Pledges Ch. 02

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Chapter 2 – Sorority Meeting:

Planning the year’s events.


Sierra padded out of the bathroom barefoot, her freshly painted crimson toenails shimmering. Thankfully it was a lazy Sunday afternoon and she could afford to relax before her sorority meeting at 6pm.

Sierra just enjoyed a delicious romp with Brandi Stewart, the chapter treasurer. Her chocolate skin tingled at the thought of Brandi’s marvelous tongue, kissing and licking all over her body. Temporarily sated, the girls slept soundly, wrapped in each other’s arms. Sierra was definitely down for one more round, but Brandi was gone when Sierra woke up.

After a luxurious bath, and a quick mani and pedi touch-up, Sierra felt light and joyous. She smiled as the sun shone through the windows, and bathed her lovely body in warmth. Finally ready to start her day, she quickly threw on a pink velour tracksuit and slipped on a pair of gold ballet slippers.

Stomach rumbling, she left her suite, heading for the elevator. Every time she stood at the mirrored doors, she thanked her lucky stars that she was living in such a plush and luxurious sorority house.

The House was a modern, five-story setup, a gift from the alumni to the undergrads. The House was built as an elaborate dorm, large enough to hold almost thirty girls.

On the first floor was the great room and the adjoining living room, a smaller den, a lavish dining room next to a spacious kitchen, a laundry room, storage room and two half baths.

The library and the computer room were on the second floor, along with four bedrooms, reserved for freshmen only, and a large common bathroom.

The third floor, reserved for sophomores and juniors, had ten suites, each with its own bath.

The fourth floor, for Chapter officers and graduating seniors, had another ten suites.

On the top floor were the majestic President’s suite, and the smaller Vice President’s suite. Each suite had its own balcony and whirlpool bath.

The roof was built as a large, outdoor party terrace. Most of the sorority’s events were held right out in the fresh air, or underneath the removable canvas tent in less than ideal weather.

As Sierra arrived on the first floor, the warm September sun shone through the windows. She greeted the girls that lingered around talking and laughing; most lounging in the standard sorority issue: either soft pink or shimmery gold bra and panty sets.

The sorority flowers, dramatic long-stemmed pink roses, were neatly displayed in elaborate vases around the House.

She made her way to the kitchen. Stainless steel appliances, set around black slab granite, added a stylish element to the room. The delicious aromas of jerk chicken, homemade buttered rolls and peach cobbler let her know that Miss Mona was once again working her culinary magic in the kitchen.

Mona’s generous frame was smartly dressed in a black silk top and black denim jeans. Owner of Caribbean Rose Catering, her staff cooked for the girls throughout the week, but Miss Mona always prepared Sunday lunch and dinner herself.

“Ya hungry, sweetheart? I still got somet’ing left from lunch earlier.” Mona’s thick accent exposed her island roots.

“Yes, ma’am. But I really don’t want much.” Sierra felt Mona’s eyes look straight through her.

Mona nodded, as she filled a small plate with fruit salad. “Most of the girls eat like horses. But you? Like a rabbit. Pick, pick, pick. You need to eat, girl.”

She watched silently as the chocolate beauty picked at her food.

“I noticed that you and Brandi weren’t at lunch. I hope you’re working on those grades as much as you’re working on each other.”

Sierra’s neck twisted 180 degrees. “Miss Mona! It’s not-“

“Don’t wanna hear it, Sierra. Those grades last semester? Not your best. You’re the President now, girl. You need to set an example.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Suddenly Sierra took a great interest in the floor tiles. The Travertine pattern was infinitely more interesting than a tongue-lashing. Well, at least not this kind of tongue-lashing, Sierra chuckled.

“Hey.” Mona stepped close, and gently held Sierra’s chin, making them eye to eye. “I know, girl. I was the same way when I was your age. We sorors were close too.”

Sierra blushed. Mona smiled at the girl’s bashfulness. “Only back then, we had Housemothers. And they kept us on top of our responsibilities.” She sighed as she pulled Sierra into a warm embrace. “You’re the President. It’s your job to bring order. Don’t let things get out of control, ok baby?”

“Are you getting the lecture, again?”

Sierra and Miss Mona spun in the direction of the shrill voice.

Tamryn DuMouchelle whipped into the room, jet-black waist length tresses blowing with the clipped movement. Her toffee colored body, long and lean, was clad in a light pink cashmere sweater and a blue denim mini skirt. Sierra immediately pictured that alluring fashion model with the anger management problem. Tamryn was an exact duplicate, casino siteleri only with an irresistible Southern drawl.

“Miss Mona,” Tamryn snapped. “Thank you ever so much for your concern.” Her dark eyes flashed like electric bolts, but her tone remained clipped. “But you are not our mother, our guardian, our pastor, nor our overseer.”

“Tam!” Sierra was not in the mood for this bullshit today. However, her irritability quickly turned into concern as she caught the sudden storm sweep across Mona’s face.

Mona’s right hand began to twitch, a reminder of her raucous past. “No, babygirl. I can handle this.” Mona’s eyes locked dead-on with Tamryn’s. “I just may talk to your mother about your attitude. Because one day, mama, that mouth-” Suddenly, Mona’s back straightened as she composed herself. “You’re lucky I have self-control. Need the patience of Job to deal with you.” She wagged her finger at Tamryn. “One day, little girl, you’ll reap what you sow.” Mona stormed out of the kitchen.

Thankful the vicious tornado had been averted, Sierra sighed. “Why do you talk to people like that? She’s our soror! What’s wrong with you?”

Tamryn sighed, smoothing her raven tendrils back. “She knows I’m just playin’. Besides, she’s like, the cook.” Exasperated, she shook her hair out. “Anyway, you gonna let her talk to you like that? You’re the President, aren’t you? Is she your mama?”

Is this heffa fucking with me now? The veins in Sierra’s neck tightened.

“Hey ladies!”

A sudden lightness entered the room, as Lina Snow strode toward the refrigerator. Her sandy-brown ponytail bounced and sashayed, as did her tiny, firm ass. A petite cinnamon princess, her tight, firm body was the product of years of strenuous dance training. Though she was a tiny thing, she was blessed with an amazing frame. Her white and gold tank top, Greek letters proudly emblazoned on the front, clung deliciously to her breasts; her nipples imprinting the thin material. Her legs flirted seductively through her tiny white shorts. Sierra marveled at the sight.

Lina took a long swallow from a bottle of apple juice. “What’s up? Tam being a bitch again?”

Tamryn’s eyes rolled in disgust. “I’m so bored with you bitches.” Her hair whipped and whirled as she stomped back to her room.

Lina sighed. “She is so extra.”

The two brown beauties laughed and high-fived. Tamryn was definitely a piece of work, but her mother did donate the House’s library and computer lab. Like most of the other alumni members, Judge DuMouchelle was actually a kind woman, but on the bench, she was tough as nails. She’d imparted the same drive and determination to Tamryn, but, unfortunately, not the compassion.

Judge DuMouchelle, along with the rest of the DuMouchelle women, fully expected her daughter to follow in her footsteps as the sorority’s Chapter President. The ladies pulled out all the stops campaigning for the prestigious position.

However, when Tamryn lost the sorority election to Sierra by just a handful of votes, to her credit, Judge DuMouchelle remained cool and collected. And like the true DuMouchelle woman she was, she even congratulated Sierra with a friendly embrace, and offered to assist the young woman. However, Tamryn wasn’t so gracious. Sierra often felt the chill of Tamryn’s bitterness.

“She getting to you, mama?” Lina carefully brushed a stray lock of hair out of Sierra’s pretty face. She wondered if Sierra could hear her heart beating out of control. Lina was so lightheaded around Sierra’s exotic beauty. “Don’t let her stress you out.”

Sierra reached around Lina to pull her close. Sierra bent to fit her head snugly into Lina’s neck, and breathed deeply. A light vanilla scent tickled Sierra’s nose, making the chocolate beauty grin. Sierra’s eyes closed as her body turned into glowing hot molten lava. Lina’s passionate heat wrapped around Sierra, and both girls’ temperature began to rise. “You relax me, baby?” Sierra whispered.

Without a word, Lina grabbed Sierra’s hand. The two crept into the empty laundry room just off the kitchen. The rhythmic sound of the washing machines was the only noise in the room.

Locking the door, Sierra turned to stare at Lina. Her heart filled with Lina’s beauty.

Lina’s reddish-brown complexion flushed crimson as she stood while Sierra openly admired her. Stepping into each other’s luscious warmth again, the girls embraced and held on tight. Not able to wait, they shared a soft, gentle kiss that heated up quickly. Sierra tasted fresh apples, and licked the sweet lips to get more of the delicious flavor.

“I missed you last night,” Sierra moaned into Lina’s neck.

“You didn’t want to go out with us. You never want to go out.” Lina pouted. “When I got back, I came to see you. I guess you and Brandi were occupied.” Lina turned away before her misty eyes betrayed her.

“Baby, don’t-” Sierra frowned as she pulled Lina in closer. Her stomach tightened at the sweet girl being upset.

“I’m not jealous,” Lina reassured. canlı casino “I just hated not sleeping next to you.” She groaned as Sierra’s hands began to draw lazy circles on her back.

“You could have joined in, mama,” Sierra winked.

“You want it all, don’t you?” Lina quipped. “Not enough to be President. You want all the chocha, huh?”

“Not all, mami. Just yours.” Sierra’s fingers teased lower.

“Babygirl…” Lina sighed as a rush of desire flowed through her body. She gasped as Sierra’s fingers found their mark in her wetness.

“Let me make it up to you.” Sierra slid to her knees, as Lina opened her legs wider.

“Ohhh!” Lina felt Sierra’s hands caress her smooth legs and thighs. Sierra’s fingers hooked into the waistband of Lina’s shorts and pulled them down slowly, exposing both Lina’s reddish-brown skin and her gold panties.

Sierra was intoxicated as Lina’s most private fragrance reached her nostrils. Sierra quickly removed the gold fabric and leaned in for a delicious taste. Her senses were on edge.

“Wait-” Lina interjected. The limber girl quickly hopped on top of one of the running washing machines, spreading her legs and beckoning Sierra to paradise.

Sierra rose from her knees and kissed Lina’s honeyed lips again. Their tongues danced as their passion rose. Sierra raised Lina’s top to expose the girl’s firm breasts. Sierra bent to gently lick the beautiful cinnamon nipples. The taut gems melted in Sierra’s hot mouth. Lina’s voice became ragged as she begged Sierra for completion.

After much teasing, Sierra finally bent into Lina’s dark triangle. Her tongue had a mind of its own as it acted outside of her body and began to lap at Lina’s copious juices. Lina’s head rolled back in ecstasy as electric shocks ripped her reserve to shreds.

“You taste so good, baby. So sweet…” Sierra began to lick and suck Lina’s clit with abandon. The delicious juices flowed from Lina like a tropical waterfall. Lina’s hips bucked as she raced toward a glorious climax. The rhythmic motion of the washing machine underneath her matched the rhythmic throb of her pussy, which only sped her passion higher.

“Baby, please! Hurry!” Lina’s breath quickened and her nerves were a bonfire, blazing with passion.

Sierra intensified her efforts, and laved the girls pink jewel relentlessly. She wanted Lina’s cum badly, and worked tirelessly to get it. She flicked her tongue steadily back and forth over Lina’s wet pinkness. The heated aroma invaded Sierra’s mind and set her tongue to stroking even faster.

Lina’s tiny body began to shake with the impending cum.

“Oh Sierra!” Lina gasped as she hovered on the cliff, ready to dive into the ocean of need Sierra arose in her.

Just then, Sierra put the cherry on top. She smoothly and deftly worked two fingers into Lina’s heat, crossing and uncrossing them rapidly. The sudden intrusion set off a chain reaction in Lina’s brain.

“Aaaah!” she wailed, as waves of passion crashed all over her body. Sierra was rewarded with the taste of tangy, slippery, sugary honey. She moaned as Lina continued to shake and cry with pleasure. Beads of sweat dotted Lina’s forehead as her senses continued swirling in passionate overload.

Sierra continued nuzzling Lina’s wet pussy, licking and playing in the sticky sweetness. Finally, Sierra pulled back from Lina’s sweetness to kiss the cinnamon beauty. The girls licked and kissed each other playfully, as Lina’s breathing returned to normal.

Neither girl noticed the clock on the wall until Sierra looked up.

“Oh shit. The meeting! I’ve got to go get ready.” Sierra straightened up to her full height. Lina slipped down from the washing machine and enfolded Sierra into a final embrace.

“You didn’t get your turn, honey,” Lina pouted. “Round 2 later?”

“Definitely.” Sierra gave Lina a quick kiss and squeezed the beauty’s firm ass. She winked as she slipped out of the room.


The antique grandfather clock, positioned stoically in the foyer, softly chimed six times.

“Tonight’s meeting of Rho Sigma Tau Sorority, Incorporated will now come to order.” Sierra’s voice boomed throughout the living room. Twenty or so scantily clad beauties filled the comfortable space. Some were lounging on the couches, some on the loveseat and some on each other’s laps.

“Candace will you call the roll?”

Candace Peterson stood, her buttermilk skin glowing, as she adjusted the spectacles on the tip of her nose. Her snug, pink argyle sweater fit her trim body perfectly. Her long, creamy legs were definitely on display underneath the obscenely short pink and gray plaid miniskirt. Her chestnut brown hair swayed, and her hands shook as she squinted at the gold hardcover book in her hand.

She cleared her throat. “Chapter President Sierra Morgan is present. Chapter Vice President Tamryn DuMouchelle?”

“Here! Don’t you see me? You saw Sierra.” Tamryn shook her long mane. Eyes rolled all over the room at Tamryn’s outburst.

Candace kaçak casino nervously continued in a smaller voice. “Chapter Secretary Candace Peterson is here. Chapter Treasurer Brandi Stewart?”

Brandi held up a lone pinky. “Here, darling,” she drawled. Giggles flittered about the room.

“Dean of Pledges, Lina Jones?”

“Here, baby,” as Lina struggled to stifle a yawn. She was still exhausted from her romp with Sierra.

“Alumni Relations Chair, Angela Patton?”

A cute caramel minx raised her hand. “Here, Candy.” Angela’s curly brown ringlets bounced at the movement.

“Chapter Parliamentarian, Miko Lee?” Silence.


“Oh. Here, baby. Sorry.” The six-foot Black and Asian beauty was perched in a chair as a cocoa honey sat in her lap.

Candace quickly finished the attendance and took her seat, her miniskirt fluttering around her creamy thighs.

Sierra stood. “This meeting is going to be short. Miss Mona’s Sunday dinner will still be served at 7pm, as always.”

A brief, but spirited cheer went up in the back of the room.

Sierra laughed. “Okaaay. I see someone is looking forward to that roast beef I smelled a minute ago.” She continued. “First, Candace? Please give us the minutes for the last meeting.”

Hands shaking, Candace began to speak in a low voice. The girls waited patiently as she stumbled through the report. Her buttermilk cheeks flushed crimson in embarrassment, but she got through it.

“Thanks, hon,” Sierra said. Candace adjusted her glasses and gratefully took her seat.

“Now, Brandi? Please give us the Treasurer’s report.”

Brandi stood as she quickly outlined the chapter’s budget. There were more than enough funds available to carry them through the upcoming series of sorority events.

“Thank you, Ma’am,” Sierra teased. “Now, I want to quickly finalize the details for our Interest Tea next Friday. Lina? – Would you give us an update on the Mixer?”

Lina stood. “We already have the room reserved in the Student Center. Room 504. Now-“

“Why are we on the fifth floor?” Tamryn interjected. “I am not walking up all those damned stairs. And if that broke down elevator ain’t working, I don’t think y’all will be seeing me!”

“We should be so lucky,” Lina muttered. “There’s more privacy up there, Tamryn.”

“How many girls have signed up so far?” Miko asked.

“Thirty.” Gasps echoed throughout the room.

“Wow,” Miko said, amazed. “That’s a lot of girls. Especially when we only take a handful each year.”

“I know,” Lina agreed. “But, as it is every year, once word spreads that we’re looking for new girls, everyone wants to sign up.”

Tamryn frowned. “We’re supposed to be exclusive. No one’s even supposed to know about the Tea. Just a few girls.” She paused. “What are you doing? Putting up posters all over campus or something?

“Of course not,” Lina snapped. “In fact, I hardly told anyone. But once someone finds out, word spreads.” She grinned. “I mean, we are the hottest sorority on the yard.”

“Yes we are,” Sierra said, as cheers rang out throughout the room. “But really, that’s a lot of girls.”

“Well, I already have a few names of girls who I think we should seriously consider. But I’ll wait until after the Mixer to tell y’all. You should meet the girls yourselves first. Don’t want to unfairly prejudice y’all one way or the other.”

“Thanks,” Sierra said. “Please continue.”

“The Mixer starts at 5pm sharp and we have the room until 7. Sierra, Tam and I will be there the whole time. Everyone else, just come in as your classes and work schedules allow. After the Mixer, we’ll meet here at the House to evaluate the girls. Those we like will be invited to our private Tea next month, around the beginning of October. Those who make the cut will go through the formal pre-pledge process. If their interviews and applications are tight, including their grades and references, they could be invited to pledge sometime before Thanksgiving. Any questions?”

The room was silent.

“Finally, I need a few volunteers to help me set up the room before the girls arrive.” A few hands went up around the room, and Lina quickly jotted down their names. “That’s all from me. Thanks, ladies.”

Sierra stood. “Remember, we’re looking for ladies who’ll be a good fit for what we have here. Nice. Smart. Friendly.

“And cute doesn’t hurt,” Angela interjected. The girls laughed.

“Right, Angela.” Sierra paused. “Oh, yeah. Before I forget…how is our documentary coming along?”

“Great!” Angela excitedly outlined her plans to shoot a mini-documentary on the history of the sorority. Angela, a film major, was a huge fan of Angela Robinson, the famous director of the girls’ favorite movie, D.E.B.S. She set her mind early to follow in Robinson’s footsteps and make lesbian films with both heart and heat.

She and Sierra discussed it over the summer, and decided that a video history of the sorority and their chapter would be a brilliant idea.

“So far, most of the alumni have signed up to give me interviews on camera,” Angela beamed.

Tamryn sighed. “Well it’s a good thing that you’re the Alumni Chair and not me. I couldn’t take being in a room with all those old biddies.”

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