lunge forward rhythmically, rubbing her tongue hard against Hazel’s clitoris. Hazel too started to groan and grunt, in time to the licking, as she built towards her second orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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