Reunited and It Feels So Good

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(Everyone involved in sexual activity in this story is over 18 years of age and any similarities between this story and real life are purely coincidental)


Growing up on the grounds of a summer resort center near the beach in California, afforded me the opportunity to meet a large number of girls as they passed through on vacation each year with their families. One of those vacationers was Sherilynn.

It was the early-1980’s and so, with the exception of snail mail and land lines, it was impossible to keep in touch. Not yet lived were the days of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the rest of the stay-connected, social media sites. However, Sheri and I managed to stay buddies throughout high school and early college; eventually losing touch as I moved even further away, got a job, and a wife.

Sheri and I were never romantically involved. Just two young people who enjoyed each other’s company at a movie, picnicking, riding around in her dad’s fast car, swimming in her pool, and just hanging out and laughing. As I look back on those times, she was definitely a babe and without a doubt very desirable, but we just never went there; exchanging that kind of awkwardness for a platonic friendship.

Fast forward 7 years, my company decided to have me work one week out of every month in our regional headquarters a few hours from my home. The excessive, late 80’s, corporate travel life consisted of luxury hotels, fine dining, large bar tabs, mobile phone bills, and a welcomed, party-like break from the hum-drum life of a young, unhappily married man.

While at home one weekend, I was rifling through some old paperwork when I stumbled across one of my “little black books” from my younger days. The names and addresses that were included barely scratched the surface of the stories of good times that lay behind them all. Maureen from LA, Kathie from San Diego, Annette from Nevada, wow! All those incredible memories. And then, Sherilynn. Oh my god. The memories came flooding back: The beach; Togo’s sandwiches; movies; the park. I looked closer at her contact information and, low and behold, she was from a town very close to where my company was now sending me once a month to work. I tucked the little address book into my briefcase. Next week, I would be working out of the remote office and needed to satisfy my curiosity as to whether Sheri was still around.

I remembered she worked in a flower shop and, armed with that information and an unlimited expense account for my mobile cellular phone (such a high-tech novelty for those days), I decided to dial a few places on the 2-hour drive from home to my hotel-home for the week ahead. On one of my first few tries, I hit paydirt.

“Hello, is Sherilynn there,” I asked as they answered the phone?

“Well, she is with a customer. Can I help you,” the reply came from a co-worker?

“Um, well, let’s see. She was working on something specific for me, so maybe it is better that I speak directly to her,” I bullshitted.

“Okay. Well, give me your number and I’ll have her call you back when she gets a chance.”

“Okay great. This is John and she can call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx. Thank you.”

And now, I would simply have to wait to see if she would call. I began to wonder what I’d say. We really didn’t have very many lasting memories together, just simple, homegrown, good times that she’d probably had with any number of people. I wondered whether she’d even remember me. That would be awkward; having to explain…

Ring. Ring. Ring. “Hello, this is John. Can I help you?”

“Hello. This is Sherilynn from the flower shop. You called about an order we were working on, but I am very sorry I don’t have any memory of working on an order with someone by your name recently,” she explained.

“This is John. Togo’s

3. Do you…”

“Oh my god! John! What the hell are you doing? How are you? Where are you? How long has it been,” she cut me off peppering me with questions?

“It has been quite a while. I found your name in an address book a little while ago and knew I would be up in this area soon and, well, I remembered you worked in the flower business, so I started poking around.”

“Wow. I can’t believe it is you. I always figured I would never hear from you again,” Sheri said.

“Yep. It is me. Listen, I don’t know what your situation is, but if you’re free sometime this week, let’s get dinner and hang out.”

“I would absolutely love that. I don’t care what I have going on John, I’ll cancel my plans to see you.”

“Well thank you. Is tonight too soon? What time do you get off work?”

“Tonight will work. I get off at 5. I should probably go home and change since I am covered in flower clippings and I can be there by 6. Does that work?”

“Perfect. This is my cellular phone number. Why don’t you call this as you are leaving your house and that will give me a heads up?”

“Wow. A mobile phone? Don’t you live the fancy life. Sure. That works perfectly. What hotel are you kaçak iddaa staying at,” she asked?

“I am at the big Marriott.”

“Oh, very nice. That is only about 20 minutes away from me. I’ll see you later on this evening. I am so glad you called me John. I am so excited to see you.”

Well. That couldn’t have gone any better for me. I checked into my hotel, headed out to grab some wine for the room from a local grocery story, and laid back on my bed. I dozed off, but was woken up by the ringing of my room phone. “Hello, this is John.”

“Hello. Front desk here. We have a visitor for you, Sherilynn. Do we have authorization to send her to your room?”

“Oh, um, yes. I mean, I’ll come right down to the lobby and meet her. Thank you.”

She had surprised me by not calling before she left home and so, all at once, here it was; just an elevator ride away from seeing Sheri. I hadn’t seen her in years and, with all that goes on in the life of a 20-something, it seems like it had been an eternity.

Rounding the corner into the lobby, I caught a glimpse of a somewhat dumpy, overweight, permed-hairdo woman at the front desk. I froze in my steps. And then, from the side, I heard, “John? Is that you?”

I turned to my right, facing the small bar in the lobby and, just retrieving a drink from the bartender, there was Sherilynn. Dressed in a pair of older work jeans and a baggy sweatshirt, hair up in a bun, clutching a small duffel bag, looking haggard, this wasn’t the “WOW!” moment I had hoped for. “Yes. Sheri. It is so amazing to see you after all these years,” I replied. Her outfit certainly didn’t highlight her figure and further didn’t match the custom-tailored, italian suit pants and monogrammed shirt I was wearing.

“Sorry I didn’t call from home first. Given the day I had, I needed this drink as soon as I could,” she laughed. “And, please excuse my outfit. I got home late after work and didn’t want to stay any longer, so I just through some things in this bag and was hoping I could change in your room.”

“Sure. You can change in my room. Come on up,” I said with a relieved tone in my voice. Her beautiful smile, fun attitude, and cute-as-hell face left me holding out hope that the gorgeous body I had fantasized about since setting up tonight’s meet-up would soon be revealed. As we rode the elevator to my floor, we made small talk and agreed, if nothing else, that we were both starving and needed to get some food before we both took on a “hangry” attitude.

Once inside the room, Sherilynn excused herself to the area of the bathroom vanity, around the corner from the main room, and not into the enclosed area with the shower and toilet. I sat on the bed and started thinking about where we might eat dinner, and more poignantly, thinking about what she’d look like after she changed. Glancing toward the mirrored closet doors that were just inside the front door of the hotel room, a slight design flaw in the room became my greatest pleasure. I could see a perfect view of her changing.

She started by straightening her hair and was in the process of slowly unbuttoning her jeans and peeling them off. She pushed them to the floor and off, one leg at a time, and revealed, from behind, a perfectly shaped, slightly bubbly ass, adorned with a black thong, that was supported by two, long, well-tanned, legs to heaven. She pulled off her hoodie, and t-shirt that was underneath, all in one move, exposing a black, lacy, push-up bra that was holding her firm, 36D breasts in place. At 5′ 8″ tall, Sherilynn wasn’t a small woman by any stretch of the imagination, and her ass and tits were in perfect proportion. I could feel my cock twitch in my pants. This is exactly what I had hoped for and yet, we had always just been buddies, so all I could likely expect was to enjoy this view. Sherilynn pulled on a very short, tight-fitting, floral print dress that made her look like a million bucks. Wow. What had I been thinking all those years. She was a fucking hot babe.

Fortunately, my brain caught up with my dick and I jerked my head away from the view just as she came back around the corner. “Ready to go. Does this look better,” she asked as she twirled around?

“Wow. Yes. You clean up very nice. I was, um, just sitting here thinking of places to go eat. There’s a fun Mexican restaurant within walking distance. Does that sound good?”

“That sounds amazing. Lead the way,” Sheri said.

“No no. After you,” I said, wanting to enjoy another view of her well-shaped ass in her dress.

We ordered drinks, dinner, and had a wonderful time laughing, remembering the good old days, and catching up on life. At a silent moment in the friendly chatter, I went a little deeper. “So, I don’t see a ring, is there a man in your life?”

She paused awkwardly and hesitated, “Well, yes. I mean, I am dating someone, but we don’t live together. He really wants us to move in, but to be honest, he’s not the one for me. I just know I would never be happy with him long-term; kaçak bahis whatever that means.”

“Okay, that makes sense. Someone as stunningly beautiful as you, with a great attitude, shouldn’t settle for less than the best,” I added.

“Thank you. That is very sweet. And you? You don’t have a ring on, but I know you got married.”

“Me? Yes. Married. We’re a happy couple when we’re on vacation together each year and happy when I’m away on these business trips. But, I think we both know we’re not happy at home. To be honest, she likes her friends a lot more than me and I am beginning to think she’s a lesbian,” I said with a slight laugh. “If she is, I hope she hurries up and decides that she wants to bat for the other team.”

“Ha ha. I can’t imagine someone not wanting you.”

“Sherilynn, can I make a suggestion? For the sake of tonight, let’s pretend no one else exists and we just talk about each other and laugh the way we always did.”

“I love that idea, John.”

“Have you ever wondered why we were never romantically involved back then,” I asked Sheri?

“I guess maybe the universe knew that if we had been, we wouldn’t be here right now enjoying each other’s company like this. I mean, I think when people are younger, they can’t sustain a friendship through sex and I think it is much easier now that we are older.”

“That makes a lot of sense. I hope that didn’t sound weird. I mean, I loved our times together back then and I love that we’ve reconnected.”

“It didn’t sound weird. I was thinking the same thing. But, no regrets!”

“Yes. Absolutely. No regrets.”

We finished up dinner and drinks and headed back to the hotel. Sheri came up to my room to gather her things and I offered a suggestive idea that I hoped would play out at a later visit, “It is too bad you didn’t bring a bathing suit. The hot tub out by the pool is awesome at this hotel.”

“Well John, I didn’t want to sound too forward when I arrived, but I have stayed here on a ‘stay-cation’ before and I remembered the hot tub and brought along a bathing suit just in case. Shall we take a dip?”

“That’s great. I am really glad you did. Yes, let’s change.”

Suzanne grabbed her bag and walked back around the corner to the vanity area. Oh my god. With myself perfectly situated to watch her in the mirror, I changed into my suit. She pulled off the dress and, just as I had imagined, she removed her bra and exposed two perfectly-shaped, tear drop tits with firm nipples surrounded by huge pink areolas. Her thong came next and, even though it didn’t cover much, her freshly shaved pussy, with a small, dark, landing strip made my dick jump with excitement. She covered up with an emerald green, strapless bikini that made her look like a gorgeous mermaid without a tail fin.

“Are you changed yet,” she asked before coming back into the room?

“Yes. Yes. Already to go. Wow, you look amazing,” I said.

“Well thank you. You don’t look too bad yourself. Hey, do you have a t-shirt I could borrow to throw on over this bikini for the walk down to the pool?”

“Sure. Here you go,” I said as I tossed her a shirt and we headed to the hot tub.

Relaxing in the hot tub further loosened up our conversation. “I don’t remember that bikini when we were younger,” I said.

“I didn’t necessarily have as much to fill it out back then like I do now,” she flirted in response.

“Well, it is probably a good thing. Maybe I couldn’t have controlled myself as a horny 18 year old back then.”

“And you think you can control yourself now, old man,” she joked?

We finished up the wine we’d brought with us and decided it was time to go back to the room. Watching her towel off and pull on my t-shirt, which now clung to her wet body, made me wonder how I had controlled myself up to this point. Back in the room, she pulled off my t-shirt, and the chilled air conditioned room gave me a close up look at how big her hard nipples were.

“Do you mind if I rinse off in the shower,” she asked?

“Not at all,” I said, slightly short of breath.

She went around the corner, removed her sticky, wet bikini, bent over to get a few things out of her bag, giving me a full view of her pussy and beautiful ass from behind. My cock was hardening and I felt like just running over there and shoving it into any of her holes from behind. She headed into the shower part of the bathroom, closed the door, and I fantasized about her showering while I changed into some baggy sweats I had; hoping they would somewhat conceal my erection when she returned.

I was sitting on the small couch in the sitting area of the room when she came out of the shower wearing a robe she had grabbed from the closet in the bathroom area. She sauntered over to me with a bit of a smile on her face. Standing in front of me she asked, “Would you like to see me up close rather than just through the mirror?”

“E-e-excuse me,” I stuttered.

“I thought you might enjoy seeing me up close and personal better illegal bahis than you could see me while you watched me change in the mirror,” Sheri said.

“You saw me watching you,” I asked; totally busted?

“Of course I knew. And I planned it that way. Now, would you?”

“Sure. Of course. Who wouldn’t?”

With that, Sherilynn untied the robe and let it slowly fall to floor unveiling her stunningly, gorgeous, sexy body. I had no other reaction, but to stand up, take her in my arms and kiss her deeply. Our tongues made love inside each other’s mouths. My hands slid down around her soft ass and pulled her into a big hug. She naturally felt how rock hard my dick was.

“I have been wanting to do this for years,” I whispered.

“Well, there is something I have always wanted to do as well,” Sheri started in. With that, she eased me back into the couch, knelt down, grabbed my sweats by the waistband, and pulled them off. My cock sprang to life, fully hard. Sheri cupped my balls in one hand, dribbled a little saliva on the head of my cock, and started stroking me up and down. As she coaxed a little more hardness and length out of my cock, she puckered up her soft lips and started slowly giving me head. With every motion, up and down, she took more and more of my dick into her mouth until she was deep-throating me. Stroking me at the same time, she gorged herself on my cock.

“I’m going to cum if you keep this up,” I said, “And I don’t necessarily want to cum in your mouth tonight.”

“You can cum in as many places as you want,” she was able to say and she continued to suck. And with that, my dick began pulsing and shot a load of hot, salty/sweet, cum down her throat. She swallowed without hesitation, leaned into me with her enormous tits, and let me start tit-fucking her cleavage. “Come on John, shoot a load on my tits and let me rub it in.” The cumming continued and it oozed all over her breasts and the room smelled like hot sex.

I finished, laid back on the couch, totally relaxed and Sherilynn leaned over me offering me her nipples to feast on. I sucked on her nipples and gently placed kisses on her lips, neck, and ears. After completely melting into each other, she offered, “Shall we take a shower and get ready?”

“Get ready for what,” I asked?

“For the rest of what we need to do to make up for lost time silly.”

As we showered, the hot water and soapy suds allowed our bodies to rub together and move in a sexual dance that was beautiful. Her hard nipples kept me busy as I explored her wet pussy slit with my fingers. We finished our shower, barely took the time to dry off, and were rolling around on the bed enjoying each other’s bodies. I pushed her up on the pillows, slid down, stuck my long tongue into her pussy and teased out her clit. Gently drawing it in and out of my mouth, sucking back and forth, she fondled her own nipples. I could tell she was close and so I increased the speed of my sucking and tickled her ass with a finger moist from her cunt. She tensed up, arched her back, squeezed her thighs together on my head and started an orgasm that required her to bury her face with a pillow so she wouldn’t wake up the entire floor of the hotel.

As she relaxed from her orgasm, I climbed up to her, face-to-face, enjoying her beautiful smile, I reached down and positioned my cock at the entrance to her pussy lips. “Are you ready for this,” I whispered?

“I am more than ready for this John. I want it all,” she lovingly said.

And with that, I inserted myself, pushing slowly to start a rhythm that made beautiful music as my cock slid in and out of her soaking wet snatch. As I fucked her harder and harder, and sucked on her tits, nearly giving her a telling hickey, she pushed up on my chest and said, “Wait, wait. I need to control this.”

In one smooth move, we rolled over and she started to ride my cock. Dipping her nipples in and out of my mouth as we fucked cowboy style; my balls slamming into her ass. Knowing I was about to cum, I yelled, “Baby, I am about to blow my load of swimmers into your pussy.” Thinking she would get off me and let me ejaculate all over her, I didn’t hold back. And she never got off. Instead, she buried herself on top of me, taking all my sperm deep into her pussy. She screamed in orgasm again and then we collapsed into each other’s arms; with kissing as the only words we spoke. It was about 3:30 in the morning when we finally climbed under the covers and officially slept together in that comfy bed.

I woke up in the morning to Sherilynn gathering her things to leave. “I need to go by my house and change so I don’t head into work wearing the same thing today,” she said.

“So, is this goodbye,” I asked cautiously?

“Yes, this is goodbye, John,” she said as my heart started to sink.

“Can I ask you something Sheri?”

“Anything John.”

“Will there be a ‘next time’?”

“Do you really want to know? Or should we just let things go and see where the universe takes us? It worked this last time.”

“I guess, I mean, I think now that we’ve gone this far it will be hard not to have you.”

“Well, can we agree to talk about it later? I really need to get to work.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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