Rock Chick

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I was a face in the crowd. The support act was playing away and the fans jumping up and down to the beat of the music. I stood near the back keeping my eye on the stage waiting for her to arrive. I’ve been to lots of her concerts, an anonymous face amongst the throngs of people. I’m happy when I see her as she runs onto the stage. She always looks into the crowd and I wonder if she can see me. Do her eyes really stare at me as she sings?

A load of cheering and clapping signals the end of the support acts show. I haven’t taken much notice of them but from the sounds of the crowd they must have been ok. This happens to me all the time. As I wait I blank everything else around me out. I hear nothing I see nothing. My body stiffens as the light in the room goes out and the music starts up. The guitar begins to play a solo and the others in the band join in as the tune progresses. The light suddenly comes on, a single spotlight shines down on her as she opens her mouth to sing.

I stare at her and look into her eyes wondering if she can see me. I watch her body as it moves to the sound of the song she sings. The clothes she wears hug her slim body. Her breasts pushing at the top she wears. I can see her nipples erect as the excitement of the surroundings takes over her. Is she turned on by this adoration by all these people? I stare at her legs as the light shines through the thin skirt she is wearing. My body begins to ache, my penis becoming erect as she sings. She dances seductively as she sings and I swear she’s doing it for me. Am I obsessed? I guess so. But she is all I dream for, childish I know but a man my age can fantasize.

I sink inside myself transfixed by her beauty and dream of what her body is like beneath the clothes, what it feels like to touch her skin to taste her, to smell her, to kiss her. The music goes louder, my erection harder. I feel the blood draining through my body as my penis swells and then it ends the crowd scream and shout and clap. She küçükçekmece escort walks off the stage and the lights come on. I can feel myself getting red in the face as my penis still bulges and throbs in my pants. I need to get out of the bright lights.

I head towards the rear of the building and open a fire door. A cool breeze blows in at me and I begin to feel better as my heart rate slows down. Looking up the alley I see another door open further down and she steps out. The wind blows her hair, she turns and smiles at me and stares intently as if trying to read my mind. After a couple of minutes she walks back inside and the door slowly begins to close. I run to it and grab hold before it shuts.

My hands are shaking, what am I thinking of doing? I walk inside, there’s a corridor with rooms off to each side. Moving down the corridor I see one of the doors to the dressing rooms partially open. I peep inside through the slit in the door. She’s there stood in front of a full length mirror. I can see she is wearing a dressing gown and it’s open. I watch her in the mirror takes each breast in a hand and beigins to massage her breasts. I watch as her nipples begin to grow in size. She takes her right hand and slides it between her legs. It moves slowly back and forth her fingers sliding inside slowly and controlled. Her left hand continues to massage her nipples in turn. Removing her right hand that I could see was glistening, she places it inside her mouth and begins to suck her fingers tasting the juices on them. My penis, which had obviously swelled yet again, throbbed and I could feel the veins in it pulsing as the blood pumped inside.

She takes her left hand and begins the same process with this only this time lifting her leg up onto a chair and opening wide. I watched the fingers delicately slide in and out of her wet pussy. I watched transfixed as she carried out this process a couple of times küçükyalı escort with each hand. I looked at her face in the mirror the pleasure evident in her face. I looked directly at her eyes and I could swear she could see me but said nothing. She slid the dressing gown off altogether and I gasped at the sight of her naked body. It was perfection itself. I stared at the curves and shape of her backside, this being one of my favourite parts of a woman’s body. Just then a voice behind me said,

“Are you going to stare all night or would you like to join her?”

I turned around in shock that I’d been caught and was staring into the eyes of a stunning woman.

“Sorry I got a bit lost I was looking for a toilet,” I said.

“That’s okay,” she said “but do you want to join her or not?”

I must have looked like some stupid young kid caught by his mum with his dick in his hand but I just nodded my head. She pushed open the door for me and ushered me inside. I turned as the door closed and continued to watch as my rock star fantasy continued to play with herself without saying a word to me. I walked over to where she was and reached out to touch her soft white skin. She turned to me and put her wet fingers inside my mouth. I sucked on them greedily tasting her juices. With her left hand she unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down. I forced my shoes and my jeans off and lifted my top over my head. She leaned forward and kissed me slowly at first and then harder. I reached around her and grabbed her arse cheeks pulling her closer to me and tasted her juices on her tongue.

I could feel my cock pressed hard against her and the throbbing intensified. She stepped back and went to her knees. Moving her head slowly in she took my cock inside her mouth and began to move her lips back and forth around the head flicking her tongue against it as she did. I felt the whole of my cock being absorbed by the warmth maltepe escort of her wet mouth as she slid it back and forth along the shaft. I could feel the cum building inside of me and my body tensed. Sensing this she moved her mouth away from my cock and lay back on a couch that was in the room. She pulled me towards her and guided my cock with her left hand inside of her.

All this time she still hadn’t said a word to me. I began to slowly ease my cock inside her and then again move it out slowly. Her pussy was tight and felt wonderful. I can’t explain the feelings going through my body but it was similar to a small electric shock. I moved in and out increasing the pace and then slowing down. After about five minutes of this she pushed me gently off her and spun me around so that I was sat and lowering herself onto my cock she began the slow rhythm of movement of her hips. I took one of her nipples in my mouth and began to suck on it softly at first but then increased the pressure bit by bit until I was forcing it hard in between my lips. I felt her body begin to stiffen as she thrust harder onto me and then she screamed as the flood of warmth and wet covered my cock and balls. She fell against me panting and I eased her up and turned her around so that she was facing away from me and I grabbed her hips and began to move her back and forth on my cock increasing the tempo as I felt my orgasm building.

My cock was throbbing hard as I felt that wonderful feeling building up from the balls and I grabbed hold of her around the waist and pulled her in tight to me as the cum built its way up my cock. I stiffened and as I did I felt her do the same as we both began to cum at the same time. My cock pulsed as the cum shot out of it and up inside her. Once sated, I relaxed back on the couch and she climbed off me. Dropping once again to her knees she licked and sucked my balls clean before leaning over and kissing me. She picked up her dressing gown, smiled at me put it on and walked out of the room. I lay there a big smile on my face.

After 5 minutes the door opened and the second woman who’d first spoke to me walked in. She walked straight over to me leaned over, kissed me and then said

“Time for you to go.”

With that she walked out and I dressed and left vowing to sneak backstage after all her concerts if that’s what I’d get.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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