Poker Loser Ch. 05

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author’s note: this story started out as a nonconsent/reluctance, and the main character still tends to be reluctant although she also enjoys herself very very much, she doesn’t want to admit it… just as a warning for people who might want to read about loving erotic couplings, this doesn’t really qualify at the moment. it’s more of a semi-reluctant, find out who’s boss, I’d hate it if it didn’t feel so damn good, coupling.

* * * * *


We’re going to stay in this Friday, you seemed to enjoy having so many people around last week that I thought you might be enjoying yourself a little too much. Make sure you’re looking your usual beautiful self, hair down again. The ponytails were cute, but not necessary for this week. Just come to my house at 5pm, wear a long coat. Under the coat you can wear a bra if you want, but you have to wear thigh-high stockings and heels. Nothing else.

Practice stretching your ass out this week, you need to get over that little boundary, and I think you’ll appreciate the practice before Friday. See you then beautiful.

Your Frog Prince

Allison snorted at Todd’s signature on this email. He seemed to get a kick out of signing the damn things “romantically”. Jerk. Re-reading the email, she winced a little. She really had been enjoying herself too much last week, and the fact that he noticed just made her feel more ashamed. Stretching her ass out was going to be a little more difficult… but she’d already started putting one finger in her tight hole when masturbating, the dirtiness of the act was starting to become exciting rather than revolting. Biting her lip, she wondered how much more these next few “dates” would change her from the moral, proud WASP she was into something else… some kind of decadent slut. Sighing, she grabbed her purse to go shopping for thigh-highs.

* * * * *

When Friday came, Allison opted to go without a bra under her coat, in hopes that maybe Todd would go a little bit easier on her if she seemed to be co-operating. Last week had almost been enjoyable, once she got over having everyone watching her; although she still had to shudder at the close call in the security room. Maybe she would’ve licked that other woman’s pussy, but there probably would’ve be a bit of a fight about it, and she had a feeling that fighting with Todd on a date was something he would definitely make her regret. Rushing up to his door, she felt almost as though she was completely naked (which she was under the coat), and she didn’t want anyone to see her.

It was almost a relief when he opened the door, although her heart sank a little at the malevolent smile on his face. She was starting to associate that particular smile with him introducing something new that would push her boundaries once again. Stepping inside, there was nothing inimical to be seen in the hall. Todd helped her take off her coat, like a gentleman almost, and then whistled softly as he saw that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Allison looked stunningly sexy with 3″ black strappy heels, lacy-topped thigh highs, and her burnished brown curls tumbling down her shoulders to rest of her perky breasts. Her make-up was light but stunning, eyeliner and heavy eyelashes framing her hazel eyes, a hint of color in her cheeks, and perfect pink lips. The whole combination of it all was almost enough to make Todd regret that he’d decided to share her tonight… but too late to reverse that now. Rather, he smiled his pleasure at her, eyes filled with burning desire, and he escorted her into the dining room; during the entire time, the same smile remained firmly in place.

Allison froze stock still in the doorway of the dining room, her breath caught in her throat. There was another guy sitting at the table, which was set for three, a guy she knew very well.

“Chad,” her voice was soft and breathy, almost as if she was asking someone to tell her it wasn’t true.

“Hello Allison,” his deep basso voice rumbled as always, blue eyes traveled the curves of his step-cousin’s body, “You’re looking awfully nice tonight.”

Allison clutched at Todd’s sleeve, “Todd, I need to talk to you.” He gave her a scornful look, and pushed away as she tried to hide her body behind his; Chad watched the both, his blonde good looks were enhanced by a very pleased, wide smile.

“I know he’s your step-cousin, Princess,” Todd almost lost his cool and scornful demeanor to laugh in her face at the confused and desperate look that sentence produced, “It’s not like you guys are related by blood, and you’ve definitely had a good time teasing him at the beach and on vacations, from what he tells me. Time to pay up for all those cases of blueballs you gave him.” Allison grabbed his sleeve as he started to move away from her, and his eyes burned with anger as he turned back to her, but she didn’t care.

“Todd, please, I can’t…” her words were lost as he grabbed her by her hair and pushed her roughly against the wall


There gaziantep zenci escort was no holding back as he hit her ass as hard as he could, making her scream and dance with the pain.


Her ass was bright red, and he pushed his body up behind hers, two fingers pushed into her dry ass, stretching the burning channel. She whimpered at the pain in her ass, and the pain of the fingers being pushed into her ass dry.

In a low voice, right into her ear so that only she could hear him, “You are mine on these dates, and you will do what I say, when I say, no matter what your personal feelings or morals are. I have decided that he’s here for this date, and you are going to have a damn good time doing whatever I tell you to with him. If you don’t shape up and behave right now, I’m going to tie you over the couch and let him rape your pussy and ass dry, and then when he’s done I’ll fuck your ass dry too, and I’ll fuck it hard enough to keep you from sitting down for a week and then I’ll throw you out of here for tonight without your coat AND you’ll still owe me three more dates.” As he spoke, he emphasized he sentence by pushing his fingers further up into her ass, forcing her up onto her toes until his fingers were in all the way to his knuckles, her ass stretched and burning, “Do you understand me?”

Allison nodded frantically, her hands against the wall, trying to hold her balance so that less of her weight was on the fingers in her ass. She didn’t at all doubt his threats, or his ability to keep them. Her father had been talking all week about the immorality of the world, especially the internet, and verbally abused all the girls who were selling their bodies to make money; the worst part had been when he’d gone on to talk about her perfection, and great upstanding morals, how he was so proud of his daughter because she’d decided to wait for marriage… If Todd showed him the tape, her life might as well be over.

Vindictively, Todd thrust his fingers hard one more time before with-drawing them from her ass. When she turned, Chad was watching them with a huge smile on his face… the snobby bitch had teased him ever since he’d been old enough to notice girls, prancing around in the tiniest bathingsuits, asking him to rub lotion on her, “accidently” jumping up when her top was untied and she had “forgotten”. Just watching the bitch get her ass slapped was almost enough to make up for everything she’d put him through as a teenage, and he was thrilled that Todd had offered to share her for the night. There were definitely advantages to being in a fraternity. He had no idea how Todd had gotten such a hold over the prudish tease, but he didn’t really care either.

Gingerly, Allison sat at the table as Todd went to wash his hands. Dinner was a strain; Todd was still angry at her earlier defiance, Allison was mostly concentrating on not offending him again (and the pain of sitting on her bruised ass), and most of Chad’s attention was taken up staring across the table at her pert, round breasts. Somehow, having her step-cousin staring at her just didn’t give her the same feelings as being watched last week had. Maybe it was because she had the uneasy feeling that Todd was going to make her do a lot more to Chad than just give him head – although the idea of swallowing her cousin’s cum made her feel increasingly nauseous. Dinner was pretty much wasted on her, she could barely taste the food that she did it, and most of it remained on her plate as her stomach was tied up in anxious knots.

Finally, dinner was done. Todd got up from the table and snapped his fingers imperiously at her. Meekly, with her head down and her cheeks pink at the witnessed humiliation, she followed him into the bedroom. Chad followed her, watching her swaying ass – which was still slightly colored from the beating Todd had given it early.

Both the men shed their clothes, and Todd climbed onto the bed, sitting with his legs spread, he motioned for Allison to join him. Trotting over, she immediately got into position to give him a blowjob, but to her surprise, he turned her around so that her back was leaning against his body. Flushing, she realized why as Chad crawled onto the bed, naked and with his eyes riveted to her flesh. Her cousin was a bit of a hunk, which was probably why she’d gotten so much joy out of teasing him; short blonde hair, blue eyes, a perfect white smile, and a tanned swimmer’s body. Now she could also see that he had a decent sized cock, about 7″ long and 2″ around.

His mouth fell on hers, and although she felt disgusted, she kissed him back. Todd was obviously there to make sure that she did things the way she was supposed to. Feeling even more nauseous as her cousin’s tongue probed her mouth, tasting her sweetness, she shuddered as he placed his hands on her boobs. Chad thrilled at finally getting to touch his cousin’s soft-body. He’d never really thought of her family gaziantep escort as part of his family, they were always looking down on him and his mom since he wasn’t really blood-related. For years he’d lusted after Allison’s body, the slight sense of forbiddenness making her all the more desirable. Now he finally had his hands on those luscious tits, and he squeezed them hard. Allison groaned in despair as the fondling of her boobs had its usual effect… she wished that being touched by her cousin would have the opposite effect, but her boobs didn’t know who was touching them and cared less. Chad lowered his mouth to her perfect pink nipple, and Allison closed her eyes and nestled her head back against Todd’s chest, tucking it under his chin so she didn’t have to look.

“Watch him Princess.” A slight warning bite on her ear, and Allison turned unwilling eyes to her cousin’s mouth, sucking at her nipple like a starving baby. Sickened, she watched as he feasted on the soft flesh, leaving his own love bites… incestuous love bites that would haunt her for the rest of the week.

Without warning he abandoned her breasts and mouth first into her pussy, lapping hungrily at the juices that were pooling there. Now Todd took over manhandling her breasts, and as Chad’s eager tongue lashed her pussy, Todd’s nimble fingers stroked and pinched her nipples. Allison moaned as she realized that having two guys work over her body meant that many different parts of her were going to be attended to, all at the same time… it didn’t matter than one was her cousin, it felt incredible. Chad slipped a finger into her sopping pussy as he tongued her clit, then he slid another one in, glorying in the wet tightness. Todd’s hands were mauling her boobs, smashing them flat against her chest and squeezing them hard, grasping them in his palm, he pulled them away from her chest. Moaning and gasping, Allison’s hands were entangled in Chad’s hair as the men manipulated her body; she felt like her entire being had been taken over by pure pleasure. With her hands in his hair, Chad realized that his cousin had become completely swept up in the moment, which urged him on to greater efforts. Slipping his two wet fingers out of her pussy, he roughly jammed them in her ass, shoving three fingers on his other hand into her pussy and sucking her clit into his mouth.

Allison wailed, high-pitched as her orgasm crashed into her, the pain his fingers had caused in her pussy and ass had shoved her over the brink. Realizing that she was cumming, Todd gripped her nipples tightly between his fingers, crushing the tender buds, and pulled them as far away from her body as he could then moved his hands quickly up and down. Her breasts bounced painfully, sharp jabs biting into her nipples, and as Chad rolled her clit between his teeth Allison came again, a few tears leaked from her eyes at the intensity of the orgasm.

Finally, her body began the descent from that incredible high; she twitched as Chad tenderly licked her over-sensitized pussy. Slumping back against Todd’s body, she shed a few more tears, in shame that she would cum so hard into her own cousin’s mouth. Gentle strokes on her breasts soothed the sore flesh, and Chad slowly withdrew his fingers from her holes, still licking insistently as he cleaned the traces of her orgasm from her pussy. Realizing that her hands were still on Chad’s head, Allison jerked them away, and then just let them fall at her sides, completely exhausted.

As Chad finally pulled away from her pussy, Todd pushed her unresisting body up and away from his. Too tired to move of her own will, Allison allowed the men to put her in position, on hands and knees. Barely able to hold herself up on her forearms, Allison lowered her mouth to Todd’s very hard member and stretched her jaw around that familiar thick meat. Behind her, Chad began rubbing the head of his dick up and down her wet slit, and she shuddered a little bit, knowing that her cousin was going to fuck her, but there was no fight left in her at that point. Slowly Chad’s dick nudged its way into her pussy, and he groaned as the hot wet hole gripped his shaft tightly; reaching round her body he grabbed her hanging tits and began pushing his dick in and out of her, slamming his body into her sore ass. Allison moaned around Todd’s cock as her cousin became the second man to ever enter her pussy, she whimpered as she thought about how low she’d sunk in the scheme of things. Worse than that, after having that intense orgasm only minutes before, her pussy was very sensitive and ready to respond. She could feel arousal starting to build as he pumped her from behind, and it didn’t help that he was playing with her sore tits while he did so.

Todd watched happily as Allison’s face reflected her complete resignation and submission to the situation, he loved to push boundary after boundary, pushing different limits. He had a lot of different ideas for all their dates, and he couldn’t wait to see how she reacted to each and every one. Admittedly, he hadn’t realized that tonight would be such a tough one for her, after all, Chad was one of the most lusted after guys in the frat; he’d figured that Allison teased the boy because she’d been inherently attracted to him. Who knows, maybe she had been and had just been embarrassed to finally have that out. Considering her reluctance to do anything anal, maybe it shouldn’t have come as such as surprise that even slight incest would be so repugnant to her. He smiled down at the girl sucking his dick, god he loved to make her do things she didn’t want to.

Trying to deny the feeling building in her pussy, Allison was concentrating all her attention on Todd’s dick. She could sense him smiling down on her in pleasure, and to her amazement she felt a rush of accomplishment that he was pleased with her. The feeling fed her own disgust, which in turn fed her arousal. Chad was really slamming into her from behind, grinding his groin against the swell of her ass, digging his dick in as deep as he could force it. Tugging on her nipples like he was milking a cow, he was having the time of his life. Allison couldn’t help herself anymore, as Chad pounded away at her pussy and milked her nipples, she started cumming again, moaning around Todd’s dick. The pulsing in her pussy and the realization that he’d made the stuck-up bitch cum again took Chad over the edge, using her tits for leverage he slammed hard into her cunt and groaned as he finally pumped jet after jet of thick cum into his cousin’s spasming pussy.

Allison felt like sobbing as she realized that her cousin had cum in her, more than she had cum while he fucked her. But as Chad let his dick fall from her hole, she didn’t stop sucking Todd’s until he put a finger under her chin and lifted her head up.

“Clean him.” Todd nodded at Chad. Slowly, the broken brunette turned, trying not to think about what she was doing, she began licking the juices off of Chad’s thighs and balls. Tasting herself and him as she cleaned the area. Gulping down her nausea, she licked his dick, opening her mouth to let the flaccid member slip in while she sucked away the remains of their incestuous sex. Feeling his dick harden a little in her mouth, she finished as quickly as she could and pulled away, sickened by everything that had just happened.

“Good girl.” Grateful for the distraction, Allison turned back to Todd who smiled at her. Pulling her towards him, he lowered his mouth to her raw nipples and gently sucked the pink nubs. Moaning, she ran her hands over his shoulders; having sex with her cousin made her revulsion about having sex with Todd seem insignificant, and she enjoyed the gentle touch on her breasts. Carefully, Todd laid back and smiled at her as she positioned herself over his wide cock. The girl had to be on the tail end of completely exhausted, but she was still doing what he wanted… better she was starting to do it without being told to.

Allison winced as his dick began to stretch open her pussy. The abuse that had been heaped on her tender inner folds made it painful for her, but she knew that it was going to have to happen before she left that night. And in some way, she craved it, as if she could wash away the memory of having sex with her cousin by fucking Todd. Gasping and whimpering, she very slowly worked her way down until she was completely impaled on the thick shaft; taking a moment to breath deeply and adjust, she then began moving up and down on him. Todd smiled at her efforts, and in her drained state, Allison smiled back. Reaching up, he pulled her down for a kiss, and began tweaking on of her nipples with his fingers as his tongue slid into her mouth. Looking past her head, he winked at Chad, who was fully hard again and waiting.

Allison screamed into Todd’s mouth, her eyes flying wide open as she felt her cousin’s hands grip her waist and the head of his dick push its way into her ass. Only the strong hold on her neck kept her bent over in position, she wriggled and tried to struggle as Chad pushed more and more of his dick into her ass. Her ass was tight and warm, and it was the most degrading thing he could think to do with her; when Todd had suggested it the other day he’d almost gotten hard just thinking about it. Now, the reality was even better as he could feel her frantic body trying to reject him, the clenching just made her tighter around his dick and it felt great as he worked his way home. When Chad finally hit balls deep Todd released Allison from the kiss.

“PLEASE NO!!!!!!!!! You’re killing me…. it hurts, take it out….. it’s dirty….. I can’t fit this much in me…. take it out, I can’t do this.” She was sobbing. With the two poles lodged into her she felt like they were going to tear her apart. The men ignored her pleas as they began to move, quickly establishing a rhythm. As frat brothers they’d shared a lot of the frat’s “common” girls, usually they were pledges to a sorority that were assigned to fulfill frat brother’s needs. Constant sharing of the girls meant that all the frat brothers were used to working with each other while they sandwiched a girl, and since most girls weren’t willing at first, Allison’s weak and tired resistance didn’t cause them any problems.

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