Rebecca’s New Start Pt. 02

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***Hey everyone. So this is a long story, lol. It’s mostly a setup for the future parts which will have more sex and be a little shorter, but I think it’s still really sexy. It’s a mix of lots of real life and some fantasy and I realized as I was going, it was all “lipstick” characters. Believe me, future parts will have alllll kinds of different types of women. Thanks for the feedback on part one 🙂


Chapter 1

She didn’t consider people-watching one of her favorite pastimes, but as Rebecca settled onto a bench across from Cronkite Hall, with the shade of a citrus tree protecting her from the blazing August Arizona sunshine, and the sounds of TV on the Radio filling her ears, she was starting to appreciate the attraction.

It was a new school year in a beautiful part of the country and everyone had a smile on their face and a jump in their step. She couldn’t be positive, but she was also reasonably certain everyone had a spray-on tan as well.

“I am the palest person in the southwest, by far,” she thought, looking down at her shapely, muscular legs and comparing them to those belonging to the beauties filing past her in the warmth of the late afternoon.

She wasn’t one to be particularly hard on her appearance, she just had grown tired of feeling like a porcelain doll amongst the bronzed and golden. Still, a week had added SOME color, so she was on her way there, and hey, she also had the trim and muscular thing to fall back on, so there was that.

Back in May, a high school soccer teammate had posted some old pictures on social media. Nostalgic feelings were stirred up of course. Not of her teammates or anything (high school was something she endured more than anything), but for her body, minus 20-ish pounds or so.

Given that she was going to be on camera as part of her studies, not to mention on her own for the first time and eager for a love life, Rebecca decided she had ample reason to get to work. A different diet, daily gym trips with weights, a lot of running…it was tons of effort. But it had certainly paid off.

With her large breasts and round butt, she was never going to be petite, but with the weight off, her narrow waist made for a classic hour glass figure, and she was proud and excited by what she saw in the mirror. The confidence was a big part of the reason she’d spent the equivalent of someone’s 401K on lingerie and…accessories…to tuck away in the back of her closet.

Still, she was navigating how to turn this confidence and excitement, and…closet-dwelling accessories… into an actual, non-imaginary, non-fantasy social life. In the 7 days since she’d arrived, she’d done a lot of exploring. She’d visited coffee shops, parks, even a beach in Tempe Town Park which she was surprised even existed.

She’d caught the eye of a lot of men, which she was used to, and more than a few women, which she REALLY wasn’t. But she was such a live wire after pretending to be someone she wasn’t for almost a decade now, and it made for a minor case of self-consciousness.

She had no idea if the women she was attracted to be the least bit interested, and worse yet, she was hesitating to take steps to find out. More than once she’d made eye contact with a pretty stranger and then chickened out. She’d never had an issue making friends but converting likability into being a love interest to another woman had been proving to be a more difficult proposition than she’d thought.

She wasn’t the least bit shy, and if she knew for a fact someone was gay and/or potentially interested, that would be one thing, but she found the courage to make that risky leap to someone hard to come by.

The very good friends she was out to pushed her to get with modern life. Of course, swiping left and right was on the table, but there was a history there and she was hesitant. Still, it was inevitable. She’d loaded Tinder and Her on her phone, she was just putting them off.

Then, from out of nowhere, Rebecca had met two of the sexiest women she’d ever laid eyes on, almost cheated with one, and nearly engaged in phone sex with the other. It seemed absurd, and she’d wondered if something in the wine had put her in some kind of fever dream, but she also found everything so exhilarating.

Tamara was gorgeous, Rebecca wanted her, she was new, and she was taken. Katie was gorgeous, Rebecca wanted her, she was new, at least a little naughty, and mysterious with her intentions. In one day, she’d managed to introduce as much excitement into her sex life than her first 22 years on the earth combined.

Her mind went to Tamara and her girlfriend. “I’m a terrible person,” she told herself, before remembering again that she’d done nothing wrong. She hoped for many reasons that Tamara would come to the same conclusion after a night with her girlfriend and forgive herself.

She didn’t want roommate drama from day one of a year lease, she didn’t need an enemy named Dawn running around Tempe, and she was genuinely fond of Tamara. Rebecca would güngören eskort bayan have a tougher time forgiving herself if she contributed to a breakup, no matter how unwittingly.

She took a deep breath and tried to relax. There had been nervous energy all day and, while understandable, it had become staggeringly tough to concentrate on anything else. She had tried to focus on her afternoon with Katie and remember that, in 2 days, she’d met 2 beautiful women and had obviously caught the eyes of both. It boded well for her future prospects and her worst-case scenario seemed to be a fun new social circle. So, why be nervous?

Katie emerged from the from the Hall out into the sunlight and Rebecca was reminded why. She looked stunning. The previous day she’d been roll-out-of-bed casual with a hoodie, messy ponytail, jeans with a million holes and untied sneakers. Today, her dark, chestnut curls rested on lovely bare shoulders. Her off the shoulder ruffled top cut off just above her high-waisted, belted shorts with a scalloped hem that teased even more of her perfect, long legs.

She strode confidently toward Rebecca with a big smile, rocking some tan platform sandals Rebecca instantly wished were hers. Rebecca had been hesitant about how put-together she should look since she had no clue what Katie’s expectations were for the afternoon, and she’d been second-guessing herself all day. Rebecca’s long dirty blonde hair with thick and layered waves was a lot of work to get date-ready, but she’d invested the time.

It had the tousled, messy look she loved and took the most time to get right. She’d gone with her dressiest blue casual sneakers, her best high-waisted, ripped jean shorts and her favorite top, a black, sleeveless, tunic-style wrap that tied on the side. She thought it was nice and a little sexy but also everyday and…knew she’d invested far too much time on the decision.

“Hey there babe, waiting long?” asked Katie, stopping next to the bench and adjusting the straps on her way-too stylish backpack.

Rebecca smiled in response, pulling out her earphones and tucking them into her pocket. “There were like five prettier girls that offered to take me back to THEIR apartments. You’re lucky I’m still here.”

Katie rolled her eyes, feigning annoyance. “Of all the people in class, I had to pick YOU to sit next to.” She pulled Rebecca to her feet and lightly shoved her down the walking path.

As they walked along, they chatted about their day, the weather, professors, anything but their 2 phone calls. In fact, Katie seemed almost nervous, not making a lot of eye contact, flipping her hair behind her right ear almost obsessively, laughing a lot. It relaxed Rebecca a little.

“I love your sandals, they’re adorable,” she said.

Katie reached out and rubbed the material of her tunic. “Thanks, I would never think of the shorts and shirt combo you got there, but it looks amazing.”

Rebecca felt herself smiling like an idiot. “So how close is your apartment?” she asked, trying to avoid an uncomfortable silence.

“Just a couple more minutes. First set of apartments once you’re off campus.”

“No roommate right?”

Katie shook her head. “It’s a pretty small single, but it’s really clean and nice and I thiiiiink I mentioned the balcony??”

“Could you be more wet for that freakin’ thing?”

“It’s awesome and you’ll be wet for it in a few minutes too, so suck it.”

“Mmmmm k,” answered Rebecca, and she gently hip-checked Katie, flashing her best smile and biting her lip reflexively. Katie was grinning and rolling her eyes, an obvious sign of affection coming from her, Rebecca was learning.

“It’s this next one on the left.” Katie pointed to a fairly new, 6 or 7 story-building with tan-colored siding and a brick entrance. She held the door open for Rebecca and ushered her across the lobby to the elevators at the far end. There were a few people inside that Katie knew and she made small talk with them while sneaking quick looks at Rebecca and smiling sheepishly.

All 5 got off on the top floor and Katie made sure to introduce Rebecca to her floormates as her “fellow frosh buddy.” Katie had told Rebecca she was an older freshman as well, but they hadn’t gone into details. She knew Katie was due to be 22 soon also and was at her hometown school since making a change after a couple of years away from Tempe.

Katie’s apartment was the second door on the left. She unlocked it, dropped her bag at the entrance and headed straight for the refrigerator. “Bud light?” she asked with a grin.

“You know, a REAL hostess would have something their guests might…” She looked up and Katie was holding out an amber-colored bottle, decidedly not in the Bud family “…enjoy.”

Katie wagged her tongue and pointed to some sliding doors at the far end of the apartment. “Come and see my precious,” she beckoned. Rebecca set down her bag next to Katie’s and took a quick look around.

The kitchen was on şişli bayan escort your immediate right and emptied into a small dining area. That connected directly with nice-sized living room with all hardwood floors and a decent-sized TV bordered by the sliding doors. It was all really one big room, open concept. To the left off the living room was an entryway where Rebecca assumed she would find a tiny bathroom and the one bedroom.

They stepped through the sliding doors out into the warm sunshine. Katie hadn’t been kidding about the view. The balcony faced northwest back out over the campus and toward Phoenix. Far in the distance the skyline played out against the foliage of the valley and the campus. The heat created a gorgeous wave of haze that was indescribable. The balcony itself was enormous for such a small apartment, with enough room for a couple of tables, some chairs and a large plant in one corner.

“Here,” Katie beckoned, asking Rebecca to hand back the beer. She had an opener in her hand and popped the top off what Rebecca now saw to be something called ‘Kiltlifter’.

“Seriously?” Rebecca asked with a furrowed brow and a grin. She took a seat and placed circular wooden coasters at her place and the one directly across from her.

“Hey, you said you liked darker beer and this is from some local guys. It came highly recommended.” She popped the tops off two bottles and they took their place on the coasters. She lifted a pair of sunglasses off the table and put them on.

“A lot of work for little ol’ me.”

Katie shrugged. “Just bein’ a real hostess and all. I even listened to your advice and I’m trying it. If you’re lucky, I’ll even pretend to like it.”

Rebecca was two gulps in already. “Well I’ll finish it if you don’t, it’s amazing.”

Katie beamed. “Sweet.”

It went silent on the balcony as the girls sipped their drinks and basked in the sunlight. Katie’s long legs were visible through the clear glass of the table. “I went on so much about myself yesterday, we never really got around to you,” Rebecca finally said, wondering how she put that body of hers to use. “As you know, I was a basketball and soccer,” she started, grinning and tossing her hair back sarcastically “…superstar…while you were…?”

Katie shook her head at Rebecca’s silliness. “I was the cheerleader at the bottom of the pyramid.”

“Shut up.”

“Fine, I was an outside linebacker.”

“Who are you, Amy Schumer now?”

“Well how do you know I played anything at all?”

“I dunno, you’re taking sports journalism, you have stilts for legs, you’re in ridiculous shape…I miss anything?”

Katie smiled, and Rebecca could have sworn she blushed. “I was a really good volleyball player actually. All-state and recruited a bunch of places, here, UCLA, Texas.” Katie threw them off with a nonchalant waive of her hand, but Rebecca could tell she was proud.

“Wow, what the hell are you doing here and not practicing? Isn’t this the season?”

“It is, but…” Katie paused and swung her right leg around to smack it on the table in front of them. Rebecca jumped in surprise, then winced. A long scar ran nearly the length of the side of her foot. Whatever injury necessitated a surgery like that must have been awful.

“Wow, ok, foot in mouth,” Rebecca muttered. “No pun intended.”

“Oh, please. The only people who notice are the perves who want to lick my feet.”

“Oh, I’d totally lick your feet, I just need glasses.”

Katie nearly spit out her beer, just managing to get it down before letting out a long, lilting, sexy laugh. Rebecca’s heart raced more than a little. “One sec, you goof, I think I have some in my nose.” She was still laughing as she hopped up and ran to the kitchen. She came back with napkins and two more beers.

Katie drew a deep breath and rushed out an explanation. “Long story short, I was playing beach volleyball last summer, came down wrong, broke my foot in a hundred places. Got a plate and screws still in there. The end.” It was obviously a story she’d told over and over and Rebecca didn’t press for details.

“Do you plan to play again?”

“I’d love to. My physio girl says I can start doing more jumping in a month or so, but she needs to clear me first.”

“I’ll bet. You did say you went to UCLA yesterday, so did you play there?”

“Yep, I was due to be a starter in my junior year before I got hurt.”

“Aw sweetie, that had to be rough.” She rubbed Katie’s leg affectionately with her foot under the table. Katie didn’t flinch.

“It was,” Katie acknowledged, staring Rebecca directly in the eye while fingering her beer and shifting nervously in her chair “b…but who knows, maybe I’ll get to play for the hometown team a year or two?”

“Damn right, and I call dibs on doing your comeback story for campus TV!”

“Well as long as my pain gets you a story idea, it’ll all have been worth it.” Katie’s sarcastic smirk was almost permanent at this point.

“Call esenler eskort bayan me selfish if you want, but I always make time for your phone calls, don’t I?” Rebecca took the opening and held her breath. She hadn’t been consciously rushing to bring it up, but instinct took over. The troublemaking instinct.

Katie shot her a look and nodded. “That you do. Definitely.” She brushed her hair behind her ear again and breathed deeply.

Rebecca sipped her beer and leaned forward, sighing. “SOOO this is awkward,” she started, nudging Katie and smiling. Katie wasn’t. Rebecca set the beer down on the table and threw her hands up. “Oh come on, isn’t this just a funny drunk story? And shouldn’t I be the embarrassed one?”

Katie finally looked up. “I’m NOT embarrassed and you shouldn’t be either.” She gently pressed her hand against Rebecca’s shoulder. “I’ve just been…spinning a little since last night and thinking and thinking…and over-thinking probably.”

“Gee, what’s that like?” joked Rebecca.

Katie shrugged her shoulders. “Yeah ok, fair enough. But you’re not the one who sent the SOBER text and then asked you out, so now I get to blush.”

Rebecca nodded. “I noticed you were a little uncomfortable.”

“Nice work detective.”

“My future is in investigative journalism,” said Rebecca, smiling warmly. Katie breathed deeply, trying to smile back, but looking like she was struggling, so Rebecca grabbed her hand. “Hey, I’m not upset or anything. I wasn’t EXPECTING something from you today. It’s just that after that text,” she paused and sighed, rubbing the palm of Katie’s hand. “I was…hopeful.”

Katie was having trouble with eye contact again. She sighed back, clearly embarrassed, but forged ahead. “I…I guess part of me was hoping you’d call me back or text me…and the other part was scared you WOULD.” She managed to look over at Rebecca and the blonde girl still smiled as warmly as she could manage. “Like I said this morning, the thought of you…doing that…while I was on the phone…was really hot.”

“Oh, if I hadn’t passed out…” Rebecca paused, not trusting herself to finish that in a non-embarrassing way. She could feel herself getting wet and warm and took a deep breath. “How come you didn’t respond anyway?”

“That was the part of me that was scared,” she answered, breaking Rebecca’s hold and reaching for her purse. She took out her phone and unlocked it. Katie held it up and Rebecca could see their message string. “I must have typed 10 different things, deleted them all, then gave up and went to sleep.”

“Sooo, today, this is also the scared you?”

Katie slowly nodded. “Is that ok?”

Rebecca sensed she was dealing with someone conflicted and recognized a kindred spirit. “If it wasn’t, I’d be pretty awful wouldn’t I?” She smiled, rubbed her friend’s hand and decided to switch the focus away from Katie. “Hey, you don’t even know what led up to our super awkward stuff. Wanna know what got me all horned up?”

Katie breathed deeply and smiled. “So you’re a sharer huh?”

“I don’t know what to tell you, I’m me.”

“You sure are, so go ahead.” The stress was draining from Katie’s face and it made Rebecca relax even more than the two beers she’d already nearly stormed through.

“OK, so to start with, my roommate is disgustingly hot. Seriously, it’s ridiculous. So…I had a bunch of wine in the kitchen…” And she launched into the whole affair. She skipped over her first masturbation session with a brief “I was in my room for awhile.” Knowing Katie was on the verge, Rebecca REALLY was tempted to get graphic and kiss her, but she sensed she’d regret it later. Instead, she described in detail the actions of her roomie leaving the door open, what she’d said, the whole nine yards, and how she’d been such a good girl.

Katie was transfixed. “Holy shit. Did you guys talk this morning?”

“Yeah, she was super apologetic and felt awful. She was going on about her girlfriend and needing to see her. LOTS of guilt.”

“Ok, well that’s a good sign. I mean, it’s not good, but it’s appropriate to feel shitty about it at least.” She shook her head. “That’s gonna be trouble at some point for her though.”

“You think?” asked Rebecca. “I told her it was ok, that it was cool someone as hot as her would want me. And that it made me feel good. And that’s only a little white lie.”

Katie laughed quietly. “I know you’re trying to be nice, but that was just fanning the flames. You’re DEFINITELY gonna sleep together, it’s just a matter of time. Hopefully she’s single by then.”

“Well if that happens, she will be, I’ll make sure of that.”

Katie rolled her eyes. “Whatever, you’re probably the horniest person alive right now, I wouldn’t trust yourself. If I were you, I’d MEET the girlfriend ASAP.”

Rebecca narrowed her eyes. “You think?”

“For SURE. You’re a nice person. Once you meet her and like her, it’ll make it harder for you to let something happen.” She shook her head. “But yeah, you’re still in trouble…big time. In kind of a fun way though, so…”

“In more than one fun way if you ask me,” Rebecca replied. She was staring intently at Katie who inhaled deeply and looked away…again. “I’m sorry, I didn’t need to say that. I’m being pushy-new-gay-friend chick.”

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