Pressure Relief

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This story is courtesy of an old lover of mine who sent me some very suggestive emails one afternoon at work…

I received your email this afternoon. The fantasy about you and I together, in explicit, highly erotic detail.

As I read it, it turned me on so much; I wished you were closer, not all the way across the country from me. It has been too long since we saw each other. Thinking of you brought back fond memories.

I read it again. And again, the description of what you were wearing from your perfume down to your sexy shoes burned into my mind. I can see you standing there, sultry in your sexy silk and lace, your favorite strappy sandals wrapping your feet, shaping your calves alluringly. The thought of you like that was pure arousal and I was fortunate to be behind my desk with the bulge you words produced in my pants.

Just reading and imagining everything you wanted to do to me, made it hard to concentrate on work. Thankfully, I didn’t get your email until late in the afternoon. All through the afternoon meeting, I thought about your story, over and over. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Finally, the time came to leave work.

While I drove home, your words flashed through my mind, over and over. You haven’t sent me anything like this in a long time and it was hard to concentrate on the road. I could smell your perfume, faintly in the back of my mind, teasing me. I took the wrong exit and had to turn around and go back.

At home, as I made dinner, I couldn’t help thinking about it. I ate without much enthusiasm, not tasting my meal.

After dinner, I tried to concentrate on the news, with no success. Vainly, I searched through the channels. Nothing could get your fantasies out of my mind. Memories of your soft skin beneath my hands, the taste of your juices on my tongue, kept me agitated.

Later on, I tried an extra long workout to try to get your words out of my mind. It didn’t help anything; I just worked up a sweat and did nothing to lessen my desire.

Now, as I get into the shower, sweat beading on my skin, my muscles exhausted; I güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri can still see the pictures generated by the words from your e-mail in my mind’s eye. Just thinking about them kept my cock hard and stiff all afternoon, and my balls ache for a release I cannot satisfy by myself.

I know I need to get some sleep tonight. There is only one thing I can do to calm my lust and excitement.

I reach down and run my hand over my hard cock, stretching the skin taut. I slowly run my hand over the head and feel the wet pre-come dripping into my palm. I rub the pre-come all over the head and shaft making it shiny and slippery.

I think about the story you emailed me today and I fantasize about what you said you wanted to do as I wrap my fingers around my aching cock. It pulses and jumps in my hand, hot with desire. I begin to stroke slowly from base to tip feeling my desire throb through the hard flesh beneath my fingers. Every time I reach the red, swollen head, I spread more pre-come to keep everything hot and slippery, almost like it güvenilir bahis şirketleri would be thrusting into your pussy.

My hand moves faster now as I see the picture your words painted of you, desire in your eyes. I lean back against the cool tiled wall as my hand slides back and forth, faster, and faster over the slick hard skin. My balls tighten up and I feel the heat deep in my groin.

Sweat runs down my face and chest as I feel the come start to boil up. Stroking furiously, I lean my head back and close my eyes. I imagine you in kneeling in front of me, your tongue licking your red lips, your eyes smoky with lust, waiting, wanting, hungry to taste my come.

That does it. Oh, yes!

I gasp as I feel my muscles tighten and the first spurt of hot come shoots up my shaft. I imagine you open your mouth as the muscles spasm and a white stream spurts against the wall with a splat. My legs tremble and the smell of hot, sticky come fills the air. My hips jerk and I moan as my hand pumps spurt after spurt until my cock begins to soften and the last hot drops run sticky through my fingers to drip into the tub.

With the pressure gone, I turn on the shower and start to soap away the remains of the fantasy you sent me.

I feel a little better; at least I can think now.

I will be fine – until your next email…

“…what you gonna do in those shoes?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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