Renee’s Internship Pt. 01

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Renee boarded the underground train to take her from the terminal to the baggage claim area at Atlanta’s airport. The trip had been awarded to her through her sorority, Kappa Delta. She had graduated two years prior. She continued to stay active within the organization donating her time along with a small monetary contribution when she could afford it.

One of her “sisters”, Lauren was offering a two month internship at her four star restaurant in Atlanta. The winner would spend the time learning from her chefs, working with them preparing meals and helping cater events. They would also stay at her place, get paid a decent wage while learning part of the business side of running a luxury establishment from Lauren. The internship started the first of July giving Renee plenty of time before school started back up in September.

She had talked to Lauren several times learning that her essay about using the knowledge gained to help her fifth grade students made an impression not only on Lauren, but the entire judging panel.

Renee walked into the baggage claim in a yellow flower print sundress just as she and Lauren had agreed. Lauren was to wear a blue one so Renee could find her. There had been many teleconferences between the two women prior to Renee’s flight. Renee felt she’d have no problem recognizing her benefactor. She briefly scanned the waiting crowd for a blonde woman in a blue sundress. At first she didn’t see Lauren, dividing her focus on the carousel then the crowd; it was Lauren who walked up to her getting her attention by tapping her gently on the shoulder.

Lauren had been watching the crowd of new arrivals from a safe distance until she saw Renee. At that point she was more like a lioness stalking her prey, slipping quietly through the throng of people until she stood unnoticed next to her.


Renee turned and found herself looking directly into the eyes of her host. Lauren was thirty-five years old, the same height as Renee at five foot seven inches. They were similarly built, both slim and athletic, Lauren having a bit more curve to her than the twenty-five year old Renee.

“Yes, Lauren? Oh my, it’s really you?”

Renee opened her arms to embrace her host; Lauren slipped between them wrapping hers around her contest winner. They hugged for a few moments, when they parted Lauren spoke first.

“It’s so good to finally meet you in person. How was your flight?”

Lauren slipped her hands over Renee’s, holding them while talking to her new apprentice, her thumbs gently massaging the tops of Renee’s hands as she spoke.

“It was long; the airlines sure have changed. I’m so glad to meet you in person. I feel like we’ve known each other forever.”

“All those video calls we made helped. I wanted to be sure you had all your questions answered. I didn’t want any second thoughts about coming out here.”

“I was a bit apprehensive when I got off the plane but I’m feeling better now. They did help, thanks.”

“I’m glad, let’s get your bags and get out of here. You must be starved after that flight.”

“Yes I am hungry. It would feel good to just sit with my feet up, stretched out, if I hadn’t been sitting for five hours. I think a run would be more relaxing.”

“Renee, sweetie you’re in Georgia now. You’d die running in this heat and humidity without getting acclimated. I have a gym at home you’re welcome to use to relax if you want. Let’s find those bags, get you fed, then into some comfy clothes.”

Renee giggled then caught sight of her bags on the carousel out of the corner of her eye. She always tied ribbons or had an elastic strap around them to make them easy to spot. This particular trip she had combined a few brightly colored ribbons on both her checked bags. The effect was similar to a rainbow, which made them stand out among the rest of the nondescript pieces of luggage. She pointed them out to Lauren; they each grabbed one, swinging them off the carousel, barely avoiding smacking each other.

“Oh my, what have you packed in here Renee? This weighs a ton.”

Renee grinned, “Fifty pounds of shoes, Lauren.”

“I’m liking you more and more, sweetie, you’re my kind of traveler.”

They both laughed as they lifted the handles on the bags to wheel them to the car. Making small talk, they made their way out to the parking structure. Stowing the luggage as best they could in Lauren’s little BMW 650i, Renee paused for a moment to admire Lauren’s choice in transportation.

“This is a really nice car Lauren. I wish I could afford something like this, but on a teacher’s salary I doubt that will ever happen.”

“Renee, it’s a perk I guess, but I’ve earned it; I didn’t drive at all during college and working on my MBA. Since the restaurant is doing so well, I decided to spoil myself.”

“You can spoil me if you like, Lauren. I won’t complain.”

Lauren smiled, delighting in the thought of spoiling this lovely young lady. Hopefully she’d get a chance in the next Escort Büyükçekmece couple of months. Renee’s eyes were focused on the car, her hand gliding down the body as she walked to the passenger door to get in.

“You’re going to earn your keep, young lady. Where is that self-sacrificing young teacher that wanted to win this for her students’ benefit now?”

“Oh, I’m just dreaming. I know I’ll never be able to afford something like this. But a girl can wish can’t she?”

“Yes, she can. I think you’ll have a few opportunities to drive this during your stay. Don’t worry; you can live vicariously through me all you like. I want you to enjoy your stay here but I want you to learn also. Your essay stood out for me because you wanted this for your students. I hope you don’t disappoint me in that regard.”

They slipped into the car, Renee touching the leather seats as she closed her door, still in awe of the machine surrounding her.

“I don’t think I will disappoint you. I want this for the kids. If I can have this knowledge available to them then I might find a way to show them so many concepts. You use quite a few things in cooking that are math, science, and art related. I think combining that experience will help someone who finds those subjects boring and useless. It might light a spark in them.”

“Now that’s the Renee I wanted to see. We’ll make sure you get as much as you can from this. The only limitations will be ones you put on yourself.”

Lauren patted Renee’s thigh to reassure her, turned the key and started the car, putting it in reverse. Turning to look for pedestrians, her dress tight against her breasts, she backed out of the parking space. They left the parking garage heading out to the open road. At a stoplight prior to getting on the freeway, Lauren lowered the convertible’s top. She hit a button on the dash activating the mechanism. Renee twisted her body, watching it slip up then back down, neatly folding itself behind the rear seat. Lauren glanced over at Renee; she couldn’t help but notice Renee’s dress stretched across her breasts as she turned. She smiled again to herself at the thought of them. The light turned green and Lauren accelerated onto the freeway on ramp. The rush of warm air felt good to them both as they continued onto the freeway merging with the thousands of cars going about their business. Renee was completely unaware of Lauren’s lecherous thoughts.

Despite the top being down, the noise from the wind rushing by was minimal.

“What would you like to eat, Renee? We can stop on the way or I can have something delivered.”

“Whatever is easy, delivery would be fine.”

“Okay, pizza? I can call ahead and it will be there waiting for us.”

“Oh, gosh please no Domino’s, I hate that so called pizza.”

“Not to worry, I know a gourmet place near my house. What kind of chef would I be if I ate cardboard pizza? What would you like on it?”

“Veggies are fine; I don’t eat much red meat. Whatever you want on it is okay, Lauren.”

“Fine, a veggie pizza. I’ll call in a few when we get closer.”

Renee smiled, stretching her legs out and her arms up; she tried to suppress a yawn to no avail. Lauren glanced over, grinning to herself again, admiring Renee’s profile. They continued their drive, Renee looking at the lush green Georgia landscape as they sped down the Interstate. Lauren lived in a gated community outside of Atlanta. She had inherited some money which coupled with the success of her restaurant allowed her to purchase a home she could be proud of. When they got off the freeway Lauren hit a button on her dash and a dial tone sounded from the speakers. Renee smiled while Lauren ordered their mid-afternoon meal. Renee’s flight arrived between lunch and dinner; the poor excuse for a lunch she had on the plane barely kept her stomach from growling.

When Lauren had completed her call they continued their conversation, telling each other stories about their lives, the sorority they had each shared at different times and different schools.

When they passed through the guarded gate, a large uniformed man smiled as he waved Lauren through. Lauren waved back calling out a hello.

“That’s Jules; he’s the sweetest man you’ll ever meet. Most people are intimidated by his size but he’d never deliberately hurt a fly.”

“He does look intimidating, that’s probably why he’s in security; nobody would mess with him.”

“Oh, some have tried. We get unwelcome guests trying to get in from time to time, that’s why I make sure to be especially nice to our security folks. I don’t need some nut rearranging my furniture for me. I have friends that can do that.”

Renee smiled thinking Lauren must have quite a few friends in various businesses. She was so sweet and thoughtful; being pretty just completed the package. Driving slowly down the winding one lane road, Lauren waved to the various people they passed. She would tell Renee their names then Çatalca escort a small story about them, not that Renee would remember all the details but she did find them interesting. After a few turns, Lauren pulled up to another gate, then hit a remote attached to her visor. The large wrought iron gate clanked then slowly began to open. Renee looked past the gate to the house about a quarter mile away.

“This is your house?” Renee’s eyes widen as her jaw dropped in astonishment.

“Yes, I’ve done well for myself with a little help from a sweet departed Aunt.” Lauren beamed.

They pulled up to the back of the house, Lauren stopping by a screened porch. As they got out they heard a car approaching down the gravel drive heading for the front door.

“Perfect timing, there’s our pizza, let’s just get your bags into the mud room. We can take them to your room later. I’ll show you the kitchen real quick then I’ll go pay for our lunch.”

“Sounds good to me, I’m starved.”

They lugged the bags into the mud room leaving them off to one side; walking in through the laundry area they stepped into the kitchen. Again Renee was mesmerized, the kitchen was huge.

“Silverware is in those drawers, plates there, glasses up there. Get whatever you want to drink from the fridge; I’ll go get the door. Make yourself at home but please if you walk on the carpet, take your shoes off first.”

Just before heading to the front door, Lauren stopped at the threshold to slip her shoes off. Renee quickly glanced at her hostess’s legs noticing the toned calves and painted toes that matched her fingers. Lauren had mentioned the work out room earlier. It was obvious that she used it on a regular basis.

She followed Lauren’s lead slipping off her shoes, placing them next to her hostess’. Turning to look around the kitchen, she got the necessary silverware, plates, and glasses then set them on the table. Moving to the fridge she was peering into it when Lauren walked back in with their meal.

“What would you like to drink, Lauren?”

“We’re going to relax the rest of today why not that chardonnay in there, should be practically full.”

“That sounds nice, mind if I join you?”

“Not at all, please think of this as your home for the next two months. I have nothing here you aren’t welcome to. Well, except the cash and a few heirlooms.”

Renee grinned then grabbed the bottle and the pair of glasses she had set on the counter. Lauren opened the pizza box; both women took a deep breath as the aroma of the pizza filled the room.

“Mmm smells good! I didn’t realize how hungry I was till now.” Renee smiled sitting at the corner of the table within reach of the pizza and Lauren.

“This is my only vice, food wise.” Lauren grinned as she slipped a slice to her mouth.

She bit down, rolling her eyes to the back of her head in pizza ecstasy. Renee grinned as she watched Lauren pretend she was having an orgasm eating. When Renee sampled it she knew exactly how Lauren felt. It was the best pizza she had ever eaten.

“Oh my, this is good, Lauren.”

“I know, I don’t normally eat pizza, but if I have to I get it from Sardoni’s. They have just the right sauce recipe and the dough is to die for. I’ve tried getting the recipe from them but they just smile and shake their heads. I even tried bribing Sardoni’s daughter, Angelica with an internship to no avail.”

The two women sat, eating and sipping wine. They talked about the weeks to come, Lauren’s expectations along with Renee’s. Lauren didn’t get too serious but she did outline the hours and some of the latest additions to the menu, along with a list of parties they were going to cater. Renee listened trying to keep all the names and functions together in her head. By the time they were full of pizza they noticed they had almost finished the bottle of wine. Lauren topped off each glass then took Renee’s hand in hers.

“Leave your bags; I want to show you the house.”

“That sounds great!”

They cleared the table then leaving the kitchen they walked out to the parlor. The room was decorated in an antebellum style. Lauren explained the history of the furniture since the house was built in the 1990’s then remodeled just after she purchased it. The ground floor was the entertainment area, a couple of large rooms with a fireplace in each. There was plenty of room to entertain a large gathering. They slowly walked around, Renee asked questions while Lauren told a few remodel nightmare stories.

They circled back into the kitchen then out again and down the hall to the stairs. Slowly climbing the stairs, Renee got another good look at Lauren’s legs; she noticed again her well defined calves; marveling at her muscle tone. Her own legs were nice but not quite as nice as those of her host who was at least ten years older.

They reached the top of the stairs and headed into one of the three bedrooms. This was going to be Renee’s for the next two Esenler escort bayan months. Lauren had made sure all the colors in the room coordinated with the linens she had picked out. It was the perfect guest room, walk-in closet with a queen-sized bed, complete with an antique dresser. Renee marveled at Lauren’s color selection. Her praise of the room came to a sudden halt when she looked out the window at the expansive landscape.

“Lauren, what a view this room has!”

Lauren stood in the door frame, gazing at Renee’s slim figure outlined as she stood in front of the window. Sipping her wine she smiled, commenting back but not meaning the view outside.

“It is very nice, I have to agree. Did you notice we don’t have much in the way of mountains around here?”

“Now that you mention it, there does seem to be a lack of them.”

“We can take some time off and I’ll show you a couple of nice ones. So, continue the tour? We can lug your shoe collection up in a bit. Let me show you the bath and the other rooms.”

They continued their tour, Renee marveling at the massive walk-in closet that Lauren had installed. It was almost as big as Renee’s bedroom at her apartment. Lauren’s shoe collection made Renee’s seem like a drop in a lake. She marveled at all the racks Lauren had. Her face lit up when she looked at Lauren’s heel collection as did Lauren when she saw Renee’s expression. Lauren sat on the edge of her king-sized bed making sure she could see Renee gazing at the shoes.

“Go ahead, try them on.”

Lauren smiled while sipping her wine, delighting in Renee’s enthusiasm. Renee looked at her really not believing Lauren would let her try on a seven hundred dollar pair of Christian Louboutin heels. But she smiled and did anyway, lifting her dress up so she could see them in the mirror on the wall just inside the door.

Lauren continued sipping from her glass watching Renee twist and turn her shapely legs, both women admiring how Renee looked in the heels.

“You were made for those, try on whatever suits your fancy.”

Renee blushed then looked around the closet more. She saw so many shoes she’d love to have but focused on one pair of Miu Miu Glittered Cutout Booties. Carefully removing them from their cradle, she looked once again at Lauren for approval. Lauren got off the bed setting her glass down on the night stand. She walked over taking the shoes from Renee; she knelt at the young woman’s feet.

“Here, I can see you need encouragement. Step into this.”

Renee lifted her dress so she could see better, then arched her foot; slipping it delicately into the bootie. Lauren held the shoe with one hand gently helping ease Renee into it with the other hand on Renee’s calve enjoying the feel of her smooth skin. Renee smiled down at Lauren, enjoying her delicate touch. A shiver shot through her as goose bumps appeared on her leg. Lauren smiled, massaging the taut calf briefly while looking up at her young intern. Lauren didn’t focus too long because Renee wanted the other shoe on so she could marvel at them. Lauren repeated her caresses causing Renee to repeat her reaction. Standing on her own, Renee turned to look in the mirror. Her eyes were as big as saucers, smiling while she admired the shoes.

“Oh, dear.” Lauren grimaced.

“What?” Renee’s face became concerned when she heard Lauren’s tone.

“That sundress will never go with those shoes; we’ll have to find something to match them.”

“I didn’t bring anything expensive to go with shoes like these, Lauren.”

“I may have something you could slip into, if we go out someplace suitable for them. For now just enjoy the view, I know I am. You have perfect tone in those legs and I love the tan. They just get that much more accentuated with the right ones.”

Renee was busy admiring herself, nodding approval when Lauren spoke. The shoes did look and feel good on her feet. Her heart was racing thinking of actually wearing them out on the town. After a long pause of observation she blushed while taking them off, returning them in their slot.

“Renee, since we’ve drank nearly a bottle of wine, I’m not driving anywhere tonight. Let’s get your bags up to your room, you can put your things away and relax a bit while I make some calls. Come down when you’re comfy then we can figure out dinner and I’ll show you the gym. It should be a bit cooler outside by then and we can walk the property if you like.”

“That sounds fine, I’m comfy in this dress but I do need to unpack.”

“Sounds good, I’ll meet you in my office, it’s just off the kitchen.”

It was almost 7:00 p.m. by the time Renee was done with her bags. She made sure everything had a place; leaving her empty bags out, unsure of where she should store them then headed downstairs. She found Lauren in her office going over some papers. She gently rapped on the door, peeking in as she did.

“Hi, Renee.”

“Hi, are you still working?”

“Just waiting for you, I’m all done with the serious stuff. Did you want to eat or tour first?”

“Can we tour first? What did you want to do about dinner?”

“I took some chicken out this morning and it’s marinating. It’s an organic herb marinade with a hint of lemon. We can grill some asparagus and maybe add some wild rice if you like.”

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