Professor of Piano

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“English not being my usual language, please excuse me for grammar and translation errors. My histories are only pure fiction.

Have a pleasure.”

I am piano professor. I like this instrument and I like to make share my passion to others. I den easily these that have the talent these to that that remains a leisure as an other. It was necessary sometimes to use a carrot to make advance the donkey.

I remember a young man, gifted but not enough concentrated. He had an extraordinary talent, but he did not use it.

I decided to make a deal with him. At the end of a lesson, I discussed with him.

“Here is, I find that you have the talent but you do not concentrate enough. I have already told with you and you not listened me. So, I propose you a deal.”

I taken the boucle knit long gown that I had deposited on the table of the lounge and shown it him. It was an incredible transparency.

“If you work more assiduously and play at the concert at the end of the school year, I promise you to put this small thing nothing that for you.”

He had eyes great opened. He promise me to make an effort.

He made me finally pleasure, and receive the best notes during the concert of year end. After the concert, I taken him aside .

“Tomorrow, I give you the last lesson before your holidays. I would like you to play for me.”

“Yes madam.”

I deposited him a delicate kiss on the cheek what made him shiver.

I passed the hour before his arrived to adorn me. I put my more beautiful undergarment, lovely pantyhose, stocking, garter bell and bra in black satin. I threaded to finish, the boucle knit long gown that I had promised him to carry.

The chime rang. I open the door my heart beating. These eyes stared to my view.

“Hello Vincent. Come in please.”

No words.

“I promise you,” tell I by turning bahis şirketleri on me so that he profits a bit more of my charms.

I had put high heel, what emphasized more the fall of my kidneys.

“Come to play me something.”

I preceded him until the lounge. I felt his burning eyes on the curve of my buttocks. When he seat on the stool, I noticed the bump on his underbelly. I leaned to the piano.

“Play me the air of yesterday evening.”

He began hesitant then finishes by concentrating despite my presence. I could not, for my share, to leave eyes the bump that marked his jeans. I feel slightly excited by the situation.

I left the piano in a most turbulent step, clairvoyant that he did not leave his eyes from me and I was going to sit on the sofa. I made him a sign of invitation by taping the place near me.

He stopped to play and comes to rejoin me timidly.

“Do you like what you see? “ ask I with malice.

“Yes, yes Mrs..”

I advanced my hand to his knees but it retreated.

“I want to give you a supplement for your excellent work.”

“What, what supplement Madam?”

I looked him straight in eyes and lifted. I made the tour and caressed his torso behind him.

“I would like to ease the small thing that constricts you in your jeans!” tell I without detour.

He started and tries to be released my caresses. I came ahead him and danced languishingly.

“You don’t like me? ” tell I again with malice.

I danced while pull my undressed. Once in undergarment, I was going to sit in the armchair before him, parted largely my legs and caressed my body. At the beginning, he diverted the head, by timidity. But knowing too male, he finish by looking me. I behaved as a slut, passing a tongue on lips, caressing my breasts then I finish by caressing the mount of Venus while undulating the bahis firmaları basin. I left to escape some fine groans.

Feeling him to hot, I approached him, turned it the back and tried to graze him on his low stomach as I had seen the strip-tease to make it. I rubbed my buttocks on the bump that formed his sex. Ever I had not behaved of the sort. A true bitch in heat.

I kneel on the sofa near him.

“You don’t like me? This is not nevertheless what told me your small bird.”

I posed my hand on the small thing and massed it. He sighed but did not retreat .

“Let you to be going, I go to make you pleasure.”

I unbuttoned then his jeans, descended his shorts and released his hard cock He was well huge the rascal. I looked him with a smile of satisfaction and swallow the engine.

I bestowed him the most beautiful blowjob of his young life. I concentrated in order that he was not disappointed. His engine took the extent in my mouth. He groaned but did not attend to me, keeping hands riveted in the sofa. I lift up, unfasten rapidly my bra before to return to my task. I taken one of his hands and has posed on one of my breasts. He took there badly to the departure. I shouted when he pinched me. I un swallow his sex and was going to speak him in the trench of the ear. My hand did not drop him for as much.

“Gently my love. It’s fragile these small things. It is necessary to pinch solely when they are hard.”

I slipped my tongue in his ear, nibbled the lobe and returned to suck him. Without that I feeling his to come, he tensed and unloads in my mouth.

I was disappointed. I wanted to make the love and my fire was going to deprive me my goal. I swallowed his liqueur. Once it was spun, have I to tell, his member did not lose his arrogance. That it is beautiful the youth. His caress became more agreeable on my chest.

Finding kaçak bahis siteleri the in point I lifted and pull my pantyhose that I offer it. He had no eyes that for my pussy freshly shaved in form of I.

“Passes to the serious thing. I want you to fuck me now.”

I helped him to put a condom that I had exited limps an on the table of lounge. I climbed on him and holding his penis trained, I bend over.

Hummm, that made longtime. I put to overlap it gently. I taken his face and deposited himit on my chest in order that he sucks my breasts. We groaned to the rhythm of my overlapped. I wanted to be taken in doggy.

I lifted and be going to kneel me to the corner of the sofa. I looked him but he did not move .

“Come, my love. Come to take your beautiful professor in doggy. “

While telling that, I parted my juicy lips two fingers, massing me slightly. He finishes by lifting. I helped him to penetrate me.

“Ok, fuck me hard my love.”

He managed to wonder. I had several cream before the most powerful overcomes me. His cum flowed in my flesh to my greater joy.

He pulled me and I rocked in the sofa entailing him in my arms. I devoured his face with kiss to thank. One flirted even all the two. One had exceeded the time of course of well three hours.

I proposed him to shower before to leave met. I kissed him a last time to the front of the door.

“Good vacancy pass my love and I wait you the return.”

A furtive hand on his low stomach made me observe that he was already hard.

“Hummm, I envy your holiday friends. Don’t forget to put a condom?” tell I as a mother.

I shut the door.

To the return, one resumed relationships, professor, pupil. I offered him my charms solely if he succeeded. He became very good. At the end of this year there, I live it to leave with regret for superior studies.

He never forgot to make me a sign when he returned in the region. One passed then long moment to the bed to make the love. Was finished this when he met the woman of his life, and there that I had lost him.

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