Room Mates Pt. 06

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So after months of silence, I am now firmly back in bed with Jake and Sammie as it were! Hmmmm, threesomes… there’s an idea 🙂 Originally this was going to be about 4 chapters culminating in what I hoped would be a hot, sweaty bout of sweet loving. Somewhere along the lines I found I quite liked the characters and am now in the midst of the most prolonged bout of foreplay. Not that there is anything wrong with foreplay, personally I’m all for it. So here’s Chapter 6… With each chapter I get more tempted to draw it out further and further despite my fears of Jake getting blue balls.

As always, your feedback and comments are greatly appreciated. If anyone has a suggestion for the next chapter, please message me or leave a note in the Comments box.

Cate x


Two hours after he left her and Jake was still as hard as nails. In an ideal world he would have spent the evening beside Sammie, inside Sammie and here he was in a Business Class seat flying 680 miles away from where he wanted to be. Life was shitty sometimes.

To think, if the damn phone hadn’t rung and his colleague hadn’t caught food poisoning he could have been balls deep inside the first woman to pique his interest in months. Honestly, no woman had ever got to him like Sammie did. As a teenager she’d been his hottest fantasy despite her shyness and girl next door appeal. But now, rubbing his hand over his face Jake inhaled, hoping to catch a hint of her pussy on his fingers and hating that all he smelt was shower gel, now she was all he could think about. God help him when they finally had sex. She’d have his balls as earrings.

Just feeling her against him, those incredible tits pressed against his chest, her silken cunt rippling around his fingers, her face taut as her body exploded as she came. Jake groaned and thanked the heavens that the flight was almost empty. No-one to witness the tent in his trousers. Not that he cared what anyone thought but better not to draw attention.

Glancing around the cabin he saw the few occupants were suits much like him and he wondered how many of them had been ripped away from a beautiful woman to board the flight. If he’d had any blood in his brain he would have asked Sammie to come with him, an overnight trip to Berlin, a plush hotel suite and a two hour flight on an almost empty plane to amuse themselves. Sammie had been so keyed up she might have said yes and they could have been huddled under a blanket already, her soft hand wrapped around his dick as they prepared for both him and the plane to take off.

The stewardess made her way over and offered him a drink. Jake wasn’t particularly arrogant but he could tell she was checking him out. It wouldn’t have been a trial to talk her into meeting him in the bathroom but he politely declined and she nodded and left. Once upon a time he would have enjoyed the look she gave him but now… Anyone who wasn’t Sammie wasn’t worth it.

He settled back into his seat and wondered what she was doing. It was only 8pm so she’d probably be watching tv or taking a bath. Now that was a thought to inspire him. Sammie, reclining in a bubble bath, her skin rosy from the hot water, her gorgeous tits playing peekaboo through the bubbles. The bath in the flat was small but he would happily offer to wash her back or front or anything else she’d let him touch.

Better yet, he could book them into a nice hotel and share one of those massive clawfoot monsters. Yeah, that sounded better, Sammie sleek and wet sitting between his legs, her tits in his hands and his cock pressed between her bottom as he played with her…

The fasten seatbelt sign came on and Jake groaned as he brushed his erection clipping the belt into place. Probably not the best place to be thinking about Sammie naked, not when his only option was a quick wank in the airplane bathroom. Despite his sexual experience Jake had never joined the Mile High Club and even though solo sex didn’t really count he’d rather he shoot his load on terra firma. Or better yet onto Sammie.

A flash of her naked beneath him as he came on her stomach hit him and his cock pulsed. Any more of this and he would come in his pants. Jake sighed and reached for his laptop. If he couldn’t have what he wanted at least he Sakarya Escort could prepare himself for the meeting and hopefully bore his erection into hibernation.

Check in completed Jake dumped his hand luggage on the plush king size bed and gloomily wandered into the bathroom. He should have asked her to join him, even if Sammie said no he could have had a damn good time trying to convince her. A quick look at the massive corner bath and he was even more despondent.

The only thing upbeat about him was his cock, still hard and desperate for release. Turning on the shower and waiting for it to steam Jake stripped and stroked himself absentmindedly. The last time he’d heard water running he’d been feasting on Sammie’s lips and gearing up for a night of mutual pleasure and now he was in another country tugging on his cock like a horny teenager. He only hoped she was feeling as miserable as he was and then shoved the thought aside. He didn’t want her to feel sad, not at all. He wanted her to feel happy and sated and loved.

Jake shivered as he entered the shower. This thing between them was great. Sexy, naughty and totally unexpected. Sammie’s shyness was adorable and when she let her inner minx out she turned him inside out. All he could think about was getting her alone and teasing her, tasting her and making her cum.

As the water sluiced over him, Jake thought of all the things he wanted to do to her, his imagination running wild as he fisted his cock and pumped his load into the spray. He’d love to have her suck him off in the shower, her sweet lips taking him deep before he spurted onto her skin. Definitely. Get her dirty so he could clean her up all over again. Preferably with his tongue.

As he dried off, finally sated and happier than he’d felt since he left London Jake wondered why this was happening between them now. They’d bumped into each other the years and he’d always been attracted to her, would have jumped at the chance to sleep with her. There was always an obstacle though, Sammie had been with Richard, then he’d met Olivia and moved to the States. Even now, fate seemed to be conspiring against them in the form of his always around sister.

If he was prone to that way of thinking Jake might have considered it a sign that this was a bad idea. That messing around with his sister’s best friend and their joint roommate was a prime example of playing with fire. Fortunately Jake wasn’t wired that way and as he checked his phone and realised that even with the time delay it was only 10.30pm back home, he dialled the only number he wanted to call.

Settling into the mound of pillows Jake said a silent prayer that Rosie was still out on her blind date. In his experience, she could be back in 20 minutes or 2 days and he really wanted to talk to Sammie uncensored. The night she’d blindfolded him had been a revelation and she’d been bold and dominant and unashamed. His cock twitched as he remembered her teasing and he held his breath as the call was answered.


“What are you still doing up young lady? Shouldn’t you be in bed?”

“I should be really but I’m not very tired,”

Jake couldn’t wipe the stupid grin off his face at hearing her voice,

“No? Have you tried having a bath or reading a book. I’ve heard masturbating can help you relax before going to sleep.”

“I’ve heard that too Jake but I have to say, in my limited experience, that masturbation has the opposite effect.”

“That’s useful information Sammie. Sadly I don’t have any other ideas for you to try.”

“That’s okay. I think I’m just too frustrated to sleep. You see, I had plans for this evening but unfortunately they fell through at the last minute.”

His breath hitched,

“Nooo! That sucks Sammie. Anything I can help with?”

“Sadly not Jake. Not down the end of a phone line anyway. But it’s okay, I’m sure I’ll get over it.”

“Care to tell me what you were planning?”

Sammie laughed and Jake stroked his cock, ridiculously pleased that Sammie was being playful.

“Well my plan only went so far. There’s this man you see, this hot, sexy man who makes me think about sex most of the time.”

“Only most of the time, I must be slipping!”

“Jake! Sakarya Escort Bayan Don’t interrupt me!”

He heard the laughter in her voice and tried to sound chagrined,

“I’m sorry Baby but I think about sex with you all of the time. It’s practically my career at this point!”

“Pervert! As I was saying, there’s this guy who gets me wet just by thinking about him, and we’ve been flirting with each other for a few weeks now and I was trying to force his hand a little.”

“Are you wet now?”


“Nice. Continue with your story Baby, I want to know why you feel you need to give him a push, I’m certain he’s as up for it as you are.”

“I think he is too but this man, he’s really experienced and I wanted to do something sexy, something to show him how much I like him.”

“I’m not that experienced Sammie!”

“Compared to me, you’re Casanova. Now who’s telling this story?!”

“You are Sammie and I very much want to hear the rest of it. But I’d rather you tell me in bed, preferably when you’re naked and playing with yourself.”

Sammie laughed,

“How do you know I’m not already?”

“Because I don’t have your mobile number and the landline is in the kitchen so unless you’re doing unspeakable things to yourself on the kitchen table I think I’m right.”

Sammie harrumphed, “You think you know everything don’t you Jake. For all you know that’s exactly what I’m doing, laying naked on the kitchen table massaging whipped cream onto my breasts and teasing myself with my vibrator!”


Laughing she reeled of her number and hung up, practically skipping into her bedroom. A minute later she was naked on her bed as her phone rang and still laughing as she answered,

“You’d better be naked baby.”

“I am Jake. Are you?”

“Naked, horny and desperate. I’ve got the phone on hands free and my free hands on my cock. It’s been hard since I left you and I’ve wanked twice already and it won’t go down. It misses you.”

“Awww that’s so sweet. Tell it I miss it too.”

“You do?”

“Seriously Jake? It’s not like you to fish for compliments?”

“I’m not fishing baby but I’d be lying if I said I don’t want to hear you tell me that you love my cock. I’m a man after all…”

Sammie hummed down the phone line and once again Jake wished he was back in London.

“I love your cock Jake. I love your body. You are the sexiest man I’ve ever been fortunate enough to get my hands on. Does that make you happy?”

He could practically hear her eye roll and chuffed out a breath,

“It does a bit baby but I’d rather have your hands on me right now. Your mouth kissing down to my cock, your tongue licking the pre cum that’s dripping down onto my stomach. I’d be happier still if you were sitting on my face, grinding that beautiful pussy onto my mouth as I make you scream…”

Jake heard Sammie’s intake of breath and his dick grew even harder,

“Are you stroking your pussy baby? Please tell me what you’re doing right now…”

“I… I am Jake. I’m rubbing my clit and I’ve got two fingers inside, I’m picturing sucking your cock as you lick me…” Her sighs of pleasure caused another stream of fluid to slide down his erection and Jake slowly stroked himself, gripping the base as he focused on the sensitive tip, groaning as his fingers circled the crown and rubbed his sweet spot,

“I’m sucking you deeply Jake, my nipples are rubbing against your stomach and I want to make you cum so badly but it’s difficult to concentrate when you’re kissing my pussy like that…” Jake pumped his fist and hissed as he felt himself start to spurt. He had to slow down… had to draw this out, too good. He reached down and pressed his perineum, sighing as the pressure in his dick eased a little.

“Sammie… I’m so fucking hard… I’m about to shoot all over myself… “

She practically purred down the phone and he gritted his teeth in an effort to stay in control,

“I’m so wet Jake… so close… I don’t think I can wait much longer…”

“Let me hear you baby… Come for me… please!”

He pressed down again as waited to hear her moans of pleasure and almost blew as he heard her fingers wetly caressing Escort Sakarya her pussy. Focusing hard, he heard her muted sighs as she increased the speed of her strokes, the unmistakeable slickness echoing in his ears.

Naughty girl had obviously put the phone between her legs and was now fucking herself with abandon. Jake fisted his throbbing erection and decided to join her,

“Jake!… Oh god… Fuck!”

Jake listened as she came, her cries and sobs interspersed with swear words that he’d never heard her say before. Each time she cried out his name his cock pulsed, streams of cum spurting out like geysers.

For what seemed like hours, he lay there, shattered as his cock pumped itself dry, his stomach and thighs slick. Heaving air into his lungs, Jake weakly held the phone to his ear,

“Sammie? Baby, are you still there… Sammie?”

“I’m here Jake… barely.”

She smiled, she sounded as wrung out as he felt,

“When I get back tomorrow I am going to eat you up baby.”

She caught her breath and he felt his cock unbelievably twitch back into life,

“Like a staving man at an all-you-can-eat buffet… I am going to kiss, lick, suck and taste every single juicy, creamy inch of you… and then I’ll have seconds!”

Sammie laughed weakly down the line,

“Honestly Jake, as amazing as that sounds I’m too exhausted right now to get enthusiastic!”

Jake grinned and idly trailed his fingers through the pool of cum cooling on his stomach,

“I hear you baby, that was the holy grail of booty calls. But it’s only fair of me to let you know what I’m thinking.”

“Was that what that was? A booty call?”

Jake laughed,

“It was Sammie and if I’d had any blood left in my brain I would have called you on Skype so I could watch you fuck yourself silly instead of having to use my imagination!”

“Was it as good for you as it was for me Jake?”

Sammie sounded so unsure that he ached for her,

“Baby… each time with you is better than the last. That was so fucking sexy knowing you were fucking yourself thinking of me. Swear to god, I’ve cum three times tonight, each time blowing harder and longer. All because of you. I thought my years of lack of control were behind me but obviously not!”

Sammie snorted and Jake laughed at the sound,

“I wish you were behind me Jake… behind me, above me, inside me… “

“That can most definitely be arranged Sammie. Whenever, however you want it.”

She hummed and he pictured taking her from behind, slowly feeding his cock into her soaking pussy as he cupped those gorgeous tits. Tweaking her nipples as she took him deep, clenching his length as he took her. Bareback. Jake always wore a condom but he desperately wanted to fuck Sammie bareback, nothing between them but her slick arousal…

“Jake? Are you still there? Have you fallen asleep?”

Sitting up, Jake shook the image from his head and stared down at his tumescent cock. Really?

“I’m here Sammie. Got carried away thinking about what I’m going to do to you when I get home tomorrow.”

“Shouldn’t you be wondering what I’m going to do to you tomorrow?”

“Why would I be doing that baby?”

Sammie laughed and Jake wondered if he’d ever get tired of hearing her sound so happy,

“The booty call was your idea so technically your turn. Which means that the next move is mine…”

“I thought you enjoyed it Sammie! You certainly sounded like you did!”

“Oh Jake, I loved it… you give amazing phone… but you still started it. So I get to choose what happens next.”

“And you can think of something better than me worshipping your body with my mouth? Licking those perfects tits until you shatter beneath me. Kissing your pussy until you cum on my tongue… For hours and hours and hours?!”

“Now now Jake… I never said that now did I? It sounds like a very passable way to spend some time…”

“Passable! Fuck Sammie, I’m going to ruin you for all other men… just you wait till I get home!”

Sammie laughed and ended the call, wishing him luck for his meeting. Still grinning Jake set the alarm on his phone and settled under the duvet, more relaxed than he’d been in weeks.

Within minutes he was asleep, completely unaware that back in London Sammie was staring down at her phone, his parting words echoing in her ears,

“I’m going to ruin you for all other men…”

She set the phone down and rubbed her hands over her face, torn between tears and laughter,

“Jake, you already have!”

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