Reminiscing about Her Deliciousness

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I am typically a shy guy, with very little to say, typically in public.

Since my teenage years, I’ve enjoyed using my mouth in the sexual department more than not. I’m picky when it comes to my sexual partner. There needs to be some kind of connection. And besides, I like to know what I am getting in too.

One night I decided to join one of those BDSM fetish sites. After filling out my profile, I took a look around my area for what I wanted. The one thing I wanted, to have my face surrounded by some thick thighs and a dripping wet pussy.

In my profile it said, I want my mouth to be used for your pleasure only. No need for reciprocation, I have an oral fixation. Into dirty talk, humiliation, cream pie, squirting, face sitting, and generally just making me your personal pleasure bitch.

I messaged a couple of women, with a minimal response at best. It seemed like my ad and effort was a bust. Until this one woman messaged me. Saying, do you truly have an oral fixation? Guys just say that, but do a bait and switch.

I replied, yes I do have an oral fixation. I’d rather use my mouth more than having sex.

We continued to talk and get to know eachother. In our likes and dislikes. She said, she’s not a submissive woman by nature and if that’s what you want? That’s not her!

I told her, I’m more than happy to be submissive to what she wants. I am true to my word.

The Avcılar Escort day finally came to where she was ready to meet in person. She said, we’ll meet at a local pizza place. Talk to see if we have a connection and if we do click? We can go see a local that’s playing across town.

I see her walk in, wearing a sundress that came down just above her knees. Sporting some classy, but come fuck me heels on. That outfit was definitely was to make an impression and she dressed to kill. She is what guys dream and jack off too. Thick in all the right places. You could tell she played some kind of sports when she was younger. Her body was solid and firm. There was only a bit of a jiggle when she walked. We meet for a late lunch/early dinner. There’s some light chatter, my heart is racing and my cock is throbbing in my pants. On the outside I was cool and collected. On the inside, that was a different story. I was not paying attention to a word she was saying. All I could think about? What would she look like riding my face and telling me what to do. All I knew, I was in lust with this woman that had a build of a stocky gymnast.

She asked, are you ready to go? I didn’t know what to say, thinking? Did I blow it already? Was I supposed to say something or respond differently? Trying to be polite, I said, excuse me? She said, aren’t you paying attention to a thing I’ve been saying? Avcılar Escort bayan Didn’t want to show my hand per se. I replied, I just wanted to make sure I heard you right. Came you please repeat it again?

She learned in towards me and said in a stern and direct voice. I want to test to see if you are true to your word. I want to see how long it’ll take you to make me cum. Are you ready to go?

Without any hesitation, we made a bee line to my car. Made it back to my place. Got inside, she took my hand, guiding me to my own bedroom. She told me to go brush my teeth as she gets comfortable. When I came back? She was laying on her back with her muscular legs spread so wide that her feet touched the bed.

I stopped dead in my tracks. Speechless in the best way. In a stern voice she said to me. Okay bitch! Get over here and please me. I went in face, mouth, and tongue first! I knew this was my audition and didn’t want to mess this up!

She tasted so good, I couldn’t get enough and could lick and suck that pussy for hours! I made her cum 4 times, and I could feel her thick muscular thighs shaking and vibrating from her intense orgasmic pleasure.

Once she gained her composure back, she sat up and she gave me an evaluation of my performance. Saying, that you did a decent job and better than most guys. Still need some work and guidance. She then asked, Escort avcılar would you like to become my personal pussy bitch? Before I had a chance to answer? She slaps me across the face and says, you don’t have a choice. You’re now my personal pussy bitch.

I own you now! From now on, you will only wear pink lace panties when you are around me. I replied yes ma’am. With each she had me dress a bit more feminine. Wearing lipstick thigh highs and even sexy heels. There was a time that she came over and I was doing my submissive pussy duties when I discovered something a little extra.

She proceeded to tell me that just before she came over? She met a guy at a gas station, and how they started tr talking. She was telling him how she had this pussy bitch and how she had been feminizing this person and how she wanted to take it to the next level. So we went in to the nasty bathroom right there and he fucked me like a cheap whore. What you’re tasting is his fat cum load.

I couldn’t say no, because to be honest? It turned me on even more. To know and taste this strangers cum. Only imaging what his cock looked like. How big and wide wide it could have been?

I was proud that I was in her mind? Earning the title she gave to me or gave to myself. Pussy Bitch!

I own and control you now bitch. You’ll do everything I want you too. Even if I want you to fluff my lovers. She exclaimed, you’d like to graduate to being my personal cock fluffing, dick sucking, cum thirsty slut! And if your good, I might let you watch up close and personal as he fucks me balls deep.

Thinking to myself. I can’t wait for my next challenge and title to be earned.

More to come

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