Rainy Day at the Shop

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It was a slow day at the shop. Rain lashed against the front windows. Alice sighed and stretched. She and Liam had already done all the folding, facing, sweeping, and other make-work jobs in the vintage clothing store. No customers were coming in at 2pm in this kind of weather. She was bored, and the chill music that the owner insisted they play wasn’t helping.

She drummed her fingers on the counter and watched as Liam puttered with the front window display. He was cute, in a generic sort of way. They’d hooked up once at her roommate Julie’s birthday party a few weeks ago. Julie had insisted on inviting Liam because she had a crush on his friend. When the boys arrived at the party, it wasn’t long before the friend and Julie disappeared into her room.

Liam had chatted Alice up in the kitchen. A few beers later they moved to the couch. And a few beers after that, they moved to her bed.

Things had been a bit awkward at work until he figured out she wasn’t expecting him to ask her out or anything. After that, there was a fun layer of workplace flirting whenever they picked up a shift together. She wasn’t sure if anything more would come of it.

He bent over to pick something up and she grinned crookedly. He *did* have a nice ass, though.

“Liam, I’m going to the bathroom, okay?”

“Yep,” he replied without looking up.

When she lifted her skirt and pulled down her underwear, she wasn’t surprised to find a creamy, sticky spot on the gusset. It was the time of the month when she felt wet all day and found herself prowling for someone to make out with.

She bit her lip as she remembered falling onto the bed with Liam. He was a good kisser, if a bit sloppy. She’d appreciated the fact that he didn’t push her head down when she undid his belt. When she’d climbed on top of him, he’d sucked on her tits hard enough to leave a hickey the next day. She remembered squeezing her thighs around him as she came, and then rolling over to let him cum on her chest.

She wondered what it’d be like to hook up with him sober…

Instead of pulling her underwear back on, she slipped them off and tucked them into her purse.

Strolling back to the counter, she assessed Liam for another few moments before she made up her mind.

“Liam, come back here for a second.”


“I’m bored. Just do it, dummy.” She rolled her eyes. Guys were so dense.

Liam put down the shirt he’d been folding for the fourth time and joined her behind the counter. If he noticed the hunger in her eyes, he didn’t show it.

“What’s up, Alice?”

Instead of answering, she stepped closer and kissed him. He seemed surprised but didn’t pull away. She pressed her body against his, letting him feel her tits against his chest. Then she reached between them to unbutton bahis siteleri his jeans.

“What are you… oh!” He stammered, unsure how to react as she pulled out his cock and dropped to her knees. She pressed her back against the cabinet doors below the counter and pulled him toward her. He followed her lead, standing with one leg on either side of her, facing the window with his elbows on the counter. It was tall enough that anyone walking past the shop would only see a bored clerk.

Alice’s heart was pounding with excitement. She wrapped her lips around his head and pulled him into her mouth. He gasped at the sensation and quickly began to stiffen against her tongue. Before long he was fully erect, and she was bobbing her head, seeing how deep she could take him.

His breathing was already ragged, and he was starting to push his hips forward. Every time he bumped against the back of her throat she felt her pussy clench, as though it was jealous. This was getting her so hot. She reached under her skirt to touch herself, finding her lips already slick with her juices. She dipped one finger inside, then pressed it to her clit.

She looked up to see him trying desperately to *not* look like a guy getting a blowjob. He had a pained expression on his face, and his gaze was fixed in the middle distance. Her finger flicked faster as he began thrusting in earnest, fucking her mouth. She moaned when she tasted a spurt of precum, and did her best to relax her throat so she wouldn’t gag.

When she felt him starting to tense up, she pushed him away. He groaned and withdrew with obvious reluctance. She wiped the wetness from her mouth and grinned wolfishly as she stood up. Slowly, teasingly, she lifted her skirt to let him see the wetness dripping down her thighs.

“My turn,” she whispered.

Liam goggled at the sight, and quickly traded places with her, dropping to his knees against the counter. Grinning, she straddled him, positioning her pussy over his mouth. He laughed when she released the hem of her skirt, letting it fall over his head.

Then it was her turn to try and lean against the counter and pretend she wasn’t getting head. She bit her lip as he licked the length of her slit, exploring her folds and teasing her by dipping inside. She gripped the counter with white knuckles, imagining the taste of her cream filling his mouth.

Slowly, she started rolling her hips, grinding against his face. Her lips slid easily over his own, and she knew she was coating his face with her juices. His tongue never stopped moving, dancing against her opening.

A woman with an umbrella walked past the window, stopping for a moment to peer inside. She felt her pussy flutter, inner walls clenching, trying to seize the probing intruder and pull him deeper. She needed canlı bahis siteleri more.

“Use your fingers,” she whispered as she smiled and waved.

The woman nodded and walked away, and Alice tried not to react as his thick fingers entered her. She was so wet that he slipped in with no resistance, but once inside, her pussy walls gripped him tightly.

He gave her a moment to adjust before starting to slide in and out. She let out a low groan at the sensation, which turned to a squeal as she felt his mouth close around her clit. She tried to play it cool, keeping her eyes fixed on the traffic outside, but her insides were already starting to clench.

Her legs tensed, and she gripped the counter tightly as his fingers thrust into her and his tongue danced over her clit. Anyone who walked by now would be unable to mistake the shameless way she was bucking her hips, but there was no resisting the climax rising inside.

“Oh fuck, don’t stop!” she gasped as she felt a flood of relief. Liam made a surprised noise from between her thighs. She kept grinding against him until the stimulation became too much. Quickly, she stepped back, coming to rest against the wall with shaking knees. Her pussy throbbed and clenched in a way that let her know she wasn’t done yet.

“Holy shit,” Liam laughed as he stood up, swallowing and wiping an astonishing amount of her juices from his chin. “I think you squirted on me.”

Instead of answering, she just rubbed his still-hard cock through his boxers. He moaned happily as she leaned in to kiss him, and then whispered in his ear.

“I need you inside me right now.”

He looked confused, so she grabbed his hand and pulled him toward the dressing room.

“But what if someone comes in?” He worried as she pulled the curtain shut.

“We’ll hear them,” she answered, not caring at all.

She pulled her skirt up and turned away from him, bending forward to put her hands on either side of the mirror on the wall. She watched him drop his pants around his knees and step forward, stroking his cock. A shiver rolled down her spine as he rubbed the head between her lips, coating himself in her creamy lube.

“Fuck me, Liam,” she gasped.

He wasted no time, gripping her hips tightly and pushing forward. She moaned as his cock slipped deep inside, savoring the way he filled her. She pushed back against him, and he began to thrust.

They quickly fell into a rhythm. She watched his face as he fucked her, his eyes screwed shut in a look of nearly overwhelmed pleasure. He wouldn’t last long, not in the state she’d left him in. But fast and hard suited her fine at the moment.

He tried to reach around to rub her clit, but she swatted his hand away, too sensitive for a direct touch. Undaunted, he reached up canlı bahis her shirt to squeeze her breast, pinching her nipple through her bra. That sent sparks rolling down her spine, and she felt another gush of fluid run down her thighs.

“Oh my god,” He managed to gasp as she clenched around him. “Where… where do you want me to cum?”

“Mmmm… In my mouth, baby,” she purred. “Cum in my mouth.”

Within seconds he groaned and pulled out, hand already wrapped around his cock and pumping. She dropped to her knees, making encouraging noises, licking and kissing the tip.

“I’m cumming!” He gasped, at the same moment the door chimed.

Liam was in no position to stop. His cock was already throbbing.

“I’ll… ah! I’ll be right out!” She called, as the first hot rope of cum splashed across her cheek. She frantically wrapped her lips around his head, sucking and swallowing as his cum flooded her mouth. Her heart was pounding so fast, and she felt a confusing mix of emotions: Arousal and shame, embarrassment and pride.

Liam twitched and gasped as quietly as he could before finally collapsing onto the bench.

Alice looked in the mirror and quickly cleaned herself up. She wiped the cum from her cheek, then licked it off her fingers, since she had nowhere else to put it. Grinning at her reflection, she left the dressing room, pulling the curtain closed behind her.

“Hello!” An older woman was waiting behind the counter, holding a dripping umbrella. “I’m just here to get a gift card for my daughter. She loves this shop.”

“Well, I’d be happy to help you with that,” Alice replied, coming around to the register. She hoped she didn’t look as flushed and obvious as she felt, but the woman was perfectly sweet as she rung her up.

“Thank you so much,” the woman said as Alice handed her the gift card. She hesitated for a moment.

“I’m sorry, but you missed a spot just there,” she whispered conspiratorially, pointing to Alice’s cleavage.

Mortified, Alice’s hand flew to her chest, finding a sticky bit of cum that she hadn’t noticed.

“Don’t worry, dear, it happens to the best of us,” the woman winked. “Have a nice day!”

She smiled cheerfully and walked out of the shop as Alice turned bright red.

Liam poked his head out from behind the curtain when he heard the door close. He was still buttoning his jeans.

“Is she gone?”

“What?” Alice shook her head to clear her shock. “Oh, yeah, you can come out now.” She started digging for the package of wet wipes in her purse.

“Jeez, that was close, huh?” He chuckled and smacked her ass as he walked past her toward the bathroom.

“Oh no you don’t!” She protested, grabbing his arm and spinning him around. “I get to clean up first, you left me literally *dripping*.”

“Well, what am I supposed to do?” He groused, half-jokingly. “You creamed all over me!”

“Yes, I did.” She gave him a quick kiss. “And if you mop the floor before it gets sticky I might do it again sometime.”

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