Pregnant Sister-in-Law

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A commission from a reader. He was a little vague asking for a story with a sister-in-law and pregnant. Turns out he wanted her getting pregnant, but liked it better the way I took the idea further than that. I was told it is better than he expected. So enjoy, I hope you like and vote nicely.

Darren shrugs out of his rob and his sister-in-law’s eyes drop to his hard cock. A few months before he would not have believed that he’d be sitting on the couch naked with his sister-in-law staring at his cock and her having a nice large, round belly with his baby inside. Of course she told her sister she didn’t know who the father was, but Kellie and Darren knew.

Darren knew Kellie since she was sixteen when he married her sister eight years ago. For years he had lusted over her and now here she is standing in front of his naked self. It all started a few months ago when she accidentally walked in on him while he was using the bathroom. She saw his flaccid cock and boy, did she think it was big them. Now as she stands here looking down at it, she can’t imagine how it’d fit in her in the first place.

“You want cock, Kellie?” he asks with a lust filled voice.

“Fuck yes!” she hisses.

She quickly takes off her clothes, dropping them to the floor and crawls onto Darren’s lap. Before she is even settled, he pulls her face to his and mashes their lips together. Kellie parts her lips and groans when he slips his tongue deep into her mouth. He has never kissed his sister-in-law and it is very much different than his wife’s kisses. The feel of her warm, wet mouth on his tongue makes his cock throb and they kiss with a wild intensity.

“Fuck me, Darren,” she hisses into his mouth. “Pump that massive cock into my little pussy.”

“Oh, baby, I need your hot pussy so bad.”

“It’s all yours, take it.”

Kellie rises up, grabbing his hard cock with one hand and guides it to her soaking wet pussy. They both groan as the massive cockhead spreads her lips wide open and slowly sinks deep inside her, stretching her pussy open like never before. There is a wild look in her green eyes as she settles onto Darren’s cock. Then with a long groan of pleasure, she begins to fuck him. Her ass rises and falls while he rocks his hips to meet her thrusts.

“Suck my breasts. Drink my milk.”

“You like breastfeeding me, baby?”

“Yesss, oh fuck yes. I love feeling your lips and teeth and tongue kaçak iddaa on my nipples.”

Darren begins sucking her breasts, alternating between the two and taking warm milk into his mouth, savoring the taste. Kellie groans softly as she watches him feed on her beautiful breasts. He can’t enough of her milk. He holds her breasts in his hands while his greedy mouth works on her fat nipples.

Her pussy feels like a velvet glove as she rides his throbbing cock. Darren can feel her juices, which have increased greatly over the months, on his balls. Her gorgeous young face has transformed into a mask of pure lust. Her green eyes are wide with unbridled desire and her bottom lips quivers with need. He releases a nipple and leans back to watch her pregnant belly as his cock impales her pussy with each upward thrust. Her smooth Mons rubs against his skin as her clit nearly drives him mad with desire.

“I can’t believe we are getting away with this,” she moans.

“I can’t either,” Darren gasps. “Susan doesn’t suspect a thing.”

Suddenly, Kellie frowns as a thought crosses her mind. “You know that my milk will be gone one of these days.”

“I know,” he says. “I’ll miss it.”

“It doesn’t have to be that way,” Kellie says grinning.

“What do you mean?”

“You can always get me pregnant again.” She caresses his face with one hand. “Cum in my pussy and practice getting me pregnant. When I have our baby, you’ll be ready to do it again.

Darren stares at her for a long moment. Kellie has taken him by surprise and he doesn’t know what to say. Her getting pregnant in the first place wasn’t planned, but as it turns out they both like the idea, now she wants more. He really likes the idea, but it might become hard to keep their secret. Kellie leans forward and kisses him softly, her tongue dancing lightly inside his mouth.

‘Are you sure,” he asks after she leans back and locks eyes with him.

“Yes! I want to have all your babies, Darren.”

“But, your sister might find out.”

“She doesn’t need to know and she won’t find out. I love you Darren and I want your babies. If she ever does then she’ll have to accept it or you and I will be together without her.”

“Oh, Kellie, I love you too,” he says smiling at her.

“Will you continue making me babies then?”

“Of course.”

Kellie wraps her slender arms around his neck and mashes her lips to his. They kiss kaçak bahis hard, tongues clashing together. Darren holds her hips and picks up the rhythm, making his cock thrust faster in and out of her pussy. She groans into my mouth while the nails of her long fingers rake his back. He breaks the kiss and greedily begins sucking her breasts again. He drinks the warm, sweet milk from Kellie’s breasts while they continue to fuck intensely.

“Yes! Drink my milk Darren!” she gasps. “Oh fuck, it’s so fucking good!”

Kellie’s body is consumed with a wild, hot fire as they make love on the couch. Darren’s mind still reels with her wants to have all of his babies and as he sucks her nipples and drinks her sweet milk, he realizes that he would love nothing more than that. It spurs him on and it isn’t long before he knows that he is close to cumming.

“I’m close Kellie,” he gasps.

“Do it!” she gasps. “Give my pussy your hot cum! I want it now!”

Darren shoves his cock up into her pussy hard and fast one last time as it explodes deep inside her pregnant pussy. Cooing sounds come from Kellie’s mouth as she begins to climax. Her hips rock and shudder and grind hard on his cock, milking every drop of cum from his balls while she rides the wave of her own orgasm.

Finally, they collapse together, their bodies trembling and soaked with sweat. Darren holds his sister-in-law close, her heavy milk filled breasts press hard against his chest. Darren wraps his arms around her waist and stands up and walks to the center of the room and gently lays her on the carpeted floor. They lay side by side for a long while without speaking as their hands explore each other.

“That was incredible,” she finally says after the long silence.

“That it was.”

Kellie pauses for a moment and then says in a soft voice. “You don’t know how long I want you to make love to me.”

“How long?”

“Since I was eighteen,” she says. “I used to masturbate and imagine how it would feel to hold your cock and how it would feel to have you deep inside my pussy.”

“And now?”

She smiles, “I don’t ever want another man but you.”

Kellie places a hand on Darren’s chest and pushes lightly until he rolls onto his back. She rolls on top of him and slides down until her face is even with his chest and then she begins to lick his nipples. Her tongue and lips, as she licks and sucks, brings a low groan of pleasure illegal bahis from his mouth. He closes his eyes and revels in the wonderful sensation.

It isn’t long before his cock is hard again. It had been years since he was able to become aroused so soon after sex. His sex life with his wife has been on and off for the last several years, but here now is Kellie and he has found energy he had forgotten he had. Her teeth nibble on his sensitive nipples, sending shock waves rippling through his body. He groans and takes her head in his hands, feeling the softness of her long hair.

Kellie’s mouth travels softly, kissing and licking him as she works her way around his chest and stomach. The tip of her pink tongue dips into his belly button, causing him to shudder.

“Mmmm,” she moans softly as she scoots down further and takes Darren’s cock in one hand. “It looks to me like you still want to practice making me pregnant.”

“Take me in your mouth Kellie,” he gasps. “Suck my cock.”

Darren groans and nearly cries out with pleasure as she takes several inches of his hard, throbbing cook deep into her mouth. One soft hand grasps the base of his cock, but not quite fully and it is so thick. Her mouth sucks up and down on his thick shaft as she takes as much as she can. Her mouth fills up quickly as she bobs up and down. Kellie’s other hand creeps down between her velvety thighs and begins rubbing her swollen clit.

“Don’t cum in my mouth,” she says. As much as I want to taste your cum, I want it in my pussy even more.”

Then her mouth is on his cock again. Her green eyes rise occasionally to lock onto his and he can see the glazed look of lust in them. She not only enjoys sucking Darren’s cock, but she truly wants it in her mouth. He takes her head in his hands again, arches his back a little and begins to fuck her sweet mouth.

“That’s it baby,” he gasps. Take my cock in your sweet little mouth. You look so beautiful with my cock in your mouth.”

Kellie releases his cock and moves up until her pregnant pussy is just above his cockhead and then she lowers herself until he is all the way inside her again. She quickly begins riding him wildly. Up and down, she pumps his cock while he meets each of her violent thrusts.

For the second time, he explodes deep inside of her pregnant pussy. Her fingers, soaked with her slick juices, rub her clit furiously until she begins to buck and writhe on him. Her orgasm comes right after his and more intense then the last.

They lay together for several long minutes while Darren feasts on her milk. He can’t wait to get her pregnant again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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