Raking the Leaves

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Breaking up is never easy, and for Cassandra it felt like the end of the world. The problem was that her boyfriend Dan kept trying to pressure her into having sex, and since she had never done it before, she was terrified. Now she was on a bus trip home. Her college had let out for fall break, and all she had on her mind is how she was going to get Dan back.

She arrived at the bus station around three a clock and her parents were waiting for her. They greeted in the usual fashion with her hugging her mom then her dad. Then her dad took her luggage and carried it to the car. Then they all got in with her sitting in the back seat, and they drove her home. Once they were home her dad carried her bags in the house, and up to her room.

Now there house was out in the country, they had one neighbor down the street but the next closest house was a half a mile away. They also had a fenced up back yard. The fence was wooden, so there was a lot of privacy in her back yard.

Once she was in her room her dad left her instructions, “Me and your mom are going to town to run some errands, we should be back in a couple of hours. There’s food in the fridge, also you remember Tyler from down the street. Well he is in the back yard doing some raking for me if he needs anything, like a drink of water or something could you get it for him thanks.”

Then her dad left, and she was all alone. When they left she went back into her room up stairs, and then she looked out her window, and saw Tyler raking the leaves. The last time she saw Tyler he was really scrawny, but now he was eight teen, and he had really bulked up. That’s when she thought maybe he was on the high school football team or something.

As Cassandra watched him work, she thought it might be a good idea to say hi, after all he was probably thirsty, and even though it was fall it was still a pretty warm day.

That’s probably why Tyler was working with out his shirt. That’s when Cassandra decided to go down stairs. Once down stairs she went into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge, then she used the glass door that was in the kitchen to go outside to the back yard were Tyler was working.

Tyler casino oyna noticed her right away as she was coming outside, and said, “Wow I haven’t seen you in a while. Your mom and dad told me you were in college.”

Cassandra smiled, “It’s true I’m going to the University of Virginia, but for right now I’m home for fall break.”

“That’s cool,” Tyler replied, and then he went back to raking.

“Um, are you going to go to college after high school?” Cassandra asked.

“Fuck no,” Tyler responded, “I’m going to be working in the coal mine with my dad.”Suddenly Cassandra remembered the bottle of water she still had in her hands, “Oh I got this for you.” She extended the bottle of water to Tyler, Tyler excepted the bottle opened it up, took a swig, and poured the rest of it over his head. Cassandra watched him do this intently, for a second she forgot were she was. Then after a moment she snapped out of it, and said, “Coal mines that’s pretty tough work.”

Tyler smiled, he must have recognized Cassandra checking him out, because he began to start posing, “No babe, look at these muscle, do you really think there is any job to tough for me.”

Cassandra couldn’t help but laugh, because Tyler was taking the posing to far. He was now doing outrageous arm movements, trying to look like a wrestler. The whole thing was kind of funny. “Wow! You think you’re strong huh? Do you think you can pick me up?” As she was finishing what she was saying Tyler took his hands and put them right under her arms, and lifted her up over his head. “Put me down!!!” she screamed, but Tyler had some thing else in mind. He flung her around and caught her legs in his arms. Then he spun her around three times before he stopped. Now he had her in a cradle position in his arms. Cassandra was feeling a little dizzy, but she regained her composer, and saw Tyler staring at her, looking her in the eye, and that’s when Cassandra said, “Kiss me.”

To her surprise Tyler kissed her, but not were she wanted. Instead of kissing her on the lips he kissed her on the forehead. Was Tyler being naïve? Cassandra stared at him dumb founded. “Could you try a little lower?” That’s when Tyler lifted canlı casino her up in his arms arched her back, and kissed her on the belly button, that when it occurred to Cassandra that Tyler wasn’t being naïve, he was teasing her.

Now Tyler was staring at her again, “Can I go lower?” he asked.

Cassandra didn’t know what to think, but to her surprise she found her self saying, “Yes.” That’s when Tyler dropped her into the pile of leaves that he had made earlier.

She fell on her back but the leaves were piled up enough that it didn’t hurt. Then he got on his knees and tilted her on her side and kissed her right on the ass. Cassandra was dumb founded, all she could say was, “You have really great hands.”Tyler never missed a beat, “Well you got a really hot ass, but these pants are in the way.”

Now Cassandra was terrified, but at the same time excited, she didn’t want him to stop. So with out thinking she said, “Well, remove them.” Tyler without any hesitation did just that. He took off her pants then her panties. Once the panties were removed he took two fingers and stuck it inside her. Then he proceeded to finger banging her for a couple of moments. Next he took his tongue and began to lick her clit. He was still fingering her, but now he was taking his tongue and doing little circles on her clit.

This made Cassandra moan like crazy, the sure pleasure of it was too much. This made the juices inside her pussy go crazy and without in warning she squirted him in the face.

Now Cassandra was embarrassed, “Oh I’m so sorry.” She cried.

Tyler on the other hand wasn’t offended at all. He took his finger, and wipe off the place were she had squirted him, and licked off of his finger. “MMM. You taste good.” Then he went back to what he was doing. This time faster and more intense, and Cassandra body began to shake, as she went into an orgasm.

Cassandra eyes nearly rowed into the back of her head, but she knew Tyler wasn’t done. When she finally looked up again she saw Tyler removing his pants. That’s when she saw his dick. She had seen Dan’s dick before one time coming out of a shower, but Tyler’s dick was at least a couple of inches bigger, kaçak casino and it was thick to.

Before she could say anything Tyler began to stick it in, but not all the way. He just stuck in a little bit and pulled it out. Then he stuck it in a little bit again, and started wiggling it. That’s when Cassandra yelled, “I’ve never done this before.” Tyler drew back a little bit. Then she said, “I hope that doesn’t turn you off.”

Now Tyler was laughing, “Turn me off, fuck no it doesn’t turn me off, don’t worry baby I know exactly how to take care of you.”

After that he parted Cassandra’s legs and slowly inserted his dick. Then he began his motion. Slow at first, but as Cassandra’s moans intensified. He start to go faster and faster, and Cassandra started to scream. “Shit! Shit! Oh Fuck! Fuck me!!!” As the moment got more intense a horrible thought came into her head. What if he cums inside me and I get pregnant. She had to say something. “Fuck! Tyler… are… you.. going.. to …cum inside… me.”

Tyler Stopped for a second, and asked, “Can I cum on your face?”

The acted almost sounded degrading but she felt she had no choice. “Sure just hurry up before my parents get home.”

That’s when Tyler went back to his stride. This time going faster and harder than ever before, Cassandra body began to tense, and then release itself into another orgasm. Then Tyler pulled out, and stood up.”Get on your knee’s.” he directed, and she did. “Now open your mouth.” She did as she was told, and Tyler grabbed the back of her head, and stuck his dick in her mouth, and proceeded to cum down her throat. She swallowed some of it and then gagged. That’s when Tyler grabbed her by the hair, and pulled her mouth off his dick. Then he pulled her head back so she was staring straight up, and from there released the rest of his cum all over her face. Afterwards he let go of her hair, and started to put his pants back on. Once on he went back to work as if nothing had happen. He didn’t even say thank you. That’s when the realization hit Cassandra. All she was, was another fuck to him.

Cassandra put her pants back on and headed up stairs to her bathroom to wipe of her face. Then she lay down on her bed. That’s when a sigh of relief went over her. She was no longer afraid of sex. A moment later she picked up her phone to call Dan. It time to tell him she’s ready to give that sex thing a try.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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