Posing with Penny

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Ariel is a model, you may have seen her in some of the more popular men’s magazines and Adult Web Sites. She’s a slim, pretty brunette with an infectious smile and dazzling green eyes. She thought some of you might like to know how she got started in this line of work and why she’s still so passionate about it. So, as her friend, she asked me if I’d tell her story.

She didn’t start out to be a nude model, although she has the body for it and loves what she does. She’s very cute, but a lot of guys are always telling her that she’s sexy as hell. She wears her hair long and works out, she runs, swims, bikes – Ariel is a bit of a tomboy, although it isn’t hard to figure out what her favorite sport is. She likes her eyes and legs best about herself.

Ariel was living with her folks, but she really wanted to move out when she started college. She had planned to study Drama and English, with aspirations of becoming an actress or teacher. she wasn’t sure which. Her first year of college sucked though, because with all the money stresses, she wasn’t doing too well in a lot of her classes.

Ariel couldn’t really devote a lot of time to a job, because she had to study. She was devoted to getting good grades, which didn’t come naturally to her. If she thought about her job, her schoolwork suffered. If she thought too much about school, she wasn’t doing a very good job. She decided to give up searching for a job and concentrate solely on school, making sure she got the grades she needed to excel.

She was having coffee with her friend, Terry. She’s this majorly hot girl from Ariel’s Drama class, this dark-haired cutie that boys drool over. She shoots them all down though, because she’s too busy, or so she says. Ariel figured that Terri isn’t much into guys.

A few months ago, Terry told Ariel how she could afford to have a nice car, dress in all those sexy clothes and pay her tuition.

Terry’s mom is this big men’s magazine photographer, likely some of you have heard of her. Terry uses her dad’s name, but her Mom has been letting her apprentice and Terry was was making really good money shooting centerfolds and such. Some of them were pretty wild, which appealed to Ariel’s naughtier side.

“You should pose Ari!” Patsy told her. “You’re wicked hot, you could make some really good money without having to do a lot of thinking.”

Ariel told Terry that she’d consider it. Her own love life stunk, most of the guys she’d been seeing were jerks. Some of them were after only one thing, which was fine, Ariel liked a good fuck as much as the next girl, but she wondered if any of them could talk about anything besides football. A week of her folks yelling at her about money not growing on trees, yaddayaddayadda and letting another idiot male grope her for a couple of slices of lukewarm pizza made up her mind. Ariel called Terry and told her to go ahead and set up the shoot.

Terry was overjoyed to hear that and she told Ariel to be there bright and early Tuesday morning, as her Mom didn’t have any shoots scheduled, they’d have lots of privacy. That was fine with Ariel, as she didn’t have any Tuesday morning classes.

Ariel got to the makeshift studio around 8 AM Tuesday morning and was rushed into hair and makeup by Ricardo, Terry’s stylist, who, she noticed, was gay as a goose. He primped and fretted all over her until she looked wonderful.

Terry had a “parlor” setting as the backdrop for the first shoot and Ariel reclined on the couch. She was dressed in some nice lacy pink lingerie, and as she had been out in the sun a lot lately, looked great against her tanned skin. Terry took pictures of Ariel playing bursa eskort bayan with her tits and stroking her pussy. She kept telling Ariel to be a dirty girl, to get into it, to imagine all the guys that were going to wanna fuck her, even some of their girlfriends. Ariel found all Terry’s hot comments were really getting to her, she was getting extremely turned on.

It was fun and exciting, but it got very hot under the lights, so the girls took a morning break and talked for a little while.

“Enjoying it?” Terry asked Ariel as they sipped on some Iced Tea.

“Yeah, more than I thought. It’s kind of empowering.” Terry nodded in agreement.

“To know your body can make someone hot is very empowering, very sensual. You’ve got such a hot bod.”

The girls finished their shoot, Ariel was still all hot and bothered. She was glad she had a date that evening, he was going to get his brains fucked out. When they finished at noon. Terry handed Ariel her check. Ariel looked at it twice, not believing fully how much the check was for.

“I made this much?” Ariel asked her incredulously.

Terry smiled at her friend and said “Yup, and there’s more where that came from, if you want it. The camera loves you, you’re a natural. Interested?”

Was she? Does a pig oink? They started shooting together on a regular basis, she did about 5 shoots a week with Terry and had almost enough saved to move out. Then, one night, Terry called Ariel, panic-stricken. She asked Ariel if she could be there at 7 the next morning, a model had to cancel. Ariel told her “Sure, I can blow off the morning class.” Terry was grateful, told Ariel thanks and hung up. Ariel was grateful too, she figured this would give her all the money she needed to go out on her own.

Ariel got to the shoot next day, walked in the door and there was Terry, already prepared to shoot. She gave Ariel and big hug and said “God Ariel, thanks again.” It was then that Ariel noticed another girl in the studio.

“Oh, the other girl made it after all?” Terry shook her head.

“No, that’s Penny, she’s supposed to be here.”

“Terry, I don’t get it.”

“Ariel hon, it’s a two-girl photo session.”

Ariel felt herself going pale. She’d never done one of those, hadn’t even considered it. She knew that Terry had shot quite a few of them, Ariel had seen the pictures. They were quite lovely, stylish and very erotic. But she didn’t think she wanted to do one.

Terry sensed her friend’s hesitation, so she made her final play. “It pays double hon, lots of money to be made today.” That made Ariel re-think her position, because she figured with that kind of cash, she could move out for sure. Getting out from under her parent’s thumb was so important to the young woman. So, she just figured “The heck with it” and said okay.

Terry had Ariel dressed in some really classy black lingerie, she put Penny in white. The girls looked great, Ariel had to admit Penny, an attractive blonde, was a nice contrast to her own brunette good looks. Their makeup was superb and even the stiletto points on their high heels gleamed in the studio lights. Ariel walked over to Penny, took her hand, and introduced herself. A small twinge went through her as Penny’s beautiful blue eyes met her own. Their was a softness, a delicate nature to the blonde girl Ariel responded to almost immediately.

It was a little weird at first, being so close to another girl, but Penny smelled so lovely, a sweet Jasmine scent wafted from her body. She was so pretty, Ariel forgot all about the camera after a bit and relaxed.

Ariel was supposed to be the bursa otele gelen eskort bayan stronger girl in the pictures, so Terry had her pulling Penny’s long blonde hair, making her “Eat Ariel’s pussy, suck her tits”, that kind of thing. Terry handed Ariel a large, flesh-colored dildo and had Ariel hold int near Penny’s body, looking like she was going to fuck her with it.

Penny looked great in every shot, curvy, cuddly and sensual. She had a great face, lightly dusted with freckles, and these gorgeous blue eyes. Her boobs were sexy too, really round, with perky pink nipples. One of the pictures had Ariel kissing her tits and she had to admit, Ariel didn’t mind sucking her nipples. She even found herself wishing she could linger there longer.

Terry instructed the girls to do a couple of French-kissing shots, guys liked to see girls kissing. Ariel felt Penny’s tongue duel with her own, enter her mouth and she just let herself go and enjoy it. From the sweet way Penny was kissing her, Ariel knew this wasn’t her first time kissing another girl and she yielded to her honeyed kisses.

Then, it was all over. Penny and Ariel split apart, she started to get dressed and said Terry went off to check her photos. All of the fun was all over and Ariel was feeling kinda dejected.


“Yeah Penny?”

“Honey, we’re done. You can get changed now, we’re done for the day. Your check’s over there. I’ve already got mine, I’m going to buy myself some nice new things!”

Ariel let out a big sigh and Penny picked up on it. “Okay, what’s wrong? Did you get freaked out by doing the two-girl, because if you did ….”

Ariel cut her off. “Penny, I didn’t get freaked out at all. It was weird at first, sure – but after a while, I began liking it. I didn’t want it to end! I liked kissing you and making out with you, I liked it a lot!”

Ariel saw the self-satisfied grin that came over Penny’s pretty, sweet face. She didn’t think she’d offended Penny with her confession, but then Penny got this big goofy grin on her face.

“I had no idea you liked girls, Ariel. That’s nice.”

Ariel was trying to get her head around the concept that she did indeed, like girls, when Penny wrapped her arms around her and kissed her, full on the lips, her tongue even hotter and sexier than it had been in the photo shoot.

Ariel was taken aback for a minute, then she smiled. “So, you DO like girls?”

Penny nodded. “Mostly, yeah. Terry and I are really old – friends. That’s why she turns down most guys for dates. If we’d known, we could have had Terry stay too. She’s a firecracker!”

Ariel smiled at the blonde cutie. “You’ve had her, huh?”

Penny grinned. “Oh yeah. But right now, I’m more interested in YOU.”

She pulled Ariel close again and Ariel’s heart began to pound. She didn’t resist,she fell into it, kissing Penny once again, but this time, she put my all into it. Ariel hugged Penny close, taking in all of her, her curly blonde hair, her sexy baby-blue eyes, her full pouty lips and those long legs. She had great tits too, she could see why Penny was a successful model.

Penny took Ariel back over to the bed they’d used in the photo shoot and sat down beside her, kissing her once again. “God, you’re beautiful” she said, sighing.

“So are you Penny. Let me see your body, your tits.” Penny smiled. “Someone’s getting naughty.”

Ariel smiled back. All the posing had opened her up and I wanted to try new things, including fucking this hot, adorable blonde girl.

God, she looked so hot, so wild, Ariel wanted to have bursa eve gelen escort her. She sat down on the bed beside Ariel and kissed her again, her hand behind Ariel’s head, pulling her closer. Still clad in their lingerie, they made out like two high school girls, loving tongues touched and licked.

Ariel reached out for Penny and slowly undressed her first girl, letting her beautiful, round tits spill out. They were huge and Ariel sucked each nipple, hearing Penny groan in mounting arousal. “Oh God Ariel, I’ve wanted you to do that since I saw you walk in the door. You’re so sensual, so sexy.” Ariel was thrilled to hear that, she realized she’d subconsciously wanted Penny as well.

Ariel worked her way down Penny’s body and ripped the thong from her soft, blonde pussy. It was sexy, neatly trimmed into a small “Vee” with full, pouty outer lips. Like in the “simulated” shots they’d done earlier, Ariel buried her head in Penny’s wet pussy, only this time, NOTHING was simulated. She licked Penny for all she was worth, tasting her first cunt and loving it. Penny’s pussy was slightly musky, but so sweet, Ariel wanted all she could get.

“Oh god Ariel, I want to taste you too. Please, can I eat you too?” It was a real turn-on to hear the scrumptious blonde begging to eat her, so Ariel moved around and got in place. She was in a `69′ with Penny in a flash, devouring her, laving her tongue all over the model’s sweet cunt. She pulled and sucked at Penny’s pussy, rubbed her fingers against Penny’s clit and sucked. Penny’s tongue ran up and down the length of Ariel’s cunt, which caused the attractive brunette to drip juices onto Penny’s seeking tongue. She licked them up eagerly and seemed to want more.

Patsy was certainly more experienced in the ways of girl-loving than Ariel and she proved it when she was eating the girl. She manipulated Ariel’s pussy with her fingers as well, rubbing and fucking Ariel with her perfectly-manicured nails. Ariel groaned loudly, screaming and happy they were in Terry’s studio.

“Fuck me Penny, fuck me with our tongue, fuck me with your fingers, fuck me like I’m your slut!”

“Oh yeah baby, wanna be my slut? I’d love that Ariel, I’d love to have you as my slut, my little sextoy!”

The lewd words were getting Ariel hotter, she’d never been much of a talker, but Penny seemed to be bringing out her inner tramp. Penny fingered Ariel harder and harder, plunging her slender digits deep within Ariel’s pussy. She was still wearing the black outfit and she looked up and saw in the studio mirror how hot Penny and she looked eating each other. It made Ariel’s pussy quiver and she was flooding Penny’s sweet face with her girl-juices.

Penny was getting even wilder now, really devouring Ariel’s wet pussy. She’d nip gently at Ariel’s thighs with her teeth, which caused Ariel to groan softly into her cunt as she was sucking Penny off in tandem. The bitch knew what she was doing to Ariel and Ariel was one happy, horny little camper!

They were really bouncing around the bed now, Ariel still in the black sexy lingerie, Penny gorgeous and naked, aside from her heels. If someone had seen them, they were as hot as any porno film ever made.

Finally, Ariel came, screaming louder than ever before, she was hoarse when she stopped. Penny followed with her own orgasm a few minutes later and moved away from Ariel, reclining on one elbow and looking at the sweet brunette in a whole new light.

“So, can I take it you’ll do another girl-girl shoot with me if Terry asks?” she said to Ariel in a teasing manner. She nodded as Penny cuddled her close.

Ariel made enough money that day to get her own place, but she didn’t need it. She moved in with Penny a few weeks later and shared her apartment and her bed. Tonight, they’re having Terry over for “dinner” with a special “desert” planned. As for college – hey, how many people make the kind of money Ariel makes? School can wait, SEX is Ariel’s favorite subject now.

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