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Twigs snap under my feet as I run for my life through the dark forest, with only a bit of pale moonlight to guide me. A low hanging branch violently rips through my simple cotton dress, causing me to stumble and fall in a heap. Scrambling behind a large tree trunk, I try to slow my breath, my chest heaving, straining for more of the cool night air.

Heavy footsteps echo among the silent trees. My heartbeat thunders loudly in my ears as I squeeze my eyes shut, absolutely terrified.

Never had I imagined that I would be plucked from my safe little village and taken to some god forsaken land to be sold for a man’s pleasure. Even in the depths of the wilderness of England, I had heard of rumors of a nasty ring of criminals who were making a pretty penny kidnapping single, vulnerable women and selling them off. I knew I was the perfect match for what they were looking for, but I foolishly believed I was safe. What an idiot.

Unmarried, orphaned as an adolescent, nineteen years old, lives alone, and attractive? Why, I couldn’t have been a better target than if I had tied myself up and offered to hop into their wagon.

I felt the rancid, hot breath on my face first before a rough hand gripped my arm and yanked me up violently.

“Well, well, aren’t ye a feisty little one, eh? Can’t have ye runnin’ off before ye meet yer new master, can we?” panted one of the kidnappers. This one I nicknamed Rancid, after his horrible smelling breath.

I glared back at him, saying nothing, but imagining how much I would have liked to kick his face in, if he wasn’t twisting my arm painfully behind my back. His fellow criminals shouted at him to bring me back to the wagon. I let myself be dragged back, before eventually, I lost hope for escape and reluctantly crawled back inside the creaking, tight little wooden cage they locked me up in.

The rocking of the wagon lulled me into a restless sleep. As the days passed, I grew more and more hopeless, and just prayed that whatever monster they sold me too was going to be merciful.

One night, we stopped to camp deep in the wild forests of who knows where. My kidnappers were getting drunk around the fire, clearly pleased that I was cooperating thus far into the journey. Soon one of them decided to be daring, and at the encouragement of his partners, he grabbed me by my tied wrists and dragged me behind a large boulder.

It was Rancid.

“My sweet little cargo, ye wouldn’t deny this ol’ man his pleasures would ya?” he disgustingly crooned at me. I didn’t bother to honor his words with any sort of reply.

Suddenly, he grabbed my thick brown hair and sniffed it deeply, enjoying the scent of a woman. I could barely keep from throwing up at the mere fact that he was so close to me. Faster than I had ever seen him move, Rancid smothered his mouth on top of mine, clearly hungry for some female flesh. His fat body pinned me against the rock and I was unable to move a muscle.

Tears streamed down my face as his disgusting fingers groped my ample breasts through my dress, and he started to moan with desire. By the time he started unbuttoning his trousers, I was openly sobbing. I finally let myself cry. After being kidnapped, failing to escape, and enduring a hopeless journey with an even more hopeless outcome, I was filled with despair at my fate in life.

Rancid pulled out his fat, dirty member with his grubby little fingers and thrust it between my breasts, pumping it up and down. Defeated, I let him continue to rub himself all over my chest, my soft breasts cushioning his every move.

Tired of pleasuring himself with my breasts, Rancid decided to seek after more. Realizing that he was still unsatisfied, I closed my eyes, resigning myself to the inevitable as he lifted casino oyna up my skirts, and began sticking his fingers into me.

My juices involuntarily started flowing from the stimulation, and Rancid started chuckling.

“Seems like ye couldn’t resist a man’s touch eh? What a little slut–”

Rancid fell dead on his side, an arrow sticking out of his back before he could finish his sentence.

Traumatized at seeing a man killed right before my eyes, I shakily pulled down my skirt and scrambled away from the boulder, running back to the campsite.

I was greeted with a bloody sight.

All of my kidnappers looked like rag dolls, their bodies strewn about the forest with arrows sticking out of their lifeless bodies. Blood was splattered on the trees, and gathered in small puddles on the forest floor.

My heart raced as sweat dripped down the side of my face. Could I dare hope that I’d been rescued from my fate as a slave?

A tall, broad shouldered figure emerged from the shadows, bow and arrow in hand.

“Miss, are you alright?” He gently questioned, approaching me slowly, and cautiously, as you would a frightened deer.

Completely overwhelmed, I looked into the warm brown eyes of my savior and fainted clean away.

I awoke in a warm bed nestled among the softest furs my skin has ever touched. Suddenly, all of my memories from the past several days came flashing back. I whimpered out loud, filled with pent-up emotion that I was unable to express in front of my captors.

My rescuer must have heard me wake, for he quickly came into what must have been his bedroom.

“Miss, you’re finally awake? Are you hurt anywhere? Do you feel unwell?” he asked me, clearly concerned over this mess of a girl he just saved from a life of slavery.

Uncontrollable tears streamed down my face as I shook my head. The man awkwardly stood in front of me, shifting his weight from side to side as I tried to calm my sobs.

“Thank you, I’m quite alright, I’m just quite shaken up from this whole ordeal.” I explain to him.

“Well, I would imagine so! My name is Richard Lawson, and I’m a hunter around these parts.”

“Miss Annabelle Jones, pleased to meet you.” I extended a hand to him, not forgetting my manners even in this most peculiar of circumstances.

He also recognized the hilarity of the situation and laughed heartily at my attempt of normalcy as he shook my hand. I cracked the first smile I have had in a week, and took a good long look at my rescuer.

Mr. Lawson was clearly built like a hunter. A broad strong chest, thick muscular arms, and a chiseled, lightly bearded jaw, he was the optimum example of a man in his prime. Probably nearing thirty years of age, it was curious to see that he had no ring on his finger.

Mr. Lawson kindly let me stay in his house for a few days. In the meantime, I was able to get cleaned up, rest, and share my side of the story. It was the talk of the village! Mr. Lawson, the fearless hunter, rescuing a helpless young girl from violent criminals with just bow and arrows!

But I couldn’t stay in his house forever; it was indecent and imposing on his hospitality. I was a practical girl, used to being on my own and pulling my own weight, so I soon found work as a live-in nanny and extra farmhand for one of the farm families.

And I thought that was the last of my wild adventures…

I was undeniably attracted to Mr. Lawson. His deep hearty voice and yet gentle and polite mannerisms made my heart flutter with desire. I could tell he felt the same. As the months passed on, the humble farmers and craftspeople forgot the incredible way I had arrived in their village and simply accepted me as one of their own.

Mr. canlı casino Lawson and I made excuses to see each other, and continued to flirt and chat with each other on occasion until finally, he asked to court me properly. Of course, I agreed.

One day, Mr. Lawson took me out into the forest and we had a simple picnic by a clear flowing stream. Lounging on a blanket among the cool, damp grass and the sun warming our skin, I gazed longingly at my lover.

His warm brown eyes stared back at me, but were also colored with something else. Lustful desire.

“Miss Jones, I—“

I wouldn’t let him finish the sentence. Quickly leaning over to kiss him, I pressed my lips against his, expressing the desire I’m certain he was feeling. Overcome with attraction, Mr. Lawson grabbed my shoulders and pulled me into sitting position, all the while kissing me passionately. His mouth moved against mine as our lips explored each other. One hand gripped the back of my neck as the other caressed my lower back.

Gasping for a breath, I broke off the kiss. Glancing left and right to ensure we were alone, I began to undo my laces and slip my dress off my shoulders. My lover’s eyes widened and his brows raised to his hairline.

“Miss Jones, what are you–?”

I silenced him with another quick peck on the lips.

“Richard…I love you. I want you to make love to me.” I quietly pleaded.

Surprised at my boldness, Mr. Lawson’s shocked expression slowly melted into a lustful, loving one.

“Of course, Annabell.” He gently replied, reaching a hand up to brush my hair away from my cheek. Taking my face in both of his rough, hunter’s hands, my lover kissed me deeply. His lips crushed mine with their urgent desire. His tongue danced in my mouth, causing me to moan with passion. Soon his hands wandered across my exposed collarbone, impatiently pulling the dress down and he quickly moved to suck and kiss and bite the smooth, pale skin of my shoulder. I gasped and groaned at his intensity, my deepest regions beginning to tingle and shiver with lust.

With the warm sun shining upon my back, I completely undressed in front of my lover.

Pausing from his attentions on my neck and shoulder, Mr. Lawson drew back and took in my naked form slowly, appreciating every curve of a virgin’s body.

“Beautiful…” he whispered, before gazing into my eyes. Without warning, he took a pert nipple into his mouth and sucked and licked while another hand roughly massaged my soft, heavy breasts.

“Oh Richard!” I moaned loudly, having never had my body touched by another before. His mouth explored every part of my breasts, moving down my stomach until his nose was buried in the soft bush of my most private regions.

“Amazing” Richard murmured to himself, tickling my mound as he spoke. Suddenly, his tongue was tasting my flower, licking and probing inside and around my folds. I squealed in surprise but quickly began moaning at his attentions. My pussy quickly became drenched with juices, my fluids flowing freely as he sucked and licked deep inside, stretching me with his tongue and pulling my sensitive nub with his lips.

My lover pulled my chin forward and kissed me with lips covered in my own juices, offering me a chance to taste my own lust on his tongue. Groaning at the stimulation, I ravenously licked his lips and tangled my fingers in his hair, overcome with desire.

Clearly unable to wait any longer, Richard yanked off his shirt and undid his belt faster than I could have imagined a man could undress. Fascinated with his exquisite male form, I ran my hands through his chest hair, down his chiseled stomach, and gently touched his throbbing, erect member. Richard moaned aloud once I began to caress his shaft, taking kaçak casino it in both my hands and slowly pumping it up and down.

A tiniest bubble of fluid began to flow out of the tip of his member. Overcome with a desire to taste it, I flicked my tongue out and licked it up, which earned me a shiver of lust from my lover. Smiling wickedly, I slowly licked across the tip of his cock, and began to suck and kiss all across his shaft.

Richard was unable to sit up any longer and quickly laid flat on his back as my head bobbed up and down, trying to draw his entire member deep into my mouth and throat.

“Annabell, please! I can’t take much more of this!” Richard panted.

I let his throbbing member fall out of my mouth with a pop, saliva and wetness dripping down my chin.

“Then, I want you inside me, my love.” I murmured into his ear, nibbling it and giving him a kiss on his stubbly cheek.

With a moan of desire, my lover gently laid me flat on my back and spread my legs apart, giving him full access into my wet, hot, needy pussy.

Slowly, he grabbed his thick member and stroked the folds of my flower open with the tip of his cock. It quickly became drenched with my juices and suddenly, I was overcome with a bit of fear at having my virginity taken.

Sensing this, Richard leaned over, kissed my breasts and slowly left a trail of kisses up my chest, neck, and jaw until he reached my lips.

“I’ll be gentle” he reassured me as my eyes searched his. Closing my eyes, I nodded and I felt his member slowly stretching and entering my virgin pussy.

His thick cock pushed deeper and deeper inside my wetness, sliding in with surprising ease. I had felt a sharp pain at being deflowered but that was quickly replaced with hot desire as Richard filled me, buried all the way to the hilt inside me. I smiled at him, pleased to be one with him at last.

Reassured that I was no longer in pain, Richard wasted no time pleasuring himself in my slick, tight little pussy. His large cock quickly slid out and thrusted back in roughly. I couldn’t keep from moaning constantly as my lover thrust in and out, over and over into my wet hole. His member stretched every part of my channel, pounding me deep inside as my breasts bounced and my body shook from his violent pleasuring.

Reaching around my back, Richard lifted me up to sit on his lap, still connected by his cock, and started to bounce me up and down his member. I became even wetter at this change of position and my pussy tightened around his cock, making him groan and press my soft breasts into his chest as his pelvis thrust up into my pussy faster and faster.

Panting and squealing at the stimulation, I bit into Richard’s shoulder as my pussy clenched his thick member even tighter. His cock slid in and out, pushing deep into my pussy with each thrust, stretching the opening wider as his cock became more engorged and erect. My pussy pulsated, throbbed around his thick member, squeezing his cock with my slick, wet, soft pussy walls and lips. He was destroying my pussy with each violet thrust, grabbing my buttocks and slamming it back down on his giant member over and over. I was in utter ecstasy!

I felt a tingling, warm sensation begin to rise deep in my belly and I knew something was coming. My breath came in pants and I moaned loudly. I could tell Richard was almost there too as his breath shortened and he thrust harder and faster than ever before. I wrapped my arms around his neck and held on for dear life as I rode him over the edge. His seed burst into my tight pussy as I clenched down and felt the orgasm wash over me.

With him still inside me, I brought my hands to his face and gazed into his eyes, searching them for the same bliss I was still feeling as the last of the orgasm faded.

“Richard, I–”

“Let’s get married.” Richard announced, cutting off whatever I was going to say. Smiling, I gave him a loving kiss, agreeing with my whole being.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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