Rose Begins to Wilt

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All sex occurs between people at least 19 years of age…

The smell and sounds of sex were heavy in the air. The two beauties had started out by nakedly kissing each other while he had pulled out his cock and started stroking it.

“Bring that over here, Stud,” the blonde said.

He complied as both of their mouths attacked it. Had it not been for the alcohol deadening his senses somewhat, he would have covered their faces with his thick, gooey wad. The double blowjob felt good, but what he really wanted was to sink his pole into the fleshy hole of the darker haired beauty. Flooding her pussy would be epic.

The blonde lied down on the bed and the dark haired sexpot climbed on top in a 69 position, and both started to lick each other, tasting each other’s pussy. The dark haired beauty could still taste his cum inside the blonde and hoped she would have a womb full herself shortly. She loved the taste of his cum in the blonde’s pussy. This had been at once the most sensual, erotic and depraved thing she had ever done, and secretly wished they had been recording it because they probably could have made a small fortune selling it. Or keeping it for her own pleasure because she knew it would probably never happen again.

His pace and ferocity increased, banging into her body harder, deeper and faster. She was about to explode. The feel of his dick pounding her insides while she was eating his cum out of her friend’s wet pussy was overwhelming. Why hadn’t she ever participated in one of these before?

Suddenly he grabbed her ponytail, pulling her head away from the blonde’s pussy as he started to make animalistic sounds, “Uuuuaaaaerrrgghhhh,” he said as she felt the first several spurts of cum paint her insides. Then she went rigid as her own body responded in kind. She clamped down, squeezing her tunnel, trying to milk his dick dry.

He pulled out with a plop, and about 3 seconds later, a large stream of cum ran out of her pussy onto the face of Kathy. His seeds were planted, and would shortly take root in her womb.

From the next room, Rose told her new lover Jason, “Ugh, I cannot believe he fucked both of them. Dani is our cousin!”

“He said ‘adopted’, so it’s okay,” Jason said.

Propping herself up in a friendly challenge, she demanded, “Do YOU want to sleep with two women at once?”

“When I’m asleep, I don’t care who or how many women are in the room,” he replied.

“You know what I mean.” More sincerely, questioning she asked again, “So do you ever think about it?”

He had. Of course he had. What guy has never wanted to fuck two women at once? Every guy did. But instead he said, “It might be fun, but even if the opportunity arose now, with you, I don’t think I could. You are all I need and have no desire to share or be shared with anyone else. What about you?”

“The bursa escort idea of having two guys compete over me does seem empowering and also simultaneously submissive. But no, I could not feel good about taking another man in at the same time as taking you in, nor could I handle seeing you with another woman. Even Dani.”

The mention of a threesome with Dani, while Dani was currently having a threesome with Sully and Kathy in the next bedroom did have a naughty appeal, but no, even though Jason probably could arrange it he had no desire to.


Jason’s uncle rented the house to him, and Sully had been his dorm roommate before moving into the house. Sully’s cousin, sister and their roommate had come down to watch the Drake Relays and had stayed at Jason’s house. Rose was Sully’s sister and Dani was Sully’s adopted Asian cousin and a genuine athletic beauty- the desire of most men and also plenty of women. Kathy was her roommate and had jumped into bed with Sully on Night 1. Day 2 and Night 2 had seen rain and they had forgone the Relays for that day, and Dani had made it so Jason and Rose could have sex.

Rose had liked Jason since they had first met a couple of years ago, and Jason had lustfully and later outright fallen for the college freshman and gorgeous younger sister of his best friend.

They were simmering in a post orgasmic glow when Sully started fucking his plaything for the weekend and then the 5th wheel, sexy cousin Dani had decided to join in, and Sully had given her all his worth and more than she had bargained for…


School was almost out for the Spring Semester when the Drake Relays were over, yet Rose and Jason tried to get together the next few weekends as April turned into May and the semester ended.

By Memorial Day, Kathy had graduated with her Associate’s Degree in nursing and had taken a job in Des Moines and wanted to move in with Sully- “temporarily of course”. Sully didn’t think Kathy was the marrying kind yet, but her sex skills were mind blowing.

Then the other shoe dropped. Dani was pregnant, and Sully was the father.

Given the choice, Sully would chose Dani over Kathy, except they were cousins by law. And Sully kept “cheating” on Kathy with Dani until they figured out what to do.

To add to the drama, no one but Dani and Sully knew at first, and while Sully was fucking two women, Rose was home and didn’t get to come down and stay with Jason.

It was all heading to a boiling point.


“You got DANI pregnant?! You DUMBASS!” Rose had yelled at her brother. “How could you?!”

“Well, when Kathy and Dani and I…during the Relays…”

“I KNOW HOW it happens, but seriously? You fucked our COUSIN! Also, she’s on the pill!”

“The bursa escort bayan doctor said her antibiotics from her pneumonia treatment probably rendered it ineffective. And we were drinking, not using protection, and I guess I just-“

“ENOUGH!” Rose said.

“It’s kind of your fault, you know,” Sully said rather lamely.

“Oh, this is gonna be great. Let’s hear it dumbass. How is this MY fault?”

“You were supposed to set Dani up with Jason, and then maybe he would have maybe knocked her up, not me. Because you set me up with Kathy, and you took Jason, Dani felt left out and-“

“Because you are a loving cousin, you fucked her, right?” she challenged.

“Yeah, I guess it sounds bad,” he said.

“What are you going to do?” Rose asked.

“We are not sure yet.”


6 weeks later Dani’s pregancy had been terminated and she was feeling better physically. Kathy had her own place but still wanted to keep seeing Sully, who had stepped back from her. Dani and Rose were able to come down for the 4th of July weekend to stay with Sully. It seemed harmless to their parents who didn’t know about Dani’s pregnancy and didn’t want to know about all of the sex going on.

Rose and Jason escaped the house to avoid Dani and Sully. They were destined to have another pregnancy and all of this secret information and sneaking around caused a lot of stress for Rose.

So as Rose and Jason were making love in the waterfall shower at the hotel room they rented, Rose was not going to cum. She had too much going on in her head.

In late July Rose found out she would not be able to transfer to Grand View with Dani and play volleyball. Dani had her Associate’s Degree and was able to transfer easily but something with the paperwork and not being able to transfer some credits made it so Rose would have to stay in junior college 2 hours away.

In other words, she would not be in the same town as Jason. And Sully and Dani. And the slutty Kathy.


Jason and Rose tried to see each other as often as they could, but with Rose being immersed in volleyball season and Jason being in his senior year and second to last semester, they were both very busy…

And beginning to drift apart. What had started as a romance and not a one night stand was turning into a formerly intense sexual good time that may be coming to an end. Rose caught the eye of one of her instructors, and Kathy made a play to fuck Jason in revenge to anyone she thought had wronged her.

Rose had her English instructor threaten her with an unfairly low grade unless she came in for “extra help”. He was some hipster, sweater tied around his neck and douchey hat, John Lennon wearing glasses predator. The college had suspected this of him but never had escort bursa proof. Rose allowed him to kiss her, and when she had collected the evidence the college was able to fire him and give her an A in English and an apology. But that didn’t make it any easier.

At the same time, Kathy came over under the pretense of looking for Sully. She knew he was gone because she had been watching their house and knew he had left with Dani, and then she had proceeded to try and seduce Jason to make Sully mad.

Sully wouldn’t have cared about Kathy but probably would have been upset because it would have hurt his sister, but in the end, nothing happened.

But Rose and Jason both needed to talk to each other. They explained their problems and how they handled them, and both seemed fine. Then they moved to the bedroom.

Starting with some 69 action, Jason imagined Rose’s lips touching her hipster professor’s lips and then his dick, and he started to go soft. Rose pictured Kathy burying her pussy on Jason’s face and then him burying his pole into her pussy, right after Sully had. And Dani was watching, waiting to take on seconds.

And neither could do it. Neither could commit. This appeared to be the end of the road for them. They cried and went their separate ways. That weekend in September appeared to be their last.


At a random Halloween party just off campus, Dani was dressed as some anime cosplay sexpot and had every eye looking at her. Even Jason would have hit that, but he wasn’t dressed up and when Sully and Dani left the house together, Jason stayed home. Dani and Sully came back sometime after 1 am and Dani loudly announced her intention to suck Sully’s dick. Jason got up to go out into the kitchen to tell them to shut up, but when he went out Dani was already bent over the table getting rammed from behind.

Jason went back to bed and wondered how things would have been different if he had fucked Dani, and not Rose, during the Relays. Dani, long legs, lithe frame, carmel skin, bald pussy. Would he have used a condom like he did the first time with Rose? Would he have emptied his balls into Dani bareback like he did the subsequent times with Rose? Would Jason’s seed have taken root in Dani’s womb? Would they have kept the baby because legally it would not be wrong for them to be married. Dani was an exceptional young lady and Jason could think of worse women to have to get married to.

Like Kathy. What if Jason had ended up with Kathy that night? Would he have fucked her in the ass like Sully had? She appeared to be immune to pregnancy, but surely would have used protection with her anyway. Who knows who all had hit that.

As Jason lie awake, listening to Dani moan and wail in ecstasy, he couldn’t help but wonder about how his life had gone south and how sorry he felt for himself. With one last grunt and an announcement that he was cumming, Dani begged for the creampie that would once again get her pregnant, causing all of them to go careening off the road yet another time…

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