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Rabbit Hole

CHAPTER THIRTEEN: Horseplay By Quentin Collins ail)

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This story is fictitious and takes place in a fantastic realm where inconvenient physical, biological, medical, legal, and moral strictures don”t exist. It is intended only for the entertainment of those who are legally permitted to access and read it.

This work is my first attempt at storytelling, so please be gentle in your criticism, lest you make me cry.

Another thing that makes me cry is the thought that Nifty might go away if we don”t support it. Think of the hours of fun you”ve had on this site. Isn”t it worth the price of a movie ticket every month or even every quarter to keep it going? Donate here.


Cody and the Primrose Farm staff laid out a terrific picnic lunch for the men”s group. Chan had assisted Cody and Bailey in the kitchen, so he knew what was planned.

I had helped Victor in the vegetable garden, so much of the menu was a surprise to me. What was not a surprise was the care and elegance with which everything was presented.

Chan and I indulged in some seared flank steak, grilled root vegetables, and asparagus vinaigrette. I also made sure to sample the mesclun salad that I harvested this morning. It was delicious. There is nothing like produce fresh from the garden.

We both ate heartily, but not indulgently. We needed to replenish our energy from this morning”s five-mile run, followed by our public sex marathon.

Cody accepted our kisses of gratitude for a resplendent feast. But he wouldn”t hug us until we showered. He didn”t want to compromise his Safe Serve certification with the remains of several dozen cum shots that my son and I wore as a badge of honor.

Several men from the group approached us during lunch to ask if we were new members. I explained several times how we ended up here.

One man said he was really turned on when my boyfriend started calling me “daddy” while we were making love by the pool. I tried to convince him that Chan is actually my natural born son. I asked him to look for the resemblance in our faces. Then I asked him to examine our identical cocks. He stared at them assiduously.

“Sir, I think you”re going to have to feel our penises to make a valid comparison. Take your time,” I encouraged him.

Chan and I stood side-to-side with our stance widened to allowed the man to feel our genitals. My son looked at me with a glint in his eyes. We both knew the stranger would realize the truth sooner or later.

Looking at my son”s beautiful face crusted in other men”s cum, I couldn”t help but join our lips together. I could feel the spark of the celestial union as our tongues casually slid along the other. We shared a thought to have our penises response in precise synchronization to the man”s fondling of us. A gentle breeze of love wafted over us.

Our interrogator was hefting our hairless scrotums and squeezing our identical intact penises. My son and I decided to have full erections because that is apparently a decision we are now capable of making.

Chan ended our kiss and spoke to the man. “Be sure to maneuver our foreskins to see that they are identical also. You might wish to compare flavors in addition to looking and feeling. You will have to clean our cocks from whatever flavors might be leftover from the other men.”

I love my brazen son! Chan and I resumed kissing as the fifty-something man sank to his knees. We quietly moaned as our foreskins were retracted and then pulled forward again. I felt breath on my penis. I was able to glance down enough to see him sniffing my dick. He did the same smell test to Chan”s.

As I joined my son through our kiss, I could feel a tongue burrow under his foreskin, retract, and then return. It was a lovely sensation. We decided that we would give our nameless friend two ejaculations each to allow him to taste our identical semen.

After about two minutes of oral stimulation, Chan and I agreed that it was a good time for his orgasm. I was happy to help him achieve exquisite pleasure. As per our agreement, Chan squirted two ropes of cum into our friend”s mouth and eased away from his bliss.

We were both panting through our noses as we continued to kiss. I was vaguely aware of a small group of men watching us while others continued their lunch oblivious to scientific study taking place in their midst.

Our cocksucker eased back on his haunches while swallowing Chan”s cum and licking his lips. He was pleased with himself. I withdrew my tongue from my son”s mouth and turned to the man. “Your work is only halfway done, my friend. You haven”t tasted my ejaculate.”

By the time my tongue was back to exploring Chan”s lingual frenulum my cock was surrounded by a talented and eager mouth. I shared my pleasure with Chan and decided that sharing everything with Chan was the most satisfying feeling in the world.

I thought back to our conversation in the moving van when Chan asked if we could be as emotionally naked for each other as we were physically naked. I understood on a different level what that meant. I admired Chan even more for his prodding me to develop a more complete connection with him than we had previously had.

I shared my admiration with him, as well as my inability to comprehend what skills I need to develop to open myself up to my miraculous son.

“You have everything you need, daddy. I love you to the moon and back,” I felt him communicate with me nonverbally. I returned his love, and we decided that I should have my orgasm.

I decided that I never wanted to have an orgasm again unless I could share it with Chan in this spiritual realm. I wished for my son to have all the pleasure I was feeling, even if it meant that I forfeited all of my own pleasure.

Did I sense one of our spiritual guides enveloping us in his … arms? He let us know that there was enough pleasure for both of us and that he wanted both of us to be satisfied together.

I thanked him and allowed myself to experience the sensation of my two ejaculations completely, as well as to give the pleasure to my beautiful son.

We shuddered together as we gripped each other”s heads and smiled at the strength of our union.

Our cocksucker swallowed my load and struggled to his feet unsteadily. Chan and I realized that our spirit friend gave the man the sensation of our joined orgasm without bringing him into our union.

He stood shakily holding on to the back of a chair. I think he was finally convinced that Chan and I actually are father and son when I heard him mutter, “Holy fuck.” He stared at us as we smiled knowingly back at him. Chan and I each planted a kiss on his lips. I told him, “I love my son,” at the same time Chan told him, “I love my daddy.” He walked away bewildered.

I embraced my beloved. “I love you, sweet baby. I love you, too, spirit friend.”

The gentle breeze came over us as we held each other. I felt a sense of peace and purpose that I had never known before. The only thing I need is to love my son completely, and, together, we will share our love with everyone we meet. Everything else will take care of itself.

Our show was over, so those watching went back to their meals and conversations.

Chan and I found Victor again and asked what we could do to assist him and Cody this afternoon. He said there was nothing to do until later when Chan might want to help with dinner preparations, assuming he got cleaned up by then.

Until then we were free to join in any of the afternoon”s activities or do our own thing. There would be a soccer game soon as well as croquet, pool volleyball, and trail riding. There were also massages available at one of the pavilions where Victor had shown me one of the garden folly sheds this morning as he took stock of the linens.

Chan said he would be interested in taking a horse ride on the trail, but izmit escort bayan neither of us had much experience. Victor told us not to worry and sent us to the stables to meet Uncle Robert and his son Robert Jr., whom everyone called Bob.

We arrived at the stable to find three horses remaining: the other three Primrose horses and the four guest horses were already out on the trails.

Both father and son stablehands wore only work boots. Robert was changing feed buckets and filling water troughs while the massively muscular Bob was mucking out the empty stalls. The muscles and veins all over his 6″3″ frame were clearly visible as he worked. I swooned.

While the barn itself was old, the interior was newly renovated and refurbished, equipped to make the horses at least as comfortable in their stalls as the human guests were in the main house.

Uncle Robert spotted us as we entered the stable, watching our steps, even though the interior looked spotless. We told him that we thought we would like to ride, but were inexperienced. Chan, as usual, was more confident in his abilities than was I.

Robert told us that two of the three remaining horses, Ranger and Smokey, had the perfect temperament for inexperienced riders. I thanked him for his recommendation with a brief kiss on the lips. I forgot that Uncle Robert is a straight, married man. He took no apparent offense to my expression of affection. To the contrary, he returned the kiss as he clapped me on the shoulder. I felt him returning my affection. I was tempted to linger but decided not to prolong our connection.

Uncle Robert called to his son to help get the two magnificent beasts out of their stalls.

Robert brought out Ranger, and Chan seemed to gravitate to him, hugging the chestnut horse around the neck and speaking softly to him so I couldn”t hear. It was magical to watch my naked son interact with the horse. I swooned again.

As Chan was rubbing Ranger and talking to him, Robert went to the tackle room to get a bit and reigns. When he returned, Chan told him not to bother: he and Ranger had talked, and they decided would be fine both remaining naked.

Robert said that Ranger is a very sensitive and intelligent horse, but was wary of forgoing the reins. He asked if Chan knew how to control the horse. Chan assured him that Ranger told him the sequence of taps, leg squeezes, and gentle tugs on his mane that he should use to communicate his wishes to his equine friend.

“He told me I should lean forward and hug his neck when he jumps over the brook by the windmill,” Chan said to Robert. “Where is the windmill?”

“How do you mean that he `told” you about the windmill? It is over near the lily ponds by the formal gardens. Ranger”s favorite thing is to jump over that. He is a very talented jumper.”

Ranger nodded and neighed in apparent appreciation of Uncle Robert”s compliment.

Robert looked from Chan to me. I shrugged, not understanding how it could be possible, but also not questioning that it was possible. Chan had shown me the impossible last night and again today. If we could make love with boys in Greece while lying poolside in Virginia, why couldn”t Chan communicate with Ranger?

Chan and Ranger were cuddling again, and Chan laughed. “Ranger says I”m not as dumb as the guy who tried to stand on his back the other day, and he will take care of me.”

Robert was flummoxed. “You can”t. How could you? How could he?”

Chan said to Robert, “You said before that Ranger is intelligent and gentle. Why do you question him now? Come, Ranger, buddy, let”s get going.”

Chan grabbed a handful of Ranger”s mane just above his withers and swung his right leg back and then quickly forward as he jumped onto Ranger”s back. My naked son smiled as he sat upon his naked steed. Well, Ranger was shod but was otherwise naked. Chan hugged Ranger and thanked him for being so patient and generous with him. Ranger seemed to nod in reply. For someone who”d never ridden a horse, Channing looked very much at home on Ranger. A shaft of light came through a clerestory window high in the barn. It gave Channing an angelic glow. I could almost see his wings flapping gently to balance him on his steed.

I suddenly noticed Bob standing behind me, holding on to Smokey”s mane.

The massive beast (Bob, not Smokey) asked me if I wanted to ride Smokey the same way Chan was riding Ranger. I said that I didn”t have any idea what I was doing and would probably injure myself or, worse, poor Smokey. Smokey put his head on my shoulder to reassure me.

“Hey dad,” Chan said, “Smokey says he will take care of you just as well as Ranger is taking care of me. He said that Bob should ride tandem with you for a while to show you what to do. Bob rides Smokey like this all the time. But he always gets an erection when he does it.”

I looked at Bob, who acknowledged that Chan told the truth by blushing. Bob said, “I”ll get on first. Then I”ll help you up, and you can hold onto me while I show you the signals. Then we”ll switch, and I”ll sit behind you and let you drive until you”re comfortable enough for me to let you go solo. How does that sound?”

“It sounds perfect,” I said, looking at the two-legged muscular beast in front of me while I patted the head of the four-legged one behind me.

Robert told his son to take his time since it would be at least an hour until any of the riders returns. Bob took off his boots and socks and mounted Smokey. They looked like the most beautiful equestrian statue, the rider equally as powerful and proud as the light gray horse upon which he sat.

He reached down, and we clasped forearms as I executed a swinging leg jump slightly less gracefully than Chan had.

I was no sooner on the horse than I had an erection. I scooted up close to Bob as he was patting Smokey. I put my hand on Bob”s upper thighs, ready to wrap my arms around him once we started walking.

I looked over to see that Chan was hard too as he tapped Ranger to start walking out of the stable. We smiled at each other. Chan gave me an impish look that told me he knew something was going to happen, but I had no idea what that might be.

Bob scooted back a little on Smokey”s back and felt my erection pressing into his back.

“I guess I”m not the only one, huh? Feel free to put your hands wherever you want to get the most out of your ride.”

Uncle Robert surveyed our erect penises and smiled. “Enjoy yourselves out there,” he bade us as he waved us on our way.

I realized that the only thing I could see was Bob”s incredible back. He was three inches taller than I and much, much broader in the shoulders. His biceps and triceps bulged and thrummed with stored energy. If only I could build that kind of mass.

Bob tapped Smokey, and we followed Ranger and Chan out of the stable and into the July afternoon. Smokey”s coarse hair tickled my ass and legs. Bob”s smooth thighs encouraged my cock to start leaking on his back.

I wrapped my arms around him as the horse walked. My hands moved around his torso, feeling his rippled eight-pack and his mountainous pecs.

“Anywhere you want,” Bob repeated, giving me free rein, as it were, to explore his body. “Will you be able to concentrate if I explain where to tap Smokey and how to tug his mane to communicate with him?”

I told him to give me a couple minutes to get acclimated before he tried to instruct me.

Smokey”s gait was smooth enough that I didn”t have to hold onto Bob for safety, just pleasure. I let my palms slide down his torso to the dramatic taper of his waist, onto his hips and then to his quadriceps. Each one of his thighs could have its own Zip code.

I moved my left hand to his crotch and felt his erection. It was a good handful: probably about seven inches long and about five around. Bob sighed as I gripped his penis and I felt his precum starting to flow.

“Will this get izmit eve gelen escort me to where I want to go,” I joked, as I moved his cock like a joystick.

“I know it will get me to where I want to go,” he answered.

Chan looked back and laughed at us. “Smokey says not to cum on him since he just got brushed.”

I removed my hand from Bob”s cock and reached back to pat Smokey to let him know that I agreed to refrain from sullying his beautiful gray coat.

I brought my hands back to Bob”s hips and asked him to teach me to guide Smokey. We spent the next five minutes or so going through the various signals, and then Bob quizzed me. I was a model student!

“Shall we change positions now,” he asked.

I agreed. He told me to stay on Smokey, and he would dismount and then get on behind me. He brought Smokey to a stop with two gentle tugs on his mane and a verbal request, “Stop, please, Smokey.”

I smiled when Bob made sure to follow up once we were stationary. “Thank you, Smokey, buddy.” Smokey nodded in acknowledgment.

After Bob got down, I scooted up and greeted Smokey with a hug around his neck. I thanked him for making my day so enjoyable. I sensed that he was happy too.

I offered Bob my forearm, and he mounted behind me, his height and muscles enveloping me. I felt his erection on my back, and he put his hands on my stomach where my nine-inch penis stood tall.

“Anywhere you want,” I repeated to him the permission he had given me. I squeezed Smokey”s withers with my knees and gave a single shake to his mane, and asked him, “Walk, please, Smokey.”

We continued on for about ten minutes. I felt so powerful and content riding the magnificent Smokey while having the magnificent Bob behind me, giving me all kinds of good feelings. He whispered encouragement and reminders in my ear.

The sun was hot. Bob was hotter. I worked up a sweat. Bob sniffed a few times and remarked that he could still discern the remnants of my morning cum bath.

“You are a nasty little pig, aren”t you, Drew?”

I was taken aback by the comment. I never thought of myself as a nasty pig, but my cock throbbed and burbled with precum as soon as he said it. Do I want to be a pig? I don”t think so. Perhaps once in a blue moon, it might be fun, but I think I”d rather have a pleasant cuddle with my son than do anything considered in the least bit wild.

We got to the edge of a wooded area on the right and a small meadow on the left. Chan noticed a horse fountain ahead and suggested we let the horses have a break while we passed some time together. Bob assured us that the horses had a lot more stamina than that, but we could take a break if we wished.

“Ranger says this is Bob”s favorite place to fuck and masturbate,” Chan announced. “Let”s check it out.”

I laughed as I felt Bob recoil behind me. “That horse seems to know you very well, doesn”t he,” I asked my backseat driver.

“Apparently so,” he answered.

“Don”t worry, we don”t judge. This does look like a nice place to masturbate. Or fuck.”

I tapped Smokey twice on his left shoulder to ask him to go left. Once we were a few yards into the meadow, I gave a brief double tug on his mane and asked him to stop. I hugged his neck and thanked him again as Bob dismounted. I followed him to the ground and moved to speak to Smokey, face to long face.

“Thanks, buddy, for being so patient with me, and for carrying both of us. Why don”t you enjoy the fresh air for a few minutes while we entertain ourselves? Don”t go too far, ok?”

Smokey whinnied and bobbed, then ran his face down my front, starting at my clavicle, and, pushing my erection aside, ending at my pubic bone, leaving a trail of snot and spit. I swear he laughed at me after he did that.

“So, you think I”m a nasty pig too,” I asked him. He blew raspberries on my stomach leaving even more spit on me. Chan had dismounted by this time and kissed Ranger on the top of his nose and spoke to him softly.

Chan walked to me and laughed at my extra layer of slime. Smokey ran his nose all over Chan”s front, including his genitals, while Ranger covered his back. It was an equine conspiracy.

Now it was my turn to laugh. “I guess they think you”re more of a nasty pig than I am.”

Bob stood there dumbfounded. He spoke to the horses, “I thought I knew you guys pretty well. I guess I have a lot more learning to do. I”m willing to learn if you two are willing to teach me.”

Ranger and Smokey decided to gang up on Bob. They started by nibbling his ears. Bob stood tall, smiling, and asked them, “So this is how it”s going to be, is it?”

They answered by taking turns licking Bob”s face, then nuzzling around his neck and shoulders. Ranger licked and nuzzled Bob in the front while Smokey took the back. Then they traded places.

Bob had to laugh. They continued all the way down his body to his feet. They even took turns licking and nibbling his ass and cock. When they were done, they blew raspberries all over him.

Bob was a sopping, spit-soaked mess. But the pranksters weren”t done with him. Ranger came behind Bob and stuck his head between Bob”s legs to pick up the 6″3, 230-pound muscle man. Bob was just barely off the ground when Ranger tossed him over to Smokey, who caught him on his neck.

They tossed Bob back and forth about a half dozen times while Chan and I laughed and clapped at his predicament. During their game of catch, three horses came by carrying six members of the men”s group. They looked concerned and asked if we needed help.

I told them that the horses were having fun with Bob and that everything was fine. They kept watching until Ranger finally decided to give Bob a break.

When they let him go, Ranger and Smokey pushed down on his shoulders, so he got the idea to lie down in the meadow grass. They nuzzled and nibbled all over him again as he told them how much he loved them.

Then Ranger came to me while Smokey went to Chan and nudged us toward the good-looking slimy man. Soon we both were lying on top of him, sharing a three-way kiss while we got horse kisses on our backs.

“They really want us to make love,” Chan said. “They think it”s hilarious.”

“How should we arrange ourselves,” I asked, not even questioning that we would do as requested.

Bob wanted one of us in his mouth and the other in his ass. He didn”t care who started where because we were going to switch. Besides, Chan and I now have identical penises, so it”s not as if the smaller of us would open up Bob”s ass for the larger one.

I kindly volunteered to fuck Bob”s ass first. Ranger took my penis into his mouth and got me nice and wet. I should have been scared to have a one-ton beast take my penis in its mouth, but I felt nothing but affection for the graceful animal. I thanked him and then pushed my dick into Bob”s powerful striated ass. Both our mounts had made sure to slick his anus quite nicely. It felt exquisite to be inside him.

Ranger and Smokey wandered off to the horse fountain and the shade of the tree line. I was pretty sure they were snickering at us. They think we”re silly creatures. They”re probably correct.

Bob had the body I wished I could achieve. I thought making love to it would be an acceptable consolation prize. He also had a beautiful soul from what I could tell, and I wanted to feel close to him and allow him to feel closer to me.

His symmetry and proportions were perfect. He was very muscular but still graceful and, surprisingly cute. The word “cute” usually connotes something diminutive, but Bob”s proportions belied his stature.

Chan straddled Bob”s head facing me, more or less in a sixty-nine position. I leaned forward and kissed him. We saw stars and felt the breeze.

Chan and I both knew that Bob was not a “true love” for us as were Cody and Victor. But we still took him along to the izmit otele gelen escort cosmic realm on a visitor”s pass as Chan and I made love to each other through Bob”s body. We weren”t using him since we didn”t need a third person to visit the realm.

We were unable to join with any other couples or groups, but we showed Bob the joys that await him when he finds true love. He was overwhelmed and confused.

Chan and I synchronized our orgasms and began to fire off in Bob”s ass and mouth while we continued to try to give him as much pleasure as possible. He was erect and enjoying our ministrations, but he did not cum.

Our guides communicated to us their eagerness to have Bob back to their garden with his love. Chan and I slowly brought us back to the meadow and uncoupled from Bob. So, we were in someone”s garden? That was a new revelation.

I was about to ask him if he wanted Chan in his ass now, but I saw he was crying.

“My friend, what”s wrong? Are you hurt,” I asked with concern.

Bob lay in the grass and moved from weeping to sobbing. Chan and I held him in silence, waiting for him to be able to tell us what was wrong. After three or four minutes his breathing returned to normal. He tried to shrink away from us, but we kept holding on to him, kissing and stroking him to show our affection. He was strong enough that he could have thrown the both of us off him if he really wanted to, but he allowed us to comfort him.

We all smelled like cum, grass, dirt, and, mostly, horse. Bob eventually regained his composure as we lay intertwined in the meadow grass.

“I”m thirty-four years old. I have never experienced true love. I don”t have anyone to love me the way you love each other. Even worse, I don”t have anyone to share my love with. Why am I alone? What”s wrong with me? I feel like a failure.”

My heart broke for our friend. I kissed him tenderly and tasted Chan”s cum in his mouth and on his face. I remembered the assurances we got that Bob would be back in the “garden” with his love.

“My dear friend, what makes you think there is something wrong with you? You are kind and sweet and stunningly, stunningly handsome. Perhaps the problem is your true love has yet to find you, not the other way around.

“Look at Chan and me. We have been living together off and on since he was born. Yesterday, when I turned twenty-nine, was the first time I experienced that transcendental love that you witnessed just now. I was living with my true love and didn”t even know it. That”s how much of a `failure” I am.”

Bob searched both our eyes for a hint of dishonesty, but found none. I held his gaze for a long time. A smile slowly spread across my face as I studied his hazel eyes.

He knit his brow. “Why are you smiling?”

I kissed him briefly. “I”m just thinking about the lucky bastard that will get to call himself your true love. I love you, Bob. I want you to know that, even though Chan and I are not your true loves, our souls are linked forever. I won”t be completely happy until I know that you are too.”

Chan rolled on top of Bob and kissed him for a long time as I watched their erections grow. My son lifted up and said, “I love you, Bob. I love you very much. May I show you?”

Bob spread his legs and lifted them, exposing his wet hole. Chan did not look down or touch his penis, but it seemed to find Bob”s docking station with the slow precision of a NASA rocket.

I fondled Chan”s ass as he made love to Bob. The three of us went to our friends” garden once again. I did not want any pleasure for myself. I wanted only happiness for Bob and love for Chan.

Our spirit friends came close and assured Bob that his bliss was closer than he thought and more profound than he could imagine. Bob and Chan began simultaneous ejaculations. Somehow I was brought into orgasmic bliss even though I was not participating in this beautiful copulation.

In short order, we returned to the meadow to revel in our shared love. Chan lay on top of Bob, his nine-inch erection still firing into Bob”s ass. I squirted one last rope of cum across both of them to show them my love.

We lay together in silence until our trusty steeds returned to us. Bob finally seemed to have a measure of peace. Chan and I repeated whispered our love to him.

Chan looked up and said, “Ranger says he wants to take Bob somewhere. Shall we go?”

Chan slowly withdrew from Bob”s ass, his erection as solid as ever. We stood up, which task was made more difficult by the fact that we were literally stuck together. Bob”s face was streaked with tears. Ranger licked his face clean and, it seemed, kissed him.

Both Chan and I hugged Bob again and promised him we would do whatever we could to help him.

Bob grabbed a fistful of Ranger”s mane and swung himself on the horse. I just couldn”t get over what an alluring man he was. Chan mounted Smokey and then offered me a hand, and I jumped on behind him. I embraced him tightly, but we remained silent, trusting that Smokey and Ranger had something pleasant in store for our new, but deeply beloved, friend.

Ranger started walking without being prompted. Smokey followed. Ranger sped up to a slow trot. Smokey followed. We were learning to trust them implicitly.

As we moved along, the horse trail neared a fence at the edge of the Primrose Farm property. I could see some “No Trespassing” signs stapled to the fenceposts.

Chan turned and said to me, “Ranger and Smokey would really like to go down the hill to a meadow on the other side of the fence, but they aren”t allowed. Do you think there”s something we could do about that?”

I squeezed my sweet baby and asked him if he wanted me to buy the property to make the horses happy.

“No, dad. I want you to buy the property to merge it into Primrose Farm, and we could become silent partners and minority owners. Or, you know, something like that.”

I kissed Chan”s smeared neck as we trotted along. “How do these ideas pop into your gorgeous, sexy, filthy head, Bunny? How much do you think it would cost? How big is the property? Do you think Cody and Victor would even want the property or want us as partners?”

Chan leaned back and rested his head on my shoulder as Smokey trotted along. “You know dad, some very wise man said something to me once when I started asking a bunch of questions.”

I held his head and kissed his dirty, sticky face. “What did this wise man say? I”m dying to know.”

“He said, `These are all answerable questions. Why don”t you find out the answers yourself?” That”s what he said.” Chan smiled at me. Even when he is a smartass, I can”t get angry at him.

“That sounds like the wisest man in the world to me,” I retorted. “I suppose I could call my real estate attorney and ask him to check the county records to find the current owner and assessed value of the parcel. Then we could see if they might be willing to sell. We would still have to ask Cody and Victor if they are interested in expanding and would be willing for us to entangle ourselves with their business.”

Chan kissed my neck and then sat up. “See, you are a very wise man. We can talk to our lovers tonight when we are in bed.

“By the way, where are we?” Chan asked.

We looked around and seemed to be following Ranger as he carried Bob into the middle of the soccer match. The guys stopped play when they saw the two horses with three passengers approach. The horses slowed down to a walk. Ranger was making a beeline for a guy that looked to be an older teen. He was kind of short but looked lithe and very fit. His thin cock hung about five inches under a well-groomed patch of dark hair. He had a tanned or light caramel complexion.

The teen attempted to move out of the way, but Ranger stayed on him, and Smokey moved to his other side to trap him. The kid looked wary. I would have been wary too, with two tons of horses and riders bearing down on me. Or, I would have before getting to know these two intuitive and intelligent creatures. Roger and Smokey started licking his face and nuzzling his thick, sweaty, black curls.

The young man turned, and Chan cried out, “Quino! What are you doing here?”


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