Red Hair Mature Secretary Ch. 01

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My name is Cliff and I live in a small city in western Pennsylvania. After I turned 18, I went to college about 100 miles away from where I grew up. I got a student job working in the Theatre Department and was sometimes the last worker out of the building at night.

There was another department tucked away in our building that I had to take paperwork to every once in a blue moon. I always talked to a nice older lady who was the secretary there. Then there was a change in the Administration of the college and this small office became the main office for everything.

This nice woman named Jean seemed overwhelmed at times. I was lent to her office for a while during my second academic term. I lived nearby off the main road leading through the college town. One night the campus security called me up at home and asked if I could come over to shut off an alarm since the secretary was not available. It was no big deal for me to do this and I gladly walked the couple of blocks during the early evening hours.

The campus police asked to get the updated alarm codes that I used to shut off the motion alarms and they walked through the building one final time as they let themselves out. I started to write a summary report of the motion alarm going off when the office door opened up and the secretary lady walked in.

I looked up and said hello. I was surprised to see her kind of slump in her chair while still wearing her jacket.” Hello,” she said back. Jean’s hair was pushed up above her collar and she had on a different pair of glasses than she normally wore. I did not know what to say for a minute as I kind of checked her out, until finally she looked at me and said ‘Cat got your tongue,” to me. I had not heard that saying in a long time so it made me smile, and kaçak iddaa I shook my head in response. Jean stood up and unzipped her jacket. When she took it off, it showed off her mature body very nicely.

Things were a little slow for me girlfriend-wise at the time. I had broken up with a high school girlfriend over the Christmas break and then had moved in with a scholarship athlete I knew who had a lot of girlfriends over almost every night of the week. They were also usually athletes so I got to know quite a few people from the campus gym. Soon, I was going over there to the gym for some relief from my roommate’s swinging door antics which got old quickly. By the way, I was in decent physical condition myself. I think that I was hired in the Theater Department due to my ability to carry heavy things.

Jean was a forty-year old red head who stood about 5 foot 4 inches and weighed maybe 155 pounds. She had wide hips and the loveliest eyes, but her defining feature was her bosom. She was very well endowed. Although she nominally wore a blouse that was buttoned all the way up, tonight she seemed to be wearing a sport type of jersey that itself buttoned up the front.

I went into a side room to this larger office of hers to get a building maintenance form where they were kept to report the alarm malfunction, but I could not find any on the shelves there. Re-entering the office, I was stunned to see Jean changing out of her jersey which was all unbuttoned down the front. She was wearing a tank-top muscle shirt underneath it. My quick return must have startled her since she dropped her shirt on the tile floor. We both laughed nervously and I said that I should have stayed in the paper room, despite it being paperless.

Jean shook her head and said that it was her fault for feeling underdressed around kaçak bahis me so she was looking to put on a sweater that she kept in the office closet. She turned to reach for the sweater hanging nearby and I moved forward to pick up the fallen jersey. She then stopped moving towards the sweater, only looking at it, and instead kneeled over to pick up the jersey at the same time.

As Jean leaned over, her bra-covered breasts heaved out of the little tank top undershirt. The cleavage that I saw was exquisite. The bra was a little bit fancy but looked to be holding back the 38C cups that I could easily make out visually. She must have tanned outside once because there was a tan line there.

She startled me again by apologizing and it was like my face was between her boobs motor-boating them with my nose and chin. “I’m sorry,” she said to me again. The only thing that came to my mind was to say “You’re beautiful.” I got my hand on the jersey first so I arose at the same time while handing it to her.

She kind of held the garment up near her face as she may have been flushed in her lower jaw from the compliment or from the accidental skin exposure which she was certainly aware of. The air seemed to be sucked from the room instantly. I turned around to face the other side of the room as she put on the sweater. I could still see her reflection against the glass pretty well as she buttoned up the sweater. She was really attractive as she moved deftly with her supple hands.

The campus police showed back up soon after the sweater was buttoned up. Maybe it was a good thing that they were investigating a stray cat. That was enough for me. I said my farewells to everyone in the office and headed out to the parking lot. Surprisingly, Jean soon followed me along in her car and instructed me to get in. I told her illegal bahis that I was only a few blocks away, but she would not relent.

My roommate looked out the window as she pulled up into the driveway of our older trailer. Jean and I sat in the car for a few minutes. She said that she had been at a team practice where her husband was the coach but the telephone call from the campus was not passed along to her, which ended up getting me involved to her sorrow.

I could tell that maybe more was behind the emotions that Jean was just barely keeping under her backup sweater. I was also visualizing my stray hand going up into Jean’s sweater when my annoying roommate came outside and up to the driver’s side window. He was asking who Jean was and what was she doing here. He stated that he thought the car was someone coming over for him that he had invited over. Blah blah blah, he went on until I said that Jean was just leaving and the athlete went back into the rental unit. I did not dare to bring her in and have him get moon-eyed when he saw her coatless.

Jean was quiet and kind of smiled at me. Thanks again for pinch-hitting for me tonight she told me, it meant more than I could know. I nodded and then she said, and “Also for what you said in the office.”

I leaned over and kissed her on her cheek quickly before she could stop me. In turn, she hugged me across the car interior console and I got an arm under her arm into the jacket and alongside the sweater. I brushed past her left boob with my forearm, and I was rewarded with an adjustment in her seated position that allowed the position to be held a minute longer. I was more than enlivened by the feel.

Tonight was a good night as I exited her car. I was carrying wood in my jeans as I walked into the trailer and saw my roommate with a big grin asking when I was getting married. All I could do was shake my head and meet eyeballs with him until he walked away. Jean was an exciting woman to spend time with for sure.

xxxxx (End of Chapter One)

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