Put it in Me, Coach

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Amber Watson ruled Lakeview High. It was just a simple fact. The hallways and classrooms and auditoriums were her kingdom, the students and teachers her loyal subjects, and she was the queen.

Amber had it all. Brains – she was on track to be class valedictorian when she graduated in a few short months. Brawn – she was captain of the cheerleading squad and star of the girls’ lacrosse team. And of course, beauty. At 18 years old, Amber already looked like a full-grown woman. She had gorgeous dark brown hair and big brown eyes that gave her an innocent, Bambi-like quality. Her skin was a beautiful shade of tan. Her legs were long and toned from all the athletics she did. And not to mention, Amber had impressive C-cup breasts and curvy hips to complete her perfect body.

Everyone wanted to be friends with Amber. And every guy in school – along with a handful of girls – wanted to fuck her. But, she wasn’t one for random hookups. Amber was no slut, but she wasn’t a prude either.

During her years at Lakeview High, 18-year-old Amber had had her fair share of boyfriends. She’d slept with two of them. And now, in the spring of her senior year, she found herself single. No need to get tied down before leaving for college in the fall.

But despite her no hookups rule, Amber found herself needing to blow off some steam. She’d worked so hard and been so busy in her final year of high school, she just needed one good fuck to help all the stress melt away.

Amber knew she could have any boy she wanted in Lakeview High, but she just couldn’t pull the trigger on any of them. She was restless and horny and wanted someone different – she wanted a challenge. Amber wanted to work for her fuck. It would make it all the more satisfying.

So that’s when she set her sights on the football coach, Coach Taylor.

He was perfect for what she needed. Amber was eighteen now – and she was ready to fuck a man. And Coach Taylor was quite the man.

She’d had a crush on him for her entire time at Lakeview – a lot of the girls did. Every single day during cheer practice, Amber found herself gazing across the football field to get a glimpse of him.

He was tall, and she could tell he had muscles hidden beneath his polo shirts. Coach Taylor was probably about 40 years old, but he looked distinguished and rugged and sexy. He had thick, dark hair and mesmerizing green eyes. He was commanding on the football field but always friendly after the games.

Amber was positive she’d caught Coach Taylor checking her out a few times, eyes glued to her legs while she was wearing her short little cheerleading skirt. So one day after cheer practice, she wandered into his office to see if she could finally make this happen. It was off-season, so no football players would be needing him, and it was just late enough that the majority of the other coaches had gone home for the day.

“Hey, Coach,” Amber said as she knocked on his open office door. “Got a minute?” Coach Taylor looked up from his computer.

“Sure, Amber. What’s up?” Amber flounced into the office and shut the door, taking a seat across his desk.

“Oh,” he said, looking a little uncomfortable. “Could you actually leave that open? When teachers meet with students one-on-one, the door can’t be closed.” Amber frowned at him.

“It’s just…I kind of had to talk to you about something private.” Coach Taylor’s gaze went back to the closed door, but he relented.

“Is kaçak iddaa everything okay?”

“Not really,” Amber said with a sigh. “I’m having a problem that only you can help with.” Amber got up and moved closer to Coach Taylor’s desk, perching herself on the edge. He looked startled and rolled his chair back a few feet.

“I’m sorry, but we’re really gonna have to open the door – ” Amber swung herself from the side of the desk so she was now facing Coach Taylor, her bare legs dangling off the desk in front of him. Her skirt had ridden halfway up her thighs. For now, Amber was keeping her tanned legs pressed firmly together.

“See, the problem is,” Amber continued, “I’m horny as hell. And none of these high school boys are doing the trick. That’s where you come in.”

“Amber! This is incredibly inappropriate. You need to leave now.” Coach Taylor tried to get up, but Amber opened her legs and put a sneakered foot on each chair arm. He was effectively trapped.

“Get out, right now,” he said sternly. Amber paid no attention to his words. If he really wanted her gone, he’d be trying a lot harder to get up.

“How can I leave when I haven’t shown you my pretty little pussy yet?” Amber asked. Before Coach Taylor could respond, Amber pushed up her skirt, revealing she was wearing no panties. Coach Taylor now had a clear view of her pussy. Amber reached between her legs and spread her lips, showing him everything. She heard him inhale sharply, his eyes transfixed on her pink folds.

“Do you like what you see?” Amber asked him. Coach Taylor said nothing. “Come on, Coach,” she went on. “I’ve seen you checking me out. I know you want to put it in me. Now’s your chance.”

Coach Taylor’s face was still unreadable, but he suddenly grabbed Amber’s ankles. For a brief second, Amber was convinced she’d failed in her seduction and he was going to physically remove her from his office. But Coach Taylor did nothing but hold her ankles, his thumbs gently rubbing her skin. He was thinking.

“If someone found out, I’d lose my job,” he said. Amber fought to hide the smile that threatened to spread across her lips. She so had him.

“I’m a senior,” she reasoned. “I’ll be gone in less than two months. And trust me, I can keep a secret.” Coach Taylor tilted his head as he considered this. His hands started to move up Amber’s legs, caressing her smooth, toned calves. She felt her pussy tingling in anticipation.

“Get off the desk,” he finally said. Coach Taylor let go of Amber’s legs. She pouted at him as a deep disappointment sunk in.

“Coach! Come on, don’t be like that -“

“Get off the desk,” he repeated, “and onto your knees.” Amber’s eyes widened in shock that her plan actually worked. She gave Coach Taylor a seductive smile before sliding off the desk and kneeling in front of him.

“God, I can’t wait to see what you’re packing,” Amber said as she eagerly started undoing his belt. Coach Taylor helped the process along, and in a few seconds his pants and boxers were down around his ankles. Amber was now face to face with his giant half-hard dick, and her eyes widened again.

“It’s better than I imagined,” she said before giving it a few pumps with her hand. Coach Taylor exhaled and leaned back in his chair. Once she’d gotten his dick a little harder, she leaned forward and swirled her tongue around the tip. Amber ran her lips up and down his shaft before taking a few inches into kaçak bahis her mouth.

“OHH yeah,” Coach Taylor moaned. His hand immediately went to the back of her head, encouraging her to take more. Amber took as much as she could before she started to gag. Then, she furiously bobbed up and down, using her hand to compensate for what she couldn’t fit in her mouth.

“Jesus,” he grunted. Coach Taylor gathered Amber’s hair into a tight ponytail and used it to control her speed.

“ULK, ULK, ULK.” Amber gagged with every stroke, which only turned her coach on more. He was getting more forceful, pushing Amber to take more of his dick than she was comfortable with. But Amber didn’t care – she did her best to keep up. Her pussy was absolutely dripping, being used this way by Coach Taylor.

“Can you take it all, babe?” He asked. He didn’t wait for any kind of response before pushing her head all the way into his lap. Coach Taylor’s dick went straight down Amber’s throat.

“Fuckkkk,” he growled, holding her tightly against him. Amber’s eyes were watering and she couldn’t breathe, but no way was she tapping out. She reached down and rubbed her aching clit as she deep-throated her coach.

“Well aren’t you the little slut,” Coach Taylor said with a laugh when he noticed what Amber was doing. He released her head, giving her some much needed air. Amber gasped as she caught her breath, smiling as she continued to play with her clit.

“Do you like how I give head, Coach?” She asked.

“You’re fantastic,” he said. “Most girls wouldn’t have been able to take all of me.”

“What can I say,” Amber said. “I’m not a quitter.”

“Come here,” Coach Taylor said. “Let’s see how you can ride a dick.” Amber eagerly got to her feet and climbed onto her coach’s lap. He roughly grabbed her hips as she lined him up with her entrance. Amber began to slowly sink down onto his dick.

“UHHHHHHH,” she yelled as she impaled herself. Coach Taylor was so big – the biggest cock she’d ever had inside her.

“That’s it, babe,” he whispered into her ear. Finally, Amber had fit his whole length inside of her. Their hips were flush, and Amber wiggled around on Coach Taylor’s lap, getting used to his size.

“You’re SO big,” she said as she moved her hips. Coach Taylor suddenly thrust upwards, getting impatient.

“AHHH,” Amber moaned. It already felt so damn good. She put her hands on his shoulders and started to move up and down at a steady pace. Coach Taylor closed his eyes and leaned his head back.

“Fuck, you’re so tight,” he said as Amber continued to bounce on his lap. Her coach’s dick was easily sliding in and out of her soaked pussy, and the sound of her ass slapping against his thighs filled the office. She still couldn’t believe she was fucking her coach right now.

While Amber was busy fucking Coach Taylor with all of her might, he pulled at her cheerleading top until it was up over her head. Now, her breasts were out and bouncing wildly with every movement. Amber now wore nothing but her skirt and her sneakers as she rode her coach’s dick.

“DAMN,” he said, eagerly grabbing ahold of her C-cups. His thumbs brushed across Amber’s nipples, which made her moan loudly.

“You like them?” Amber asked. In response, Coach Taylor leaned forward and took one in his mouth, nibbling on the nipple.

“OHH,” she cried out. Amber was really close to cumming. She increased her speed, panting as she illegal bahis continued to bounce. Coach Taylor sensed she was on the edge, and he reached down to rub her clit.

“AHHhhhHHHhHHHHhhh!” His fingers were all she needed to finish. She felt her pussy walls clenching around Coach Taylor’s dick, and he moaned loudly at the sensation. Breathlessly, Amber stilled, too exhausted to continue.

“I knew you’d make me cum,” she panted. Coach Taylor smiled at her before suddenly getting to his feet with Amber wrapped around him. With one arm he swept everything off his desk before laying Amber down on it.

“My turn now,” he said. And then Coach Taylor started thrusting into Amber as hard as he could. She was still exhausted and dizzy from her own orgasm, and could do nothing but lay there as her coach drilled into her. Coach Taylor grabbed her wrists and pinned down her arms to the desk. Amber’s breasts continued to bounce wildly with every thrust.

“You know, I hear the guys in the locker room talking about you all the time,” he grunted as he fucked her. “They all want a piece of you, but you don’t give it up easily. They all want to fuck you, but they can’t.” Coach Taylor leaned down and kissed Amber deeply, his tongue pushing into her mouth and twisting with hers.

“None of them have gotten into your tight little pussy…but now I have.”

“Harder, Coach,” Amber demanded breathlessly. “Get rough with me.” Coach Taylor smirked at her.

“Of course my perfect little slut likes it rough.” He wrapped a hand around Amber’s throat as he continued to pound into her, his thrusts hard and deep. Coach Taylor was hitting her g-spot with every stroke, and Amber closed her eyes as she felt another orgasm building.

“Ahhh!” She cried out when Coach Taylor started pinching her nipples, hard.

He suddenly pulled out and effortlessly flipped Amber’s limp body over onto her stomach. Coach Taylor pushed up her skirt and smacked her perfect, round ass.

“Uhh!” Amber yelled. His hand connected with her ass again.

“You like that?” He asked, hitting another time.

“Oh, YES,” Amber said. Another slap. She was getting close again.

“You like getting fucked from behind?”

“YES.” Coach Taylor grabbed Amber’s legs and dragged her toward him. When her ass was propped up right on the edge of the desk, he gave it one more slap before plunging his dick back inside her. It took only four more strokes before Amber was cumming.

“OHHH, YES, COACH!” Amber writhed underneath him as the orgasm wracked her body. When she came down from it, she laid facedown on the desk like a limp doll as Coach Taylor’s cock continued its assault on her pussy.

“FUCK, Amber,” he growled, suddenly laying on top of her. He reached underneath her and cupped her tits as he gave her a few more powerful thrusts.

“Cum inside me, Coach!” Amber squealed. She felt him tense up against her before he let out a loud yell. Amber felt his hot cum shooting inside her. She wasn’t on the pill but she didn’t care. Coach Taylor continued to fill her up, panting in her ear as he came. When he was done, they both laid there in silence.

“Oh, that was so good, Coach,” Amber whispered, still pinned down on the desk underneath him. Coach Taylor pulled out of Amber and collapsed backwards into his chair. Amber slowly got up, and Coach Taylor grabbed her arm and pulled her towards him. She climbed back into his lap. He kissed her neck as he ran his hands all over her naked body.

“Thanks for stopping by, Amber,” he finally said. “And if you ever need me to help out with your problem again…you know where to find me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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