Rugged Beauty

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I laid on the bed, face down and ass up like a whore. My wife was lathering my petite pussy, what she called my asshole, with lube. Once I was all lubed up, she started fingering it. It felt really good and the squishing sounds were erotic.

The past year, my wife feminized me. She grew out my chocolate-colored hair, making it long and thick and luxurious. I wore makeup to accentuate my emerald green eyes. My daily squat regiment made my hips shapely and gave me a bubble butt. I used scented lotions now and shaved my entire body. She threw out all my clothes and now I wore dresses and skirts. She even spent the last six months feminizing my voice so I sounded just like a woman. If you didn’t see the caged clitty between my legs, you’d think I’d always been a girl.

She called in a friend of mine, the only friend of mine who knew of my feminization, Brandon. He was nude and hairy. He was a tall, muscular bear of a man, a real man. His cock was rock hard and huge, probably eight inches long and super thick. He was the epitome of raw, rugged manliness.

My pussy quivered in anticipation, hungry for his dick. We’d never done this. We never even discussed it. But my wife had talked to me about my latent bisexuality. She knew about my wet dreams about Brandon and many intense admiration for Brandon’s amazing body. She’d told Brandon everything and we were shocked to learn that Brandon istanbul travesti was bi. So tonight was a test. If all of us enjoyed ourselves, Brandon and I would be doing this much more often.

It was a weird feeling. I felt full, but a good kind of full. It felt so good. Brandon was pounding away like I was his wife and we’d done this all the time. Fuck, it felt so good. My eyes were in the back of my head.

“Fuck me,” I squeaked.

Brandon went harder. I was in ecstasy. Fuck fuck fuck fuck. Nghhhh. I felt every vein, every pounding. I moaned a cute, feminine moan. It was amazing. I wanted to see him, though.

“Let me ride you.”

I got on top and rode him. His dick pounded my tight pussy as I watched the waves of pleasure wash over him. I bent down and started kissing and licking and sucking on his chest. His cologne drove me crazy. He smelled like a pine forest and the ocean. Fuck. Nghhh. He was so manly. My little clit was leaking like crazy. I kept licking up the precum.

I couldn’t help but rub his muscles. I was practically drooling. I was in love. I loved his beard, his body hair, his huge ass muscles, his deep voice. Fuck fuck fuck. Marry me, Brandon. Love me. Make me your loving housewife who you fuck like a whore every night. Impregnate me. I know it’s not possible, my love, but you can try every night and every day and every evening. Just istanbul travestileri breed me. Breed me. Breed me, my masculine Adonis.

I felt a huge load pump into my pussy. Brandon grunted and lay there as his dick pumped more and more of his seed into me. I got off of him, horny and sad. I wanted more. I begged for more.

As Brandon sat on the bedside, I started kissing and licking his neck. “I want to suck your cock. Please, please, please. It’s a monument of rugged beauty. I want it in my mouth. You don’t have to tell my wife. It’ll be our secret,” I moaned as I rubbed his spit-covered chest.

Brandon kissed me. “Get down here, slut.”

Nghhhh. He’s so hot. I practically came hearing his voice say those words. I got on my knees and slobbered over that massive sculpture of what it means to be a man. I licked and sucked it. I was careful. I knew he was sensitive. I know men. I know my man. I can please Brandon much better than any real girl.

Brandon got hard again. I’d never sucked cock before but I knew what I liked so I knew what Brandon liked. His cock didn’t have a taste but I loved feeling it in my mouth. Fuck, Brandon. Fuck my mouth. Fuck my girly mouth. It’s a hole for your cock and just your cock, my handsome prince. Fill it with your seed.

Brandon started facefucking me. He’s so handsome when he’s assertive. I just want to be his woman, his travesti istanbul bitch. Own me. Use me. I could feel my throat muscles clenching around the head of his cock. He moaned in pleasure. I wanted to hear him moan more. It made my bitch clit leak.

I was gagging and I didn’t care. He could choke me until I blacked out. That would be amazing. I’d wake up in his big, strong arms. I was so cockdrunk. I’d never thought these things or anything like that but all my mind did was drool over Brandon and beg him to use me.

Brandon grunted and pumped into my throat. I felt so dirty, so depraved, so fucking disgusting. I loved it. Nghhhh. I leaked more. I think I may have sissygasmed. I felt warm and I couldn’t help but love him. It wasn’t a friend love or a husband love but a deep deep deep love. I wanted to be in his arms and be his cockservant. I loved everything about him. He was everything I wanted in a man. Fuck, I loved men now. I loved their hairy, masculine bodies and their huge cocks and their assertive attitudes. I loved men.

When Brandon was done, we cuddled. I loved his warm body. His arms around me made me feel so safe. It was just like cuddling with a husband. I kept snuggling his pecs and kissing them. I wasn’t horny but I wanted to admire his body with my mouth. My wife came in and asked our thoughts. We loved continuing this little thing.

I was pussyfree before but now I was the pussy. I’d give Brandon his daily blowjob while my wife watched. He fucked me while she watched. We’d make out while she cucked me. They can have her. I had my man, my epitome of masculinity, my rugged beauty, my Brandon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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