Problem Student Ch. 01

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Amanda Lane

Because of his excellent grades and great aptitude for computer science, James had earned a scholarship to a prestigious private prep school. Since the school was a long way from home, James boarded in a dormitory along with a dozen or so other boys. It was a co-ed school, but boys and girls lived in separate dorms.

Initially James was terribly nervous about the change. He soon got acclimated though, once he met his roommate and neighbors. They all had similar interest in computers and gaming and got along fantastically.

Things were proceeding pretty normally for him until his first physical education class. The school had a dress code, which extended to the tee shirt, shorts, and sneakers worn for phys-ed. As soon as he looked at the uniform shorts, he realized the problem.

Without changing, he left the locker room and sought out the teacher who was still in her office, joined by a hallway with the locker room.

“Mrs. Myers?” James interrupted her, timidly knocking on the open door.

She looked up at him with large dark brown eyes “What is it…” looking down at a paper on her desk “James, right? You’re new here this year?”

James nodded.

“Why aren’t you changed? We’re starting class!” Avcılar Escort She asked, slightly annoyed.

“Umm…” James stammered “That’s just it ma’am. There’s a problem with the shorts.”

“What problem, let me see…” she reached forward and James handed her the shorts. “34 waist…looks about right.” James nodded. Looking them over she continued “they look fine to me, put them on and lets get started with class.”

“Here?” James asked, shocked.

“Why not? I’ve seen it all before….I’ll turn around if it makes you feel better, but get on with it.” She turned and closed the office door, and began tapping her foot impatiently.

James took a deep breath then quickly undressed and pulled on his shorts and t-shirt.

“All set?” Mrs. Myers asked, and turned around without waiting for reply.

James held his hands in front of his crotch, blushing furiously.

“What’s wrong?” The attractive young teacher asked “move your hands, let me see.” She pulled his hands to the sides and saw at least two inches of James’ flaccid, circumcised penis hanging out the right leg of the red running shorts. She gasped in spite of herself, and cursed silently as she felt her face flush.

She Avcılar Escort bayan let go of his hands, which fell to his sides. His head hung down and he looked like he might cry. “Oh, I see the problem.” she said, in the most calm voice she could manage. “Why don’t you wear briefs?”

“I’ve tried.” James said in a shaky voice they’re really uncomfortable. I usually wear boxers, and just let…it…hang down.” He still couldn’t bring himself to make eye contact with the pretty teacher.

It was just as well since she was still staring at Jame’s amazing organ. It had to be bigger than any she had ever seen, and it was soft! She quickly pushed the thought from her mind.

Taking hold of James’ shoulders, and looking him in the eye, she said “Listen James, you have nothing to be ashamed of, believe me.” she smiled in a way she hoped was friendly, and not lustful “but we can’t have you attending my class like this! Besides, you might get hurt.”

Mrs. Myers wanted to appear confident, but she had never dealt with something like this before. “Okay, let’s see if you can tuck it in behind the waistband.” James jumped a little when she pulled down the elastic waist of his shorts. Escort avcılar She then reached down with her other hand and closed it around James’ member. Pulling it out, she was surprised at its weight and how little of it was covered by her hand.

James felt a wild thrill as the lovely teacher gently held his limp penis, several inches of it hanging down from her fist. He could feel the blood start to surge his organ, as Mrs. Myers stood motionless looking at it. She could feel it too, getting thicker in her hand until her fingers and thumb no longer connected on the other side. Before she knew it, James was fully erect, his manhood throbbing forcefully. It was now longer than her forearm, and the head had swollen to the size of an apple. She couldn’t believe she was still holding this boy’s huge erection.

“Well,” she said, swallowing hard. That’s not going to work!” and forced a small laugh as she slowly released James’ engorged member.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry!” James exclaimed, now looking like he might try to run.

“Shhh…” Mrs. Myers said, putting her hand on his shoulder “it’s perfectly normal for a boy your age. I’ll excuse you from class today.” glancing down at his massive erection “Take as long as you need to. Maybe even take a cold shower before you go. I’ll think of something for next class. Come see me tomorrow, before it starts.”

She would be thinking about hardly anything else! Flogging herself mentally, she headed out to teach the class. Feeling much warmer than usual.

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