Professor Marjorie

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[To my readers: Here’s that rare exception in my stories, two tales about the same character, Marjorie the lesbian English professor. Since they’re both pretty short, I’m combining them here.]


I looked at the beautiful Kelly and shivered. What a lovely young woman she was. I felt truly blessed that she had agreed to be in bed with me. I put my hands under her ass and lifted her pussy to my face, parting her curly blond pubic hair with my tongue.

Kelly had taken some coaxing. She was a freshman in my Introduction to English Literature class, and it took all the strength I had to hide my attraction to her until the final grades were turned in. It’s totally unethical to seduce a student, but once a girl isn’t my student any more, all bets are off! At first, though, she rebuffed my advances completely.

“I’m just not a lesbian,” she said in her soft Southern voice. “I’m flattered, I guess, that you find me attractive, but I just don’t go that way.”

After a lot of persuasion, though, and the exercise of much patience, I managed to lure her to my apartment, promising her the kind of oral sex she’d never experienced before, and with no strings attached. That’s exactly what she was getting now.

Kelly wriggled her pussy against my face and said, “Well, Professor Stevens, I guess it really is true what they say, that only a woman knows how to eat pussy properly.”

I laughed. “Call me Marjorie, and there is nothing proper about what we’re doing!”

Kelly lifted her legs and grasped her ankles — she had gone out for cheerleading, as I happened to know, because I never miss a game, not that I care about football or football players in the least — the halftime is the part that holds my attention. She watched me with interest as I went to my work, lavishing her pussy with wet strokes of my tongue.

Tossing her head, her long, silky blonde locks flew every which way, and her beautiful peaches-and-cream complexion glowed. Such a lovely contrast to my own black skin — I love doing white girls, if just for the esthetics of it. Not that I’m a racist — one year there was this one hot little sister who — But back to Kelly. She was so young and inexperienced, I knew she was most eager to have new sexual experiences, and I felt so lucky that it was I who would be giving them to her.

After a long string of orgasms that left Kelly completely out of breath and my face completely covered with the by-products of her joy, she sat up and heaved a great sigh.

“That was wonderful, Professor — I mean, Marjorie.” She winked at me with a confidence that she certainly didn’t have when she first entered my apartment, when I had had to calm her nerves with a glass of white wine. “My pussy is still tingling.”

Lying naked in my own bed with this beautiful young woman, I cuddled her to me, hugging her from top to toe — something that most men, I’m told, completely fail to do after sex. She seemed quite content in my arms, relaxed in her sexual afterglow.

“Do you want me to … uh, merter escort you know … um … do you?” she asked me timidly.

“When you’re ready, dear,” I whispered in her ear. “I can wait. This time is about you.”

I knew Kelly was more than satisfied, for now. But if I wanted her coming back for more — and I certainly did! — I would have to do more with her than simply eat her pussy. She was quite popular with the boys on campus, and she had told me very firmly that she “loved cock and couldn’t possibly give it up.” I was a little skeptical about the actual extent of her experience, but if she wanted cock, I would provide it.

“I have a surprise for you, my dear,” I said to her, and reached for the strap-on dildo I had pushed under the bed. Putting it on, I felt as I always do at this moment — powerful and lecherous.

“Oh, my!” Kelly’s eyes were huge. “A fake dick!” She grasped it in one hand, and her baby blue eyes lit up. “Wow, it feels as real as it looks.”

I winked. “Wait until you see how real it feels inside you.” Kelly didn’t say another word, but just lay back and spread her legs for me. Her pussy glistened in the warm light from my bedside lamp, and I knew she was more than ready.

I assumed the missionary position, mounted Kelly, and penetrated her. Her slight clumsiness revealed to me that although she clearly wasn’t a virgin, she was far less knowledgeable about sex than she had claimed. Possessing sweet Kelly filled me with great rapture. I rose and fell on her, fucking her with all the skill of any man, but with the tenderness of a woman who loved women. The strap-on was equipped with a clit diddler for the wearer, and it delivered continuous pleasure to both of us. I could feel how tightly Kelly’s young cunt was grasping the invader as I thrust it into her repeatedly.

“Oh wow,” she babbled. “Oh fuck, you fuck better than a guy, I’m really loving this, a lot, a whole lot …” Her face softened, her cheeks flamed, her long eyelashes fluttered, and she got a faraway look in her blue eyes. “Oh, oh, don’t stop,” she wheezed, as I reared up to penetrate her deeper than ever. Her chest and neck broke out in a sex flush. “Please, please don’t stop, I’m going to come, to come …”

Positioned between Kelly’s long slender legs, I held her thighs close to my body and felt her heels digging into my ass. I pumped my hips faster and faster, and I could feel the urgent tugs of her pussy on the dildo as it slid in and out of her. Her pre-orgasmic contractions increased in strength and frequency, and she began to claw at the sheets and thrash on the bed. She was giving me a wild ride, but I knew just how to keep myself inside her.

“Wait, don’t come, don’t come yet, don’t stop, ohhhhh!” she cried out, obviously forgetting for the moment who and what I was.

“Don’t worry, love,” I panted between thrusts. “My dick — never gets soft — even when I come!” And I wasn’t far from it. Watching the beautiful Kelly surrender to her sexual climax raised my level escort şişli of excitation, and my clitoris was throbbing frantically under the wobble of the latex diddler. Strong waves of pleasure tore through me as I fucked the girl, and then it was my own voice I heard crying out in unison with Kelly’s as I rode her through the thrills and joys of simultaneous orgasm.

As promised, I didn’t stop. I grabbed Kelly in my arms and pulled her up into a new position sitting on my lap without ever having to pull my dildo out of her. We groped each other frantically, fucking with no inhibitions and climaxing seemingly without end.

Finally, much later, with both of us unable to move with exhaustion, I asked her, “Any regrets, dear?”

“None,” she said authoritatively. “You taught me more today than I learned from you all last semester.”

“Oh,” I smiled. “And what is it that you learned today?”

Kelly got on her hands and knees and crawled down to the other end of the bed, then up toward the dildo still protruding from my pussy before saying anything. “That I love sex. With both guys and women.”

I beamed at her and reached out to ruffle my fingers through her blonde hair. But she wasn’t finished with me. Kelly had the stamina of an 18-year-old, after all.

“Marjorie, may I suck your cock?”

“Certainly, my dear,” I replied. “Provided you also lick my pussy.”

“Gladly!” said she.

##### ##### #####

She Made Me Love It

My name is Marjorie, and I’m a professor of English literature at a large California university. I’m also a lesbian. And as a lesbian, I had never really given anal sex a thought. My sexual partners and I had always been more interested in sliding a tongue around the ring of bumps that surround a woman’s nipple, or gently squeezing the milk glands of a woman’s breast to deliver deep pleasure during an orgasm, or nibbling on long hairy labia, or spelling out the alphabet on a rice-grain-sized clit during an extended cunnilingus session. The anus didn’t enter into it, not even during those wild parties at my sorority house in college.

Last week, though, that changed. I was attending a professional convention in Seattle, and I hooked up with a woman who taught Shakespeare at a cow college in Idaho. We had given each other the eye in earlier years, but nothing had quite clicked. There were sparks, but not hot enough to actually ignite anything. But this year it was a different story, and late on Saturday we ended up in her room.

Billie Sue’s body was my ideal: a long drink of water, with high proud breasts, a perfectly curved butt, and long straight blonde hair. The contrast with my short ebony body, boulder-sized tits, wide hips, big booty, and dark brown curls was stark. When our clothes were off and we were in the king-sized bed, I kissed every inch of that magnificent body, and she was more than eager to do the same to me. Before I knew it, we were locked in a sixty-nine that lasted for over an hour, included numerous orgasms for both parties, esenler escort and left me, as James Bond says, “shaken, not stirred.”

After that I was ready to go to sleep, but not Billie Sue. She got up, opened up her suitcase, and brought out four dildos. I groaned that I was just too tired, but she paid no attention to me. She just pushed my knees up high and flattened out on her belly between my legs. As she licked my reawakened clitoris, Billie Sue pushed a big purple vibrator up my cunt and switched it on.

Well! I was tired, but not that tired, it seemed. I responded to the stimulation by humping my hips. I felt Billie Sue touching my anal opening, but I paid little attention to that at first. But when she wet a finger in the juices that were running down my thighs and insinuated it right into my asshole, that I couldn’t ignore.

“Oooh,” I groaned.

Billie Sue lifted her head from my pussy. “Do you like this, Marjorie?”

“I — I don’t know,” I panted. “I think so.”

“Mmmmmm,” was all she said as she returned to gliding over my clitoris with the pointed tip of her tongue.

Billie Sue was so mean. She kept me right on the ragged edge of orgasm for what seemed like hours, working my clit at the same slow, torturous pace, just enough out of sync with the buzzing in my cunt and the finger up my ass that I couldn’t — quite — come. Finally, when I knew I couldn’t stand it one single second longer, she made me climax with enough force that the whole bed was shaking with my thrashing. I heard myself screaming, calling out words I hadn’t used in years and years.

And then, right at the most special moment, just as one of the best orgasms of my life was peaking, when the two of us were so close together we seemed like just one woman, Billie Sue’s finger was out of my asshole, and the second, smaller dildo was in!

I howled. I roared. I was too shocked to do anything at all except come and come and come. Billie Sue worked the two dildos, the long thick vibrator in my cunt and the longer but slimmer red one up my ass. She double-fucked me hard and fast as if two men were simultaneously ravaging my body.

But instead of being turned off by all this rough play, I was more excited than I had ever been before. Billie Sue fucked me with her two cocks until I begged her to stop, and when she did, it was only to roll me over and leave me panting while she quickly strapped the third dildo, a fat lemon-yellow vibrating type, into the leather harness I somehow hadn’t noticed her putting on.

Now I was really going to be butt-fucked. Without even thinking about it, I was up on my hands and knees, all fatigue forgotten, as Billie Sue supported herself with one hand while using the other to pull my head backward by my hair. She fucked me deep and hard and fast. She fucked me up the ass till I couldn’t hold my body up any more, and then she went on after I had collapsed onto the bed, her spike still stretching out my insides. She made me so sore, I couldn’t sit still on the plane home the next day.

But best of all, she made me love it. (And I never even got to find out what the fourth dildo was meant for!)

I can’t wait to try anal sex once again, either next year with Billie Sue, or (with any luck) much sooner than that.

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