Roommate Relations Ch. 03

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Big Dick

This story deals with betrayal, cheating, and infidelity. If that’s not what you like, then you’ll probably want to read a different story. This chapter’s a bit unlike the others, in ways that will quickly become clear.

As always, many thanks to the reader who proposed the idea for the story and whose input has helped guide me as I wrote. Thanks as well to the other readers who’ve offered feedback and suggestions.


Jess woke up in Ian’s bed, her head resting on his chest, his arm around her shoulders. She was stiff and sore, as if she had an intense workout and went to bed without stretching properly. It was a bit ironic—she had indeed had an intense workout the night before, but stretching had been a big part of it.

Ian’s enormous organ had stretched her cunt out, much better than her boyfriend Kyle had ever managed. After their first fuck shattered the bed, he had pinned her to the wall and fucked her until she screamed for more. He didn’t flag after dumping his first load into her pussy, either. They had returned to the wrecked bed for their second fuck, rutting like beasts until both of them lost control and collapsed into unconsciousness. And then, at some point during the night, Jess had woken up to find Ian hard and ready, and she mounted his sleeping form and rode him until he woke up and took control, forcing her face-first against the wall separating his room from her boyfriend’s and driving his prick into her until he unloaded in her a third time.

They didn’t go back to sleep immediately after that last fuck; instead, they continued to kiss and cuddle for an hour or so, before Jess knelt between Ian’s spread legs and serviced him one final time, sucking on his monstrous cock until it pulsed and throbbed in her mouth and unleashed a final heavy load for her to greedily consume.

She could still feel his seed dripping slowly from her cunt and puddling beneath her. They were both naked; Ian was stretched out on his bed, his enormous cock limp against his thigh. Jess had curled up in his arms, pressing her body against his as they slept. Jess looked around the room, surveying the destruction. Apart from the bed, they had managed to do some damage to the walls; the headboard had knocked a hole in the wall, as had Ian’s fist at one point. There was a stain on the carpet marking the place he had first cum in her, where their mixed juices had spilled from her to pool on the floor. Their clothes were scattered around the room haphazardly.

The scene reminded her of the time she had come to visit her boyfriend Kyle to find that he had been partying with Kyle the night before. The two of them had wrecked Kyle’s room, with the help of some of Ian’s friends—although Ian and Jess had done a lot more damage and probably had a lot more fun as well. Thinking of this reminded Jess that she had cheated on Kyle, who loved her. And what was worse, she had only gone to Ian’s room to keep him from keeping Kyle awake. Ian had a habit of bringing over random sluts and fucking them senseless, all night and every night. Poor Kyle hadn’t had a good night’s sleep in weeks, and it had been wearing him down. Jess agreed to sleep with Ian in exchange for his leaving Kyle alone—but when she did, the two of them had a loud, long fuck. There was no doubt in her mind that Kyle hadn’t slept a wink.

Jess knew she should feel guilty for all of this, and she did, just a bit. But the guilt was overwhelmingly swamped by a feeling of wicked pleasure. She had fucked Ian, and it had been the best fuck of her life. And Kyle had been just next door, probably trying all manner of things to get the noise out of his head. She started to worry, though, at the possibility that Kyle knew it had been her next door.

She got out of bed, moving slowly and quietly so as not to disturb Ian. She poked around the room until she found her phone. There were nine texts from Kyle and four voice-mails. The first text read, “Ian’s fucking some whore again—probably that slut from dinner. Can I come over to escape?” The next, sent only ten minutes later, said “They’re really loud. She’s a screamer.” And then, “Sorry about letting him sit with us at dinner. Really really sorry. Please let me come over. Just need somewhere to sleep, I promise.” The rest of the texts got increasingly pathetic, as the night wore on and Kyle was tormented without respite by the fucking couple next door.

Jess played the first voice mail. She heard Kyle’s voice along with loud white noise in the background, as he said “I promise I’m not lying, babe. Please listen to this.” Then he must had held the phone up toward the wall, because she heard herself, screaming her head off over and over, and the rhythmic thud, thud, thud of Ian driving her into the wall again and again. Kyle’s voice returned. “See? This one’s the loudest yet, and they’ve been at it for almost an hour. Please please please let me come stay the night in your room. At least call me back or text me.” The other messages were more of the same. otele gelen escort Kyle might have been crying in the last one; it was hard to tell; his voice was almost drowned out by Jess’s wails, even through the wall, as she cried out for Ian to fuck her harder and make her forget her boyfriend’s name.

Kyle had unintentionally provided her with a record of the best sex of her life, and also shown that he hadn’t realized that she was the one getting ravaged by Ian and his horse cock . It wasn’t surprising; on the rare occasions that she had let Kyle fuck her, she had been quiet and demure. She thought Kyle knew what he was doing, but now that she had been fucked by a real man she knew she couldn’t settle for a two-pump chump like Kyle.

She heard a noise from the bed and saw movement out of the corner of her eye. Jess looked over to see that Ian had woken up, in more ways than one—he was sitting up against the wall, one knee raised, and his hand was shuttling up and down on his fully engorged shaft. Ian was looking directly at her as he stroked himself, his hand moving at a languid pace. “Good morning, she said, smirking slightly. She walked over to the bed, swaying her hips lasciviously as she went. “And good morning to you, too,” she said, leaning down to plant a kiss right on the tip of Ian’s cock. “I can’t believe you’re up for more after last night.”

Ian didn’t stop stroking himself, though he did spread his legs a bit and motioned for Jess to crawl back into bed between them. “I’m always up for more with you, little lady. “

Jess did as Ian indicated, and wound up sitting between Ian’s legs with her own legs curled up under her. The head of Ian’s cock swayed hypnotically from side to side as he stroked himself, and Jess found herself watching it, enraptured. “May I suck you off, sir?” she asked.

Ian smiled broadly. “Always.” The ‘sir’ remark was new, but he had no problem with it—there was no doubt in either of their minds that he was in charge, at least in the bedroom. He stopped stroking, his hand resting at the base of his shaft and holding it still.

Jess leaned forward, opening her mouth wide as she went, and engulfed the head of Ian’s cock in one smooth motion. Her tongue lashed at his cock head as she sucked him in, tasting the earthy mix of their juices from the night before. She continued down, her lips forming a tight seal around his shaft as she took him as deep as she could. It didn’t take long until she felt him bumping against the back of her mouth. She breathed in deep through her nose, relaxed, and made a swallowing motion as she forced herself lower.

The thick head pushed past the tight ring of her throat. Jess could feel herself start to gag around him, and she forced herself to relax. When she had things under control, she pushed herself further down, her lips slowly crawling down the sides of Ian’s shaft. It seemed like she could feel every bump and ridge on his veiny cock as it slid past her full, red lips.

Ian groaned. “Holy fuck, girl—where the hell did you learn this?” He had one hand resting gently on the back of Jess’s head, holding her long brunette hair away from her face in a loose ponytail. “Fuck me, you’re good—keep going. Let’s see if you’ll be the first to get it all the way down.”

Jess, now about three-quarters of the way down his length, heard him, and the thought of being the first to deep-throat Ian’s entire shaft spurred her on. She ignored her body as it cried out for breath and redoubled her efforts. Rivulets of spit forced their way out of her thinly-stretched lips, coating the remaining inches of Ian’s shaft in shiny, slick drool and spilling down onto the sack containing his large heavy balls. Her eyes were closed as she struggled. She could feel herself getting a bit faint, but then she heard Ian moan once more. “Almost there… fuck!”

He put his other hand behind her head and started to pull her down. It was an irresistible force, and Jess realized that she now had no choice but take him in all the way. Her heart was pounding, and she felt like her lungs were going to explode, but she put her hands on either side of Ian’s hips and pulled. Ian gave another moan, and she felt her lips and nose mash against Ian’s groin. She had done it.

Ian held her in place for a few seconds. Jess’s eyes were watering, and her throat seemed to ripple around him as she choked and gagged despite her best efforts. When he let go, she jerked away from him, gasping, tears running down her cheeks. Her hands went immediately to his shaft to stroke and rub it while she recovered her breath, spreading her spit and his precum into a slick film all across his length. “Did you like that, sir?” she asked.

In lieu of an answer, Ian pulled Jess’s face to his, hauling her up by her long brown hair, and kissed her hard. “I’ll take that as a yes,” she said, when the kiss had ended. Then she returned to her work.

Once again, she pendik escort opened her mouth as wide as she could and engulfed Ian’s cock, beginning the arduous descent anew. This time, she was able to take him in much more quickly, and before long her nose was pressed into Ian’s groin. She even managed to slide her tongue out through the tight seal formed by her thinly-stretched lips to lap at his balls and the base of his shaft. Ian had his hands entangled in her hair and was dragging her up and down, rocking his hips gently as he did. Jess let him take control, breathing in when she got the chance, as he started to fuck her face more vigorously. She brought both hands up to his bloated sack to cup and fondle his balls, feeling their heat and weight as they churned out more of his delicious salty-sweet spunk.

After a few minutes of this, Jess felt her lungs start to cry for air once again. But this time Ian didn’t seem inclined to let her up; he was lost in the sensation of her tight throat and frantically lashing tongue on his cock. So she made a swallowing motion, making her throat ripple around Ian’s length. He groaned, and she did it again, then a third time. Ian started to drive her face into his crotch faster and faster, until she felt his balls tighten and pull up in his sack. Then there was a moment of sharp pain as he yanked on her hair, dragging her up off of him. She gasped, gratefully sucking in some air, as he roared and came.

His cock was aimed directly at her face, and the load that had been building up as they slept came erupting from his cock-slit, bursting from Ian to spatter on Jess’s face. Long streams of thick white sperm flew from the tip of his dick, draping Jess’s gorgeous features in rope after rope of spunk. One spurt went directly into Jess’s open mouth, making her cough and choke; other spurts hit her eyes, blinding her, or went up into her hair where they stood out as bright white streaks against her dark locks. No sooner had she managed to clear her airway from the spray that had blocked it than Ian drove his cock back into her mouth, his cock still flexing and pumping out its spunk. Jess, caught by surprise, ended up coughing slightly as she tried to swallow the rapid flow of seed, and twin streams of sperm were ejected from her nose. Then she managed to get some modicum of control, and she swallowed once, twice, and a third time as Ian’s orgasm waned.

When he was done, Ian let go of Jess’s hair. She kept sucking him gently, feeling the small tremors in his body as he relaxed and recovered. She took her mouth off of him with a pop and opened her eyes, blinking rapidly as the heavy cords of spunk hung from her eyelashes and obscured her vision. She smiled up at Ian, who gave a sigh of pleasure. “That was better than any alarm clock, little lady. But it looks like I got you all messy. I think we should hop in the shower.” Jess gave the underside Ian’s cock a long lick, from the base all the way to the top, and then nodded and hopped out of bed, her big, perky breasts bouncing as she practically skipped into the bathroom.

Ian followed her into the bathroom and got into the shower with her. He stood behind her, his cock dangling semi-hard between his legs. She pressed herself into him; with their height disparity, her shoulders ended up resting against his chest. He reached around her and turned on the water. It was cold for a moment, and Jess jumped when it hit her, but it quickly warmed up and she stepped forward to let the water wash away Ian’s seed. But Ian stopped her with a hand on her shoulder. “Don’t waste it little lady.”

Jess turned and beamed at him, thick cords of his sperm dangling from her hair and face. “You want to watch me eat your sperm?” Ian nodded, and Jess reached up and started to scoop up his emission with her fingers, periodically depositing his sperm into her mouth while she made appreciative noises.

She made a show of it, playing with his spunk, letting the ropes of seed coat her hands and form a sticky spiderweb between her fingers, rubbing some into her skin, and letting it drip onto her tits before holding them up to her mouth and licking them clean. “You’re so delicious, baby. So thick and rich,” she said when she had finished, as she licked her fingers clean. She felt something prod her stomach and looked down to see that her nasty show had reignited Ian’s passions. Ian was slowly stroking his cock, staring at her as he did.

Jess opened her mouth to comment, but as she did Ian grabbed her and spun her around. She whooped in surprise as she almost lost her footing on the slick shower floor, and found herself bending over to steady herself against the wall. Her face was in the the hot water spraying from the shower head and washing away the last remnants of Ian’s copious, face-painting cumshot from earlier. Then Jess gave another whoop as Ian abruptly shoved himself inside her. The now familiar feeling of fullness came over her as rus escort his enormous organ stretched her again, spreading open her nether lips and forcing her cunt channel to spread wide to accept him. Jess bowed her head and moaned in delight as Ian buried himself in her.

He gripped her by the waist and bent slightly at the knees, letting him thrust forward and up, forcing her up onto her tiptoes. The hot water sprayed down onto Jess’s back and hair, dripping down her body and running over the spot they had joined. Jess had to hold her arms rigid as Ian started to hammer her, driving her forward with every powerful thrust. She cried out, “Fuck me, you bull-cocked stud!” drawing a grunt and a particularly powerful thrust from Ian.

The room started to fill with steam as Ian and Jess fucked vigorously in the shower. His heavy sack swung up like a pair of wrecking balls with each thrust, smacking into her drenched pussy and sending splatters of water and her juices all over the shower. He smacked her ass, making the firm, toned flesh jiggle slightly, and causing Jess’s cunt to spasm around his cock. “Seems like someone likes it a bit rough,” he growled, before spanking her again. This time, when Jess’s cunt clamped down on him, it was like a vise—just for a moment—before releasing him. He started to slap her ass over and over. Jess twitched and whimpered as each blow sent a surge of pleasure through her. Before long, she felt her knees going weak as her climax drew near.

Then, just as Ian delivered a particularly powerful open-handed blow to her well-formed backside, she came. She let out a long, loud wordless wail as every muscle in her body locked in place. Ian hilted himself in her once more his veiny cock-shaft seeming to touch every nerve ending inside her pussy, and she exploded. Her juices practically spurted from her, like they had been forced out by Ian’s slap. She started to shake and twitch madly. Ian was forced to stop his thrusts and wrap his arms around her waist to keep her steady, and he supported her legs gave way. Jess she sunk down to her knees, letting her head rest on the floor of the shower, her ass still held high and her cunt still stuffed with Ian’s bull-cock. Her scream ended and she started to pant for breath, all conscious thought driven from her mind by the euphoric stream of sensations running through her.

Ian fucked himself into Jess a few times as she quivered beneath him, her cheek pressed to the shower floor. Jess had no idea how long she stayed in that position, with her ass up in the air as Ian fucked her. By the time she had come back to herself, she was suspended in midair and thoroughly impaled on Ian’s stake.

He was leaning back slightly, and he had hooked an arm under each of her knees and pulled them back to her chest. He was standing and holding her up in this way, his cock buried deep inside her, and lifting her up and down on him. Her legs were not only folded against her chest, but spread wide, and he’d positioned them so that a stream of hot water was falling directly on her clit. Jess’s head lolled side to side bonelessly as she was overwhelmed by the flood of pleasurable sensation. It was like she had never stopped cumming, and only now was she able to process the mind-melting ecstasy. She heard herself moan as Ian lightly bit the side of her neck.

Someone was pounding on the bathroom door. It took Jess a while to figure out that it must have been her boyfriend Kyle. He was saying something, but it was hard for her to make it out over the sounds of the shower and her own squeals and cries. Ian seemed to hear it, though, because he bellowed out, “Fuck off, you little shit. You can have the shower when we’re fucking done.” Jess managed to giggle a bit in between her pleasured moans.

“You mean when we’re done fucking,” she tittered.

Kyle seemed to give up for a while, or maybe he didn’t—Jess was in no position to say, because Ian’s cock was working in her like a piston. As he bounced her up and down, his cock, in tandem with the jet of water playing against her clit, drove her screaming over the edge of another mind-shattering climax. The world went away for a second time, replaced by a white-hot void in which she was a bundle of raw overstimulated nerves, screaming in excruciating pleasure.

This time, when Jess came to she was lying on the shower floor, curled into a ball. The water playing over her was only lukewarm now, and Ian was standing over her, slowly stroking himself, droplets of water gleaming off his well-muscled body, and a strand of precum dangling from the head of his cock. She rolled partway onto her back and extended a hand to him, and he helped her sit up. Jess was unsteady, and the aftershocks of her orgasm send unpredictable tremors through her body. She rose to her knees, bringing her face under Ian’s cock, and opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. Then she moved to catch the dangling strand of precum on her tongue, rising to take it all her mouth before closing her lips over the end of her cock in a messy kiss. She swallowed, savoring the taste of his precum and her own juices, and stood.

He moved in close and kissed her, his cock hot and hard between them, as the pounding on the door resumed. Kyle was yelling again. “Come on, Ian, take your whore back to your room. I need to get a shower before class.”

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