Rediscovering Aunty Love

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Rediscovering Aunty Love


Frank caught her eye as Eva, his famous aunt known for her paintings and racy lifestyle, so often recorded in the gossip columns, was see talking to members of their extended family. The reunion, in the extensive gardens of the van Zutphen’s, dragged on.

The statuesque, fleshy woman, really did have presence, spoke to others as if she was royalty, condescending, and with her eyes darting around the gathering in case someone more interesting was chanced upon. He’d always had a particularly strong bond with her, Eva’s sense of dress, along with her frizzy, sandy blonde hair like an unruly mop never changing; declared who she was. He watched as she kept flicking a hand to stop her falling onto her studiously made-up face.

Disconcertingly, given the occasion, he couldn’t help but wonder who had lain between her thighs and had been embraced by those slender arms; held to those wonderfully full breasts that he saw shaped by the bodice of her otherwise floaty white blouse with its billowy sleeves, the cuffs fastened at her wrists and adorned by colourful beaded bracelets that would no doubt have some ethnic origin, from some place in Africa. He had soon taken in the swirly white skirt with its flecks of shapeless blue, matched by leopard print pumps. She was arty and beautiful to his eye, provoked again the lustful riot of emotions as Eva had done once before.

All this was matched by a dangling necklace that hung at the top of her cleavage, accentuated by the bra he could see through the skein of fabric that was her blouse. He wasn’t mistaken; her nipples pressed against the fabric and that the baubles of that necklace were but a distraction from. She was on display and her ways at odds with what the other women in the family had chosen; that of dressed down chic and unpretentious.

The artist in Eva Spilberg was now playing the coquette or making herself feel good by putting on a show and turning heads. She had been supportive and encouraging whenever he had sought her advice in his formative years, she recognizing a rebellious spirit in him that saw him pursue a way of life so at odds with others present.

He had broken the family mould often enough, but not so provocatively, when he had been a popular TV show host, once renowned and at a time when he felt his fortunes to be on the rise. It had all crashed and burned, the edge taken off a sports career as a footballer with enough skills to hold his place in a team renowned for its work ethic. But ‘pretty boy’ as some people in the crowds would often yell, had also acted the showman, on and off the pitch. He played the clown and had done that once too often for those that paid.

He had money put by and lived frugally, not meanly, and he enjoyed family gatherings. With those who knew him, out of the spotlight, he played the fool again. He sang ditties that he made up as he was seated at the piano and acted the entertainer. It won him friends, got him into bed with some who were known in the business. They were all fleeting affairs that soon burned out. His usefulness had played itself out and he wasn’t made to stay the distance and with many, of a like mind, that approach to life had its benefits, albeit of a tempestuous kind.

Now, on seeing Eva again and after some time, was like the white icing on the cake although the woman he now saw looking his way, along with the smirk of her smiling glossed red lips so stark against her pale skin, had lived her life harder than he had done.

He’d dropped out of the limelight; she was still very much in its glare and exhibited her work to what was, to him, outlandish acclaim. Had he been wise enough or had been blessed with the eye to buy her earlier work, he would be sitting on something of a money pile.

They closed the distance between them, each giving the other an appraising glance.

‘I wondered if I’d see you here,’ she kissed, lingered as she pressed her lips to each of his cheeks and touching his long, swept back hair for an instant. ‘You’re as handsome as ever…look far too fit, for a man your age. What’s the secret?’

‘Poverty,’ he teased by way of a reply.

‘I’m not planning to experience that any time soon…’

‘No, but then I’ve known little else. I wondered, as I drove down here, whether you would be too busy with your art to grace us all with your presence…’

He could speak in this way to her, a mix of flirty banter and seriousness.

‘I hoped that you would be here, and I was given a lift, hate to drive unless it’s necessary…’

‘You could have rung and asked me…picked up where we left off.’

‘True, but then I like surprises. I might ask you to return the favour…drive me home?’

He shrugged by way of a reply. Eva was more of a friend than an aunt, some twenty years separating them and a blizzard of experiences to make them behave as they did when together.

‘I also wondered if you still fed the paparazzi with your stories…’

She tapped bahis siteleri his arm playfully, then threaded her arm through his and made some space between them and the others. ‘I’m not as bad as I was, Frank…as you once were…’

He waited on her to say more, that perhaps they were kindred spirits, but she simply grinned at him, and he met Eva’s smiling look his way. ‘But still bad enough to enjoy life and your art to the full?’

‘Yes, and I see and hear of a man after my own heart beside me…and whom I rarely if ever see.’

Frank dropped his voice and stood closer still to her, felt Eva’s breasts press against his arm as others in their extended family chattered and laughed all around them.

‘I could drive you back to Amsterdam…you’d see some more of me that way.’

‘Promise?’ she teased. ‘It’s the best offer I’ve had for some time…could forget we’re related.’ She smiled then laughed. ‘You’re not suggesting, also, that I risk going back in that jalopy of a car I last saw you driving… at the last one of these fests?’

‘I’ve changed it for another jalopy,’ he grinned and on disentangling himself from her hold on his arm. ‘Please yourself, but I may get your answer before I leave…aunt.’

‘Less of the ‘aunt,’ if you please, we’ve gone way beyond that…I was getting to be happy that you’re here.’ She lifted a hand to keep her hair in place as the breeze caught it; she didn’t miss that his eyes drifted over her as she did that. ‘You’re not looking at me as a nephew should…’

‘Not every nephew has an artist in the family…a looker…if I may say it?’

She heard calls to them, and she turned; had time to whisper what was now on her mind. ‘Well known I may be, but I also have spells of raging loneliness that stops me from working…so,’ and she looked at him wonderingly now, ‘I could do with some special company…I know that you’re good at that.’

His hold on her slowly fell away but he nodded his agreement. They had been here before but there had been too much at stake to pursue those wild times they had discovered on being together, the ‘aunt’ and ‘nephew’ thing no brake on what had been pursued.

The woman he now saw chatting animatedly to others had wasted him and Eva had lost none of her allure. Their fortunes had gone in different directions but the ache in his belly and the press of his prick in his pants declared that none of that mattered when they were in the sack. Clothes were but an outward sign of whom you were, and he wanted to see Eva as nature intended. The passion that burned in that fulsome body was made real in her art.

He wanted the woman and not the artist.


His car was an improvement on the wreck of a hatchback she had last seen him drive. The BMW cabriolet, in conspicuous cherry red, purred smoothly over the wide highway, Frank’s driving assured as he darted in and out of the weekend traffic, did so from lane to lane as they passed lumbering cargo trucks and trailer combo’s.

She responded to Frank’s touch to her thigh, eased up the hem of her skirt. His caresses to her soft flesh sending jolts of longing through her body, had her wondering whether he too was in denial of such precious moments, the reacquaintance in body and mind of how it could often go between two people.

Eva gave voice to her feelings, brushed her fingertips over his cheek and throat, and on a brief look his way. ‘I’ve missed you doing that…’

‘And I’ve missed how it feels to be with you…what it does for me…’

‘Then drive a little faster and we can soon end the waiting…’

She asked it as she gripped the edge of her seat. His fingers brushed over the inside of her thighs in slow strokes. She shivered, was impatient to know of him and to quell the heat in her body and ease the grip of her longing.

‘If I do that, drive a little faster I*’ll draw attention to us…get hauled over. It wouldn’t do for us to be seen together like that…’

She laughed in dismay and turned in her seat, brushed her fingers over his face then leant in to kiss his cheek. One of Frank’s hands awkwardly cupped her breast and she kept it to her, felt the tingling in her nipples as he did that. She knew what she would do with them when she was naked in his arms and saw again all that he would bring to her.

‘Yes, they have both gone hard…all because of what you do to me,’ she breathed in his ear before moving away, brushed down her skirt. She felt the raging need to have him lie between her legs and to caress his body with them as she had done, too long ago she now realised.

‘Nothing so far…or not what I want to share again with you,’ he smiled, looking across at her. ‘Family reunions are hell, aren’t they?’

‘That depends on what follows them…’ The turnoff they needed was only a kilometre or two away. Frank slowed down and Eva resumed her claims on him, brushed the front of his trousers and felt the swell in them she pouted on meeting his appraising look upon her.. canlı bahis siteleri Yes, I feel that way bout seeing you again too…’

The sharp tangy smell of paint and thinners was heavy on the air, finished canvasses stacked against one wall of the entrance lobby to her narrow-fronted terraced house. He sought a counterpoint to that, and Frank held Eva to him, pressed his nose and lips to the hollow of her shoulder and neck, to her throat and sought the heavy scent of Eva’s perfume. It was like a musk, its placement elsewhere to be urgently discovered.

‘Through there…’ she gasped as his kisses and claims on her body deepened in their intensity. ‘Everything will be as you want!’

‘Prove it!’ he growled, his lips crashing against her mouth. They shared in deepening, breathless kisses.

They gave no respite from the fumbled urgency to undress and offered caresses, clamps of hands, and kisses to each other’s bodies, she embarrassed by her voluptuous fleshiness and pallor of her skin compared to his body.

The rush of longing and his soft words, Frank’s desiring touches, overcame her unease, his nimble fingers soon taken to her soft haven of pleasure.

He was generously hung; his cock, thick and long, brushing his thighs, his belly toned as was his stomach, still, and the mat of hair curly and dark. It spread out from his groin. His balls were huge, filled a heavy wrinkled sac that hung low, looked misshapen compared to his smooth-skinned penis, a vein forming a ridge along its length and the hooded tip glistening and inviting.

Eva felt the first flush of wetness between her thighs, and she pressed a trembling hand to her mound. He had this effect on her all over again, the promise of sharing so much but his strength soon overwhelming her, and she would again become lost in the maelstrom, her submission to him certain and purposeful.

She wanted this younger man with his enigmatic smile, swept back sandy-blonde hair, and pole of a penis to claim her, devote attention to her body, slack as it was becoming, and for Frank to waste her. She would do the same for him if he allowed it.

‘I…I…never could forget what we did the last time. You nearly broke me…’ she smiled over trembling lips. She had struggled to get over the ending of their affair, the reasons for it never entirely clear save that she worked so darn hard that it became an all-consuming necessity as the money rolled in and her work sold. Sex with him, deeply satisfying and even loving, had to find a place in a crowded diary and exhausting days.

Frank gasped. Her surprisingly rough-skinned hand was soon wrapped around his thick length, fingers squeezing and massaging the sleeping giant before slowly, with her attention fully on him and his on her, she began to stroke it in wrenching movements.

He was made to fall back on the bed and Eva leant over him as she straddled his body and brushed her nipples over his belly as she bent down to take hold of his penis and stroke it with her breasts, toe envelop it by their fleshy warmth, caressed its sides before she relented and kissed the glistening tip, slicked her tongue in swirls around it before she sank her mouth over as much as she could take.

‘Eva! There’s no rush!’ he gasped, his hands in her hair as he sought to find a reprieve from her hungering pursuit of all that he offered, the enticing claims of her mouth and hands inflaming the knot of lust, the pressure in his penis to blow his load. ‘Slow down…for my sake, will you?’

She sucked on his cock, felt its warmth in her mouth, how it reached to the back of her throat, its salty taste that her claims upon it aroused in him. She was drinking at quite a different fountain as the clamps and stroke of her hands increased. She tried not to gag.

‘You’re…you’re amazing…to hold out for so long,’ she breathed, slurring her words.

Frank knew better than to explain. The women he went with, who went down on him, had all learned this of him. He wanted a different moist warmth working his penis and give better control.

‘Go on Eva…remind me what you can do for me,’ he said, squirming beneath her.

‘I’ve missed you…missed what you have for me,’ she spluttered in reply. the pull of his hands on her hair too much to bear, her head bobbing on him like a cork on a storm-tossed sea. She was oblivious to the sliding touch of his hands to her back, shoulders, then as he reached to squeeze on her breasts as he sought to calm her raging hunger. ‘Okay…okay….I’ll stop!’

Frank pushed her back on the bed and slowly crept up over her body offering licking and kissing caresses. He kept his tongue and lips from claiming her pussy, breathed in her hot sex as he kissed her navel, his tongue flickering and swirling into that little hole before he settled to claim the heavy flesh of her firm, rounded breasts and large nipples. He sucked and tugged on them; he would leave no marks as he reclaimed their wonderful shape and weight, the thinnest canlı bahis of stretch marks just beginning to show.

His fingers grazed lazily back down over her bely and neatly shaven mound, entering in slow circling thrusts, Eva bucking her hips to meet these claims as she gripped his head and brought his mouth crashing down for a desperate and hungering kiss.

‘On top of me!’ was all he had to say.

She soon straddled him, her fingers digging into his chest as she bore her weight. His hands offered sweeping caresses to her thighs as Eva shifted, enough, to have his face press against her pussy and for his probing tongue and gently tugging lips to reclaim her.

‘I can’t enough of that…you do it so well!’ she gasped. ‘I want this now…you in me!’

She slithered back down, reached between her legs and tugged at his penis, slid it over her slicked heat and settled on him, rocked and swayed until she could take him, ‘I’m tight…sorry…even after all that you’ve already done to me!’

‘It’s okay…I love it!’ Her slicked tunnel felt like velvet and his penis opened her to his entry, each movement of her hips, her bucks and sideways sways helping him to glide in still further. His questing and groping hands caressed her swaying breasts, pulled them to his mouth before he slumped back and he conceded to her riding on him, to act the sexual animal that he knew her to be as she increased her rocking rhythm.

‘And you’re someone I’ve missed, so…so you can.. so you can find me…find me so deep with that prick of yours!’ She was lost in another world. Her eyes were closed and her back arched as she drove her body down hard on him, her soft squeals becoming deepening moans as she banged down on his hips, wrenched on his penis relentlessly.

She leant over him again, broke their rhythm to kiss him. She felt like a river crashing over the rocks, her thoughts of them reunited like a whirlpool of emotions and the flood of longing unstoppable.

‘Where are you?’ she panted.

‘Not where you are, Eva…you…you wonder.’

He met her soft smile and gazed at her jiggling breasts as if they would hypnotize him. Eva leant forward again, felt him push off the bed and plant his feet on it so that she remained impaled on that bloated length of flesh. He squeezed on them, brought his mouth to their tips and tugged on her nipples, her jerking movements failing to tear them from his lips.

She groaned in pleasure and pain; the sensations aroused by his mouth, fingers and probing penis rushing through her, had her gushing juices over his penis, the cramps in her belly like a bubbling hot spring that could burst without warning.

‘This is so good…so good…I’ve forgotten how it was with you!’

Frank made her roll onto her back, and he slammed back in, was buried until she felt his balls slap her butt cheeks, his hands pushing her legs wide on the bed as he began a sinuous tamping rhythm quite his own.

Eva clung to him as best as his movements and claims upon her allowed, her belly brushed by his clammy skin as they pursued a frenetic fuck in her bed. She thought he would break her, the girth of his penis filling, caressing and tapping, she felt, the very end of her vagina.

His cock tantalized and she could finally wrap her legs around him. He would withdraw until the tip of his penis caressed her moist lips before he thrust back in, repeated the process in a beguiling rhythm that had her wrap her arms about his neck, offer caresses to his back, the base of his spine, or to grip his buttocks and share in the pace.

‘Yes…yes…yes!’ she panted, her groans becoming squeals that rose in pitch. His penis, its girth, filled her; had her know of its hot, thick flesh and blood. She let out hot cries of pleasure and abandonment; cursed in dismay at the wildness of it as they roamed over the bed. The hooded tip of his penis slicked agile flesh as she sought to keep up with his withdrawal and re-entry. His lips caressed her nipples, stimulated what was ragingly aroused flesh, her nipples feeling as if they would be torn from her body.

‘Not too rough!’ she yelped as his weight now bore down on her, pushed her down into the mattress as he fucked her wildly, assuredly and deeply. She screamed and yelped in dismay at what had been aroused in him. She felt overwhelmed by conflicting emotions; pleasure and pain; dismay and raging longing after they had been away from each other for so long.

It felt that her cup of love, lust, a longing for completion was overflowing. And she, a woman somewhat older than him but that of no concern as he tamped her without a moment’s rest, their enervated skins slipping over the other; breathless kisses and gasps of effort shared in a tempestuous reunion tryst.

Only cries of effort and pleasure passed over her lips; her moans encourage him to hasten the pace and the demanding grip of her hands on his skin an avowal of her bliss to be naked in his arms, in her bed, and Frank back in her life where he had once been.

He grunted in his efforts. ‘I’m…I’m going to finish it…have to!’

‘Then do that you darling!’ She yelped again, her breaths of effort in trying to keep up searing her throat.

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