Rough Night with Mollie

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“Hey love!”

“Hey babe!” Mollie replied, her eyes not moving from the TV.

“Whatcha watching?” I said, hanging up my jacket.

“Shhhh” she replied quickly, her eyes still glued to the TV.

I sighed, knowing she was already too far into the show to be distracted. “Two to one she is watching was Island of Love,” I thought to myself, although Love in the Tropics was the other contender. Either way I think she would throw me out the window if I changed the channel. I took off my shoes and sat down on the couch next to her. She gently cuddled into me, still entirely focused on the show.

“Alright Erik, the decision is yours. Will you give a rose to Jenny or Bella? You will be coupled up with whichever girl you choose for the rest of your time in the Villa?” The camera panned toward the two women. Both of them were in bikinis that left little to the imagination. Jenny had a light blue top that essentially only covered her nipples and a thong, while Bella was wearing a red one that, while slightly more conservative, felt obscene with her large fake bust spilling out of it. Dramatic music sounded as the screen went black. They always separate these things with a commercial break.

“It’s definitely going to be Bella.” Mollie said, leaning forward toward the TV, grabbing the remote to skip the commercials. “Erik literally can’t take his eyes off of her tits. I mean, I can’t either, they’re just so big… but still… Also, the producers would never let her leave, she’s a gold mine of drama.” She wasn’t talking to me so much as having an internal monologue. I had no idea what was going on in the show, but I didn’t really mind watching with her, the women were all gorgeous and wearing bikinis, and the shirtless men got Mollie turned on, win-win in my mind.

The show resumed, still playing the same suspenseful music. The camera panned over Bella, then Jenny, then Erik. “Jenny,” he started, then paused. The music cut out.

“Oh my god!” Mollie said, grabbing my arm.

“I’m sorry, I have to pick Bella,” he finished.

“See! I told you!” Mollie said confidently. “I knew he was going to pick Bella!” The camera panned over to Jenny who was, unsurprisingly, crying very dramatically, makeup running down her eyes.

The host spoke in her thick British accent, “Congratulations Erik and Bella, you two make a really cute couple. As for you Jenny, I’m sorry but this means that you have been dumped from Island of Love.”

Boom! Called it!

“You have one hour to pack your bags and leave the mansion.”

I grabbed the remote from Mollie and paused. “I think I’m going to hop in the shower.” I gave her a quick, chaste kiss.

“You’re leaving me so soon?” She grabbed my arm and pulled me in for a kiss. I pulled away and leaned in again and kissed her more passionately. My tongue gently brushed across her lip and she returned my action, wrapping her tongue around mine. As we kissed I took my hand and gently touched her side. I slowly brought my hand to her chest. I gently grabbed her breast. Even in her shirt and bra her tits felt amazing. I pulled away from our kiss.

“I’m gonna jump in the shower and get cleaned up before dinner.” I said. Looking her deep in her eyes.

“And leave me hanging like that! Jeez…” She said. She slid her and between my legs and stroked my growing length. “You got me all flustered, and you haven’t let me have any release today!”

I laughed. “Well you’ll just have to wait.” I stuck my tongue out at her as I stood up. She made her most exaggerated sad frown as I let my hand linger on the lowest part of her stomach – that always got her going.

To spice up our sex life during the pandemic we decided to make a sexy rule each week. Breaking the rule meant a “punishment” – usually just an excuse to have sex. Last week, the rule was we had to be naked, when not on a video call (I made an exception for Mollie’s lingerie). This week, Mollie wasn’t allowed to touch herself without my permission, and I could tell it was taking its toll. She usually masturbated at least twice a day, and I had definitely made it a hard week for her. Today was the last güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri day of this rule, so I made the most of it – getting her just to the brink of orgasm before I left for work, and not letting her come. She texted me all day begging for me to give permission, but I told her to wait until I got home.

I walked toward the bedroom without looking back and undressed. I had been wearing khakis and a button down, a uniform that I thought I had left behind during the start of the pandemic. I had gotten quite used to the more casual at home attire of t-shirts and pajama pants (no one ever knew what I was wearing under the camera). But alas, all good things must come to an end, and with the office partially reopened, I once again had to dress in my business casual attire several days of the week.

I walked into the bathroom and went to the sink to wash my hands. I looked in the mirror and saw myself. I definitely wasn’t as attractive as the men on Island of Love, but I was happy with how I looked. I worked out a couple times a week and had some mild muscle definition in my chest and abs. No rock hard 8-pack, but definitely enough to keep the ladies intrigued. My dark brown hair and green eyes were what women complimented the most about. I never really understood women’s obsession with eyes – I am convinced it’s just a cover so they don’t seem shallow saying they love my well toned arms or abs. When I matched with girls on dating apps, I would get messages about my eyes, but I was pretty sure they swiped right on the photo of my six-pack.

The world of dating apps, however, was pretty far behind me at this point. Mollie and I had been seeing each other for a little over two years now – long enough to have moved in together and start talking about getting married someday soon. We matched on Bamble and talked for a few weeks before meeting up in person for a date. We didn’t go exclusive for a while after that, but I did eventually delete Tundra and Bamble. The first couple weeks of seeing each other were crazy, and full of surprises, but that’s a story for another time.

I walked into our large shower and turned it on to medium high heat. Once the water was warm enough, I stepped in and closed the glass door behind me. Shampoo first, then conditioner, then a shave, then body wash. I turned back toward the door and nearly slipped and fell in surprise. Mollie had silently slipped into the bathroom and was completely naked and touching herself on the other side of the glass.

“You scared the shit outta me!” I said, catching my balance. As she giggled, I admired her figure. She was fairly short, standing around five foot, although she ardently believed she was five one – either way she was a full foot shorter than me. She had an amazing chest, somewhere between a C- and D-cup that stood out from her chest not sagging in the slightest. Her nipples were tiny red dots on her otherwise pale white tits. My gaze drifted downwards from her chest over her flat stomach and down to her pussy. She had learned how to wax herself early on in the pandemic and I had definitely been the beneficiary of that. My eyes drifted back up her stomach as I opened the glass shower door. I brushed away her dark brown hair from her chest and grabbed a tit with one hand.

“I hope you know I’m gonna get you back for that!” I said as I pulled her in for a kiss.

“I’m counting on it,” she smiled and kissed me.

“Oh so that’s how it is.” I said, grinning. I grabbed her round ass with both hands and pulled her into the shower with me. She yelped as the water hit her back. “You know I have to punish you for touching yourself.”

“I’m so so sorry.” She said, making an innocent pouty face.

“Not yet you’re not.” I said, spinning her around so her ass was facing me. I put her hands on the shower wall and quickly gave her a hard spank and then another on the other side, her incredible ass jiggling with each hit. I paused and did it again, then again, and kept going until her ass was a nice pink. I gave her one last hard spank, which made her yelp. “Have you learned your lesson yet?” I asked her.

“I güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri don’t think so.” She said in her fake innocent voice and wiggled her ass. So that’s how she wants to play it, I thought.

“Least you’re honest” I said, and gave her ass another slap. “Clearly I haven’t been harsh enough.” I said, in a practiced stern voice. “Let me go grab something. If you want any hope of saving that ass of yours then don’t you dare move a muscle.” I emphasized my last point with my strongest spank yet on her still pink ass. She tensed up, but still wiggled her ass again, taunting me. I smiled at her. “You only have yourself to blame,” I said, opening the shower door.

I quickly walked over to our sink cabinet. I opened the bottom drawer on the left side, revealing the variety of toys we had purchased over the years we had been together. I selected a medium sized buttplug and a nipple clamp, and placed them in my hand. I walked back toward the shower, water dripping off my now hard member.

As I opened the steam saturated door, I saw Mollie had moved. She was now leaned against the wall, touching herself with one hand and licking a finger on her other, staring right at me. I smiled, “And here I was thinking I should let you off easy.” I dropped the toys on the ground and grabbed her ass hard with both hands. I gave her three hard spanks on each cheek and grabbed the water based lube I kept in the shower. I coated my middle finger and gently pressed against her rosebud. She tensed up and then relaxed as my finger slid into her. I worked up to my first knuckle and pulled back, leaving the tip of my finger inside of her as I added more lube. “Now you can touch yourself,” I said. She began to do so and after about thirty seconds of gently fingering her, I pulled out, I lubed up another finger, inserted both fingers into her and continued. Her tight asshole gripped my fingers as I slid in and out of her. After another minute or so, I grabbed the buttplug, lubed it up, and roughly pushed it inside of her. I had waited long enough for attention. “Get on your knees and show me how sorry you are,” I said in my most stern voice.

She needed no further prompting and quickly dropped to her knees. She grabbed my cock with her small hands and brought it to her round lips. As I looked down at her eyeing my cock, I smiled. I was fairly large, maybe eight inches long and a couple inches wide, but in her small hands it looked ridiculous. My thoughts were interrupted as she began to quickly bob her head on my cock. She alternated between this and sucking the head of my cock hard and stroking the rest of my length with her hand. From this angle I could watch both her tits and round ass jiggle as she continued to blow me. Getting more turned on by the site, I grabbed her head and pushed her down my length until I hit the entrance to her throat. I repeated this again and again, making sure not to gag her too intensely. Feeling more and more turned on I sped up my actions, making her gag a few times. I eventually held my cock at the entrance to her throat, looked her in the eye and told her, “Swallow it.” She looked at me pouting (this time I wasn’t sure if she was faking) but did so immediately. My cock went into her throat and I pushed her head down until her mouth rested against my pelvis. She gagged, not ready to take my full length, and I pulled her up. I repeated this twice more, holding her for a little longer at the bottom of my length. She gagged roughly as I took my cock all the way out of her. She coughed again.

“Dry off and get on the bed,” I ordered. She wordlessly stood up, opened the shower door, and left. I took a little longer, grabbed the lube and picked up the nipple clamp. I dried off quickly and tossed the nipple clamp next to the sink, next time, I thought. I walked into the bedroom and Mollie was lying on her back furiously rubbing her clit, her natural juices flowing out of her shaven pussy. She saw me looking at her sternly and said, “Oh shit, I forgot,” and quickly removing her hands from her pussy.

“Clearly,” I started, walking over to her menacingly, “I haven’t punished you enough. güvenilir bahis şirketleri You need to learn your lesson!” I said, raising my voice slightly. I threw the lube on the nightstand, and proceeded to her. She whimpered as I roughly rolled her over onto her stomach and smacked her ass cheeks a few times. Too horny to give her another spanking I lifted her up and positioned her on her elbows and knees, classic doggy. I climbed on the bed behind her, admiring the view of her dripping pussy and the jeweled buttplug in her ass. I gave her ass one more hard slap and positioned myself on my knees behind her, cock at the entrance of her pussy. I pushed into her hard, and grabbed a handful of her hair. As my pelvis hit hers, I pulled her hair back. “I’ll give you one last chance to save yourself. If you hold off on cumming until after I do, I’ll eat you out and let you cum as much as you want. Otherwise, I’m gonna fuck that tight little ass of yours” She grunted an acceptance and understanding.

Stakes having been set, I quickly pulled out of her and thrust back in. I was in no hurry to come, but she had earned a good fucking. I continued my thrusts, one after the other, gradually getting faster and deeper, until with each stroke I was almost completely out of her pussy. I let go of her hair and grabbed her bouncing breasts and she moaned loudly. My fingers played with her hard nipple as I continued to deeply thrust into her. After a few minutes, I took my hand off her nipple, grabbed her hair in one hand and reached my other hand around to her clit. I roughly rubbed her clit and fucked her hard and fast. “Fuck!” she yelled, barely holding herself up as I pummeled her clit. The combination of the rough fucking, foreplay, buttplug, and clit rub was too much for her. After another minute or so, Mollie’s whole body tensed up as an orgasm ripped through her. Her pussy gripped my whole length as I continued to fuck her and rub her clit. After a few seconds she collapsed from her elbows, her orgasm slowly fading.

While Mollie had been satisfied, I had not, and I remember the agreement we had just made. I pulled out of her and quickly grabbed the lube from the nightstand. I squeezed out a fair amount onto my cock and rubbed it in. I walked back to her and grabbed a pillow. I pulled her to the side of the bed, and positioned her so her legs were hanging off and her lower stomach was on the pillow. I grabbed the bejeweld buttplug that had been inside of her and pulled it out. Her hole slightly gaped as I quickly put some more lube on three of my fingers and stretched her out slightly more. After no more than fifteen seconds, I pulled my fingers out and positioned my cock at her puckered hole. Her asshole resisted for only a short time before my well lubed cock began to slide into her. She groaned as I continued to push my length into her until about the halfway point. I slowly slid out, added more lube, and pushed in again, not stopping until all eight inches were inside of her. I spanked her still pink ass check, “You can touch yourself as much as you want now.” I said. She slid her hand between the pillow and her still dripping pussy.

I then began to fuck her ass in earnest. In long strokes I pulled almost all the way out, until just the tip remain inside of her, and went in until my sack slapped against her wet pussy. Her fingers worked on her clit as I fucked her hard, only stopping to occasionally slap her jiggling ass. I sped up my fucking, feeling an orgasm approaching. Not stopping, I leaned into her and placed both my hands on her soft tits, making smaller strokes. She too was approaching a climax and a rough grab of her nipples along with my fucking and her rubbing her clit sent her over the edge again. “Fuck fuck fuck fuck,” she cried. She convulsed as an orgasm ripped through her body. Her ass tightened incredibly as her orgasm continued, sending me over the edge. I slammed myself all the way into her and came, her tight hole gripping me at my base. “Fuckkkk…” I said, panting heavily.

Mollie groaned beneath me. As my orgasm faded I collapsed onto her. Rolling to the side slightly I spooned her, my cock still inside her ass. We cuddled together for a few minutes, both recovering from our sex. “That was really fucking intense,” she said.

“Yeah.” I replied, still recovering.

“I love you,” Mollie said, looking at me.

“I love you too.” I replied.

“So what’s the rule gonna be next week?”


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