Really Good Movie

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I was going through a really rough time in my life. I was 43. I had gone through a very nast divorce and I was very lonely. I got through days with little problem, working during the week and playing golf on Saturday, but coming home to an empty house was almost unbearable.

Then a wonderful lady came into my life.

I had known Debbie, casually, for a couple of years. She worked in the same department as I but I knew nothing about her private life. I knew that she had just had her 40th birthday because of the black balloons and streamers around her desk. I assumed that she was married and happy. She always had a smile on her face and was very friendly toward me.

The location of our desks required that I walk by her desk to get out of the department. I made this trip many times a day. One day as I was on my way to have a cup of coffee, she asked me if she could join me. I was pleasantly surprised that a beautiful young lady would invite herself to have coffee with me. That began a wonderful friendship that got me through some rough times.

We chatted over coffee everyday and she confided in me as I did with her. I found that she was divorced and living with her boyfriend. She had much the same experience as I. Her ex had been cruel to her and they had a fierce custody battle. She needed someone to talk with and so did I. I continued to wonder why she was being nice to me. After all, she was living with her boyfriend. Then one morning she took the initiative and invited me to have dinner with her at a local restaurant. I really enjoyed the company of this lovely lady. Our relationship raised some eyebrows, but she didn’t seem to mind and, of course, neither did I. On one of these occasions, she confided in me that her sex life with her boyfriend was less than satisfactory. That got my attention. She told me that he was only interested in sports she was tired of watching TV in the bedroom while he sat up and watched his sports. She said, “I am no nympho but once a month is just not enough for me and he refuses to see a doctor about it.

I took that as an opportunity to tell her that I liked movies and situation comedies and that she was welcome to come over anytime. I just let it go at that. A couple of days later she said that there was a movie on television that she would like to see. She asked if I would like to see it. Of course, I jumped at the invitation to have her company.

On Saturday night, I had the Margarita mix all prepared. I showered, shaved and put on after-shave and cologne. I dressed in my loose fitting black slacks over black silk boxers. I wore my white satin shirt with no undershirt. She arrived wearing a sexy short skirt, a blouse that showed a lot of cleavage and that big smile. I led her into my kitchen/den area an offered her a seat on the couch. I wet the rim on two glasses, dipped them into salt and poured two Margaritas.

I sat beside her at a comfortable distance and changed the channel to the movie channel. I hadn’t asked her what movie was on and I really didn’t care. When the title came up “9 ½ Weeks”, my heart jumped a beat. “Have you ever seen this movie?” I asked. She said, “No, but my girlfriends tell me that it is etimesgut escort really hot.” That put my mind in a whirl. Why had she picked a “hot” movie to watch with me?

As we sat and watched the movie and sipped our Margaritas, she began to loosen up. She excused herself to “freshen up” and when she returned, I could see that she had removed her bra. Her big brown nipples were barely visible through her blouse. I wondered if she had removed her panties, if she had been wearing any. She sat down closer to me this time, our sides touching. There was no place for my arm except around her shoulders. She laid her head back on my shoulder and snuggled a little closer. As the sex scenes played on the TV she put her hand on my leg and rubbed my inner thigh.

My right hand, over her shoulder, slowly progressed to the top of her breast. I lightly stroked the top of her breast. She arched her back, signaling that she wanted my hand lower. My hand slid slowly into her blouse and found her large erect nipple. My finger circled it. She moaned lightly into my neck. Her hand moved up my thigh and began rubbing the bulge in my pants. I took her nipple between my thumb and forefingers, gently pinching, “Harder”, she moaned, grasping my bulging cock and squeezing.

I reached farther and cupped her breast in my hand, feeling the hard nipple under my palm. I squeezed her breast as I massaged her nipple with my palm. She was now stroking my hardening cock. She raised her face looking into my eyes. Her eyes were dancing with desire. I lowered my lips to hers, kissing her tenderly at first, my tongue slipping between her lips. She invited my tongue into her mouth, sucking it and circling it with hers. Her hand reached behind my head, pulling my lips harder against mine.

We were now facing one another, her hard nipples pressing against my chest through the thin material. She reached down and found my zipper, caressing my hard cock through the smooth silk. I began to unbutton her blouse, exposing those large firm breasts. I kneeled in front of her and took her left nipple into my mouth, my fingers pinching the right one hard with a twisting motion. Her head resting on the back of the couch as she moaned loudly. I moved my mouth to her right nipple replacing it with my left hand. My right hand went under her short skirt, which was now high on her upper thighs. My fingers found her wet slit, rubbing up and down, teasing her clit as they reached top.

Continuing to make love to her bountiful breasts with my mouth and fingers, I caressed her clit between my thumb and finger. Her hips arched forward, pressing her wetness against my fingers. Sliding two fingers into her tunnel of love, my thumb stayed on her clit massaging it as my fingers slid in and out. “YESSS” she moaned, “Like that, DON’T STOP.” She was humping her hips into my fingers. “OH MY GAWD, I AM GOING TO CUM”, she screamed. “AAAAAAGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH” I felt her spasms on my fingers as I forced them deep inside. Her whole body was shaking with the after shocks of her earth shattering release.

“Oh, Jack, I needed that. It has been so long.” “That’s only the beginning, Debbie.” I replied “mmmmmmmm”, she said. “What sincan escort else to you have planned? The movie is all over and we didn’t see the ending.”

“Don’t worry, I have a tape of that movie, “ I said, smiling. “Let me get the tape and freshen our drinks and we can see what happens next.”

“John will be worried, let me call him. I told him I was visiting a girl friend”, she replied. As I was getting the tape and fixing the drinks, I heard her tell him that she had had a few drinks and didn’t think that she should be driving. She said that her girlfriend had insisted that she sleep over. After she hung up, she said, “I woke him up. I don’t think he will remember anything I said.”

I said, “I have a VCR in the bedroom and a nice big king sized bed. Would you be more comfortable in there?” Without answering, she got up, started toward the bedroom, removing her blouse as she went. By the time that I got there with the drinks and tape, she was out of her clothes and laying in the bed against the pillows wearing nothing but that big smile. The erection that I had begun to lose came alive again. I handed her a Margarita and set mine on the bedside table. I inserted the tape into the VCR and turned on the TV. “Let the show begin!” she laughed, still a little tipsy from the first drink.

I quickly removed my clothes and joined her. We sat back against the pillows and sipped our drinks while we watched the movie and sneaked a kiss between sips. She sat her empty glass on the table by the bed then slid over beside me and laid her head on my bare chest. She said, “Hmm, this in my way” as she wrapped her hand around my now steel hard cock. She pulled it down to my tummy and began to stroke it. My hand went to soft side of back and began a slow massage. She squirmed with pleasure causing her breasts to move against my side. I couldn’t believe that this was not a dream.

As the sex scenes in the movie got hotter, she began to kiss my chest and her strokes on my cock got faster. She slowly kissed around my chest, ending on a nipple then licking gently, feeling it harden under her love-starved tongue. I managed to reach down and caress the soft roundness of her bottom, then slide my hand between her legs. As I found her wetness, she moaned and began kissing and licking toward my organ. It throbbed in anticipation. I found her clit as she moaned and licked the precum from the tip of my cock. It jerked as I slid my thumb inside of her wet tunnel, my finger still stroking her clit.

She took the mushroom head of my penis and her tongue circled around it. She moaned on the head as I continued to stroke in and out of her pussy. The movie continued as we slowly lost interest and began concentrating on pleasing one another. She began sucking harder, moving her head up and down while swirling her tongue around my shaft. She stopped long enough to look up and me and say, “I want you to cum in my mouth!!” She didn’t know how close I was to doing just that.

Her mouth returned to my now engorged tool and took it deep into her throat. My hips were moving, picking up the rhythm of her bobbing head. I placed my free hand in her hair and lightly held her has I fucked her mouth. escort etimesgut Her hand stroked my balls as my strokes increased in depth and speed. My balls tightened and my cock swelled in her mouth.

“Here it cums, baby!!!” as I exploded into her inviting throat. She began to swallow and drank my hot seed as it pumped out of my throbbing cock. Her hand milked me as she licked and sucked every drop that oozed out of the small hole. After I spent my load, she cleaned me completely with her mouth and tongue.

As we looked back at the TV, the credits were running down the screen.

We went to separate baths to clean up before returning to the bed, both spent and satisfied. We curled up together in the spooning position as I softly stroked her tummy until we both fell asleep.

I woke up and looked at the clock beside the bed. It said 4:15 am. I realized that my cock was hard again, pressed against her soft bottom. I began to gently stroke her nipples with the hand that laid across her breast. They began to harden and she moaned softly in her sleep. I slowly move my hips rubbing the head of my cock against her backside. She moaned again as my hand made feather like circles on her tummy. The circles became larger then found the soft hair above her center of pleasure.

As my finger touched her sensitive clit, her legs opened slightly and she began to stir, moaning louder. Her hips moved slowly sliding her clit up and down against my finger. As I slide my finger inside of her, she raised her leg and placed it over mine. Her juices began to flow around my finger.

I slid my leg between hers and adjusted my position so the head of my cock was against her wet pussy lips. She was now wide-awake and rolling onto her back. I moved my leg onto her tummy sliding the head of my cock over her clit. My hips moved slowly causing the tip of my penis to massage her clit. Her hand reached down pressing it hard against her.

“I want to feel you inside of me!” she moaned.

I pulled back as she aligned the head with the entrance to her hot tunnel. I slowly slid inside easily as her wetness lubricated me. “Fuck me!” she said as she grabbed my leg pulling me deep inside. I felt the head of my cock against her cervix as she pulled my leg and pushed her self toward me. I pulled out slowly only to have her pull me back in hard and fast. She set the rhythm as I reached between our legs and began massaging her clit. My left hand went to her breast as I pinched her nipple between my thumb and finger. This caused her to moan loudly and pick up the pace, pulling and pushing my leg as I met her with hard fast movements of my hips.

I could feel our body’s tense up as my cock expanded and my balls tightened. We moaned loudly as I felt her tunnel spasm around my cock pushing me over the edge. My hot cum exploded deep inside of her belly. My cock continued to throb as her spasms subsided.

I pulled out and moved up by her taking her into my arms and holding her as we kissed good morning.

Then those dreaded words, “I need to get dressed and get home. I’ll bet John hasn’t missed me.” I reluctantly let her go to get dressed. “Don’t get up,” she said, as she kissed me goodbye and headed for the door. “By the way, thanks for the movie.”

I lay there with my hands behind my head as she drove away to her boyfriend. “Did this really happen?”

Author’s note: Does anyone remember how that movie ended?

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